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Reading 281-21

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Reading 281-21 Edited

Affirmations to be sent to those on prayer list.
Affirmation 1:
Father, as we seek in the Name of Your Son, the Christ,
draw very near to every one of us,
that there may be given to those that would seek in His Name.

Affirmation 2: 
Let me rededicate my life, my heart, my body,
to the service of My God,
that I may be a channel of blessing to someone, now!

Affirmation 3: 
Praise to the Father through His Son, the Christ,
that peace and harmony is mine in my heart, my soul, now,
in His Name!

Affirmation 4:
Father, let my life be that You would have it be, just now.
May the meditations of my heart,
May the activities of my hands,
be in keeping with that You would have me be.

Affirmation 5:
Lord, Our Father, Our God, life and hope and faith is of You!
Give the blessing now as You see Your servant has need of.

Affirmation 6:
Lord, in Your House are many mansions.
In many ways You make manifest Your Love to the children of men.
Help me in my weakness to be strong in Your might,
that my body and the needs of same may be rededicated to Your service, now

Affirmation 7:
Our Father who are in Heaven, Holy be Your name!
Praise we give to You for Your loving-kindness to Your children
and to those that seek to know Your Face.
Bless us all as You see we have need of.
And may the blessings of the Father, of the Son,
rest and abide with all who seek through the promises
in the Christ, His Son!

(Q) We seek advice and guidance as to our work at this time;
first the current business of the group,
then a lecture on healing
and the subsequent questions that may be asked.

(A) As to the activities of the group, there has been that which should
cause in the experience of each more and more the consciousness
of the truth in the crucified Christ manifesting in the lives,
the experience of others, and that - as He has given -
"You that seek in My name, believing and acting
and keeping those commandments which I have given you,
shall ask and receive."

Then, in considering the business relationships,
these should be set in order, that there may be no discord
in the activities that may be sought to be carried on from day to day.

As to that which may be given respecting healing through prayer, meditation,
and the sending out to others of that which is raised in the consciousness
of those that seek through the promises in Him to be a blessing, an aid,
to their fellow man:
He has given, and it has been accorded by those that came after
to declare those things that had been proclaimed in the activities in the earth,
that those who would first consecrate their own lives to the service
of their fellow man could - and would, through concerted activity in prayer,
meditation - bring in the experience of others that sought by them
in earnestness and in truth, that they might through such aid, such counsel,
such an activity, know in their own selves the glory
of those promises made in Him.

Then, as you in your activities come seeking for 
your own brother
who asks that 
you remember him, that you aid him, do so in that manner He,
the Master, has set forth:
you seek in my name, believing, you shall receive in your experience."

(Q) [272]: ..., Ala., would like to be advised if she should become
one of the members of the Glad helpers -
(A) (Interrupting) By all means!
Let that light that has awakened you to the divine
that may shine through 
your feeble efforts in His name
you day by day.
your trust in Him.
Know that He is the guide that will lead 
you in paths of righteousness
for His name's sake.
Let the words of 
your mouth and the meditations of your heart
be in accord with that as He gave,
"A new commandment I give unto you,
you love one another, even as the Father have loved you."

(Q) [618]: Would like to be advised if she should become one -
(A) (Interrupting) Whosoever will, let him come and take of the water of life;
for He is ever present in the souls of those that seek
to become a channel of blessings to His children.
For, as 
you think, as you act to your fellow man,
so you are to be judged before the throne,
and thus do 
to your God.

For you all shall be called as one,
"Inasmuch as you did it to the least of my brethren, you did it to me."
With this then in 
your hearts and minds,
and with the purposes that are set forth
by those that present themselves before the throne of mercy,
give first of 
yourself - and then pray you that the Father
may measure to 
your brethren, to His brethren, that measure of faith,
that purpose of heart, that will bring into their experience
that which will make them more and more aware of His love,
His presence, abiding with them day by day.

(Q) Any advice to be given to any individual in the group?
(A) Rather all you that are faithful to the calling where to 
you are called,
present then 
your deeds, your acts, your thoughts, before the Throne of mercy;
that as 
you show mercy to your neighbor, to your brother,
even so may the Father show mercy - through you - to the sons of men.

Pray that in the hour of trial or temptation the Lord, 
your brother,
will be 
your guide.

Pray that when you are discouraged or when you falter in 
your acts
one toward another He alone may be the one to chide tyou
your own conscience.

Be patient one with another.
Be mindful that you may not know the love of 
your God
save as you show His love to 
your brethren.

(Q) Any advice on our Glad Helper meetings?
(A) Wait one on another, even as the Lord waits on you;
and be ever mindful that the words and the meditations
bring joy and gladness!
For you that are the Lord's should be the gladdest of the glad,
the most joyous of those that do rejoice;
for you that name the name of the Son have access to the Father of Light!

We are through.
Updated: 23 June 2013