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Reading 281-45

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Reading 281-45 Edited

Affirmation 1:
Father, God!
In Your mercy, in Your Love,
Cast out fear, hate and malice
from my own thoughts, my own purposes:
that Your peace, Your Love,
may wholy direct my life.

Affirmation 2: 
Father, God!
Create within me a new purpose,
to do Your will in every way and manner:
that fear may be eradicated from my life,
and that the peace as promised in Him
may fill my consciousness.

Affirmation 3:  
Our Lord, Our God!
In the promises of the Christ, Jesus,
we seek Your countenance - now:
That peace and Love may fill our own lives,
that we may shed that Light into the lives of others.

Affirmation 4: 
Our Lord, Our God!
Let peace and harmony reign within
my body, my mind, my soul - for Jesus' Sake.

Affirmation 5: 
Merciful Father!
Remember me in my weaknes,
and make my purposes one with You:
That all fear and doubt
may be blotted out
of my consciousness,
and only the Love and Peace
of Love Divine reign within my life.

Affirmation 6: 
Father, God!
Hear me, in my humble prayer.
Take away fear and doubt:
That my body may be whole:
That my mind may be clear:
That my soul may be at peace with You.
This I ask in Jesus' Name.

Affirmation 7: 
My Lord, My God!
Be merciful to me!
Keep fear, and doubt, and hate,
out of my life.
Let me fill my body, my mind, my soul,
with the consciousness of the Christ-Love,
the Christ-Peace, the Christ-Harmony.

Affirmation 8: 
Our Lord, Our God!
Hear, While we pray together:
That hate, and fear, and doubt,
may be taken out of our lives:
that Love and harmony and peace
may reign within our bodies, our minds, our souls -
for Jesus' sake!

Then, to all we would give this:
Let not your hearts be troubled; ye believe in God and in
His watchful care. Then, putting away doubt and fear,
let that mind be in thee which was in Jesus, the Christ,
as He prayed, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."

(Q) You will have before you the Glad Helpers Prayer Group,
members of which are present here,
and their study of spiritual healing.

You will give counsel and guidance for this group
at this time, and answer the questions
which it presents.

(A) Yes, we have the group as gathered here,
as a group and as individuals,
and their study and application of spiritual healing.

In the undertakings, and in the application of that
which has been the experience of this group,
we find that these are not at all times as consistent
and as persistent with their purposes as their name,
their knowledge, their understanding, would indicate.

A great deal has been and may be accomplished
in the work, in the study of spiritual healing;
and these should be kept as a part of the experience
of each individual.

Because, there are periods when - with the associations
of ideas, as well as ideals - it is necessary for the application
of mechanical and medicinal properties
in the experience of each.

And, there are experiences when apparently
there is the failure on the part of either to bring the material help
to many, according to the idea of an individual.

Such experiences have tended to create a laxness
on the part of many, and a questioning within self
as to the need, or as to the use of it.

Yet there has been forgotten much that is the basic principle,
the basic truth that has been indicated through these channels,
and as seen in the teachings of Him who is the way,
the truth and the light.

In the study of His application of healing, in His ministry,
- were all healed only by the spoken word?
Were all healed by the laying on of hands?
Were all healed by any one way or manner?
Rather, as ye analyze His activities, and
that which is thy own experience,
ye may see the manifestation of the truth
that the Lord is One, exemplified in the healing as well as
in the daily relationships of man to man
in all phases of His experience.

Thus this group, as ye analyze and study spiritual healing,
- be first consistent in thy activities and in thy thoughts,
and in thy purposes, in thy hopes and in thy desires
day by day.

And in the application of those truths, or those examples
as were given by Him, as well as in thy relationships
to thy fellows, - be persistent, as well as consistent.

Thus there may come indeed into the experience
of all the more and more awareness of His consciousness,
of the spirit of truth, as a living thing in thy experience.

Ready for questions.

(Q) In March 15, 1939 Reading [281-40],
it was advised that no publication should be presented
by this group at that time.

Would it be well to prepare some type of pamphlet
before the next Congress in June, and if so
what should be the nature of this pamphlet.

If no pamphlet is advised, is there any other type
of publication that should be prepared by the group?
(A) This is very well, if there is more consistency,
more persistency on the part of each member of the group,
that they as individuals may testify as to
what has been accomplished in their own experience.

We are through for the present.
Updated: 7 July 2013