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Reading 262-020

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Reading 262-020 Edited

(Q) You will give us at this time any further counsel which we need
in completing the lesson on Virtue and Understanding, a copy of our
work so far I hold in my hand.

(A)  In the preparations one depends upon another, so does the lesson
depend upon the activity of each individual contributing to the lesson.

Each should feel, should know, as individuals, they are a portion of
the whole, and must contribute their part that the whole may be more
applicable in the lives of individuals who will be interested in that lesson
being prepared.

No one finite mind can contribute that will interest the many
who may be reached through such lessons.

Yet individual contribution that makes the whole will find a responsive
chord in the lives and hearts of those who are contacted.
For these are experiences, living truths, known and read by many,
and will become worthwhile in the lives of others.

Then let each give that will aid in making the whole complete.

For each should recognize their individual responsibility to themselves,
to the group, to their Maker whom they reflect their conception of
in the minds of those who would apply the lesson in their daily experience.

Virtue and Understanding are the attributes that make for
the relationships with the Creative Forces, that makes for preparation
of contacts with the fellow man as individuals, personalities that must
be dealt with.

That the relationships may become the understandings of individuals
compatible with daily life, daily experience, that the lesson may be
the more worthwhile.

(Q) [2112]: What is the difference between psychic forces and occult forces?
(A) One is the study of the other. One is the essence of the sources,
and the other the channels through which, of which, the study.

(Q) [69]: Please explain what was meant by the spiritual eye, or third eye,
in relation to psychic development. Should we today seek to develop
this particular facility? If so, how?
(A) There is always a channel or manner in which the expressions of a force
manifest in a material world.
Hence the term, "Angels took form", that there might be the expression of,
or vehicle for, the activity of an individual force manifesting in the
material plane.

In the psychic forces, or spiritual forces (which are psychic forces), there
has always been a vehicle, or portion of the anatomical forces of the body,
which the expressions come to individual activity, and these may find
various forms of manifestations, or movements of that finds its seat
in the creative energies and forces of the body.

In the eye, "Let thine eye be single" may be the interpretation of same,
or vehicles, or channels, or glands through which man has lost his vision,
or the ability of seeing the self-expression in same in the pituitary forces,
as in the lyden and the others - we find expressions in various forms of the body.

These become more manifested in the female body than in the male,
in man forces, called intuition, or that which is active in that portion
of the system.

These are just one expression of that portion of the body.
For these may be added to by the feeding of same, that partake of other forces
of the body in such quantities, or such character of development, as to produce
other conditions in the body, as the growing of portions of the body that have
become lax, or lacking in their activity in the system, but development in the
spiritual sense - by meditation, prayer - dependent upon the external forces,
or the creative energies, for its food, rather than upon that which is wholly
of the material, develops that as may  be termed the psychic development
of individuals.

Well that psychic forces and occult influences be developed in the individuals
that find within their individual selves that will make a closer relationship
with what they individually worship as their ideal!

That does not indicate that every individual should make themselves a
psychic channel that may be used to their own destruction.

For there are many things that are hard to understand and many wrest with
to their own destruction.

But that which gives more understanding is the relationship of self
with the Creative Forces of a universal experience,
rather than individual experience, makes for a closer walk with God,
and from which the essence of life has its emanation.

In the body we find that which connects the pineal, the pituitary, the lyden,
may be truly called the silver cord, or the golden cup and may be filled
with a closer walk with the Creative Essence in the physical, mental
and spiritual life.
For the destruction of either will make the soul disintegrated
from its house of clay.

If an anatomical or pathological study was made for a period of seven
years (which is a cycle of change in all  the body-elements) of one
that is acted upon through the third eye alone, we will find one fed
upon spiritual things becomes a light that may shine from and in
the darkest corner.
One fed upon the purely material will become a Frankenstein that is
without a concept of any influence other than material or mental.

(Q) We seek individual guidance and advice in enabling us to better cooperate
in carrying forward this work of our group.
(A) Study the lesson which has been given on cooperation!
Applying that in the individual life will make for what is necessary for carrying on.

Do not become weary in well-doing, for soon we must come to that lesson
of Patience following Fellowship.

(Q) Any special message for the group at this time?
(A) Let each know themselves as a link in the chain, a spoke in the wheel.

Do not be the whole, but fulfill what you may do, that there may be the perfect

For he that gives a cup of water in His name is greater than he that conquers a city
for his own aggrandizement.

We are through.

Updated: 5 July 2013