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Reading 262-081

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Reading 262-081 Edited

Lesson on Destiny of the Body

As to the data gathered here, as we find, these are very good.

It has been indicated from the first portion of that which
has been given that there would be set forth rather the preamble,
as to how this lesson is to be considered in its various phases;
Mind, Body, Soul; the mental, the physical, the spiritual man.

Also what pertains to that portion or relation of the mind
as to the body, and how it bears relationships
to that dealing with the physical forces,
the physical aspects and the physical relationships
in the individual's activity; and a creative force
making the correlations of the various portions
of the data respecting same.

Then there is the Mind as the spiritual aspect
or consciousness, in the material, in the soul or mental body;
and the Mind that is the portion of the awareness within,
that is made for its constructive forces
in the individual aspects of the soul.

Here again we come to those mooted questions
as to the portion that becomes the personality
and individuality of the mind in its relationships
to what becomes a constructive influence
in the activity of the individual or the entity in its entirety.

So we have or meet those various aspects
in the experience of each individual;
for where there has been the constructive
or destructive aspects in the experience of each individual,
they must be met in that same sphere or plane of activity
in which they have been in action in the experience
of the entity - and met according to
that which is to be meted.

For what saith the law?
As ye mete, so shall it be meted to thee
in thine own experience, in thine own activity.

So, as individuals in their material or mental experience
in the material world find that they are in
the activity of being mistreated, as from their angle,
from their own angle have they mistreated.

If harshness has come to thine own experience,
so has there been in thine own activity that
which makes for same; and so is the experience
in each phase.

Some may ask, some may say, how or when does
one become aware of that mercy, grace?

As the individual in the Christ is under
the law of grace and mercy and not of sacrifice.

Then indeed does each soul, each individual,
in same become aware of the saving grace
- or the purpose for which the Holy One
gave within self that sacrifice such that all
through Him may become aware, in the spiritual plane,
through the grace of the Christ, of the manner
in which the individual has met in the material.

For He hath forgiven thee already.
Only in thine brother - as ye are to be judged
before Him by the deeds done in the body-physical.
For once for all has He entered in that
ye are forgiven by Him already.

Then, in the preparation, prepare same in
the present manner as has been indicated
and outlined for the various phases.

And then as there is the undertaking
in the Destiny of the Mind, the Destiny of the Soul
- as these are given and their tenets and truths
correlated, they need only those changes
that make them as One.

For the Lord thy God is One. One Lord, one Christ,
one faith, one hope, one baptism - in the Christ;
putting on Christ.

Ready for questions.

(Q) How should we define the following in this lesson:
First, what is gospel?
(A) News, tidings, understandings; that which bespeaks
the sounding of warning, knowledge, awakening
- if there will be the considering in the mind of the hearer.
Gospel. Glad tidings.

(Q) Second, what is truth?
(A) That which makes aware of the divine within
each and every activity; that is of the mental,
the material, the spiritual self - and is a growth
in each and every soul.

(Q) What is judgment?
(A) With what judgment shall ye be judged?
Law is love; Love is law. Judgment is weighing love,
law, according to the intent, the purpose of the activity
in its relationships to thyself and to the force
that impelled same.
A weighing of evidence in an activity;
as Law is that through which, by which, in which all are judged.

(Q) [993]: May I have a message from my Elder Brother,
the Christ?
(A) Abide thou in the way that has been chosen by thee.
Meet oft in thine inner self, in judgment upon thyself in Him.
For ye keep the way open for many.

(Q) Is there a message for the group as a whole?
(A) Let that thou doest in thine application
of that being presented thee, for the edification
of thy brethren, be done in humbleness of heart,
in singleness of purpose, in service through
thy Lord's meeting oft with thee.

And as ye do it in this manner will He abide closer,
closer - Lord, to thee.

Let thy prayer and thy meditation be,
"In You, O Lord, do I trust.
In You will I put my faith, my hope, my all."

Continuing, then, upon thy lesson as related
to the Destiny of the Body - it has been indicated
in thine outline as to how there are
the manifestations of those things in the earth
that become the expressions of the movement
of the spirit bringing into being that which is
matter in its various expressions.

Also it has been indicated how that matter
in its group form, or in its various forms, appears,
disappears, dissipates into that from which it came.

Yet in man, as we find, the soul, the individuality
of the soul, becomes more and more apparent
through the manner of life - or manner of its expressions
in its activity, in its awareness within whatever sphere
of activity in which it may find itself.

Hence, as we find, of man - upon whom much
has been bestowed - much is required.

In all the universe, the celestial, the terrestrial forces,
in summer, in fall, in winter, in spring, in every manifestation
we find the beauty of the Lord, of the Christ
- the glory of those.

Only in man may we see - through his relationships
to his brother - selfishness, uncomeliness,
the desire for self-aggrandizement
or for self's own gratification without thought
or concept of what may be the result of its activity.

Hence man in his destiny makes for, in the body,
that which he as an individual, as a personality,
must meet in personality or in the flesh
- or in the manifestations of same,
with the awareness of that as may be builded
in and through those various activities
through which the body in its varied environments,
its varied activities, may find itself.

And what makes for the change?

What, then, is Will?
That which makes for the dividing line
between the finite and the infinite,
the divine and the wholly human,
the carnal and the spiritual.

For the Will may be made one with Him,
or for self alone.
With the Will, then, does man destine
in the activities of a material experience
how he shall make for the relationships with Truth.

What is Truth?
That which makes aware to the inmost self
or the soul the Divine and its purposes
with that soul.
So does the body - whether it is sown in this
or that environ, this or that plane of activity
- become one with His purposes,
through the making of the will one
with the spiritual import or activity;
or it makes for the separations
- that are to be met only in the material experience.

Hence the necessity; hence the judgment;
hence the mercy, the justice shown
by the All-Wise Creative Force
- that is so beautifully illustrated in the spring,
the summer, the fall, the winter
- the returning again and again of the body of man
for it purification.

Has not man demonstrated how that the elements
in the earth are purged of the dross by the fires
of the furnace for their purification?

Have not the weaklings in the flock
or the unhealthy plants been made sturdy
in their relationships of beauty in nature,
by purging, pruning, and making
for those advancements again and again?

And yet some deny that the All-Wise,
the All-Merciful Father would be so gracious
to the sons of men who have erred
in this a little thing!

What hath the Maker of the heavens and the earth said?
They that are guilty of the least are guilty of them all!

So, in the Destiny of thy Body, make the Will
(How? Through the Mind of the Body!)
at-one with Him; knowing in thine self
that what has been set, what is is - as God.

Yet in Christ may ye meet every trial, every temptation.

For how hath He spoken?
That though offenses must come
(and woe be to those by whom they come!),
He hath not allowed those to be tempted
beyond that (in the body), above that which they
are able to bear.

How great, then, is the trust that He hath put in thee,
that thou should bear the glad tidings of a Risen Lord,
an Alive God in thine own experience!

Ye that have chosen Him, as He hath chosen you,
to be lights unto the sons of men.
Quit ye yourselves, then, as He hath trusted in thee;
trust Ye in Him!

We are through for the present.
Updated: 9 July 2013