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Reading 294-141

GC: You will have before you the information given April 22, 1932, [294-140],
regarding the psychic work of Edgar Cayce.
You will interpret this in a way and manner understandable to the physical mind of Edgar Cayce.
Answer questions of those physically present in this room.

EC: Yes, we have the information as given here.
In the interpretation of same, we will give that as may be understood.

First, this shows that there is innate in each physical individual
that channel through which the psychic or the spiritual forces,
that are manifest in material world, MAY function.

They are known as glands, and affect the organs of the system.

In the activity, then, there is shown that
an activity is evident in the creative forces of the body itself

in producing or bringing about such phenomena in the material plane,
so that the use of same (forces) may make for the more spiritual-minded individual
or in the abuse of same (forces) one becomes more debased or bestial in their activity in the material plane.

In the action, then, as is to be studied by those that would understand same:

The physical manifestations as relate to that one seeking information, that one questioning the informer,
and the physical actions or attitudes of the informer,
are to be analyzed as a chart that would signify a formula
for such activity taking place in the material world.

Yet, as given, this will not be a formula for ANY individual,
but knowing how same (formula) are combined
- or the necessary physical elements that must enter
to make up such association or such connection
- then those applying same in their own experience reach their OWN formula,
OWN manner of approach to that Throne through which there may come
the better knowledge, understanding, of Creative Forces in a material world.
That is a simple explanation.
That should be understood.

(Q) Please discuss in detail the functions of the pineal gland.
(A) If this is discussed from the anatomical viewpoint,
in the fetus as is begun in first of gestation,
we find this may be termed as the Builder.

As is seen, the location of same is in the beginning in that of the center or the nucleus
about which all of the matter takes its first form,
and becomes the brain as is guiding or directing the building of the body
as its development in the womb takes place.
As it then reaches from the umbilical cord to the brain,
there is builded that as is centered about same
by the physical attributes of that progenerated
from those bringing such an action into being.

When there has reached that stage when there is the separation of same,
the cord then being broken,
this forms then its own basis in the lower portion of the brain, or cerebellum,
and through the medulla oblongata to the central portion of the cerebro-spinal cord itself
is held intact, and with the removal of same, or pressure on same,
the various forms of hallucinations are evident,
whether in the developing stage or when it has reached the elderly or older years in an experience.

Its functioning, then, is as that, of that, which makes for - or known as
- the impulse or imaginative body.

Hence one that may be called demented by others,
who has hallucinations from a pressure in some portions,
may be visioning that which to him is as real
(though others may call him crazy)
as to those who are supposed to have an even balance of their senses;
which [such visioning?] has been formed by the circulation,
or the activity of the gland - as it is called - in its incipiency,
until it becomes - or is - as a mass without apparent functioning.

If the imaginative body, or the trained body (as is called in a material world)
is, trained constantly away FROM the activities of same,
it - in natural consequence of things in physical being
- draws, as it were, within self.
Hence senility sets in.

Keep the pineal gland operating and you won't grow old - you will always be young!

In this activity, then, as is seen, there is within the genital organs
the activity through that as may be called the lyden gland, [Leydig]
which has within itself that closed door, or open door,
 as makes for activity through that to the base of the brain, or the PINEAL gland
- as is at the base of the brain itself - which opens up for its activities and associations
to those other portions of the brain;
that sends out its sensations either through the sensory organism
or the sympathetic organism,
or the purely physical organism.

For they may all act upon, or BE acted upon,
for they are a portion of, and kindred of
- (now remember, we are speaking from the physical standpoint, or pathological standpoint!)
- and are the active forces and active principles in the activities and repulsions,
or the actions, of individuals!

As these are the activities that come directly from the organs of reproduction,
hence, we find many instances where psychic forces or developments of the individuals, or of an entity,
these become abused - or are used in a way and manner as to bring about abuses
that make for degenerate reactions, as is considered by individuals,
in their various forms or activities to the moral forces as may be set by individuals;
but are to the individual the activities of a nature that is an action of,
or an impulse of, the organs or functionings that are active through the functioning of the gland itself!
Hence we have the variations in functionings of same.

Now, as these are turned - or there is the seed, or that within same that may be awakened
that makes for those impulses known as attributes that may be added to,
that makes for the spiritual life:
First in that of FAITH as an opening, that of HOPE,
then to VIRTUE,
then to KNOWLEDGE,
then to LOVE itself - which was manifest in the body of the Virgin
through the concept of, or the CONCEPTION
through the HOLY SPIRIT,
by raising that CONSCIOUS within same (the body of the Virgin)
as to PRODUCE that within the organs of the body itself
that BECAME, as it were,

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