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"Reading 294-140" 

Sources of Spiritual Information
GC: You will have before you the information [in 288-29] given through this channel on April 16, 1932,
concerning the psychic development of the entity known as Edgar Cayce, present in this room.
You will give further information which may be correlated with the data already on hand
to aid those studying this work to better understand this channel and sources of information.
You will answer questions.

EC: Yes, we have the information as given as respecting manifestation of psychic forces through these channels.
In the study of such it would be well that such students
chart the various physical phenomena in their experience
with sources of information through such channels,
in that that may be termed an analytical chart.

Not as seeking a formula, but that which takes place;
And when studied, or when attunement is made by others,
their own formula will be manifest,
though the same physical condition may take place to them
seemingly from other sources;

For whether there is, as is given,
The ascending into the heavens to bring down that as would be understood.
Or the descending into the depths to bring up as to that that would be heard.
Or going beyond the seas to bring over that as has been studied or seen, or visioned by others.
That given still is the same:
That lies within each entity, that awakens to the spirit of truth,
or the essence of regeneration in the spirit of truth,
that makes for the continuity, or the active forces in the spirit of life,
or the essence of same itself.

As has been given oft,
no matter what phenomena as may be manifest under the subject of psychic force:
Whether from the realm of unseen forces in that called spirit consciousness,
Or from the higher realm of psychic development in an individual,
Or from the thrones - or Throne itself.
There is some form that is assumed, or taken, by that force so manifesting;

For, as to whether force - as in the physical sense in electrical aberrations
- is of that that may be called fool's fire, fox-fire, or will o' the wisp, or lightning, or that controlled in power lines,
it - in the material or third dimensional mind - must - take form to produce or bring to the physical consciousness
the act of a phenomenon taking place; and the act is the phenomena!

In varied ways, then, or developments,
are there seen those variations
- as is described or given of this individual entity,
as has been given,
The source may be from
the subconscious forces of the body itself,
Or from the realm of spirit force as may surround the body,
Or a combination of both,
Or from a universal consciousness that is the source of life itself - and worded, when worded in a manner by the forces of creation,
Or of the higher orders themselves - and the variation dependent upon that, when worded,
as to the attitude of the one seeking, and of that sought.

Remember many of the words of the Great Psychic, the Savior of men, the Son of the Most High,
in the demonstrations or manifestations, or the work itself:
"There be done in thy body according to the desire of thy heart."
So spoke He oft as the ruler of, the teacher of, the brother of, the servant of, the Savior of, men.
That with "Whatsoever ye sow, so shall ye reap!"
"Forgive me, Father, as I forgive my brother."

Who, having aught against his brother can approach the Throne of Grace with any expectancy of receiving grace?
First lay aside aught thou hast against thy brother.
Then he that seeks through channels that maintain, either profess to, appeal to a higher source,
or the universal sources themselves, and then seeks that he may have advantage in body, mind or material things,
over his brother - what need such expect at the Throne of Grace?
What need such expect to be the fruit of that sown?
What cares such an one, who tramples upon that he may gain his own ends?

Such analysis, then, is well for such students.

As illustrations from that as given, as is seen from such information:

The glands of reproduction in a body gives up something that creation may be reached, or tuned into,
when such an one - a psychic - attunes self to the infinite;
and such used for abuses of the privileges as are material individuals' lives in such,
what must be the lives of such individuals when attuned or awakened,
or shown in a carnal or material world?

Think on these things, Man - think!
That the essence of Life itself is given in giving to another
that as may bring the consciousness to another of an awakening in their own beings!
Wist ye not that it was said by Him,
"Who touched me? for virtue has gone out!"
Virtue is a lesson before some. [See [262] series on Lesson Virtue.]
What meaneth this, then, that such will be tampered with for only secular things,
for the knowledge of whether this or that abuse has been made of those freedoms of self in associations with others?
What must it bring?

In the body as given, there are channels through which all forces do manifest.

To some there are the voices heard.
To others there is the vision seen.
To others there is the impression, or feeling of the presence of those sources from which information may radiate;
and then there are those channels that are submerged or awakened during such periods.

The lyden, [leydig] or 'closed gland', is the keeper - as it were - of the door,
that would loose and let either passion or the miracle be loosed
to enable those seeking to find the Open Door,
or the Way to find expression in the attributes of the imaginative forces
in their manifestation in the sensory forces of a body; whether
to fingertips that would write,
to eyes that would see,
to voice that would speak,
to the whole of the system as would feel those impressions
that are attuned with those the infinite by their development and association
or with those inter-between,
or those just passed over,
or as to the unseen forces;
For the world of unconsciousness is not in a material change from the physical world
save as to its attributes or of its relationships with.

Whether the vision has been raised or lowered depends upon that height, depth, breadth or length,
it has gone for its source of supply.

In study, then - study to show thine self approved unto the Creator of all things.
Be satisfied with nothing short of a universal consciousness,
guided or guarded by the Lord of the Way, or the WAY itself.
In Him is Life!
Why be satisfied with a lesser portion than a whole measure?

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