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Reading 281-03

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Reading 281-03 Edited

(Q) Our desire is to carry on God's Work in accordance with God's Will.
(Q) We seek at this time a clearer understanding
of the healing forces and their interaction through us
as members of this group.
(Q) Please explain to us what we need at this time in carrying forward this work.
(A) Seek to be a channel of blessing to others.
Let all self-condemnation be laid aside.
Be free by being in that source of power
that brings hope, faith, confidence, and healing.
Be aware of His love in their lives.
Let there be no arrogance.

Seek through meditation and singleness of purpose.
Seek to be guided in that channel
in which each may be a channel of blessing to those who seek.

May you know the way;
"I go - and the way you know."
You know the way to the place where I am going
(John 14:4)

You know you are in attune when you feel
that consciousness of the sincere desire within
to be a blessing,a channel, to someone.

(Q) What is the name of my healer?
(A) That name above every other name, Christ!
That name, named by self, brought healing in the physical self
in an experience, so may self - by holding, attaining,
gaining that consciousness of the indwelling
and communion of that self-same Spirit of Christ
- bring aid, bring help, bring hope and faith, to another.

(Q) In healing, is it not paramount to have the body
in perfect physical condition?
(A) One must raise self to that consciousness
of a physical perfection in spirit,
to give the proper attitude or concept to another.
Doubt never accomplished anything!

(Q) Will I ever be able to diagnose ailments,
and what spirit will give this to me?
(A) Will the body-consciousness intend or desire,
that may be a portion of the entity's work.

This will be accomplished by a unison
of cosmic or universal forces, as here.

This may be raised in anyone that so cleanses
their own physical consciousness,
or raises the vibrations of their own physical bodies,
to that attunement that brings healings to others;

For, as has been given,
"Who heals all your physical or mental weaknesses?
Who brings the hope in your life?
Who brings the abounding forces of love in your life?"
As has been given,
"Though I give my body to be burned and have not love,
it profits me nothing.
Though I may be able to interpret,
though I may prophesy,
though I may bring that faith so as to remove mountains,
and have not Love, it is nothing!"

First know what love means,
"for God so Loved the world that He gave His Son,
that we through Him might have life,
and have it more abundantly.
From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

Thoughts are deeds, and as their currents run
bring either those of miracles or crimes.

As He purged His own life, so may we purge our lives
that they may be one in Christ,
and as Christ laid His hands on many,
so may the healing from self be to many,
Believe and ask in Christ's name.
Be the sturdy, staunch guide to many,
as you were in days that were counted as but naught!

(Q) As a leader of prayer, what should I study
to make myself approved to Christ?
(A) Fourteenth and fifteenth of John.
"In my Father's house are many mansions.
I go to the Father, and what you ask in my name, believing,
so shall it be to you."
You have believed, for You have seen!
Blessed are they that believe who have not seen.
You know the way; you may guide others!

(Q) Might we, the healing group,
receive a message at this time from the Master,
how He would have us begin our work?
(A) This message may be read, as was given by Him,
in that as has just been given; for,
"He that seeks through some other channel
denies that your are my beloved Son!
Hear Christ!"

(Q) There comes to me so often the desire for the group
to tarry together as the Disciples did in the upper room.
Is this coming from the subconscious mind,
or is it a message for the group?
Please explain.
(A) As has been given,
"Tarry one with another.
Tarry and you shall be imbued with power from on high."

In this the entity finds much of that as has been experienced
in the associations of self with those who sought for
that expression of love in a definite manner.

So would, should, the body, the entity, insist
- and those who cannot may depart.
Remember, there were often those not in the upper room
that were of the healing group, of the ministering group,
of the preaching group, of the teaching group
- yet all received that they sought for,
and were willing to be shown the way!

(Q) Please interpret my dream
in which someone came and asked for a healing.
While healing, I was told to heal as Peter did.
During the healing I experienced
what I thought was the grip of death.
(A) In this experience there comes to the entity
that of the decided differentiation between
what some people call destiny and that
as making self One with the Father;
for while Law is Love, Love is Law
- and as healing is the contradiction of many man made laws,
and in line with, and contradictory to, laws that are universal,
the last to be conquered is death itself.
Overcome, even as Christ overcame. (See 281-7)

So the injunction, Heal even as Peter, that
"In Christ name may this be done.
In Christ name give I you that sought."
Christ is the law.
Christ is the destiny.
Christ is the love.
Hence, this consciousness of Christ's presence
must be the basis of all healing; for
"Be not afraid, it is I" must come to the group,
as they make their selves one in purpose.

(Q) Will the Forces please outline the form of letter
that should be sent to those desiring our aid,
that we may do things in decency and order?
(A) There should be outlined that there must be
the wholehearted cooperation upon the part of those desiring aid,
and that in so far as their individual consciousness
may be raised in Christ, through the cooperative forces
of the group as they pray with them, may receive that being sought.

Their full name, their address, their periods of meditation,
should be concordant with those seeking to aid;
this also given, see?

Then the group may name, or may call itself by that
that seems to express that as is desired to be accomplished
in the efforts of those seeking to be an aid for others,
or the Helpful group, the aiding group, the Glad group,
of whatever body physically that the group represents - see?

(Q) Why do I feel a hesitancy in repeating,
and pleading for one who has asked for aid?
I feel I should ask in Christ's name, believing it will be done.
(A) Ask only in Christ's name, believing, and it shall be done!

This an outcome, or the result of self's own development,
and - as given in the beginning -

Let no one come condemning themselves for what is within them!

Let no one come in arrogance to that's necessary
for another to reach that same attunement!

Physically, there may be an illustration in this:
Attunements on any of the radios may be
somewhere near the same point,
but no two will ever be in exact same ratio!
for their positions alter that,
even when sitting side by side!

So, individual attuning their soul-consciousness to the divine within
must attune according to their own development one in another!

Condemn not, that you be not condemned!
Find good in all!
If you cannot speak well, speak not at all! -
and think not at all!

For thoughts are deeds.
As you act, let that gladness of purpose as may be one in all,
be that that rules, or is guided by Him that rules.
Rule not in the sense that
"Here's a line and it must be hewed to,
irrespective of consequences or of conditions!"
for He is also a God of mercy - mercy - that makes us all akin,
in that he that would have mercy shown must himself be merciful!

(Q) Being named and called to be a healer,
in what way and manner will I be able to heal?
(A) In the manner that self will be able to guard and guide as it is accomplished.

Self chose to be the one that looked after detail,
Self chose to be the one that looked after the little things,
which will make it possible for the group
to be healers to those that seek.

As is brought to self that necessary for the accomplishing of this,
so does healing arise.

Let's analyze healing.

To those that must consciously see and reason,
see a material demonstration, occasionally at least!

Each atomic force of a physical body is made up
of its units of positive and negative forces,
that brings it into a material plane.

These are of the ether, or atomic forces,
They are electrical in nature as they enter into a material basis,
or become matter in its ability to take on or throw off.

As the group raise the atomic vibrations
that will make for positive forces and bring divine forces
in action into a material plane.
Those forces that are destructive are broken down
by the raising of that vibration!
That's material, see?
This is done through Creative Forces,
which are God in manifestation!

As self brings those little things necessary
for position, posture, time, period, place, name, understanding.

Study each, and assist each in their respective sphere.

So does the entity become the healer.

(Q) Please explain the message (see 281-1)
given to me in the healing, when it says,
"there are many considerations
to be given in this entity's preparation
for this particular phase of work,
as the association of the individual,
as an individual, with members of the group."
(A) There must be raised in each individual
that consciousness of the indwelling
of the Christ Consciousness,
or - to put it in material manner
- the superseding of the Christ Consciousness
in that matter that would be healed,
whether by its injection by those
that through cooperation raise such vibrations in an individual,
or through that of one individual raising such vibrations in self.

So, all these receive their consideration,
as has been given -
To whom you speak.
How you speak.
Where, when, and how you speak.
- these must all be considered,
would one not become arrogant,
would one not become self-centered, self-condemning.

First self surrendering to Christ.
Then raise the consciousness that will be superseded by the
Christ Consciousness and this will overcome.

Only in Christ's name may the world and its environs be overcome.
Just as Christ overcame death.

May you in Christ name overcome the ills that the flesh is heir to,
through its advent into a material world.
"I am not of this world. You are not of this world,
if you abide in me - but I may only be manifest
in the material world through your own raising
of that consciousness.
As I abide in the Father, and you abide in me,
I in you, you in me, we may bring that to pass as you seek."

(Q) Am I doing my part to bring the promise (see 281-1)
"there will be a sign given, an emblem,
of self's being raised to the consciousness of healing
in the activities of self's own actions"?
(A) Keep that promise as has come to self,
and keep in the way of cooperating with others.

(Q) In what manner shall I feel
and see the Christ (see 281-1) in the present?
(A) "Lo, it is I - be not afraid."

(Q) Please help me to get the understanding.
(A) As you seek, as you believe - as you know -
comes the understanding.

(Q) Why is it that at times my meditation seems unsatisfactory?
(A) Because you are still in the flesh.
Why did He, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?"
Even when the world was being overcome,
the flesh continued to rebel; for,

"When I would do good, Evil is present with me
- but, Though I take the wings and fly to the utmost parts
of the heavens, Thou art there;
Though I make my bed in hell, Thou art there."

So, when doubt and fear comes,
close your senses to the material things
and lose yourself in Christ.

Not that you shall not be joyous in the things
that partake of the pleasures even of life;
for so did Christ - but keep your consciousness ever alert,
ready and willing to be the channel that will make known
Christ's love, and Christ will speak with you!

(Q) [Could Carrie Everett, Colonial Ave., Norfolk,
be healed through me? and in what way?
(A) By gaining first that sincere desire on the part
of Carrie Everett to be, want to be, healed!
Then there may be raised within self that
that will overcome those destructive forces
that are eating at the vitals of the physical body.

(Q) In what way?
(A) By first - there must be the desire,
that can only come within self.

(Q) I have four ways of healing. Which shall I use?
(A) There must first be the desire
on the part of Carrie Everett to be healed!
You cannot create them,
no matter what you have!
God cannot save a man that would not be saved!

(Q) Might I have a message from the Master?
(A) Would you set your self down and not condemn your self,
nor find those of questionings in self of others,
you may receive, even as when,
"You have chosen the better part, Mary,
for you savor the words of life,
rather than those of the flesh."

Keep that!
Let not those things that hinder
through the desires of the flesh,
hinder in the Way.

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