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Reading 281-07

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Reading 281-07 Edited

There is being raised in me that Christ Consciousness
that is sufficient for every need within my body, my mind, my soul.

(Q) We requre help in relation to our daily prayer list.
We also require help regarding vibration during meditation.
Continuing the information given to us in a reading of 281-6.
(A) In connection with the associations of individuals whom the group as a group, and individuals as individuals, raise in themselves that vibration
which brings about the consciousness of the oneness of individual life
with the Universal Consciousness, so may the aid, the understanding,
come to those to whom, of whom, those that send that vibration.

Vibration is an enormous subject,
While we all may not understand what is accomplished
through the raising of vibration in self,
or the directing of vibration to others.
These may aid with that sincerity that comes
with the closer walk with Creative Forces,
that brings into being those forces that aid in correlating, coordinating,
meeting the combative conditions mental and physical in the bodies of others.

(Q) What is the cause of the condition in the back of Mrs. [303]'s neck
and right leg, and what can be done to relieve same?
(A) This is produced by conditions that have been of long standing,
and are a portion of constitutional disorders, and may be aided materially by
revivifying with vibrations raised sufficiently high
that they may enliven those tissues that make for closer connections
with nerve plexus that gives energy and relaxation to those portions of the body.

These either with the Infra Red or of the Ultra-Violet, or both
- these alternated; for one works from the superficial structure
and one from the internal structure of the body.

These necessitate the raising of, and revivifying of,
nerve ends that have been hindered, and become ineffective in their reaction,
and in the attempt to carry on through those portions that are non-active
makes for the distresses, or the contractions that occur at times.

(Q) Should these be applied over the places affected?
(A) Should be applied over those centers that give the reaction
to those portions of the system so affected.
In the neck over the whole of the cervical area,
while those for the lower limb or extremity would be
of the lower dorsal and sacral area, to the opposite side of same
from that being affected in the right side, or to the left portion of same.

(Q) In what group should we hold Mrs. [303] in meditation?
(See 303-2)
(A) Either of these would be the correct one.

(Q) [2112]: Did the serum treatment for neuritis given to [[5678]'s husband]
in May, a year ago, cause or increase the present trouble?
(A) This is the basis for much of the disorder.
By the incompatibility of the serums with the mucous-membranes
and tissue in the system.
This brought about the filling up of portions that made for deterioration,
rather than for assimilation to affect the body in a protective way or manner.

(Q) [560]: Will the Forces please give me a few affirmations
that may be sent to those we are aiding?
First the morning group.
(A) In the consideration of such affirmations,
would be well that each be given or repeat that which raises self,
or those being aided, that which arouses the consciousness for the individual,
rather than too general an one; but this is one that would cover all:

There is being raised in me
that Christ Consciousness
that is sufficient for every need
within my body, my mind, my soul.

(Q) [560]: How often should we suggest a change
in the affirmation for those we are healing?
(A) Every two weeks, at least.

(Q) [560]: Through meditation and prayer has this entity at any time
contacted the universal?
(A) Oft.

(Q) [993]: [M. child, retarded. (See 281-4 used in 5576-1)
Would appreciate information concerning [5576]'s recent illness.
Please advise us as to how we can aid him.
(A) There are many combative conditions to be dealt with
in relationship to this entity;
Yet on account of the associations with the entity that brought into being this entity, and for the feeling or obligation from such association, much should be given in attempt and in aiding to make for the entity that contact, that association, that will raise the spirit forces to the higher vibration.

The recent illness came in part from neglect on the part
of some closely affiliated or associated in efforts to aid the body;
Often all that comes has its cause, its source.
Yet even in creation accidents sometimes happen.

In the manner that will aid most, raise in self that beauty of spirit
expressed in Him,
"Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

In raising the consciousness of self that kingdom is being manifested,
expressed, in the body.

Though not seen or understood by us, there is His will being accomplished, that this entity, [5576], may be one with Him in that kingdom.

Raise that as oft as seemeth well with thee, and these will bring it about,
for "thoughts are deeds, and as their currents run"
there are created those forces that make for the closer affinity for like and like.

(Q) [295]: What can the group do now to help [543]?
(A) Pray with oft, and see those forces that would hinder
- when the body would in itself have that about self
that would eliminate those disturbing factors
- seeing her, herself, her inner self,
conquering those forces through Him.

(Q) [295]: What should we advise her regarding her treatments?
(A) These should be made from her;
not from here in the present. (See 543-18)

(Q) [993]: Please give us more information
concerning the law of vibrations during meditation.
And how we can understand and use that which we experience.
(A) In opening self to the unseen forces about us,
there is warring ever by those influences but we are saved
when in the presence of His influence,
As the forces are raised in self know that there are His protecting influences, able, willing, capable, and will aid in that direction in which such vibrations, such influences, are raised to those individuals to whom they be directed,
even by the spoken word.
The unseen forces are the active forces, the active principles.
What becomes a manifestation is that which has been acted upon
by those unseen forces and influences.

What produces these manifestations?
These are the vibrations a body has raised by its attunement
of its whole being, its whole inner self,
of a consciousness of that divine force that emanates in Life itself
in this material plane.

In sending such forces out, then, be mindful that there is no doubt
that these will bring that as He sees fit,
"Not my will, O Father, but Thine be done!"

What did this bring to Him?
The cross, the burdens, the crown of thorns
- yet in its essence it brought those abilities
to overcome death, hell and the grave.

In our raising ourselves to that understanding
that His presence is guiding and directing those influences
about those to whom we would direct His cause
(for they have called on us), then know His will is being done
in the manner as you have sent same to that individual!

(Q) [295]: Please give a definition of vibration in relation to healing.
(A) This would perhaps require several volumes to give a complete definition.
Vibration is, in its simple essence or word,
Raising the Christ Consciousness in self to such an extent
as it may flow out of self to him you would direct it to.

"Silver and gold I have none, but what I have I give to you."
"In the Name of Jesus Christ, stand up and walk!"
This is an illustration of vibration that heals,
manifested in a material world.

What flowed out of Peter and John?

That received by knowing self in its entirety, body, mind, soul,
being one with Creative Energy that is Life itself!

Be not faint-hearted when failure seems to be in your way,
or that self seems to falter - but "how many times shall I forgive, or ask forgiveness - seven times?"
"Yes, seventy times seven!" or,
"not how I faltered, but did I seek his face again?"
"Could you not watch with me one hour?"

The man crying out!
"Sleep on, now, and take your rest, for the hour comes
when I shall be even alone."

So we find the changes, the weaknesses in the flesh
- yet he that seeks shall find, and as you knock often
the answer will come.

Seek to be one with Him, in body, in mind, in soul!

(Q) [993]: Please explain what was meant by the answer in reading (281-3):
"These to be conquored is death itself.
Overcome even as He overcame."
(A) How vibrations that are raised that heal physical, mental and soul,
as He overcame, so may we, laying aside the physical yet again taking up the physical, that there may be the greater manifestations in the material plane.

Similar to Jesus though not which to be attained,
in the body that is seen through which I speak is passed from this present life, that there may be brought to you that knowledge of the unseen forces that you seek to know about!

Even, then, as this body takes up life from period to period,
through the laying aside of the all physical consciousness
does the body, in conquering death, enable the mental, the physical,
to overcome those powers that would hinder it from being one with Him.

"Flesh and blood may not inherit eternal life.
Corruption shall put on incorruption."

So, as the mind becomes attuned, clarified, cleansed,
as to relationships either in the mental or material plane,
so do these influences overcome that force
that would separate the soul from the material,
for material puts on immortality,
and those that are clarified by the blood of Him
that has been cleansed and shed once for all.

(Q) [993]: Please interpret the dream which I had on June 13, 1932,
regarding the canaries which I healed.
What relation to my work in the healing group?
(A) The body may raise itself to those influences
where the healing may come even as spoken, or laying on of hands.

As the chirping, or as the words of those that would twitter
even as the canary, that make for those influences that would hinder,
or cause those of fear, doubt to rise - these once rid, in perfect understanding,
and throwing aside doubt and all that would hinder, brings the closer walk with Him.

We are through.

Updated: 22 June 2013