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Reading 281-51

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Reading 281-51 Edited

You will have before the Glad Helpers Prayer Group,
members of which are present in this room,
and their study of the endocrine system
in the human body.

You will continue with the discourse on this subject.

Yes, we have the group as gathered here;
as a group, as individuals; and the information
which has been indicated through this channel.

In continuing with the subject, and as we come
to the application of that which has been indicated,
let that which is given here and now
not become confusing.

For, it will require deep meditation upon such,
that ye may get the correct insight;
which ye will not be able to put into words at first,
and will know when ye know, but by the experience
of coordinating physical, mental and spiritual
attributes into one.

For, as given, few have conceived of
- or attempted to analyze
- the effect created in a physical body
through the mental impressions received,
or conceded that there is an activity spiritually
that may go on in active force within the human body.

For, so oft we see contradictory effects produced
in the activities of the individuality
and personality of persons.

Also it has been and is hard for individuals to conceive
of Adam sinning in a material world,
- as a man, a son, made by the hands of God.

Neither is it easy to understand the illustrations
used from the life of Kish, who conceived
through righteous desire a son, a channel
chosen for a manifestation of material power
in a material world; given through the choice
of the Maker Himself, and yet the Individual
in his personal relationships defied even that
which had been prophesied by himself!

Few can conceive of the body through which
the Prince of Peace manifested - the Son,
the first and the last Adam - as having been
a channel for material desire, when considered
as a body so purified as to bear that perfect One.

Yet, all of these facts are demonstrated in the life
of each individual.

There has long been sought, by a few, the interpretation
of the seven centers; and many have in various stages
of awareness, or development, placed the association
or connection between physical, mental and spiritual
in varied portions of the body.

Some have interpreted as of the mind,
motivated by impulse; and thus called the center
from which mind acts.

This is only relatively so, as will be understood
by those who analyze those conditions presented
through these interpretations; for in fact the body,
the mind and the soul are One,
in the material manifestation.

Yet in analyzing them, as given through the Revelation
by John, they are active in the various influences
that are a part of each living organism conceived
in the forces making up that known as man;
that power able to conceive - in mind - of God,
and to demonstrate same in relationships to others;
that in mind able to conceive of manners
for the destruction of its fellow man, little realizing
that it is self being destroyed by that very activity!

Then, why are there such contradictions
within those very influences?
As is said, in the heart love finds its way.
Love is conceived as of God, as of all pleasant,
as all giving; given in that great expression
- indicating to what power it may arise -
"God so loved the world as to give
His only begotten son; that through Him
we might have eternal life."

Yet the other side, or the reverse of love,
is suffering, hate, malice, injustice.
It is the reverse.

What is that about man's activity in body,
as an individual, that causes such?
This has been indicated through those patterns
which have been used as illustrations
of what took place in the union of bodies
that through desire, hope, conceived or prepared
in conception a channel through which allL
this contradiction might be made manifest.

Is the First Cause, then, that the separation of God
in the desire for companionship with Himself,
that as created or brought into a material manifestation
the reverse of love, of hope, of patience,
of all the attributes that are the spirit of activity,
the moving influence or force?

This we see manifested in a physical body
through the glandular system,
- as the activity of conception,
the dividing of the activity
of the gland itself, that brings conception.

Thus, this is the first of the centers from which arises
all that is movement, to bring into being both
the face and the preface - or the back, or the reverse
- in the experience.
It carries with it, what?
That Mind!

For, remember, ever, the pattern is ever the same
- Mind the Builder!

Conceived, then the first movement is along that center
or gland which either fades or becomes a channel
along which there may move the power and might
to find expression through the very activities
of the organs of the body itself. [Leydig?]

Then the next is the pineal,
through which the brain forces
make manifest, - either in its determining factor
there of becoming mighty in stature physically
or dwarfed; as may be understood by the face,
as may be said, that is held to by
the individual separation and combination
of the activity of the glands in that period of conception.

Hence there arises the race condition or contour,
or the figure of that beheld by that choice in its activity
as it has separated itself from the first cause,
or first premise; by the very will of the Father-God
in the beginning.

Then there is the third, that is ever of the feeding
or building nature, - or the basic cord through
which during the period of gestation there is fed
the imaginations, as well as the latent response
of the body to those conditions external,
- or that center from which there is drawn
the growth in the physical.

Then there becomes the first indication of individuality
being established in that movement which has come
about in its growth, its evolvement; or the gland
of the solar plexus, or that you misinterpret
and call the adrenals - as they act with the emotions
and the growth and unfoldment of the body itself.

There begins then the gland - the heart
- through which courses begin to flow;
and then the gland - the liver - its counterpart;
and then the spleen (as a balance); the thyroid
- as the outer individual begins to show activities
for self-protection, or the first laws of nature
as would be made manifest
in the material associations.

Then there are the general, or the whole
of the activities through the system,
as in the thymus, [See Source File Key #281
for article in re Thymus gland, Page 19 re 281-63]
all of the centers of activity through which spirit
first moves from the lyden [Leydigian?]
- the center of the spiritual forces; the brain,
or the highest force individually or personally;
then the others in their order as
they control themselves.

Then within each of the organs themselves
(though they each are, in the main, glands)
the functioning is stimulated by the activity
of each organ's ability to assimilate
that needed from the environs, as well as
from that upon which it is fed, to grow
into that direction given by the mental purpose,
the mental desire of the personality
- as it, as an individual, makes itself manifest
in a material environ.

Hence we find - as has been interpreted
for those who would interpret - the seven centers,
the seven churches, the seven activities
to which an individual physical activity is prompted.

We would rest for the present.

See 2436-1 reading on baby a few months old
who was born prematurely and later found
to be completely blind.
The Physical Reading indicated a study of
the child's past lives would throw light on the karma
connected with the parents, the period of conception
and attraction of the soul to the parents, etc.
Updated: 7 July 2013