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Reading 262-017

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Reading 262-017 Edited

(Q)  May we receive at this time guidance in understanding faith,
that we may make this lesson a living lesson.

(A) In the study of lesson on Faith, this becomes a living truth
as each applies in their experience that gained in meditation and
prayer upon that attribute of creative forces, for it in essence is
creative in its active principle in experiences of individuals in their lives.

Then, as one applies what is known, there is then given the understanding
as to what may increase or enlarge, or make same become living
in their experience.

(Q) [413]: What is the comparative extent of my faith, and how
may I extend and use faith to achieve the most benefit?
(A) Faith is the essence of creative forces within the active force of
an individual to which they apply themselves in the spiritual activity
of their experience.

So, in the application of what is known to self as an expression of
that faith as manifested in every child of God - that in its active force
puts that known into operation - does this grow, expand, or become
the basis of the activities of self in those directions as necessary.

As the ensample, or examples, as were given by those patriarch of old,
or as has been experienced in self's own experience, that once awakened
to the abilities within self dare to do for Him that as has been done
even for self!

(Q) [255]: Should faith healing be included in the teachings of theology?
If so, who is best qualified to teach it?
(A) There has been given by those in the orthodox manner those who
should, through faith, laying on of hands, anointing with oil, praying
over same.

There is, in the broader sense, innate in each individual what may
be awakened to those abilities in their activity.

Are they willing to attune themselves to the laws as pertain to the
active forces in self's own experience, keeping self unspotted and
clean from the world, and keeping that which brings according in the
body that necessary for its awakening to its own spiritual activity.

Who shall do such? Such are called in their own experience.

Knowing that to some is given teaching, to others healing,
to others ministry, to others the various forces that are attributes
of His love, His force, in a material world.

One that is given any of these, then, let them sanctify
their selves, their bodies, their minds, to his fellow man's service;
for he that lendeth to the Lord covers a multitude of sins.

(Q) [115]: Is my faith manifested in my East Indian incarnation
sufficient for today? [See 115-1.]
(A) Sufficient to the day is the evil or the good thereof.

Put rather in practice what is known in the present is sufficient
to make the growth attain that as may be even greater manifested in
the present.

For that as experience in the various spheres of activity is as the
background and the staying forces, that through faith, through the
promise, all things are brought to remembrance in your spiritual activity!

(Q) [288]: Are my attempts at meditation accomplishing anything
outside myself?
(A) These are but questionings of self, and questionings of the
promises given!

Might be termed lack of faith in self or the promise, for each thought,
each atom, has its own weight as is expended in whatever direction
it may be guided by the thought of self!

To be sure, it accomplishes, then, that in self and that outside of self.

He that doubteth, then - doubteth self, doubteth Him!

(Q) In what position may I best meditate?
(A) As has been given, there are given to each their own respective
manners, from their varied experiences, as to how, as to form.

If form becomes that that is the guiding element, then the hope or
the faith is lost in form!

He that made long prayer, or he that not even raised his eyes but
smote his breast and said, "God be merciful to me, a sinner!"

Who was justified?
He that in humbleness of self, humbleness of mind, humbleness of
the whole Individuality (Losing personality in Him) comes; and in
whatsoever manner that - whether prone, whether standing, whether
walking, or whether sleeping - we live, we die, in the Lord.

(Q) How can I make my faith more active and worthwhile in the lives
of others?
(A) By exemplifying it in self; for we individuals are as reflections to
others of that we worship in our own selves.

Let your light so shine that others, seeing their light, may glorify God.

(Q) [303]: How can I increase my faith?
(A) Continuing to lose self in the thought of Him who is able to make
the tiny seed bring forth the great tree.

As self is lost in doing His biddings does the Faith grow; for growth
is made through the exercising of, the losing of, self in Him.

In Him, then, as we see the attributes of the Father in the daily
walks of life.

By Faith a cup of water given brings its reward to self, and quenches
the thirst of the thirsty.

By Faith a kind word brings that joy to the one spoken to, and to self
that knowledge of - in His name.

Not that it brings to self as a reward, but the reward is as of that
brought to self by the act.

Great difference!

(Q) [404]: In praying, should a prayer be kept up persistently until
a definite answer is given, or should one only ask and leave the rest
with God?
(A) Seek and you shall find.

Know in whom you believe, and believe in faith.
He is able to commit that you have committed to Him against
any condition in your experience.

Your will, O Lord, be done - not mine!
Ask - leave the result with Him.
His promises are sure.

"Heaven and earth may pass away, but my promise shall not pass

(Q) [2125]: What is the meaning of the name "Abercrombie" that so
often comes to me?
(A) An associate of the entity in its activity through its spiritual forces,
or those that come with its activity in itself.

(Q) Please explain further regarding the name Abercrombie.
(A) Just as given.

(Q) [379]: How can I strengthen my faith?
(A) Put what you have to the test in your self.
Know that, as it is used, it grows.

(Q) [2124]: Please explain more explicitly the following answer to
my question [262-13].
(A) As the ideal of an entity is set, and the entity knows or gives
that activity, or the abilities of its ideal in a given direction,
then the use of that as is in hand as respecting such an ideal
strengthens all attributes as respecting the activities of same in self.

So, as is given, use what you have in hand, for the more perfect
understanding comes with the more knowledge of what is known
that may be used in the daily experiences of self.

(Q) Can this group aid further in the Lindbergh case?
(A) Leave it as it is.

(Q) Is there any message for this group at this time?
(A) Prepare yourself the way for the next lesson,
that should come with this - Virtue and Understanding;
and as you meditate, as this:

Let Virtue and Understanding be in me,
for my defense is in You, O Lord, my Redeemer;
For You hear the prayer of the upright in heart.

We are through.

4/26/32 See 254-63, Par. 3-A re. organizing
a small study group to study EC work,
proper approach, etc.

5/19/32 Sample letter on Group Work
sent to Mr. [779] by Hannah Miller,
Group #1 Sec'ty:

Under separate cover we are sending you a copy
of the booklet, [See it in first chapter of
WHAT I BELIEVE by Edgar Cayce, by A.R.E.]

"My Life and Work" by Edgar Cayce,
together with a temporary bulletin covering
the ideals and purposes of the Association
for Research and Enlightenment, Incorporated.

Since the information coming through Mr. Cayce
as a channel of the Creative Force has in
the last thirty years proved so beneficial to many,
we desire to pass on to others this physical,
mental and spiritual aid.

As you have expressed an interest in our work,
we take this opportunity to present the following
plans for the organization of study groups
in your section of the country.

A number of individuals here in Norfolk, Virginia,
have for several years studied and followed
closely the psychic research carried on
by Mr. Cayce.

With the organization of the new Association,
twenty of us organized the Norfolk Study
Group #1.

For the past eight months we have worked together
in daily meditation and weekly meetings preparing
lessons [those prepared are now in
mimeograph form] which we feel will guide and help
other groups wishing to study this work.

These lessons are prepared in the following manner:
Mr. Cayce has given a series of readings on
the subject for each lesson.

Every member of the group studies each reading
and holds daily meditation seeking enlightenment
on that particular subject.

The experiences and questions from these
meditations are presented in a subsequent
reading and each member of our group then
contributes their part in the lesson which is
compiled by a special committee.

These lessons are the recorded reactions of some
twenty students in various stages of advancement
to psychic information on subjects
for group study work.

The trend of these lessons is toward the awakening
of individual psychic or soul forces through
personal activity and group cooperation.

Many wonderful experiences have come
to our members.

We now have lessons ready for distribution
and are anxious that these bring others
the joy and peace we have found in this work.

It is important that leaders of such groups
be well grounded in the fundamental concepts
of this information, as well as be familiar
with the many varied aspects of the subjects
with which it treats.

A group leader must have faith in the value
of the information around which the studies
are based, and they must be prepared
to answer many questions that will necessarily
arise in their group.

You have manifested an interest and
are familiar in a more or less general way
with this work.

We believe you capable and naturally fitted
to lead a study group in your city.

We take the privilege of presenting
the following suggestions which may aid
you in preparing and grounding yourself
in the principles of this enterprise.

First: You will find a personal reading
from Mr. Cayce on just how to develop
your talents to lead such a group
very beneficial.

We will gladly aid you in forming the suggestion
and making out questions that will pertain
directly to your special needs.

(The Association has made it possible
to obtain this type of reading
at a very nominal fee.)

Second: Begin a daily meditation at 6:30 A.M.
We will send you a suggestion for this meditation
upon request, and our Norfolk group
will cooperate by holding this period
of meditation with you.

Too much stress cannot be placed upon
this phase of preparation.

In opening yourself to be a channel
through which the Spirit of Truth may flow,
you will be taking a great step in awakening
your inner soul forces.

Third: Over a period of three weeks we
will gladly send you the following papers
which will repay careful study:

1. "How Edgar Cayce Gives a Psychic Reading".
2. "The Ideal and Purpose of Study Group Work".
3. "Suggestions for Organizing a Study Group".

Fourth: The following books will aid you
in creating a foundation in terms, point of view,
and approach to this work:

by William James.

by P. D. Ouspensky.

from the New Testament.

Fifth: We have created a special committee
to handle your correspondence in order
to answer promptly any questions you may ask
as you begin studying the various phases
of this work.

This committee has direct access to
the readings which have been collected
and to Mr. Cayce who will advise
and counsel with them when necessary.

Sixth: During the coming annual congress
of the Association in June, (an announcement
of which is enclosed) a special period
has been set aside for discussion
of study group organization and work.

This will be conducted by the officers
of the Norfolk Study Group #1.

If you can be present at this meeting,
you will be able to get in direct touch
with individuals who can help you plan
your own work.

After the completion of this period of study
on the above suggestions, we shall send
you from time to time data which will
not only help you, but will assist you
in interesting others in study group.

During the summer months you can prepare
yourself and look over the prospects
for interesting your friends.

In order to be thoroughly successful,
a complete visualization of the ideal
and work ahead must be held constantly
in mind.

Your own interest and enthusiasm
will attract others.

We suggest the month of September
as a goal for organizing.

During that month organize a study
group in your city!

It is our sincere desire to be of help
to you in gaining a better understanding
of this information.

Please feel free to call upon us at any time.
Kindly let us know if you desire to cooperate
with us in following the above suggestions.

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. Hannah Miller, Secretary
Norfolk Study Group #1

Address your communications: (Miss) Esther Wynne,
Compiler, 2709 Lafayette Blvd., Norfolk, Va.

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