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Reading 281-01

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Reading 281-01 Edited
(Q) How may we know God's Will and be used to do God's Work?
(A) Each person is fit in their own particular way for a portion
of God's work.

Once "the work" is chosen, and the face set in that direction,
then let that be a warning and a threat.
There are karma for us to be worked out together.
Work together for the common good of all.
Let our experiences not be for self-indulgence, self-gratification,
or self-exaltation.
May spiritual healing be brought into individual experiences.
May the Divine Forces be manifested in a material world.
May we all manifest God's Love in this particular experience.
May we apply ourselves in our respective positions
in this ideal, this purpose, this aim - Cooperation
- to manifest God's Love as a group and as individuals:
May we lose ourselves in love and service to others.

(Q) Outline our work and what needs to be stressed
in our meditations to better fit us for carrying on our part.
(A) Raise the Christ Consciousness in oneself.
Visualize the Christ Consciousness activity
upon another individual to whom the aid is to be brought.

"As you ask in My name, believing,
so shall it be in the same hour."
You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.
(John 14:14)

There will be given a sign, an emblem,
of raising to that consciousness of healing.
That is the feeling and seeing of Christ.

Be not overcome, for
"It is I. Peace - My peace - I give to you."
Not as the world gives peace, but as that consciousness in oneself
of self's own associations in the material and spiritual plane.
(See also 281-3 and John 14:27)

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
(John 14:27)

As the vibrations in yourself rise as a healing force.
This healing force goes out from the soul to seek union
with those ills in individuals.

May you raise within the Christ Consciousness
that knocks at your own heart, that would enter and tarry there.
Keep that inner voice.
Speak gently.
Speak kindly.
Know that in "harmony of purpose" each individual
add their part to what is to be accomplished.
Those that would then be healed must seek through these channels.

There will come the Christ Consciousness within self,
when we gather to be fed by the Master's hand.

May the purpose of each raise in themselves
the accomplishing of what is being sought by the seeker.

May we give others the healing to come in God's Wings.

May the Christ Consciousness come in self
when the door is shut to the outside.

Bring the spirit of understanding
to those who gather in Christ's name.

Give to those to know the way and understanding
of what needs to be accomplished in their lives.

May the knowledge of His presence
aid others in drawing near to a perfect union
of aim, desire, and purpose.

As we gather strength in the crystallizing in self
that power that draws others to the knowledge
of having been with Christ in daily walks of life now.

So will the strength be given to others
as they seek through the union of strength in the group
to know the healing in Christ's voice, Christ's understanding.

To you will be given that sign - you shall hear Christ's voice call.
Be not unmindful as the call comes.

As there was strength given in the faith shown, in the crying out,
so as these gather in that hour of seeking aid through that same channel,
so will we bring faith, hope, cheer,
to those as they gather as a group seeking Christ's power
to be demonstrated, manifested, made clear,
in the lives of those seeking in the Now.

So keep your counsel.
Take your cares to Christ.
The power is the same yesterday, today, forever.

There was the calling in the past of those that needed Christ's Love.
Christ's understanding, so may your part be in making known to others
that there is that power being made manifest through this group,
who put their trust in Christ; for the way you know, even as it was given to you
- and the place you know, for you may make many to know Christ's name,
even as I call you by name.

Heed, as you did of old - for this purpose brought you into being,
that My Love may be known in this land.
Be faithful to the end.

Updated: 18 August 2013