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"Reading 288-29" 

An explanation on "How experiences of others" be given through someone else
From Reading 288-29
Here we have information that will be of interest to all who study psychic experiences on earth.

Information on how "experiences of others" may be given through another individual
such as the source [Edgar Cayce] from which this information comes forth.

There must be in the physical world (earth) a channel (body) through which psychic or spiritual forces manifest.
It (the body) must become concrete, or definite, with some channel, some manner, of manifestation.

The anatomical condition of the human body is especially made for such an experience
through a portion of the physical organism of a body.
(the human body is especially designed for spiritual forces to manifest in and through)

That known in the human organism, or animal, or vegetable, or mineral,
as the germ (a portion of an organism capable of developing into a new one or part of one)
from which propagation (the spreading of something into new regions) is made
must be, and is, the source from which there must be that contact
(spiritual force to physical) that is made for such manifestation.

In this particular body [Edgar Cayce] through which this (information about other's experiences),
then, at present is emanating,
the gland with its thread known as the pineal gland
is the channel along which [spiritual forces] then operates,
and with the subjugation(forced submission) of the consciousness - physical consciousness
- there arises, "a cell" from the creative forces (soul forces) within the body
to the entrance of the conscious mind, or brain,
operating along, or traveling along, that of the thread or cord (kundalini)
it is the same thread or cord that when severed separates the physical, the soul, or the spiritual body.

This uses, then, the senses of the body in an introspective (inward-looking, self-analysing,
self-examining, self-observing) manner,
and they are not apparent in functioning in a physical normal manner as when awake
(not known by the physical conscious that it exists and operates separately).

All faculties of the body become more alert.

As for the loss of consciousness:
How great is the ability (of the development) of the psychic sources
to completely cut off consciousness from the physical or anatomical brain
and still retain - in the shell - those abilities of functioning through that such an entity
may have experienced in its passage through physical experience.

Hence, as this immediate channel, having incarnated in many experiences,
stays within that environ of its experience throughout the incarnations
[the vibratory Influences or vibrations remains] into a physical experience.

Hence, while others may act in the same manner,
some variations may appear as "responding actions"
of their incarnations in the same or a similar experience, hence variations.

Yet this is worthy of being studied, would one understand.

Hence there may be much given as respecting this activity of this particular entity
and its associations throughout the eons of time, as called,
or throughout the varied and diverse experiences of the entity in the earth's experiences,
and its ability to attune itself to either material, mental, or spiritual forces of others.

Or as to what it has the more often chosen "as its standard of measurements"
gives that expression to the information given.

[See 294-140 and 294-141 below expanding on above information.]

Updated: 21 January 2014