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Reading 281-50

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Reading 281-50 Edited

Affirmation 1:
Holy Father, God!
In Your Love, in Your Mercy, be near to us now,
as we seek comfort, guidance, direction in You,
through our seeking to know Your Way!
Bless us as You see we have need of,
for the Christ's sake.

Affirmation 2:
Our Father, Our God!
As You have promised in Jesus, the Christ,
to be near always, hear our humble prayer.
Make us in the way You see is best for us today.

Affirmation 3:
Gracious Father!
Mercy and peace be with those
who seek through our humble efforts
to draw near to You.
Hear, O God, and answer:
that we faint not under trial or suffering.

Affirmation 4:
Our Father, Our God!
Hear us while we pray for those who like ourselves
have forgotten the benefits in You.
Give us more Love, more peace, more ability
to bring into the lives of others
that which will make them aware of You.
We ask it, Father, in the Name of the Christ.

Affirmation 5:
O Lord! How great is Your Love and Your mercy
to those who seek peace, and Love, in You!
Help us to realize Your nearness:
that all may come, does come, from You.
We ask it in His Name,
who taught us to pray in His Name.

Affirmation 6:
Gracious, Merciful Father!
Hear our feeble efforts to approach
the Throne of Grace and Mercy,
As was shown in the life
of the Master, Jesus, in the earth!
Let my purposes, our purposes, be in You,
through Him - who has promised
to answer when we call.

Affirmation 7:
Our Father, Our God!
Hear us now.
Be not far from us.
Comfort us in our distresses of every nature.
Give us peace and Love:
that our bodies, our minds, may be the greater channel
to manifest that Love Jesus showed in the earth.


In the study of those phases of experience of souls
that enter into materialization, these purposes
should be borne in mind by each member of the group.

And do not lose sight of the purpose of the group
in the knowledge as gained, but make same practical
in the daily experience, in the daily associations with others.

For, such knowledge, such understanding, should enable
each to assist others in understanding their relationships
to the universal consciousness; enabling them also to assist
in bringing hope into the experiences of those discouraged
from whatever cause that may be the awareness
of the individual at the time.

Hence more and more in those periods of meditation
for others who seek through these channels
to become aware of God's presence, God's promises
through the Christ, - bring them into thine own consciousness
by thought, by deed, in such measures and manners
that ye may indeed be a helpful influence
in the experiences of others.

Ready for questions.
(Q) [993]:
(A) Let love and peace be magnified in thee more and more.
Let that purpose as was in Him be thy guide,
as ye seek to bring the awareness of God - in Christ
- to the children of men.
Be kind, be patient, be diligent - in the Lord.

(Q) [307]:
(A) Let thy light so shine unto others
that they may see the way.
In thy communications let thy yeas be yea, thy nays be nay.
Let all be done in order, in harmony.
Keep joyous in a service to thy fellow man;
for as ye do it unto the least of His children, thy brethren,
ye do it unto thy Master, Jesus.

(Q) [379]:
(A) Let that light thou hast seen, thou hast glimpsed
in well doing, be kept lighted in thine own heart and mind.
Let the ways that have come, do come to thee,
be made straight in the Lord.
Keep the heart singing.
Be joyful in service.
Be happy in well doing.

(Q) [404]:
(A) Let thy love, thy patience, thy fortitude,
be kept without murmur.
Let thy light shine in the lives and experiences
of those ye meet day by day; that ye may bring hope,
and love, into the life of each.
Be not weary of trial.
Be not weary in discouraging moments.
But look up, lift up thy voice, thy eyes, unto the hill of God.
For in Him is strength. And He loveth not that as may even
have the appearance of evil.
Keep joyous in thy service.

(Q) [263]:
(A) Let Your Love, Your Mercy, Your Patience,
cover much of that as may appear
as faults in others.
Muse and meditate oft upon what must
have been the disappointments in man
that have come up to the Throne of Mercy.
Show mercy, show Love, even as you would
have such shown to you.
For in that purpose you sow your thoughts,
your deeds, they come back to you to roost.
Remember your Creator.
Remember your Saviour, Jesus, even the Christ.
Let Love be without rancor.
Let Patience be without grudging.
Let Hope and Faith be your longing.

(Q) [1222]:
(A) Let that Love as you desire from
and in those about you
be manifested in your dealings,
your conversation with others:
that harmony and peace may come
in measures to fill your whole purpose,
your all, in Him.
Let the Light of happiness, the joy of service,
the desire for Love, be the ruling forces
in your activities, your conversations, your meditations.
The Lord loves those who approach Him boldly,
asking, seeking; but live that they ask for, they seek for.

(Q) [1523]:
(A) Let thy hope, thy joy, be full in Him and in His promises
to abide with thee always.
In the manner, in the purpose thou treatest thy neighbor,
thy fellow man, so in thine own experience will come
the ability to appreciate the nearness of the Father-God
to thee.
Let that which is done in secret be proclaimed in thy prayer
to the Father.
Let love and light, and hope and joy, bring the smile
of contentment, the hope of thy longings, in Him.

(Q) [288]:
(A) Let thy purposes in thy dealings with others be kept in attune,
in accord, with that new commandment He gave unto those
about Him, "Love one another."
And as thy activities bring those trials, those doubts, those fears,
place them upon the altar of service; and the joy of the Lord
will fill thee with peace, contentment, that comes to those
who put their trust in Him.
Be not afraid.
God is not mocked; whatsoever one soweth, that - too -
shall one reap.
Condemn not, that ye be not condemned.
Rather let thy life, in thy conversation - in thy invocation
- keep thee closer to Him.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Let that purpose, that desire to make of self naught
in order that He, thy Lord, thy Master may be magnified
in the lives and the experiences of others, be the force
that guides thee in thy choice of activities among thy fellow men.
Let fear and doubt and disappointments be put away,
as though they did not exist.
For in leaning upon Him the burden becomes light,
the way becomes a joyous way.
For He will walk and talk with thee.

(Q) Gladis Hardin:
(A) Let those things, those experiences that have been
in the way, be put far from thee in thy search for Him.
Let the joy of service, for His name's sake,
be as a guiding light to these things ye do and say day by day.
Let that purpose as was in Him be thy purpose,
thy aim, thy desire.
Keep listening, listening, for those promises that are thine.
And as to how, where ye may find them,
- it is in the little kindnesses, the longsuffering,
the gentleness that ye may show even under stress,
even under hardship.
For His ways are not past finding out.
But seek and ye shall find, knock
and it will be opened unto thee.

(Q) [341]:
(A) Let the hope of the Lord ever be in that way that
ye may induce, ye may compel others
to take thought of the promises of God.
Not for self, not for mere cause,
but for a purpose - in Him, in the Christ;
who maketh known to those who seek,
who seek His will with them.
Be not afraid.
Be not a doubting.
Be happy, be joyous in the Lord.

(Q) [585]:
(A) Let thy heart, thy mind, be glad in the Lord.
Let His ways be thy ways, that the joy of service
in the Lord may be made more and more manifest
in thy life day by day.
Let the light of hope, of love, fill thy heart.
For, He is mindful of those who do such
in the name of the Lord.

(Q) [413]:
(A) Let thy heart be glad, for a purpose, for a cause.
Let thy mind and heart be opened to the praises
He would bring to thee.
For He is mindful of those things, those experiences,
that would bring doubt and fear into thy awareness.
Know that He will not allow thee to be tempted
beyond that ye are able to bear.
If ye put that cross upon Him, He will bear thee up,
making thee strong in those purposes
that are at one with Him.

We are through for the present.

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and 281-46 through 281-49,
on Book of Revelation and Glands.

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