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Reading 281-61

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Reading 281-61 Edited

You will have before you the Glad Helpers Prayer Group,
members of which are present in this room;
who seek a personal message as to
the much work each must do, as a group and as individuals.

You will give this personal message as each name is called.

Then you will give a set of affirmations to be sent
to those on the prayer list:

Yes, we have the work of the Glad Helpers Prayer Group,
- as a group and as individuals.

There should be more consistency and more unified effort
on the part of each, as to time, as to sincerity of purpose;
not as individuals personally but as in keeping
with being glad helpers for others.

(Q) [379]:
(A) Keep the faith, that ye may walk closer with Him day by day.
For, in the manner ye measure to thy fellow man,
so must it be measured to thee again.

(Q) [413]:
(A) Let the light of the countenance of the Christ Spirit
guide thee, that ye walk not alone.
Let those things, those conditions as may annoy
or aggravate be put aside in service to others.

(Q) [993]:
(A) In joy, in patience, run the race that is set before thee;
knowing He is faithful and keeps His promise
to those who are faithful in purpose, in aim, in desire,
and will not withhold anything good from the righteous.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Let that mind be in thee as was in the Christ,
who went about doing good, and not to the glory of self
but making himself as naught that He might serve others.

(Q) [288]:
(A) The way, the purpose, the aims and desires
should ever be set in being of a purposeful helpfulness
to others; that His joy in Thee may be full.

(Q) [307]:
(A) The joy of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Let thy understanding be in Him as the light,
as the joy of the world.
For the world is His.
Forget it not.

(Q) [404]:
(A) Let fear, let worry, be lost in thy service to others
for His name's sake. Let thy heart be lifted up,
that ye may hear that
"Well done" from Him, who is mindful of those
who seek His face.

(Q) [585]:
(A) Let that as would disturb or disappoint
become rather the means, the ways of being
of a greater service to others.
Let thy heart, thy mind, be lifted up; that ye may hear,
that ye may know the joy of service in the Lord.

(Q) [341]:
(A) Let that as may disturb be taken to Him,
who hears prayer and has promised to answer
those who pray in faith, nothing doubted.

(Q) [1523]:
(A) Let the heart be glad in the Lord; not in self
nor in that as may be accomplished in self,
but rather that ye may walk circumspect,
in all good conscience, and praise to the Christ.

(Q) [538]:
(A) Keep the faith, knowing that He is mindful of thee.
For He loveth those who seek
to be channels of blessings to others.

(Q) Any particular work we should do in preparation
for the Congress?
(A) That which has been indicated; each being more faithful,
more consistent, more desirous to be of help to others.

We have others on the list! (Pause
- while everyone tried to think of whose name to call next.)

Each has a list, and those upon the current list.
This is your own inconsistency, - ye have self before others!
(See 281-65)

We are through for the present.

7/09/42 See 540-18 re. experience in meditation
of seeing face of the dying Christ and a bleeding hand.
Updated: 7 July 2013