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Reading 281-05

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Reading 281-05 Edited

Consider these things in your meditation and prayer:

There are forces in each individual that may respond to
the Creative Forces.

The concerted effort of a group merely accentuates
the Creative Force as a force, or power,
that manifest through each individual,
or manifest as a circumstance.

Hence the activity must be as much on the part of one seeking aid
through such a channel.

Remember, Christ gave when was asked:
"Your healing be according to your faith."
To another, "Your faith has made you whole".
To another, with the laying on of hands, was said,
"According to your faith, so be it unto you."

(Q) Please tell us to what extent [543] has been benefited
and just how we should continue treatments of this body?
(A) This has been aided according to the faith aroused in the body.
Each will come under those classifications, as has been given.

The manner of overcoming may best be accomplished
with the laying on of hands, that enables the individual
being aided, to have something to hold on to that is
as concrete as that it is battling with.

Then in the more concerted action of the group,
in their co-operative concerted action,
and with the continued laying on of hands,
there will come a complete cure.

(Q) How much longer will this take?
(A) If it's a day or a year, what's the difference if it's accomplished!
There is no time! If you are weary in what you are doing, then turn back!

(Q) Are the positions of the hands correct - in [295]?
(A) These should be followed with those portions of the anatomy
afflicted with, or through the activity of, the force
that possesses the body at such periods - see?

(Q) Give an affirmation for this body to hold - [543].
(A) There is being created in my body
that Divine Love of the Christ Consciousness,
that will eradicate all uncommon,
or any desires that would hinder the body
from being physically fit.

(Q) Please give instructions to the way in which we may heal [1784].
Are these attacks epileptic? If so, what type?
(A) These are of the colonic type.
One (preferably one close kin to the body of opposite sex)
may use the same character of laying on of hands,
with the affirmation:
There is being created within the physical being
the Christ Consciousness to eradicate all disorder.

These would require the laying on of the hand
- the right hand over the solar plexus center in the spine,
or 9th and 10th dorsal, and the left hand over the caecum
and the transverse colon area.

(Q) Can the two cases, [543] and [1784],
be treated at the same period by the group?
(A) They may.

(Q) Please give the healing group an affirmation
that may be used in blessings our offerings as they are received?
(A) May this be used in the manner
as may be directed by God,
The Giver of all gifts.

(Q) Should we hold each individual name separately in meditation,
or hold the list as a group?
(A) This may be done either way,
but it should be done in unison for better effect.
This may be alternated from time to time,
even as Christ did.
As Christ gave,
"As you have seen me do, do likewise,
and greater things than I have done
you may do in my name, for I go to the Father."

(Q) What is meant by the question asked the group in a recent reading,
"How many have repented or been in sackcloth and ashes?"
(see 262-13)
(A) The indifference as has been at various periods of the group, as individuals.
All are able to pass under the rod.
Whosoever will may take of the cup of life in His name.
Be then, consistent and persistent, one with another.

(Q) Has my body enough chemicals for healing?
If not, what foods would produce them?
(A) Enough for healing. Well balanced.

(Q) While meditating have experienced a perfect relaxation
of the body, the head being drawn backward.
Please explain.
(A) The nearer the body of an individual draws to that attunement,
or consciousness, as was in the Christ Consciousness,
as is in the Christ Consciousness, the nearer does the body,
become a channel for Life - Living Life -
to others to whom the thought is directed.
Hence at such periods, these are the manifestations of the life,
or the spirit, acting through the body.

(Q) On several occasions while meditating with the group
there was a cool feeling as if mentholatum
had been placed upon my head and forehead,
extending down upon the nose.
(A) As would be termed - literal - as the breath of an angel,
or the breath of a master.
As the body attunes self, as has been given,
it may be a channel where there may be even
instant healing with the laying on of hands.
The more often this occurs the more Power is there felt
in the body, the forcefulness in the act or word.

(Q) After meditating with the group on April 11th,
my whole body seemed to be vibrating to the thought
that I had opened my heart to the unseen forces
that surround the throne of grace, and beauty, and might,
and throwing about self that protection that is found in the thoughts of Christ.
Please explain.
(A) The nearer a body draws to that complete consciousness
that is in Christ, the greater may be the power -
that is manifested through Christ's presence in the world
through that as is brought about in self's own experience.
The more forceful, the more helpful, does the body become at such,
and through such, experiences.
Let these remain as sacred experiences, gathering more and more of same -
but as such is given out, so does it come.

(Q) How can I develop greater spiritual control
over the mental body during meditations?
(A) The more that there is held that the mental and physical body
is surrounded by, is protected by,
that consciousness of the Master that gave,
"I will not leave thee comfortless",
and the greater the physical can be submerged,
the greater will be the activity of the spiritual forces
in and through such bodies.

(Q) Please interpret for us what is meant by
the symbols, the rod and cup?
(A) All must pass under the rod meaning
the cleansing necessary for the inflowing of the Christ Consciousness,
even as Christ passed under the rod, partook of the cup -
and gives same to others. See?

(Q) Any special message?
(A) Hold on to that guiding you, and there will come that message,
that direct from these sources that surround the Throne - even Christ.

(Q) Are there any suggestions for improvements
in the meditations for any on our following list:
(A) Well that, as has been given, these be classified
(See also 262-18) by the one that is to classify same [993],
in the three divisions, and that those in those divisions
then be asked to conform to those necessary things,
as has been directed in their particular conditions.

As we will find in the various groups, or names in the groups,
there are some that are afflicted in the imaginative system - as [146].
This will be materially aided by the laying on of hands
of one that would aid in bringing help and aid to the body.

Others, as in [275] - as given - would be well
that there be the laying on of hands,
that there may be brought to each that physical consciousness
as brought about in their experience,
or what is known or called by some karmic conditions
- that may be overcome - they become, must become,
to the inner consciousness, and physical - and physical - activity,
that may bring about an action through a form - or a removal of,
as was necessary for the spittle and clay to heal the blind or in others,
"Arise, take up thy bed and walk",
or as to another,
"Go show thyself to the priest, conforming to the law thou art a part of!"
Hence, in each there are those necessary things.
Do that. 
Updated: 18 August 2013