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Reading 262-041

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Reading 262-041 Edited

The Lord Thy God Is One

As has been given, to make the lesson complete it
must be lived, experienced by each individual,
and interpreted in their lives.

And such activities that enable them to be nearer
in accord with those truths, those lessons that are gained
by such experiences, are those that must make the lesson
complete for the lives, the experiences of others.

Well, then, that each - in their own way and manner
- correlate that which has been gained from time to time,
that there may be the better understanding.

For, the tenets, the truths, the lessons are before thee
day by day.

Only self shuts out the glories that may be thine
own experience, in the application of the lessons
that are before thee.

Ready for questions.

(Q) I hold in my hand a copy of an outline on this lesson.
(A) (Interrupting) Which is very good, but there's some of it
that needs changing very badly!
And we would change it!

For, there are some portions that have been set
as the outline which would be impossible to be filled in
by individuals' experience; but would only be
tentative experience!

(Q) Which part?
(A) The second part!

(Q) [69]: Please explain what was meant by
"It is I" and the
"Time is near at hand"
as given in answer to my question in the last reading.
(A) It has been given for some time past as to what
is to happen and who is to speak.

Has the body reached the state that such
has been forgotten, or not looked for nor expected,
nor understood?

And as to what the message is to be,
or who it is to be from?

If so, then it is falling away!

(Q) [379]: How may I become more conscious
of the oneness of the Father, and apply same
in my daily activities?
(A) The consciousness becomes the portion of self
as the application of that known is made in
the experience of self; as pertaining to the fact
that all force, all power, all glory, comes from
the One source.

In the activities, then, in the application to self
respecting same, does this become more and more
the experience of self as it is applied in thine
own experience.

(Q) [303]: How may I better apply personally
the affirmation on this lesson?
(A) Just do it!

(Q) [560]: Seeing an arm, was told to touch it.
And after touching it, it seemed to become
an arm of flesh. Is my interpretation correct?
If not, please give the interpretation.
(A) As we have given respecting visions
or experiences of individuals, they in themselves
may be the better interpreters of their experiences;
provided, to be sure, there is the attempt, the desire
in each to know, and the willingness to be guided
or directed by those influences.

As interpreted by self, in the greater portion do we find
this correct; that variation being as to the relationships
to particular individuals, for this is rather more universal.

(Q) May I receive a message on The Lord Thy God Is One?
(A) Study to show self approved unto that that would make
for little vain-glorying in any. Know whereunto
thou hast been called; for His glory is sufficient,
His mercy is far-reaching; His understanding maketh known
those things that would prevent individuals from becoming
afraid, in the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Keep thy paths straight. Avoid the appearance of evil.
Find fault in no man.

(Q) Should any changes or additions be made in the paper,
"Present World Conditions," before sending it to any
other magazine? [3976-11 Reports]
(A) If it seems well to those who are preparing such, change it!

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) It's time for all to get started doing some work!

We are through.
Updated: 8 July 2013