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Reading 281-08

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Reading 281-08 Edited

The Love that is being expressed in my life to others through Him
is making alive in me and my Loved Ones!

Use what you have in hand day by day.

Knowledge and understanding come with the application
and the experience in doing what you know to be in accord
with His will.

As you apply what you know and who you believe in,
using the comparisons of the ideal as the standard,
as the gauge and judge, you come to the knowledge
of the forces that are manifest from experience
to experience, from day to day.

(Q) We seek advice, counsel and guidance regarding our work
in the name of the Master.

(A)  May there be the concerted effort of each to be a channel through which blessings may come to those who seek aid through them.

That there has been some negligence on the part of some
is seen and known by each who are guilty of such.

That there are specific or individual conditions which have not responded
as might have been expected by some is evidenced by conditions
that are materially existent.

These, then, in their way and manner, show that in the same manner
in which the results are obtained is the way and manner
some have acted in the role of aid.

Each, then, should strive the harder to be the channel,
that those who seek in His name may not be disappointed
in the manifestations of His love in their lives
by the actions of those who have become negligent,
or not in whole harmony with these efforts.

This should not cause those striving to lose patience,
confidence or hope in their associates,
or in that being accomplished; for good is being builded
in the lives and the hearts of all who are striving, trying, aiming,
making an effort in this direction.

Be, then, up and doing with all the might, that there may be shown forth
fruits worthy of acceptance in His name.

All that strive gain in the manner as the effort is put forth.
Remember that in his name anything may be accomplished
that is in accord with His law.

Hence His will be done in the manner that is in keeping with
that He would have in this present period.

Be faithful, and there will come that which is in keeping with His word.

(Q) Are the seekers on our prayer list cooperating with us?
(A) As well as the group is cooperating with those seeking!
Like begets like!

(Q) What do we lack to get that cooperation?
(A) That is up to the individual.
Let each know in themselves whether they are up to that which is their concept
of what they should do, but don't find fault with the other fellow
- for that's part of what you should do!

(Q) Is the form to be sent to patients which I hold in my hand the proper one?
If not, make corrections.
(A) This is very good. However, it is well not to so word it as
to have the individual keeping the fault before them
rather than the good that is being accomplished.

Wouldn't call it a report of the results, but rather the co-operation of each.
Rather than their enjoying good health,
let's enjoy those things that bring the good health - or the sickness, see?

(Q) Should we drop names from our list if we do not hear
two weeks after writing them?
Please give us guidance along this line.
(A) There should be, as has been given,
a message from the group to individuals at least every two weeks.
In two weeks more, if there is the desire from the individual
- if they are co-operating, and the group is co-operating with them
- there will be a reply.
When such time has passed and there is no reply,
then leave them off!
or leave them rather with that source through which they seek their aid.

(Q) As I call each name on the list, advise as to further treatment.
(A) We would rather advise with those who are the treatment,
than giving the treatment through these channels;
for there has been given that which makes an entity individual,
and their individuality is exercised by or through their will-activity.
Judge not that ye be not judged.
Hence choose rather those that may be aided through their cooperation
in the activities of the group; for, as He gave,
"Do not condemn those who in My name cast out devils.
He that gathereth not with us scattereth abroad."

(Q) How do we know that they are cooperating?
(A) They'll say so if they are! If they don't say so, they are not!

(Q) Is there any message regarding the names on the list?
(A) Have the report from those on the list in two to four weeks.
Those that don't report, don't have on the list again!

(Q) How about Mrs. Laidlor that can't see to write?
(A) She can say!

(Q) Please give new affirmations.
(A) The Love that is being expressed
in my life to others through Him
is making alive in me and my Loved Ones!

(Q) To what extent was [[5678]'s husband] helped by our prayers,
mentally, physically or spiritually?
(A) Still gaining from same!

(Q) Can we help him further?
(A) If he is still gaining, you can still help him!

(Q) Was our group called directly by the Master,
or simply through a dream of Edgar Cayce? (262-2)
(A) Each will determine that by that they have received from the Master.

(Q) How may we best deal with the condition that has arisen in our group?
(A) Take it to Him, the Master. Leave it with Him.
"Let others do as they may, but as for me and mine,
We will serve the living God!"

(Q) Is it best that healing group readings be given
with only the healing group present?
(A) Best that there be that same manner of the exercising of the power
as He gave. Oft was it necessary that only the very close be present
when healing was to be exercised.
Best then that while not as the rejecting of others,
that it be done in decency and order.

(Q) Is it best that the healing group readings
be not discussed outside of the healing group circle?
(A) All that interest themselves to conform to those necessary requirements
of the healing group circle may discuss same,
but they are then part of the healing group circle!

(Q) [69]: Please tell me my faults and the best way to overcome them,
so I may better serve my fellow man,
especially those seeking help in this prayer group.
(A) Keep what you have in hand, adding to your faith
those necessary requirements for the growth that is known in self.
Remove farther and farther from self selfishness,
that your whole life, your whole purpose, your whole aim,
may be bound in Him;
For he that would have life must give life,
give self in the service that brings life in the experience of others.

(Q) [69]: Have I outstanding faults that others see that I do not know about?
(A) We find, none.

(Q) [69]: Am I doing all I should to co-operate with the group?
(A) Keep on keeping on as you are, but grow in grace
and in the knowledge and understanding that comes with the closer walk with Him.

(Q) [993]: In reading 262-23  what was meant by
"All are wading in rather deep water! but learn what you are doing."?
(A) There are varied developments in the group.
To some how that self, the entity, was harking back to the experiences
in the various developing periods of the entity's experience, were as naught.
To those it becomes deep water, or out of their understanding.
To those that would seek, rather than find fault in condemning those
that would know or seek His face, then these are the injunctions:
Know that you have found in your experience
to be in accord with that which is being sought through your ideal.

(Q) [993]: Please expand on how we can learn.
(A) Though it may be repeated again and again, there is only one way.

Use what you have in hand day by day.
Knowledge and understanding come with the application
and the experience of self in doing that which is known
to be in accord with His will.

Example after example may be given in the experience of any individual.
As they apply that known, knowing in whom they have believed,
with the comparisons of the ideal as the standard, as the gauge and judge,
they come to the knowledge of the forces that are manifest
from experience to experience, from day to day.

(Q) [993]: Is there any further message for me at this time concerning the work?
(A) Keep on with what you have purposed, and there will come more and more
the understanding that makes for peace and harmony in your experience.
Joy comes from doing, and seeing what you do manifest in the experiences of others.
Find fault in no one.

(Q) [560]: As secretary of the healing group, is there a message for me?
(A) The developments and the beauties of the service
that is rendered from day to day grows with self,
in the desire to aid and to understand.
Then farther and farther behind you put any fault finding that others
may express in any way and manner.
"Is it His way?" , Meditate, "Is it His way?"
Be, and dare to do, as He would have you do it, in each act, in each condition,
that arises in the experience, and press on to the mark that is set in Him;
for, as was given thee by Him, "Thou shalt not lose thy reward."

(Q) [295]: Should I continue to develop the magnetic power of healing?
Please advise me regarding this.
(A) When doubts and fears have been conquered in self,
then press on in this.
Without same, this leaves those conditions that oft may become
as detrimental to self and others.
There is set in self that ability.
Develop it!

(Q) [288]: I saw each one on the prayer list as notes in music.
Through our attunement and their seeking, the Master Musician (Christ)
began to play the notes and harmony reigned throughout.
I felt this was an illustration of vibrations in healing.
Is this how the healing takes place?
(See 281-17 Reports.)
(A) Very beautiful illustration; but don't think it's all of it!
No one mind may conceive all that may be done
through the power of the Master Musician;
for it may bud as the rose, it may be the song of the frog,
- or of any - even those that would be to self
as those that would be grating vibrations;
for the cricket on the hearth to self is obnoxious!
but to some would bring harmony and peace, as home!

(Q) [288]: Is this why in meditation I often hear music
and the words of a hymn [hymns familiar to me] present themselves?
(A) Then sing it! will help someone - that is, the best you can!

(Q) Is there any special message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) Be not overcome by those slights, or those variations
that appear from time to time.
Remember, He oft withdrew when He had healed many
- in the mountain apart to pray.
More and more should there be that concerted effort
for the prayer to be one of unison; for, as given,
there must be Oneness of purpose.
Even as the Father and the Son are one,
"ye may be one in me", if thine aim, thine desire, is in Him.

(Q) Can we help [2112] in any way?
(A) Pray!

(Q) Does it mean we all in the group should hold the same prayer
in the same way?
(A) Each in their own way, but the purpose, the aim, One, the desire, One;
for, as just given, to some the song of the spheres is necessary for their comfort -
to another the beauties in the sunset, in the water,
or how, yet all are acknowledging the power of the Christ
in the activative forces of nature, life, material, itself!

Know nothing but the Christ, and Him Crucified!

We are through.

8/02/32 Cooperative Report from Glad Helpers Prayer Group mailed to members:
Dear Friend:
We, the Glad Helpers of Norfolk Study Group No. 1,
are very desirous of bringing aid to the bodies, minds, and souls of our fellow man through attunement with the Divine.

We realize it is not the Father's will that any should suffer
- that He wants the very best for His children.
Therefore, may we have the assurance that you are with us
in our daily meditations and that you wish to be retained on our prayer list?

We shall greatly appreciate your co-operation
in checking the spaces below and returning this report at once.

Enclosed you will find a new affirmation to be used
in place of the one previously sent you.

Should we not hear from you within two weeks,
we shall take it for granted you desire your name discontinued.

Remembering, "With Him all things are possible",
we are Faithfully yours,
The Glad Helpers Edith Mildred Edmonds Secretary

6/01/78 GD's note:
A.R.E. Prayer Group Study Group Dept.,
Atten. Judith Stevens:
Thanks for keeping me on the monthly mailing of the A.R.E. Prayer List
to the prayers for those on that list. Although I don't attend the weekly meeting
of the local A.R.E. Prayer Group in the Meditation Room on Wednesdays,
I have been one of the prayers from the beginning.

I carry the list in my purse and pray regularly night and morning,
besides at odd times like when I'm waiting in Dr. Wakefield's office, etc.

This is another one of my priorities, like always being active in a SFG Study Group.
Love and blessings,
Gladys Davis Turner
Enclosed contribution toward the work.

6/05/78 Judith Stevens note to GD:
Dear Gladys,
Thank you for your check to help the Glad Helpers
and thank you especially for your accompanying note
which provided that much needed "next step"
or reminder for me.

Your note was for me what the coins you found
in the parking lot that day were for you.
[10/25/77 288-20 Reports.]
I love you very much.

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