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Reading 281-10

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Reading 281-10 Edited

Affirmation 1.
May the Father do in me as He sees I have need of in the present - now.

Affirmation 2.
As I do, so may I expect that result in myself,
in so far as it is accord with His Will.

(Q) We seek advice and guidance from the Master,
that we may properly carry on His work.

(A)  In carrying on such work in His name,
well that each know themselves to be in accord
with that as guarantees in their own selves that promise,
as you ask in His name will be done,
that the Father may be glorified in Him.

(Q) Should we always hold the same affirmations
that are sent to those being aided?
(A) Each in their own way and manner must approach,
in that way that is in keeping with their own relationship
to the sources of life, light, healing, love.

(Q) Are there any suggestions regarding any individual on our prayer list?
(A) As they seek, so should there be held that as is sought
- and as each member seeks to be a contributory cause to that being sought.

(Q) Please advise Mrs. [959] if anyone can further cooperate with her
for the best interests of [146]. If so, how? (See 146-8)
(A) That is being done which may aid, will there be held that as makes
for Creative Forces in the life of the one to be helped, aided.

(Q) How may we as a group create the attunement
that would bring the realization of "Be not afraid, it is I"?
(A) Each must live in that realization in their own way and manner,
drawing nearer and nearer as the awakening comes.
For those that saw Him, that were with Him,
were every whit as unworthy as those that seek here.

His love, through the humbleness and the meekness,
and the putting aside of self, brings that ability to aid another.

One that thinks of self, of that that is said, of that that may be thought,
of that as would make for any contention in the experience of self,
hinders self from being that channel that brings healing to another.

He that would give life must live life, in such a manner as to lose same;
for, "He that would have life must give it."

(Q) Please give us a lesson on healing at this time.
(A) Each must learn or experience within self that would make for the abilities of healing.
Each must learn those things that acquaint self with the divine forces
that are Creative, and those that are of his making,
so that the healing is accredited to His force wholly.

These are the first principles, first causes
- that all life is in Him, and self only assists one seeking
in becoming aware of that consciousness from within.
The Kingdom (with all of its attributes) is from within.
As you pray and meditate in Him,
this arouses or awakens the consciousness
in the experience of another that the healing may come.
There must flow out of self Virtue (that is understanding),
for Healing to be accomplished in another.

Open self - but surround self with that presence of Him,
that brings healing in its wings.

As the thoughts in their currents run through the energies
of one seeking, and one to whom such thoughts are directed,
there is builded little by little that strength which - enlivened by Him
- brings all healing, the awakening, the understanding that
"All is well."

(Q) How should we present the healing group work
along with the study groups now being formed?
(A) If there is the proper presentation of study groups,
the spirituality will arouse that interest that makes
the consciousness of such work in a group
that would be of greater aid, and these
- where the Spirit quickens - will seek, as the channels are opened.

Then there may be given those tenets and lessons
that may be made by those who have experienced in themselves
that necessity, and vital force quickened, to instruct or direct,
or to aid ones in finding their abilities in such directions.

To some it is given by the laying on of hands.
To others in the spoken word.
To others in the silence of meditation and prayer.
To others in the alleviating, through their coordinating of all forces within,
the physical disturbances as related to the mental, material
and spiritual forces within a body.

The quickening may come from without.
The healing must be from within.
Would we heal others, we must first heal ourselves.

(Q) [560]: Please explain in reading (281-9)
"Do not be fearful. Do not be impatient."
(A) Just what it implies to a mind and body
that has been both fearful and impatient.

Fearful means doubting, yet allowing much as done to be rote
- that has become a part of self.

In those activities, then, be not fearful of results
- and because they do not arise or come as quickly
as some feel they should, don't become impatient.

Leave it with Him.
How long was the promise in coming to the faithful one,
as He looked out upon the lands and said to him,
"In you shall all nations of the earth be blessed"?

How long in the promise to him, that
"In the last day I will raise up a prophet like you"?

How long in the fulfilling of
"Be not afraid, for I will not Leave you comfortless.
If I do not go away the Comforter will not come,
but when he comes He will abide with you always"?

Do you doubt any of these?
Judge as you shall judge.
Even as He has given,
"Don't you know that the faithful shall judge even the angels?"

(Q) [69]: Why am I told so often to "Be not afraid, it is I"?
(A) For He will come to you.

[69] Does this "I" mean my elder brother Jesus,
and shall I not know Him when He appears to me?
(A) You shall know Him, as He knows you;
For He Calls you by name.

(Q) [69]: Then, why should I be afraid?
(A) The doubt and fear lies innate in self,
and the warning is given that this should not overcome you.

(Q) [69]: Have I been able to raise the "Christ Consciousness" in anyone?
(A) Oft.

(Q) [288]: Just how is it meant that I should keep
in the attitude of "listening"? [281-9]
(A) Listening, as they must have listened when He tarried in the Mount
- and were afraid when He came to them walking, upon the water.
As self then listens, knowing that - as the heart is right in Him
- He may enter in.

(Q) [993]: What method should I use in healing?
(A) In raising the consciousness in the silence
- of those that the body or self would aid, as it is done in self.

In the experiences, does the confidence grow in self in that direction. Confidence is of the material or of the physical sense.
Faith is an attribute of the soul and spiritual body.

(Q) [993]: Can I use the method of laying on of hands?
(A) This may be developed in self, as the vibrations
may be raised in self and in others.
When there is that impelling force that arises to do,
by word or by act, or by that raising in self,
act in that direction and manner.

(Q) [295]: How can I lose myself in giving life?
(A) In becoming more and more conscious of that He gave
in giving promise to many.
In giving more and more a unison of purpose
in what you do and say day by day.

(Q) [69]: Have I ever been associated with the Master?
If so, when and where?
(A) In Egypt.

[69]: Please explain more in detail.
(A) As given.

[69]: What time, or what period was this that the Master was in Egypt?
(A) When the entity was there!

[69]: Who was the Master at that time?
(A) The Master of men at that time!

[69]: What was my name in Egypt at that time?
(A) This has been given.

(Q) Was this during the period of the banishment of the priest Ra-Ta?
(A) In the rebuilding period, that has been given.
The association then that made for the building up of that consciousness
of the laying aside of the various forces, or sources,
that in the present find themselves as attributes of the mental,
or the sensations or imaginative forces of the body.
(See 281-10 Reports below)

We are through for the present.

GD's memo:
Because of the inferences in Text of Reading 281-10
and others from time to time,
it would seem to be implied that Jesus had an incarnation in Egypt
at the time of Ra-Ta under the name of Hermes.
(See 5748-5 and [294] - series on prehistory Egypt
referring to Hermes as one who helped build the Great Pyramid, etc.)
In James M. Pryse's book,
(St. John the Divine),
[Copyright 1909 by the Theosophical Publishing Co. of N.Y.,
Entered at Stationers' Hall, London]
his literal translation of the fourth Evangel from the Greek
refers to the Book of Enoch in which the allegory of the Good Shepherd is given
[See St. John 10:11] in a more complete form.
The following, however, is quoted from page 151 of Dr. Pryse's book:

"I came that they may have Life, and may have [it] above measure.
I am that Good Shepherd.
The Good Shepherd gives up his ghost for the sheep.
But he who is a hireling, and is not a shepherd,
whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming,
and leaves the sheep and runs away, and the wolf snatches them out,
and scatters the sheep.
Now, he who is a hireling runs away,
because he is a hireling, and does not care about the sheep.
I am that Good Shepherd; and I know mine, and am known of mine,
even as the Father knows me, and I know the Father;
and I give up my ghost for the sheep.
Other sheep also I have, which are not of this fold;
those also must I bring, and they will hear my voice..."

It is interesting that the Dictionary defines Hermes as
"...Greek god identified by the Romans with Mercury..."

Page XXXVII of An Encyclopedia Outline of Masonic, Hermetic,
Cabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy, by Manly P. Hall:
"Investigators believe that it was Hermes who was known to the Jews as
'Enoch.' Hermes of all creatures was nearest to God."

Page XXXIX: "The Egyptians likened humanity to a flock of sheep.
The Supreme Father was the Shepherd,
and Hermes was the shepherd dog."

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