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Reading 281-02

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Reading 281-02 Edited

(Q) May we know the way God would have us work
in bringing help to others in God's name?
(Q) Please clarify our minds as to the method and way for us
to proceed in seeking to help others.

(A) In seeking for understanding,
let each listen to what He has to say:

Come, my children, lift up your hearts that I may enter in.
As you have chosen me, so have I chosen you,
that you may be a blessing to those who seek in My Name
to know the truth as may be magnified in their lives
through your aid in me.
Grace, mercy and peace, is given to those who ask
in the proportion to their trust, their faith, in me.

As you seek through raising in self that image of love in Him,
so may yourself be lifted up, and the understanding come
to him who seeks for same.

(Q) Is there any danger in trying to heal someone else?
(A) The promise has been made.

(Q) Should each of us as individuals, after raising
the Christ's vibrations in ourselves,
send these as individuals or through only one of our group?
(A) "Where two or three are gathered in my name,
there I will be in the midst of them," whether in thought or in person.

Designations for individual separations in the group have been outlined,
that one chooses the needs of the individual seeking the aid,
another designates who will be the Messenger,
with the aid of the group in the prayer,
in the thought raised in the individual to be aided.

Come together in One mind, One purpose, One designated, as one,
cleansing themselves in mind, in body, to be the messenger,
or the channel for that individual.

Each seeking for aid may then be aided according to the faith
in those that seek to aid in His name.

These bring the strength of union in group, rather than individuals
- who may in self find turmoil, "when I would do good, evil is present";
who, in being designated as a channel for an individual,
may - with the consecrated effort on the part of others -
bring that of a manifold strength to others.

Come in singleness of heart, in Oneness of purpose - knowing -
knowing peace, mercy and grace, is granted as the faith,
the hope, is in Christ.

(Q) Please outline a group meditation for us
which will aid us in being of aid to others.
(A) Our Father who art in heaven,
Hear our pleading for one of your children,
who in weakness has erred and seeks your face!
Mercy, O God, to us all, through Christ who promised
what we ask in Christ's name will be done in this body!

(Q) What times would be best for our periods of meditation
in which we seek to give aid to others?
(A) Early in the morning, late in the evening.
Or seven in the morning, six in the evening.

(Q) What connection must be established with those we are trying to help?
(A) He that would be aided must seek.

Let all things be done decently and in order.
(1 Corinthians 14:40)

Seeking, knowing - as you measure, as you act
in thought, in mind, in heart, in body, and
the imaginations of your self become materialized in other's actions.

(Q) How often, and how, should we conduct our group meetings?
(A) As often as like.
Let all do with their might what their hands find to do.
As the call comes from others seeking aid through you,
then seek aid from the others through their cooperation
in bringing strength, power, and the magnifying of Christ's name
in their lives and in others.

(Q) Please explain why the Master in many cases forgave sins
in healing individuals.
(A) Sins are of commission and omission.
Sins of commission were forgiven,
while sins of omission were called to mind - even by the Master.

(Q) How should the group make itself known to those whom it might help?
(A) Fear not that your work will not find an outlet,
once there is union of purpose. Has He not said,
"Be joyous in that I have chosen you,
as you have chosen me and you may be lights in My Name"?
Updated: 18 August 2013