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Reading 281-11

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Reading 281-11 Edited

May there be that consciousness in me
that the Christ would have me have at this time,
knowing that in Christ all is well.

(Q) We seek advice and guidance from the Master
as to the welfare of [294], present
in this room, and as to their work in the name of the Master.

(A) Respecting the conditions physical in the body [294]
these are the results of conditions brought about
in the physical forces through the activities
of the imaginative system, or of anger,
that made poisons that must be -
and are being - eliminated through
the physical manners necessary for those activities
to become normal in the physical body.

As to the applications in the mental and in the physical forces,
these are gradually restoring or bringing resuscitations
for the physical effects that must be met in the activities necessary
for the bringing about of resuscitating forces in the system.

(Q) How can we best aid [294]?
(A) Through the holding of the meditations for the active forces
that may manifest in the mental and spiritual forces of the body.

(Q) Outline a specific diet for him.
(A) This is naturally one that should be or will be found necessary
to alter from time to time as the conditions are changing
in the physical forces that bring for resuscitations to the body.

The milk and egg diet will be the better in the immediate present.

Then those foods that are blood and nerve building,
that make for the supplying of those active forces
in the resuscitating of the activity in the preparing
of the gastric forces in the digestive system.

These, then, will be changed as the necessity brings
the various changes, or as this:

Mornings - citrus fruits, of orange or grapefruit juices;
with browned bread or toast, or cakes of rice,
with those that make for the active forces in the gastric juices.
Noons - milk toast, or egg and toast.
Evenings - milk and toast with egg, or some resuscitating form of meats
or meat juices that build for the blood forces.

Then, change these as the digestive forces make for the better reaction
in the replenishing of the depleted forces created by the poisons
that made for accumulations in the system.

(Q) How can he overcome this condition?
(A) It's being overcome, as given.

(Q) Please give a personal affirmation for this individual.
(A) That which is used by the body most often in the present is well.
Use me, O Father, as You see that I may best serve my fellow man.

(Q) Please explain why the healing group [281]
has been unable to make its work clear to the study group? [262]
(A) Differences of opinions in the activities of individuals,
or personality and individuality clashing over material points
when the spiritual and mental should be the basis
for all considerations.
In these variations, well that all should consider that attempting
to be accomplished, rather than by whom or what is being used
for the accomplishing of that ideal;
letting Christ be the guide, forgetting self or self's feelings,
or self's interests in any manner;
As Christ gave,
"I do nothing of myself."

(Q) How may this be done?
(A) Just as given,
"I do nothing of myself."
Let others do as they will or may,
but for myself I will be led as Christ directs.

(Q) Is it best that the healing group give up their readings
that there may be more harmony in the study group?
(A) This depends upon the purpose of the healing group.
Are they to be ruled or governed by individuals' ideas,
or are they to be used in Christ's service as Christ would direct?

(Q) Please advise us concerning the readings.
(A) When readings, or advice, or counsel, are necessary,
then seek same through those channels that are acceptable to all,
and only in giving out may we receive.

(Q) Please give new affirmation.
(A) May there be that consciousness in me
that the Christ would have me have at this time,
knowing that in Christ all is well.

(Q) In reading 281-6 what was meant by beginning
with lessons from the Master?
(A) As Christ's teachings in the various forms of presenting
the individual application of the forces that may manifest
through individuals called for a certain purpose or work
in His vineyard.
Not all are pruners, not all are planters, not all are gatherers.
So, in those applications of that may manifest through individuals
in such work as presented here, not all are interpreters (save in self),
not all are ministers, not all are emissaries, not all are healers,
not all are to be compilers, not all are managers,
not all are the workers - some must be the jerkers.

We are through.
Updated: 22 June 2013