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Reading 281-09

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Reading 281-09 Edited

(Q) We seek advice and guidance from the Master,
that we may properly carry on His work in decency and order.

(A) In seeking for advice and counsel, well that each take stock of themselves
in relation to the activities they will bring to the minds and hearts of those they will aid.

In unison of purpose there is strength.
In prayer by those that would aid comes strength.
In unison of purpose in Him comes strength.

In those periods when those who seek are aided, give thanks!

In those periods when those who seek falter, look within
and find in self what needs to be changed.
Find the fault in self rather than in others.

Let each make this as their guide,
"Others may do as they may, but for me I will serve the living God."

Through the promises in Him that gave,
"What you ask in my name, the Father will give you,
that I may be glorified in you."

(Q) Why have our efforts on behalf of [543] not borne fruit,
(See 543-18 Reports) as we were told through the reading
that whatsoever we ask in His name shall be done in these bodies?
(A) This should be judged in each one's own way,
in behalf of each individual.

This is a test whether there is being kept in self what has been promised.
Be not overcome by failures for anyone's behalf.
For good is accomplished in each individual prayer
that may be sought by any, and in unison is the strength made
more secure in Him.

Be faithful.
Be in earnest.
Be sincere in that sought.

More aid will come, as you add to yourself love,
patience, charity, and long-suffering.

There will be awakened that which makes for the unison of strength
to those that each seek to aid.

Be not weary in doing well,
for much has been accomplished here,
much has been relieved, that will bear fruits -
some forty, some sixty, some a hundred-fold.

(Q) Why did [2155] improve so much at first and then go back?
(A) Question not the powers that give or take.
For all power is of one source and He has mercy upon whom
He will have mercy.

May each seek to give the aid, the strength,
the power of the Christ Consciousness
in the minds and hearts to those who are being ministered.

May each add strength and power to those so laboring in body and mind,
and aid the consciousness - giving more ease, more strength to endure.

Be not slothful, nor questioning, nor doubting, for
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap."
Heaven and earth will pass away.
His power, His word, His promise, endures forever.

Time seems or appears to be the factor that intervenes
should not make anyone weary or tired,
for he or she that endures unto the end shall receive that crown,
that mark wherein each recognize themselves to be set apart
for a purpose in His name.

Be faithful - every one!

(Q) What is now necessary for this body?
(A) Keep on keeping on.
Be cheerful.
Know that as He sees fit, so will He give.
Keep on working with, for, toward, the more perfect understanding
- each and every one.

(Q) Please differentiate the difference in that we are told
to pray for others, whilst again we are told
there must be the desire on the part of the one
to be, wanting to be, helped or healed?
(A) The prayer for others is
the defense against influences that would hinder.

The prayer and meditation and the unison of purpose for healing is
against an offense committed in the body to be overcome,
or made every whit whole by His cleansing, forgiving, His life giving power.

Hence the closer the union of purpose makes that as He gave,
"Your Faith has made you whole."
Or whether it is easier to say,
"Your sins will be forgiven", or
"Take up your bed and walk"?
The forgiveness, the cleansing, is in Him.

Union of purpose for offenses is
defense rather as the calling of all powers
as witness of the position.

(Q) Are the letters we are sending out touching the minds,
the hearts, the souls, of those to whom they are being sent?
If not, how can they be improved?
(A) These are well at present.
As the faith grows, so may the changes be made
as necessary to meet the conditions as they arise from time to time.

Press and impress each more and more in the individuality
and the power of that that must bring the cleansing,
the faith, the hope, in the minds, the hearts, the souls,
and that the trust must be in Him, not in the group!

The group is only lending their power, their ability,
to make more aware the needs of each individual
so seeking of that power!

He has knowledge of what we need before we ask.
"Ask and you shall receive."

As you know to give gifts of love, mercy, patience,
to your fellow man, even though they wrong you in act or word,
how much more does your heavenly Father give to them that ask Him.

Let your purpose be in expressing, in manifesting, His power.
May all praises be given to Him!
Not in what I did, we did, or the other!
The praise, the power, is in Him.

(Q) Is the corrected blank I hold in my hand alright,
or would you suggest any change?
(A) Do for the present, as given - with the letter.

(Q) Is our work properly outlined at present to bring the best results?
(A) Keep on. Pray often. Live right.

(Q) [993]: If the spoken word is stronger than thought,
why is it I prefer to use the silent meditation?
(A) In each, given in Vibration,
there is the sounding, those elements that manifest from the spirit
in the material activity in each individual.

So in self, no fault may be found that this becomes
a higher vibration to self than were the word spoken.

Neither does it change the fact that to the more individuals
it is true that the spoken word makes a higher vibration.

Just the condition or attunement of self.
Don't find fault, or try to be like someone else
- or try to have someone else be like you.

Be like Him - all of you!

(Q) [993]: Is there any individual advice I need at this time
as a member of the group?
(A) Keep on being, thinking, growing, wanting to be, more like Him.

(Q) [295]: What do I yet need in giving my best service to the group?
(A) More understanding in self, of unselfish, unrequited, undisputed love,
of the love for the Master's way, that all may be one in Him.

(Q) [295]: How can I best develop the magnetic power for healing?
(A) First understanding self; and do not become mechanical or rote in action.
Rather be the growth as the spirit moves self,
as the understanding comes
- but much may be accomplished through these channels.

(Q) [295]: Is there any individual advice I need at this time
as a member of the group?
(A) Keep faithful.
Keep alive.
Keep true.
Keep impersonal.
Keep going on!

(Q) [560]: Is there any individual advice I need at this time
as a member of the group?
(A) Do not be fearful.
Do not be impatient.
(See also 281-10)
Give thyself in service unstintingly.

(Q) [69]: Is there any individual advice I need at this time
as a member of the group?
(A) Do not be impatient.
Do not be unmindful of His presence.
Be not afraid when He calls, "Here am I."

(Q) [294]: Is there any individual advice I need at this time
as a member of the group?
(A) Be not unmindful to fulfil all vows and promises to Him.
Be patient.
Be in the prayerful attitude oft.

(Q) [288]: Why is it that I always achieve greater attunement
when my physical body is in action?
(A) It doesn't!
Only apparent; for activity to self is as making for attunement
- but stand still - Be still, would you see the Glory of the Lord!

(Q) [288]: Is there any individual advice I need at this time
as a member of the group?
(A) Keep in the attitude of - while listening -
willingness to give.
Keep in that purpose as brings those attunements,
but listen - be patient - be kind.
(See also 281-10)

We are through.
Updated: 22 June 2013