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Reading 281-04

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Reading 281-04 Edited

In seeking to do God's work:
Much can be accomplished in the minds, the hearts,
and the lives of others through concerted effort.

Contentment will come when doing Christ's biddings.

Meditations bring results to others and to yourself.

Keep that consciousness that in Christ all things are done well.
If that is not understood then trust in Christ.

Know that there will come the understanding/awakening
to the various laws of love that constitute life in its essence
and development through the physical, material, mental and spiritual planes.

(Q) When someone else is working out a karma,
is it right to try to help that person?
(A) This may be answered in
"Who sinned, this man or his parents?
That the works of God might be manifest before you!"

When there are karmic conditions
in the experience of an individual,
then whoever has the Christ-like spirit will
pray for them,
hold meditation for them,
aid them,
help them,
in every manner that the works of God
may be manifest in their lives.

Your prayer should be:
"Your will, O God, be done in that body as You see best.
Would that this cup might pass from me,
not my will but Yours be done!"

(Q) How do we know when to help an individual?
(A) Do with your might what your hands, hearts, minds, souls,
find to do, leaving the increase, the benefits, in God's hands,
who is the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

Be not be faint hearted because, what you see,
has not been accomplished in the moment.
What is eternity to a single experience?
"No good thought shall return to me empty handed."
Do you believe?
Then you know that that given out must return full measure.

(Q) Have I any physical error that would hinder my helping others?
(A) None.
He that has the will to do,
He that have purposes in his heart to do,
may accomplish what He see fit.

(Q) In a vision I saw a loaf of whole wheat bread.
One end was cut off so that the cells in the bread
were very prominent.
(A) A great light shone from within the bread,
illuminating every cell and reflecting a very large aura,
which entirely surrounded the bread.
Please interpret.
This emblematical, as understood;
stands for the essence of life itself in its cell force,
showing forth in its activity that of the radiant life of Christ who gave,
"I am the bread of life;
he that eats me shall not hunger," and,
as is visioned, that each makes for its own radiation
that combined in one gives that full illumined life
that brings understanding, and retains and builds,
and gives - truly - the life everlasting. See?

(Q) Am I doing my part that was assigned me to do,
that I may become a healer?
(A) Keep doing what you do.
In your weakness, strength will be added.
That will give more and more power
through word, association, giving understanding,
life and light to others.
He that approaches must lean upon one you have helped.

(Q) Is the healing group making progress?
Have we have made any material demonstrations?
(A) Much has been accomplished in the minds and hearts
and the souls of many.

In unison of purpose comes that strength that enables those
to whom such thought is directed to become more and more aware
of that consciousness.

This may be illustrated in this manner:
Life - God - in its essence is Vibration.
As physical beings we are of that atomic force, a portion of God -
the awareness of God is how conscious that vibration may be made.

As we find in the physical body sight, hearing, taste, speech,
are an alteration of vibration attuned to those portions
in the consciousness of the physical body,
becoming aware of things, of vibration,
reaching awareness from within or from without.

We may not hear the prayer or the thought sent
by an individual whose attunement is not sufficient
to raise that vibration in an individual.

But the combined - as we have in numbers -
raise to such an extent that the awakening comes
by this continuing of this direction of the spiritual forces to an individual.
Even a small drop may wear away the hardest stone.

(Q) Please give us information regarding
[5546] [male child mentally retarded] passing on?
Did we aid him? If so, how? (see 5546-1)
(A) Here we find a physical condition of a nature that was of prenatal conditions.
Where a physical being was in existence with only half an awareness
of the conditions about that physical being.
The releasing of that force into the ability to become aware,
or a birth into the spiritual sources.
Not only aiding the individual but those responsible for that individual,
as to bring a consciousness of the universal or creative spiritual forces
in the lives - lives - of all.

Aid, then, not only to the body but to those so vitally interested in that body.

(Q) Am I cooperating in the way that I should?
(A) Well that there be kept that attitude, that purpose, that intent.
There is the awakening that there is not only the conscious effort,
but the awakening to that of greater abilities
to be not only humble, contrite, and
of the forces that bring Life itself,
but attuning with others in aiding to bring that consciousness to many.

(Q) Have we as a group been able to aid [5576]
[deformed, retarded male child]?
If not, please explain how we may best aid him?
(see 5576-1)
(A) There is much of a debt of gratitude, as well as of duty,
as well as bringing that awakening of the spiritual consciousness;
though this may not yet be seen in a visible way.

There is good being accomplished not only in self
but in meeting those obligations to others,
as well as bringing to the consciousness
of the body an awakening.
(See 281-7)

(Q) Please explain how to heal an epileptic,
and are they possessed by an unclean spirit?
If so, should we command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ,
and to no more enter?
(A) There are various characterizations in those that are termed epileptics.
Some arise from one condition, some from another.
Some are indeed possessed with an uncleanness from those of the moral life
in that that has been projected, or that brings life in its essence itself,
and then become epileptics, meeting in self those very conditions
that have been as omissions in its experiences in the earth;
Bringing then that necessity that others in aiding command, demand,
in the Name, that these be cast out.

Too, there are those that need the body vibrations each day,
that these may be made whole by the laying on of hands,
which will require some two, three to four weeks,
that will bring an understanding and a change in the body, or bodies,
that will make for wholeness of purpose.

One, then, that with the aid of others - or by self -
brings such, saves one from much that hinders.

(Q) Are we reaching that consciousness
of His presence in healing, which should come to the group
to make their selves one in purpose?
If not, how?
(A) As a group it has been of the spasmodic nature.
Individuals have been raised high; others have been lacking, or lax,
in cooperative measures - yet much has been, may be, accomplished.
Faint not, nor find fault not, one with another.
Pray, rather, one with another.

(Q) How may epileptics possessed by an unclean spirit
be designated or be known?
(A) As to whether there be consciousness or not through the falling, or spell.
Those that are unconscious are possessed,
or are possessed during that unconsciousness - see?
Such need, then, the raising of daily vibration.
This may be accomplished by placing the left hand over the abdominal region
and the right hand over the 9th and 10th dorsal or solar plexus ganglia,
and so held for half to three-quarters of an hour each day.
It will leave!

(Q) This should be done by someone else?
(A) To be sure!

(Q) Any certain one?
(A) One who may be designated of the group,
but all the group holding with the individual at that special time.
That of the mental strength to aid such an one.
Must be applied direct, to be sure.

(Q) Should [543] be helped in this way?
(A) Yes.

(Q) By which one?
(A) Anyone that may be designated of the group.

(Q) Am I beginning to see auras?
(A) Beginning to see auras.
As life, light, and love - with understanding - is reflected in self,
so may there be seen those of the same reflection from others.

(Q) What is the significance of the flashes and forms which I frequently see?
(A) Those of the higher vibrations of inter-between,
as well as spiritual forces taking forms in or before the mental self.

(Q) Should I develop automatic handwriting?
(A) We would not advise it!
Too easily is it misleading, especially when there are so many flashes about.
Rather that of intuitive force, that may be guided by higher sources.

(Q) In what way can I be of the most help to the healing group?
(A) By cooperating in the meditation, in the prayer,
in the direction of individual thought, purpose,
intent, aims, desires, to others.

(Q) How can I be of more direct help in bringing healing
to the body of [294], thereby enabling many others
to be healed, physically, mentally, spiritually,
who seek through these channels?
(A) In keeping in accord with that as brings
for the better understanding and awakening
to that as surrounds the body in
its various aspects, fears, and understanding.

(Q) Is there anything more we can do in being of help to [543]?
(A) Plenty to do that hasn't been done!
Try that once!
Updated: 18 August 2013