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Reading 262-021

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Reading 262-021 Edited

(Q) Please give us the meditation for our daily prayer on Fellowship.
(A) How Excellent is Your Name in the earth, O Lord!
To have fellowship with God,
I must show brotherly love to my fellow man.
Though I come in humbleness and
have something against my brother,
my prayer, my meditation, will not rise to God.
Help me in my efforts in my approach to God.
[Psalm 8:1,9]

(Q) Please outline the central thoughts and basis upon which
we should begin our meditations and questions on Fellowship.
(A) As each will find when searching their own hearts:
Fellowship with the Creative Forces is always making the balance in
the activities of oneself towards your fellow man.

When we seek grace, mercy, understanding,
We should have faith and knowledge.
We must exercise this towards our fellow man.

As we have dealt with those attributes necessary in the preparing
of self to deal with, or know the heart of self.
So must the acts, the judgments that we build within ourselves,
be found towards our fellow man, if we seek to be in the position
of communion with the spirit within.
Fellowship is the promise of the Father through the Son,
that if you seek to know His face, then be kind and gentle,
compassionate and loving, to your fellow man.

Then in this manner let each purge their own minds and hearts,
and he that has something against another then present it
to the throne of grace, His mercy is sufficient to all.

"As you would that men should do to you, so do you to them."
"Forgive me, Father, even as I forgive my brother"
should be the lesson, the exercising of the position each should take,
if they want to know the face of Him who seeks fellowship with
His creatures;

For as the Father pities His children, so in that manner may
the Father gather those close that would seek fellowship with Him.

Know that as you forgive you will be forgiven;

For "Inasmuch as you have done it to the least
of these my little ones, you have done it to me."

Then, as we deal with our fellow man, may there be expected
and may we expect those blessings come to us.
In the way and manner how we deal to others,
so must it come again to us all.

Then in the preparations let each set their minds, their hearts,
their souls, at peace with Him; and there will come that light
that will shine in the darkest hour, in those periods when needed most.

Approach the throne of mercy with mercy to all.

(Q) Please give each member of the group, as I call their names,
an individual message on true fellowship.
(A) Let each examine themselves first, that they may know that
within their own hearts and minds that must be purged,
that there may be true fellowship with Him.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 5 July 2013