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Reading 281-31

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Reading 281-31 Edited

(Q) Please interpret the 2nd Chapter, 17th verse of Revelation.
"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna,
and will give him a white stone,
and in the stone a new name written,
which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it."
(A) In giving the interpretation of this particular portion
of the Revelation, it must all be kept in mind that,
as has been indicated, while many of the references - or all
- refer to the physical body as the pattern,
there is that as may be said to be the literal and the spiritual
and the metaphysical interpretation of almost all portions
of the Scripture, and especially of the Revelation as given by John.

Yet all of these to be true, to be practical, to be applicable
in the experiences of individuals, must coordinate:
or be as one, even as the Father, the Son and the the Holy Spirit.

In the interpretation of the Name, then:
Each entity, each soul, is known - in all the experiences
through its activities - as a name to designate it from another.

It is not only then a material convenience, but it implies
- as has been given, unless it is for material gain
- a definite period in the evolution of the experience
of the entity in the material plane.

Then as each entity under a given name makes its correlating
of that it does about the Creative Forces in its experience,
it is coming under those influences that are being fed
by the manna - which is a representation of the universality
as well as the stability of purposes in the Creative Forces
as manifested to a group or a nation of peoples.

So it becomes that as the Master gave,
"Ye shall not live by bread alone but by every word
that proceedeth from the mouth of the Father."

That indeed is the holy manna which each entity,
each soul in each experience must make a part
of its mental and spiritual self.

Thus it becomes as is indicated, in that the name
- as in each experience - bears a relative relationship
to the development of the individual entity in each experience.

Then in the end, or in those periods as indicated,
it is when each entity, each soul has so manifested,
so acted in its relationships as to become then as the new name;
white, clear, known only to him that hath overcome.
Overcome what?
The world, even as He.

For what meaneth a name? John, Jane, Peter, Andrew,
Bartholomew, Thaddeus, Rhoda, Hannah?
All of these have not only the attunement of vibration
but of color, harmony; and all those relative relationships
as one to another.

Then as has been asked, and has been indicated
in another portion of Revelation, all those that bear the mark,
those that have the name, those that have the stone
- these are representatives then of the same experience
in the various phases of an individual experience for its activity.

Then the interpretation is that they have overcome,
they have the new name, they have the manna,
they have the understanding, they have their relationships
as secure in the blood of the Lamb!

(Q) Continuing with the references to the 7 angels
described in Rev. 8:9, are we correct in interpreting
the sounding of these 7 angels
as the influence of spiritual development
in these other planes becoming active through the vibrating centers
of the physical body during the process of purification?
(A) Correct.
But these are not always interpreted in individual experiences
as the true sound, true tone.

Now, this is not to confuse but rather to clarify
for those who are studying these,
in the relationships to what takes place
as the various centers in the body are opened,
that are represented by the Spirit's activative forces
upon same; that these may be the more perfectly understood:

Just as the individual who has by practical application
gained the correct pitch, correct tone in a musical composition.

This may be as a soul-expression or a mechanical expression;
and only when it is in the true accord, as from the soul,
is it perfectly understood. See?

(Q) Do the 7 angels govern in order the major glanular centers
of the physical body?
(A) In their order, as they have been set.

(Q) Please explain the meaning of some of the symbols
in the sounding of the 7 angels:
1. Hail and fire, blood and 1/3 of earth burned.
What is the earth in this connection?
(A) As has been intimated or given in the first interpretations
of what the elements represent, that are apparent
or a portion of the First Cause; as the Earth, Air, Water
and the like.

These are then as has just been given, ever to represent
or be symbolical of the same influences or forces throughout;
else we may become confused as to their place.

Earth - that as we represent as being in a state of transition,
or as earthy.
Not necessarily lowly or unduly a condition that would belie development.

But as Fire is purifying, as Hail is the crystallization of the Water,
the Air and the temperaments, so all of these then represent
those as figuratives of that as may be purified by the fires of Nature;
as may be represented by the earth when they are met
and conquered and used for the development
- as in the Hail and the like becoming purifying in their natures
for the crystallization and the oneness
of the individual's purposes and desires.

For to go back just a bit, that we may ever keep what is the purpose
of the Revelation:
Was it for the purpose of confusing, of being mysterious?
(This has been gone over before, to be sure)
Rather was it not to present it that each entity, each soul,
might find within itself that which answers to that within,
that makes the real answer to that as was before stated,
"My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit"?
And until the answer is in accord, in attune,
is there the consciousness of the prompting
of the ability in a manifested material world
to make same practical?

Then as the progress is made, as the understanding comes
more and more, never, never does it make
the manifested individual entity other than the more humble,
the more meek, the more longsuffering, the more patient.

Of this ye may be sure.
Then in all of the experiences of the opening of the centers
as are represented, and those vibrations that find expression
in the various temperaments of individual souls,
these come not as justifications in self
but justification in the Lamb of God!

(Q) 2. Mountain of fire in sea, sea becomes blood.
(A) Again as the body elements that becomes conflicting
one with another, which shows the overcoming within
the individual activities of the influences
that are constantly warring within.

How has it been said?
"O today there is life and death, good and evil - Choose thou."
This may be said to be symbolical then of these conflicting forces
within the influences that are ever present, or as given by another,
"The Spirit is willing, the flesh is weak."

These are symbolical then, one interpreting the other.

(Q) 3. Great star falls from heaven.
What are the 1/3 part of the rivers and fountains that it falls upon?
(A) The star signifies simply the coming of the influence
from without to the influences from within, as is signified by
"His Star have we seen."
Then this becomes that as falls upon the 3rd,
or that is a 3rd portion of the bodily activities
- and as interpreted in the experience of the individual,
ye have made so many steps as it were along the way.

(Q) 1/3 part of sun smitten and 1/3 of stars.
(A) These are symbolical and represent in the experience
of the individual that of life and heat, beauty and
that as given in another portion,
"The stars declare the glory of God,
the firmament showeth His handiwork."

These than represent in the experiences
the vibrations of the emotions that are being aroused,
as has just been given.

Again less and less then is it of self,
and more and more unto the glory of the Father.

(Q) Star from heaven, Key to bottomless pit.
What are the locusts as described in this sounding?
King Apollyon in this connection?
(A) As has been given as to how each of these vibratory forces
arises from the lower portion, or as has been put in another setting
- that which represents in the bodily forces the most uncomely,
or that from the depths of the bottomless pit,
or from out the presence of God,
again has the spirit of man arosen to the glory of the star
as in the Son (not sun, but Son),
to those glories that become as the natures of the bodily forces,
and every influence as comes through the earthly natures
becomes lost in that beauty in the Son.

(Q) Voice from 4 horns before the throne.
(A) As indicated by the horns of the altar,
as indicated by the 4 forces in nature,
as indicated by the 4 influences
in the experiences of the individual soul
which cry then in the voice raised as a sweet incense,
or as the essence of the purifying that has come
to the individual entity or soul to arise
before the Throne of Him who is Lord of Lords
and King of Kings, for His love as given,
as shown in that as accomplished
in the raising of self in the Christ, the Son, in Jesus.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 6 July 2013