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Reading 262-101

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Reading 262-101 Edited

Study Group Work

In considering the outline, the ideals and the purpose of
the Association for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.,
as are set forth should be more closely followed.

There should be first the preparation of an invitation for each
and every member that has been and that is of every nature
and character, but in the preparation of such invitation consider
their own development, their own desires in relationship to
the ideals and purposes of the Association.

Hence it should be rather as in this line,
through the Study Group Committee,
Esther Wynne and Hugh Lynn Cayce,
of the Association:

Presenting that which has been found helpful
in those Study Groups that have used or prepared
the lessons for same.

That the ideals and the purposes are that this Group
may in some manner aid those seeking

And that the course as may be presented in this outline, that has
been used by others may be used as a manner or way or means
for this preparation, for this understanding.

And not as that they as individuals become teachers,
leaders, ministers or what not for the Association
but for themselves and for their God!

If the study with this leads them to that, well
- but dictate not.

For ye have Jew, Parthenian, Greek,
and those of every cult, and they each
have their ideal.

But how few have found or know their relationships
to Creative Forces as may manifest
through them as individuals!
as has been presented to those who have used
these outlines to know their Maker, their Savior,
their selves, their brother, the better!

Ready for questions.

(Q) What explanation should be given regarding
meditation for those who desire to join
in the hour meditation from 2 to 3?
Give an affirmation if needed.
(A) As the paper or data upon meditation,
as has been given, is to be a part of that
to be sent each individual, then in the beginning
this would be rather as a prayer,
as a oneness of purpose, desire on the part
of each that may take part.

While they each may present their own petition
in this way or that way, let it be rather as He gave,
"When ye pray, pray in this manner."

Let that be for the beginnings.
And then let there be rather the growth of this
as may be presented through these channels
if so sought as the developments progress.

For if they each that join are sincere
in seeking to know their relationship
to the Creative Forces, that they may
know themselves the better,
they will become seekers.

And as has been given from the beginning,
they that seek may find.

(Q) For how long should this hour meditation
period be observed?
(A) Each in their own way, but at least thirty minutes
or the hour.

(Q) For how long at a period?
(A) How long has it been given?
Six months or a year?
How long does it become necessary?
Some will want to continue, some will be
through in a few days; for it will be
as the sower going forth to sow.

(Q) Consider the preparation of parallel pamphlets
covering such subjects as follow
for 30 minute parallel study of same
for each group period:
Mental Telepathy and
Power of Thought,
Numerology -
(A) (Interrupting) Leave off.

(Q) (Continuing) Astrology -
(A) Leave off.

(Q) (Continuing) Palmistry -
(A) Leave off.

(Q) (Continuing) Spiritualism, Spiritual Healing.
Comment on this plan and suggest other subjects
or indicate any that should be omitted
during period of first twelve lessons.
(A) Those as indicated leave off.
Those additions that may be made
may arise from questions naturally arising
upon the various subjects that are being treated.

For this will not be a one-man job,
nor the two that have set themselves in order!
There will be many others necessary
to handle it, if handled properly!

(Q) Would it be wise to undertake in groups
comparative studies of isms and philosophies
as Yogi, Rosicrucianism, etc.
Comment and suggest.
The idea would be to point out good points,
not to find differences.
(A) This is preparation rather of individuals.
Hence comparative studies, isms, cisms,
Yogi philosophies and all would become
a part of the preparation.

For this will lead the individuals who join
as a group to become missionaries,
emissaries for something!

For the world, for the people are seeking
- seeking oft they know not what.

Ye that have begun, then become greater channels,
and ye will find that as has been given
as to what portions of this or that land
ye will become the more efficient
in meeting the problems of those
in those particular portions of the land.

(Q) Any other suggestions
regarding parallel work in groups?
(A) This is getting the cart before the horse,
and may become confusing.

Remember that you have begun
for the preparations of groups,
and you haven't gotten to the groups yet!

(Q) Comment on the proposal to prepare
a small pamphlet for general distribution
on the Purposes of Group Work.
Give suggestions for this if advisable.
(A) This should be short enough to be
in the letter that is to be sent to each
and every old member, new member,
present member of every nature
- as has been suggested.

(Q) Please interpret the dreams had by [540]
of 2638 Harrell Ave., Norfolk, Va.,
on Aug. 27 & 28th regarding the blessing
that could come to Study Groups
- directed to Esther Wynne.
(A) This is as a vision of that which might
or could come, or is what may be called
the etheric activity of the proposed work
that may be made a mental and
material expression in material relationships.

(Q) Give advice and counsel for direction
of the following groups: Group #2 [397]:
(A) As has been indicated, the type of data
and of study that would be the more comprehensible,
the more sought for, and that they should follow.

This then, rather than becoming - for
this particular group - as a routine
or as rote will offer for its membership
a study of those phases of experience
that become more acceptable
in their own relationships.

For unless every phase of human experience
is answered in the life of the Christ,
He is not their guide nor their light,
nor their way.

But that phase of the activities of individuals
should be kept in that as has been given.

We do not find the natures of any have changed.

(Q) Group #3 [473]:
(A) This should be rather the studies that make
for the answering of those problems that have
become the stumblingblocks in the ways
of denominationalism, schisms, cults and the like.

For these seek to find an answer for each of these.

Do not study their differences but rather
their correlating of those activities
in each as pertain to the tenets or lessons
or truths (dependent upon the manner
of presentation as to the term) as given
through the lessons as compared
with that of Jesus.
And then the lessons from each faultfinder.

(Q) Group #7 [792]:
(A) Practical application of the tenets that
are set forth by the lessons in the experiences
of each member of the group.

For in this group practicality and not
mere theory must be the answer for each individual.

(Q) Group #6:
(A) This is a new combination, a new seeking,
and quite a divided one at present.

Hence the ideals of presenting the purposes
of the group work and the lessons as presented
should be rather in that line of knowledge
as taught in Knowledge;
Wisdom as may be presented in that as given,
"First seek ye to know God and then the rest
will be added in its proper order";
and as to how those suggestions,
those experiences of those that have prepared
such lessons may apply in the individual
experience of each of those studying
or applying same.

This, to be sure, will make for the lives of many
of Group #1 to be held up as patterns.

And how some will find the light shining
through without any shadow, and others
very shadowy.

But these are needed for those as represent
or present Group Six in the present,
for these seek - as the number indicates
- to know why people think as they do!

(Q) Any suggestions for handling the introductory
material for the Virginia Beach Group?
(A) The preparations as we find that
are being made in the mind, in the actions
of those that may present themselves
- first the approach from the varied angles
and then as to what has been done.

For in those periods of the activities
there will be many questions as to
what the Association and the Study Groups
have done and are doing about
making known that they have found helpful
in their experience.

Then the preparation would be not only
of those authors, writers, lecturers or speakers
that may be presented, but as to how many
of the questions that are treated
by the individual author are answered
in the experiences of individuals
who have sought or who do seek
daily the information through those channels
that the individual presents.

(Q) Any advice and counsel to Esther Wynne
at this time regarding Group Work?
(A) Again we would give that as has been given.
Ye have been called, ye have chosen,
ye are worthy. Just be faithful.

(Q) Any other suggestions regarding group activity?
(A) As has been given regarding the activities
of Group One, there falls - with the opening
of the proposal to assist and aid others
- a greater service that may be rendered.

Let all count themselves not in themselves
worthy but through the grace and the mercy
and the glory and the promise of thy Brother,
the Christ, ye can accomplish all.

We are through.
Updated: 9 July 2013