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Reading 281-06

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Reading 281-06 Edited

There is much that may be accomplished through
the exercising of knowledge which is in the experience of many.

In the application will come understanding and greater abilities
for the exercising of that which is gained through various experiences of all.

(Q) How can we be of the greatest help to [5678's husband],
who is in the Hospital?
(A) Conditions physical here have reached that which is hard to be combated,
and there needs be the preparations for the separations
that must come eventually with these conditions.
Long has there been builded much that is causing the disintegrations
in the cellular forces in the body.
Those applications that have been made are those that will make
for the better conditions.
Prayer may be the only thing that may be added
with that which is being administered.

(Q) What prayer would be best to use, for the group?
(A) May there be done in this body as the Father
sees the needs, all circumstance, conditions,
and that there may be the closer union of the soul and spirit
with the universal and with the Creative forces.

(Q) What period of meditation would be best for this body?
(A) Noon.

(Q) What is the meaning of the dream I had
regarding being handed a cup and spoon,
and feeding people with spiritual food?
(A) That it is necessary for what may be given
or measured out be in small doses,
and not in a manner that would cause the individuals
to become antagonistic to that which would be as truth.
Know that no one finite mind may have all the truth!

(Q) There has been coming to me for some time
that we should have some material gathered
in form of lessons to be sent to those whom we aid.
Would the Forces advise that this be done?
(A) There are individuals that to be aided
must hold some tangible connection
with that through which aid would come.

All are not developed to the pure spiritual application within themselves.

Hence this would be well to be sent when it is sought;
not when unsought, for otherwise it would become as a cult or an ism.
For those that seek such it would be well.

Well that such stay close to the affirmation and the inspired forces
of that held as the criterion or ideal.

(Q) What lesson should we begin with?
(A) Ones from the Master. (See 281-11)

(Q) Please advise what is meant by the 3 different vibrations,
back and forth, side, and circular?
(A) These are the fundamental forces of vibration
as it applies to the material and spiritual forces
in all activities that become magnified in a material plane.

[Back and forth] That which is of the nature with one side or the other
is as that which may be termed in the form of
the dimensions to which there is given its variation,
or force, or vision, or scope, or range of activity.

[Side] Those of the second, as of the second.

[Circular] Those of the third, as in the circular,
that makes for that range of vision
that comes to the spiritual indwelling,
or coordination with same in activity through a material plane.

Hence we have that as represented in the varied vibrations
as related to those of the dimensional visions
of that which may be viewed by that which has taken on form
in this material plane.

Much might be given.
A whole thesis might be prepared on this.
This should give an insight for study for all.

(Q) When will all the beautiful promises that have been given me
be made known to this body consciousness?
(A) As there is awakened in the consciousness of these variations.
It is well to compare the rate of the vibration that has just been asked for.

In the consciousness these vibrations arrive at an advantage to the beholder
when there is raised that consciousness to the dimension
that is able to take hold of both that which may be made materially manifest
and that which is known or held consciously in a material activity.

Hence as the body consciousness is raised in its varied vibrations,
for all must work together, else there would be harmful influences
from the activities that might be manifest in such.

These will come, when that which is held is raised more and more
in the consciousness of the body.

(Q) Is there not some way of knowing that results
have been accomplished while treating a patient?
(A) By their fruits you shall know them.
As there is seen the actual physical results in the lives
that are aided in their consciousness, then these bring
the actual physical results as viewed from a material mind.
By prayer, by meditation, many a load has been lifted
for a brother and friend.

(Q) Please explain just what was meant by the following (262-2),
regarding this group:
"As each of these gather as a body for aid to another,
there will be from time to time a message from one to another."
(A) This is not only a promise, it's a threat!
Be mindful of it, but faithful to each as they are received.
There are messages, or feelings that come, as activity of the Spirit
in the experiences of each individual.

They that are faithful to give to others what is received are carrying forward
an obligation in becoming a channel of blessing through which
the Spirit Forces may manifest in their relationships one to another.

As to the threat "He that put his hand to the plow and turns back
is worse than the infidel", or,
as was given by Him, as Master among men,
"He that would offend one of these, the least of my little ones,
better that a millstone were hanged about his neck
and he were cast into the depths",
or he that having taken on a vow and then is unfaithful,
when the last estate of that entity is seen it is worse than the first;
but be faithful.

As each uses their talents, their abilities, the understanding will come.
Each have been chosen by Him.
Each have their own duty in relation to one another, as a group,
to perform that undertaken.

(Q) Have members of the group received such messages
and failed to understand them?
(A) These must be answered by themselves!

(Q) How can we each recognize these messages?
(A) By measuring the messages to that which has been set as the ideal.

(Q) As [543] expects to go home Sunday,
would it be well to continue the magnetic treatments in ..., Va.?
(A) If so, would the sister or mother be the one capable of giving these?
Neither of these! If they are to be treated, then go with the body!

(Q) What has caused the severe attacks during the past week?
(A) The return of those influences and forces seeking a home.

(Q) What would be the result of [543] going home now?
(A) As has been given, seek in His word, as has been in the promises,
"He that returns as the sow, as the dog".
(2 Peter 2:22)

(Q) Why should those entities return to this body after our prayers?
They are as material as individuals, why doesn't an entity return home?
(A) They are seeking a home, the same as individuals, personalities!

(Q) Does it mean that [295] should go home with [543]
if they are to be kept up?

(A) Or go back and forth, as is chosen!

(Q) Why was it that [218] has been prevented from carrying out
the readings given him through these sources? [for T.B.]
(A) That as has been builded must be met every whit,
until there is the whole trust of self in that that makes
the law of recompense, or of karma, of none effect. It's in him!
(See 218-1)

(Q) Where was he gassed?
(A) In his labors in the last association.

(Q) Could I become a healer? If so, what method should I use?
(A) That as seemeth to thee that channel through which an individual, or entity,
may get hold of that which is being given out by self.

There are, as seen, many various channels through which healing may come.
That as of the individual contact;
that as of the faith;
that as of the laying on of hands;
that as will create in the mind (for it is the builder in a human being)
that consciousness that makes for the closer contact with the universal,
or the Creative Forces, in its experience.
That which is nearest akin to that concept built.

Use whatever you have in hand.

(Q) Any message for the group at this time?
(A) Be not weary in doing well.
Draw near to Him,
He will draw near to you.

Updated: 18 August 2013