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Reading 262-019

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Reading 262-019 Edited

(Q) You will have before you the group gathered here and their work
on the lesson of Virtue and Understanding.

(A) In the study of this particular phase of the necessary preparation
within individuals that they may know and understand themselves,
their relationships to the Creative Forces, these lessons are the
preparations for the relationships to be studied as respecting their
fellow man.

Hence the next lesson must be Fellowship.

In the preparations of self virtue and understanding are necessary
requisites for the relationships that are to be further studied.

(Q) Is the following outline of Virtue and Understanding complete and
inclusive enough to cover the lesson which we should present on
this subject? Please suggest any advisable additions or changes,
as I read this to you:
1. Introduction
2. Both virtue and understanding essential to right living.
3. Virtue and understanding are spiritual and can be found only in
the spiritual way.
4. The way to virtue and understanding open to all who will:
  a. Become a channel of blessings to others.
  b. Thoroughly acquaint self with self.
  c. Have their ideal set in Him. The one way - the straight and narrow way.
5. Faith, the chief cornerstone in acquiring virtue and understanding.
6. Virtue, a defense; Understanding, a weapon.
7. The effect of virtue and understanding upon self and others.

(A) This is well. Well that this be understood, that virtue and understanding
deals primarily with self and self's relationship to the Creative Forces, or God,
and that virtue and understanding in self is reflected in self, rather than
a judgement upon another.

Judge self by your understanding and your own virtue, not another -
for these are of the spirit and must be judged by the spirit.

"Judge not that you be not judged."

(Q) [993]: Would appreciate a message from the Master that may guide me
now in Virtue and Understanding.
(A) As there is set before you that you have builded and chosen in your
service, your work, so will the harvest be.

If there will be kept that faith in Him who gives that necessary understanding
for the comprehension of the varied conditions as present themselves as
problems in your daily experience.

There will not be those things that are not understood, if there will be
the opening of the heart to that consciousness that comes from the closer
walk with Him.

Keep to the way you know; keep to the path you have trod in,
for He is able to deliver you in every trial, in every way.
For to him that is faithful comes the crown of life.

(Q) [69]: Through what source may I gain a greater understanding?
(A) Through prayer and meditation in Him, for He is the way, He is
the understanding.

And the approach to all understanding must come from the proper concept
of the relationships of conditions in the physical, the mental and the spiritual
phases of an individual's existence.

In Him, then, is understanding. The approach to the Father through Him.

(Q) What is the meaning of the words I got in meditation, "18 carat gold",
that was repeated over and over?
(A) That was the criterion with which the judgement had been passed on those
concepts that were in the mental being of self, rated as such from material

(Q) [379]: Is there a message for me regarding Virtue and Understanding?
(A) In making those parallels, or those analyses of what are the requisites
for the closer relationships to faith, to knowledge, to self, to cooperation,
to the knowing of self, to your ideal, measure these by the spiritual aspects;
not as man-made, or man's concept from the material viewpoint, and there
will come the more perfect understanding.

Knowledge is not always understanding; for these are as knowledge in
the daily experiences that are as miracles, yet they become so often
as everyday facts that there is no understanding in the mercies or the
glories that are showered upon the sons of men from an All-Wise Creator.

Few get understanding that have mere knowledge.

Then the fault lying in that which is as the standard of measurements,
in judgements; but get the understanding through the closer approach
to the throne, for he that has understanding may move mountains.

(Q) [404]: Please expand on the statement, "Truth is not learned, it is earned."
(A) Truth is an experience. Hence truth is an earning, through the manners
in which a finite mind becomes conscious of what truth is.

Truth is a growth, and hence an earning, a yearning, a growing and is earned
by he or she that applies what is known in the manner that is in keeping with
His will, rather than that there may be the satisfying of self's own desires.

Not that man should deny that this or that force exists, to make self believe,
but rather that the truth is as that which may be earned through the experiencing
of the knowledge and understanding concerning the laws of truth; for He is Truth!

(Q) Please expand on the statement: "Open our hearts to those unseen forces
that surround the throne of grace, and beauty and might, throwing about us the protection found in the thought of the Christ." [262-3]
(A) These expand by doing it! That's the best expansion!

(Q) [2125]: Am I pursuing the right course for my development?
(A) As you sow, so shall you reap.
As you remain in that attitude of seeking, so will there be opened to you
that sought. In Him is the light, and no darkness at all. Seek the way,
and it will be opened to you.

(Q) [2124]: Am I still on the straight and narrow path?
(A) That must be answered from within, to Him in whom you have put
your faith, your trust, your hope, your hereafter.

Who am I to judge you? "Who is good?" as He gave, "None save the Father",
not even the Son of man.

Rather in Him is the way, and "My Spirit", says He, "bears witness with
your spirit whether you be the sons of God or not."

(Q) Any message for the group at this time?
(A) Keep in the way that is set before you.
For much may be accomplished in what you have undertaken.

We are through.
Updated: 4 July 2013