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Reading 281-42

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Reading 281-42 Edited

(Q)  You will have before you the psychic work
of Edgar Cayce, present in this room,
as related to the Prayer Group, or Glad Helpers,
members of which are present in this room;

especially as this work may be influenced
by the activities of members of this group
in the Egyptian period that has been indicated
through this channel.

You will tell us if this is related; if so, how?
and give us instructions as to how we
may best carry on this work at the present time.

You will answer any questions
that may be asked in regard to same:

(A) Yes, we have the work, - psychic work
of Edgar Cayce, as called in the present;
together with the work of the Glad Helpers,
or Prayer Group, in the present.

This as we find is related.

As to how, and the manners in which activities
through that experience may affect individuals,
or the psychic work as attempted in the organized
manner in the present, would become rather
individual problems.

For, each through that individual experience
passed through, and acted in accord with,
those influences as were brought to bear
during that particular sojourn.

Many sojourns through the material activities
in the earth have altered the purpose, the desire
of the individuals; yet - as may be indicated
in material environs in the present
- when an individual experience is aroused in
an individual (though it may be a latent consciousness)
it becomes an influence, especially in the activities
of those in a group force or power.

These, then, may be given as an indication
of what were the activities of some, or part,
or all of the group here; some that are here present
in person as individuals, some that are present
in their influence or power (or, as ye would say, spiritually),
others through desire in varied forms or manners
of expression.

Then, if it is practical to put activities of that period
in the present day language, or words,
- let's give a review of the happenings of that period;
what was attempted, what was accomplished,
and what influence that had upon the souls - or the entities
- of individuals who may be influenced,
or who are working with this group, thru such information
as may be supplied through this channel in the present:

Here we find, first, an individual with a desire, a purpose,
- not for exploiting people, or individuals, or souls,
but to build an influence within the experience of individuals
in material life.

This Priest was not merely the director of the spiritual counsel
of that body of people who entered Egypt,
but of that activity in which all phases of man's endeavor were,
in the experience, being acted upon.

What was the knowledge, the motivating force
in the experience of that individual?

Was he a prophet sent, as ye look upon the teachers
through the various eras or ages of man's endeavor?

Or was he an individual with an idea that grew,
under the law, into an ideal?

In interpreting this we will find many questions,
that may have oft disturbed many, may be answered
as respecting those groups, those individuals
who may be even in the remotest sense interested
at present in the psychic work of the man called Cayce.

The Priest was an individual who had received inspiration
from within.

And, realizing that such an influence or force might be given
to others in their search for why and what were their purposes
in material life, he then sought out one who might foster
such a study in materiality.

Thus, from those places that were a portion of what is
now called the Carpathias, he came with a great horde,
or a great number (as to individual souls,
numbering nine hundred), into the land now called Egypt.

Why Egypt?
This had been determined by that leader or teacher
(not physical leader, but spiritual interpreter or guide)
as the center of the universal activities of nature,
as well as the spiritual forces, and where there might be
the least disturbance by the convulsive movements
which came about in the earth through the destruction
of Lemuria, Atlantis, and - in later periods - the flood.

What were the factors, ye ask, which determined this
in his mind? or from what concept did the entity gain
that knowledge?

Was it just a concept, just a revelation,
just a physical analysis, or what?

When the lines about the earth are considered
from the mathematical precisions, it will be found
that the center is nigh unto where the Great Pyramid,
which was begun then, is still located.

Then, there were the mathematical, the astrological
and the numerological indications,
as well as the individual urge.

Ye say, then, such an entity was a god!
No. No, - ye only say that because there is
the misunderstanding of what were the characters or types
of spiritual evolution as related to physical evolution
in the earth at that period.

As an illustration (this merely illustrating, now):
It is hard for an individual, no matter how learned he may be,
to conceive of the activities that exist only three miles
above the earth.

Because there are no faculties within the individual entity
in the present capable of conceiving that which is not
represented within his individual self.

Yea, - but the individual of that period was not so closely knit
in matter.

Thus the activities of the realms of relativity of force,
relativity of attraction in the universe, were an experience
of the souls manifesting in the earth at that period, see?

Thus we find that the experiences of individuals of the period,
seeking for the understanding as to the evolution of the souls
of men, might be compared to the minds of individuals
in the present who are seeking an understanding
as to man's use of physical or atomical structure
in his own relationships.

Then, the individual of that experience or period
was not necessarily one other than a soul or entity
seeking the knowledge as to the relationship
of that which would sustain and gain
For man the abilities not only to continue the physical evolution
but the spiritual or soul evolution as well.

Such an one, then, was Ra, - or Ra-Ta.
(Study this, or you won't understand it!)

Then, with his entrance into Egypt, with the proper place,
the proper relationships with that activity,
- which was indicated by the willingness of the peoples
of that land, in the greater extent, to be led into those activities
for the physical as well as the mental and spiritual developments
of the period, - we find that there were the activities
in which the King with his Council found fault
with the actions of the Priest, because of the indications
that there was not the adherence to that he demanded
of others, in his own life or experience.

Then there entered what may be termed the desire
of a group to impose the teachings on the people;
not to teach man by experience (as was the Priest's desire
- if you call him such) what relationships he must bear,
in every extent and phase of his life, to his fellow man;
that he may understand through same the phases
of the mind, the phases of the soul.

Ye see it only in physical reactions.
So did many of those who were in authority in Egypt.

Hence there came the banishment of the Priest,
with the companion, as well as the many numbers
of those who chose to be banished into the Abyssinian land,
who were attracted by the natural intent and purpose
of the Priest, - not only those of his own peoples
but many of the Natives.

Then there followed the nine years in banishment;
as well as the periods of the uprisings of the Natives
in rebellion, and also those of the King's own household
in the Ibex; as well as the entrance into Egypt
of the peoples from the Atlantean land,
which had begun the breaking up
- as had been told by that entity, the Priest.
Here we will rest for a period.

We are through for the present.

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