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Reading 262-016

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Reading 262-016 Edited

(Q) (Dream Suggestion) Dream of Edgar Cayce Sunday, 2/21/32,
in which he went everywhere, in every imaginable vehicle,
and presented a box to a member of the group at each place.

(A) Yes, the enquiring mind of Edgar Cayce
present in this room, the dream, or vision and experience of the entity,
as in the visit and travel to various portions of the country,
and the meeting and presenting to the various members of the group
the message.

In this dream there is seen the individuality of each person
or member of the group, also the one message being builded
in the experience of all.

Also there is seen the various portions of the country to which,
in which, the appeal of the individual contribution to those
of the lessons will receive their import.

As these, then, are gathered, there will be seen that the day
will come when each may in that particular region
present that message as is being builded in each
in the present.

As to the individuality as manifested by the manner in which each
are approached, this rather the lesson that as in the form
of bringing the message to those of the groups seen
in the various modes or manners of traveling to each, see?

(Q) What is the one message developed and given?
(A) That the compilations of the studies, as indicated
by the asking of each, "Have you the little box or package?",
showing the compilation of those truths that will be presented
in the various portions of country as seen.

(Q) In what particular portion of the country was [69],
and what is the message?
(A) In the middle west, or in Denver, as was seen.
There the aid may be the greater as presented by the body.
The message, that as compiled by all seen.

(Q) [307]:
(A) Was in that of Cleveland, or that portion of the country,
and in the presentation as of studying, or as presenting
in the logic of same.

(Q) [993]:
(A) In the southland, or New Orleans, as seen, and among
such groups may the body present the greater message.

(Q) [560]:
(A) In Kentucky and Tennessee, that portion where the studies
of same have been for many the day as those of
the orthodox forces, or church ritualistic forces.
These will be hard; but truth prevails!

(Q) [404]:
(A) These presented in the eastern portion and northern
portion of the country, as of southern New England,
among those especially of the spiritual faith.

(Q) [413]:
(A) These were in the eastern portion of the south, and in that
of southern Georgia and Florida, but as in the peach orchard

(Q) [341]:
(A) These presented more in the far west.

(Q) [295]:
(A) In the southwest, or San Antonio and that portion of the country,
and among those of the particular sect or sets of people.

(Q) [303]:
(A) These were in the Carolinas, and especially that portion
about those of the student body, or peoples.

(Q) [585]:
(A) This was seen in those of the valley country of West Virginia,
or the northwestern portion of that part of the country, and as
the travel indicated there, in that that pertained most
to the waterways.

(Q) [379]:
(A) These were in Oklahoma, and those portions of southern part
of Missouri, or - as what would be called - in the Ozark portion
of the country.

(Q) [115]:
(A) Among those of the southwestern portion, and especially
of that as pertained to those of the cult natures.

(Q) Mrs. [69]'s husband:
(A) Those of the harder headed portions, in the north
and northwestern portions of Texas.

(Q) [288]:
(A) In that portion of the northeastern portion of the country,
as in the vinelands of New York.

(Q) [2112]:
(A) In Indiana and Illinois, or as to that portion in which there is
seen those of a peculiar peoples, as termed by many.
Most of them holding to that of folklore, or of the Zionists.

(Q) [2125]:
(A) Among the peoples at home!

(Q) [2124]:
(A) In that portion of the southwest, as in Arizona and New Mexico,
especially in that portion among the miner and the rodeo peoples.

(Q) [2673]:
(A) She in that portion now called the far northwest, as in Oregon,
Washington, and that portion of the land.

Well that these be understood, that that portion of the lessons
as are compiled in the whole will be most appealing to that section
from these of the group seen.

We are through.

4/04/32 GD's note: Dream by EC during above reading:
"Thought a little imp or demon of some kind was after me."
[See interpretation under 294-138]

GD's note: In several instances this reading has proven, true.
As study group work grew throughout the country,
there developed a strange rapport and response
between the different areas and the individual "assigned"
to that area in the above reading.

See Source File Key #262 for all current reports,
supplements and professional commentaries re 262-16.

Updated: 4 July 2013