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"The 364 Readings: Atlantis" 

The 364 Readings The Lost Continent of Atlantis

"Atlantis as a continent is a legendary tale."
Whether or not that which has been received through psychic sources
has for its basis those few lines given by Plato,
or the references made in Holy writ that the earth was divided,
depends upon the trend of individual minds.

Recently, however, the subject has taken on greater import,
since some scientists have declared that such a continent
was not only a reasonable and plausible matter.
But from evidences being gradually gathered was a very probable condition.

As we recognize, there has been considerable [information] given respecting
such a lost continent by those channels such as the writer of Two Planets,
or Atlantis or Poseida and Lemuria that has been published through some
of the Theosophical literature.

As to whether this information is true or not,
depends upon the credence individuals give to this class of information.

Then, it seems well to many of this group,
that those channels through which information may be obtained
interest themselves in such an undertaking.
So to gain through those channels such information
that might be applicable in the lives or experiences
of individuals interested in such.

From time to time, in and through the information obtained
for some individuals in their Life Readings, has come that they,
as an entity or individual, occupied some particular place,
or performed some activity in some portion of [Atlantis].

Or emigrated from [Atlantis] to some other portion of the
earth's surface at the time, and began some particular development.

These must have been a busy folk, for with their advent into other climes,
as the information runs, they began to make many changes
from the activities in that particular sphere in which they entered.

Then, if we are to accept such as being a fact or fiction,
may truly depend upon what value to the human family knowledge
concerning such a peoples would be in the affairs of individuals today.

What contribution would information be to the minds of individuals,
as to knowing or understanding the better or closer relations
to the Creative Forces?
Or, to put it another manner, what would information of that nature
mean to my Soul today?

Be it true that there is the fact of reincarnation,
and that souls that once occupied [Atlantis]
are entering the earth's sphere and inhabiting individuals
in the present, is it any wonder that:

If they made such alterations in the affairs of the earth in their day,
as to bring destruction upon themselves.

If they are entering now, they might make many changes
in the affairs of peoples and individuals in the present?

Are they, then, being born into the world?
If so, what were their environs?
And what will those environs mean in a material world today?


Until there is a cleansing of the body from that created
in the present, such infinite or hard subjects are not well to be done.
(Q) What should be done to cleanse the body in the proper way?
(A) Same as has oft been given,
through prayer, through meditation, through the purifying of self.


Much data has been received from time to time through psychic forces
respecting conditions in or through the period, or ages,
of [Atlantis'] existence.

That [Atlantis] existed is being proven as a fact.
Then what took place during the periods when [Atlantis] was being broken up?
What became of the inhabitants [of Atlantis?]?
What was the character of [Atlantis'] civilization?
Are there any evidences of those inhabitants' escape?

The position of [Atlantis], and the like, must be of interest
to peoples in the present day, if either by inference that individuals
are being born into the earth plane to develop in the present,
or are people being guided in their spiritual interpretation
of individuals' lives or developments by the spirits of those
who inhabited [Atlantis].

In either case, if these be true, they are wielding - and are to wield -
an influence upon the happenings of the present day world.

The position Atlantis occupied, is that
between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand
and the Mediterranean upon the other.

Evidences of this lost civilization [of Atlantis] are to be found
in the Pyrenees and Morocco on the one hand,
British Honduras, Yucatan and America upon the other.

There are some protruding portions within this that must have
at one time or another been a portion of [Atlantis].

The British West Indies or the Bahamas,
and a portion of same that may be seen in the present
- if the geological survey would be made in some of these
- especially, or notably, in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream
through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined.

What, then, are the character of the people [of Atlantis?]
To give any proper conception, may we follow the line of a group,
or an individual line, through [Atlantis'] existence -
and gain from same something of their character,
their physiognomy, and their spiritual and physical development.

In the period, then - some hundred, some ninety-eight thousand
(98,000 to 100,000) years before the entry of Ram into India  -
there lived in this land of Atlantis one Amilius,
who had first noted that of the separations of the beings
as inhabited that portion of the earth's sphere or plane
of those peoples into male and female as separate entities,
or individuals.

As to their forms in the physical sense,
these were much rather of the nature of thought forms.

Or able to push out of themselves in that direction
in which its development took shape in thought.
Much in the way and manner as the amoeba would
in the waters of a stagnant bay, or lake, in the present.

As these took form, by the gratifying of their own desire
for that builded or added to the material conditions,
they became hardened or set.
Much in the form of the existent human body of the day,
with that of color as partook of its surroundings
much in the manner as the chameleon in the present.

Hence coming into that form as the red, or the mixture peoples 
or colors.

Known then later by the associations as the red race.

These, then, able to use in their gradual development all the forces
as were manifest in their individual surroundings.

Passing through those periods of developments
as has been followed more closely in that of
the yellow, the black, or the white races,
in other portions of the world.

Yet with their immediate surroundings, with the facilities
for the developments, these became much speedier
in this particular portion of the globe than in others.

And while the destruction of [Atlantis]
and the peoples are far beyond any
of that as has been kept as an absolute record,
that record in the rocks still remains.

As has that influence of those peoples in that life
of those peoples to whom those that did escape
during the periods of destruction make or influence
the lives of those peoples to whom they came.

As they may in the present, either through the direct influence
of being regenerated, or re-incarnated into the earth,
or through that of the mental application on through
the influences as may be had upon thought of individuals
or groups by speaking from that environ.

In the manner of living,
in the manner of the moral,
in the manner of the social,
in the manner of the religious life
of these peoples:

Classes existed much in the same order as existed among others.

Yet the like of the warlike influence did not exist in the peoples
as a people as it did in the other portions of the universe.

The people [of Atlantis] were a peaceful people.

Their developments took on that form,
the developing into the physical material bodies,
of the fast development.

Or to the using of the elements about them to their own use.
Recognizing themselves to be a part of that about them.

As to the supplying of that necessary to sustain physical life
as known today, in apparel, or supplying of the bodily needs,
these were supplied through the natural elements.

And the developments came rather in the forms,
as would be termed in the present day,
of preparing for those things that would pertain
to what would be termed the aerial age, or the electrical age.
And supplying then the modes and manners of transposition
(transferring) of those materials about same
that did not pertain to themselves bodily.

For of themselves was transposed (transferred),
rather by that ability lying within each
to be transposed (transferred) in thought as in body.

In these things, then, did Amilius see the beginning of,
and the abilities of, those of his own age, era, or period,
not only able to build that as able to transpose (transfer)
or build up the elements about them
but to transpose (transfer) them bodily
from one portion of the universe to the other.

Through the uses of not only those recently re-discovered gases,
and those of the electrical and aeriatic formations
in the breaking up of the atomic forces
to produce impelling (driving) force to those means
and modes of transposition (transferring),
or of travel, or of lifting large weights,
or of changing the faces or forces of nature itself,
with these transpositions (transferring),
with these changes that came in the personalities,
we find these as the Sons of the Creative Force as manifest
in their experience looking upon those changed forms,
or the daughters of men, and there crept in those pollutions
(carnal desires), of polluting themselves with those mixtures
that brought contempt, hatred, bloodshed,
and those that build for desires of self
without respects of others' freedom, others' wishes.
And there began, then, in the latter portion of this period of development,
that that brought about those of dissenting (separating) and divisions
among the peoples in [Atlantis].

With the attempts of those still in power, through those lineages of the pure,
that had kept themselves intact with the abilities of forces
that manifest in their activities, these builded those things
that attempted to draw back those peoples
through first the various changes or seasons that came about,
and in the latter portion of the experience of Amilius
the first establishing of the altars upon which the sacrifices
of the field and the forest, and those that were
of that that satisfied the desires of the physical body, were builded.

Then, with the coming in or the raising up of Esai,
with the change that had come about, began in that period
when there were the invasions of [Atlantis]
by those of the animal kingdoms, that brought about
that meeting of the nations of the globe
to prepare a way and manner of disposing of,
else they be disposed of themselves by these forces.

With this coming in, there came then the first of the destructive forces
as could be set and then be meted out in its force or power.

Hence that as is termed, or its first beginning of,
explosives that might be carried about,
came with this reign, or this period, when men,
began to cope with those of the beast form
that overran the earth in many places.

Then, with these destructive forces, we find the first turning
of the altar fires into that of sacrifice of those that were taken
in the various ways, and human sacrifice began.

With this also came the first egress (leaving) of peoples
to that of the Pyrenees first, of which later we find
that peoples who enter into the black or the mixed peoples,
in what later became the Egyptian dynasty.

We also find that entering into Og,
or those peoples that later became the beginning of the Inca,
or Ohum [Aymara] that builded the walls across the mountains in this period,
through those same usages of that as had been taken on by those peoples;
and with the same, those that made for that in the other land,
became first those of the mound dwellers, or peoples in that land.

With the continued disregard of those that were keeping the pure race
and the pure peoples, of those that were to bring all these laws
as applicable to the Sons of God, man brought in the destructive forces
as used for the peoples that were to be the rule, that combined
with those natural resources of the gases, of the electrical forces,
made in nature and natural form the first of the eruptions that awoke
from the depth of the slow cooling earth, and that portion now near
what would be termed the Sargasso Sea first went into the depths.

With this there again came that egress (exiting) of peoples that aided,
or attempted to assume control, yet carrying with them all those forms
of Amilius that he gained through that as for signs, for seasons,
for days, for years.

Hence we find in those various portions of the world even in the present day,
some form of that as was presented by those peoples in that great development
in this, the Eden of the world.

In the latter portion of same, we find cities were builded more and more
rare became those abilities to call upon the forces in nature to supply
the needs for those of bodily adornment, or those of the needs to supply
the replenishing of the wasting away of the physical being or hunger arose.

And with the determinations to set again in motion, we find there then Ani,
in those latter periods, ten thousand seven hundred (10,700) years
before the Prince of Peace came, again was the bringing into forces
that to tempt, as it were, nature in its storehouse of replenishing the things 
that of the wasting away in the mountains, then into the valleys, then into
the sea itself, and the fast disintegration of the lands, as well as of the peoples.
Save those that had escaped into those distant lands.

How, then, may this be applicable to our present day understanding?

As we see the effects as builded in that about the sacred fires,
as through those of Hermes, those of Arart, those of the Aztec,
those of Ohum [Aymara], each in their respective sphere
carrying some portion of these blessings,
when they are kept in accord and pure with those through which
the channels of the blessings, of the Creative Forces, may manifest.

So, we find, when we apply the lessons in the day - would ye be true,
keep that every whit thou knowest to do within thine own heart!
Knowing, as ye use that as is known, there is given the more
and more light to know from whence ye came and whither ye go!

Ready for questions.
(Q) Please give a description of the earth's surface as it existed
at the time of Atlantis' highest civilization, using the names of continents,
oceans and sections of same as we know them today?
(A) As to the highest point of civilization, this would first have
to be determined according to the standard as to which it would be judged

As to whether the highest point was when Amilius ruled
with those understandings, as the one that understood the variations,
or whether they became man made, would depend upon
whether we are viewing from a spiritual standpoint
or upon that as a purely material or commercial standpoint;

For the variations, as we find, extend over a period of some
two hundred thousand years (200,000) - that is, as light years
- as known in the present - and that there were many changes
in the surface of what is now called the earth.

In the first, or greater portion, we find that now known as the
southern portions of South America and the Arctic or North Arctic regions,
while those in what is now as Siberia - or that as of Hudson Bay
- was rather in that region of the tropics,
or that position now occupied by near what would be as the same line would run,
of the southern Pacific, or central Pacific regions - and about the same way.

Then we find, with this change that came first in that portion,
when the first of those peoples used that as prepared
for the changes in the earth, we stood near the same
position as the earth occupies in the present - as to Capricorn,
or the equator, or the poles.

Then, with that portion, then the South Pacific, or Lemuria,
began its disappearance - even before Atlantis,
for the changes were brought about in the latter portion of that period,
or what would be termed ten thousand seven hundred (10,700)
light years, or earth years, or present setting of those,
as set by Amilius or Adam.


In the considerations that may be had concerning such information,
many are the questions that must naturally arise
in the minds of individuals who would consider same
in any way or manner.

However, will a very close check be kept upon those who evince
an interest, these will be found to be those who occupy
in the present some influence innate or manifested
from their experience or sojourn under or in that environ.

As has been given, this would be well to do.
For to the analytical or to the research character of mind,
there will be little that may escape the attention of such a mind
- when spiritual or psychic, or occult, or those kindred subjects
are approached - as to how quick there is the desire,
that expression of "I know it, but don't know how to tell it,
will be in that individual's or entity's feeling, and expression
- when one may be obtained at all.
They will immediately become the dreamer! Try this!

Ready for questions.
(Q) Explain the information given regarding Amilius,
who first noted the separation of the peoples
into male and female, as it relates to the story
in the Bible of Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden
giving the name of the symbols Adam, Eve, the apple,
and the serpent.
(A) This would require a whole period of a lecture period for this alone.
For, as is seen, that as is given is the presentation of a teacher
of a peoples that separated for that definite purpose
of keeping alive in the minds, the hearts, the soul minds of entities,
that there may be seen their closer relationship
to the divine influences of Creative Forces,
that brought into being all that appertains to man's indwelling
as man in the form of flesh in this material world.

These are presented in symbols of that thought
as held by those peoples from whom the physical recorder
took those records as compiled, with that gained by himself
in and through the entering into that state where
the entity's soul mind drew upon the records
that are made by the passing of time itself in a material world.

As given, these are records not only of the nature as has been termed
or called akashic records (that is, of a mental or soul record),
but that in a more material nature as set down in stone,
that was attempted to be done - has been attempted
to be done throughout all time!

Why does man now set in stone those that are representatives
of that desired to be kept in mind by those making records
for future generations?
There are many more materials more lasting, as is known to many.

In the records, then, as this:
There are, as seen, the records made by the man in the mount,
that this Amilius - Adam, as given - first discerned that from himself,
not of the beasts about him, could be drawn - was drawn
- that which made for the propagation of beings in the flesh,
that made for that companionship as seen by creation
in the material worlds about same.

The story, the tale (if chosen to be called such), is one and the same.

The apple, as 'the apple of the eye', the desire of that companionship
innate in that created, as innate in the Creator, that brought companionship
into the creation itself. Get that one!

In this there comes, then, that which is set before that created - or having
taken on that form, able of projecting itself in whatever direction it chose
to take, as given; able to make itself of that environ, in color, in harmony,
in whatever source that makes for the spirit of that man would attempt
to project in music, in art, in any form that may even be conceivable
to the mind itself in what may be termed
in its most lucid moments,
in its most esoteric moments,
in its highest animation moments.

For were He not the Son of the living God made manifest,
that He might be the companion in a made world,
in material manifested things, with the injunction to subdue all,
bring all in the material things under subjection.

All under subjection - by that ability to project itself in its way?
Knowing itself, as given, to be a portion of the whole, in, through, of,
by the whole?

In this desire, then, keep - as the injunction was - thine self separate:
of that seen, but not that seen.

The apple, then, that desire for that which made for the associations
that bring carnal-minded influences of that brought as sex influence,
known in a material world, and the partaking of same is that which
brought the influence in the lives of that in the symbol of the serpent,
that made for that which creates the desire that may be only satisfied
in gratification of carnal forces, as partake of the world and its influences
about same.
Rather than of the spiritual emanations from which it has its source.
Will control - inability of will control, if we may put it in common parlance.
We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the material and information given
through this channel on the lost continent of Atlantis,
a copy of which I hold in my hand.
You will answer the questions which I will ask regarding this:

EC: Yes, we have the information as written here, as given.

In following out that as just given, with these changes coming
in the experience of Amilius and I (Ai/Ay), Adam and Eve,
the knowledge of their position, or that as is known
in the material world today as desires and physical bodily charms,
the understanding of sex, sex relationships, came into the experience.

With these came the natural fear of that as had been forbidden,
that they know themselves to be a part of but not of that as partook
of earthly, or the desires in the manner as were about them,
in that as had been their heritage.

Were this turned to that period when this desire, then,
becomes consecrated in that accomplished again in
the virgin body of the mother of the Son of Man,
we see this is then crystallized into that, that even that
of the flesh may be - with the proper concept, proper desire
in all its purity - consecrated to the Living Forces as manifest
by the ability in that body so brought into being, as to make
a way of escape for the erring man.

Hence we have found throughout the ages, so oft the times
when conception of truth became rampant with free-love,
with the desecration of those things that brought to these
in the beginning that of the knowledge of their existence,
as to that that may be termed - and betimes became
- the moral, or morality of a people.

Yet this same feeling, this same exaltation that comes from association
of kindred bodies - that have their lives consecrated in a purposefulness,
that makes for the ability of retaining those of the essence of creation
in every virile body - can be made to become the fires that light truth,
love, hope, patience, peace, harmony.

For they are ever the key to those influences
that fire the imaginations of those that are gifted
in any form of depicting the high emotions of human experience,
whether it be in the one or the other fields, and hence is judged
by those that may not be able, or through desire submit themselves
- as did Amilius and I (Ai/Aye) to those elements,
through the forces in the life as about them.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Who was I (Ai/Aye)?
(A) It's been given!

(Q) In relation to the history of Atlantis as presented,
at what period did the flood as recorded in the Bible
in which Noah took part, occur?
(A) In the second of the eruptions, or - as is seen
- two thousand - two-two thousand and six [22,006]
- before the Prince of Peace, as time is counted now,
or light years - day and night years.

Not light years as the akashic records,
or as the esoteric records,
or as counted by astrology or astronomy,
in the speed or the reflection of a ray of light;

For, as records are made, the akashic records are as these:
Activity of any nature, as of the voice, as of a light made,
produced in the natural forces those of a motion
- which pass on, or are upon, the record of that as time.

As may be illustrated in the atomic vibration as set in motion
for those in that called the audition, or the radio in its activity.

It passes even faster than time itself.

Hence Light Forces pass much faster, but the records are upon
the esoteric, or etheric, or akashic forces, as they go along upon
the wheels of time, the wings of time, or in whatever dimension
we may signify as a matter of its momentum or movement.

Hence as the forces that are attuned to those various incidents,
periods, times, places, may be accorded to the record,
the contact as of the needle upon the record, as to how clear
a rendition or audition is received, or how clear or how perfect
an attunement of the instrument used as the reproducer of same
is attuned to those keepers - as may be termed - of those records.

What would be indicated by the keepers?
That as just given, that they are the records upon the wings
or the wheel of time itself.

Time, as that as of space - as inter-between.

That inter-between, that which is, that of which,
that from one object to another when in matter
is of the same nature, or what that is is what the other is,
only changed in its vibration to produce that element,
or that force, as is termed in man's terminology
as Dimensions of space, or Dimensions that give it,
whatever may be the solid, liquid, gas,
or what its form or dimension!

(Q) How large was Atlantis during the time of Amilius?
(A) Comparison, that of Europe including Asia in Europe
- not Asia, but Asia in Europe - see?

This composed, as seen, in or after the first of the destructions,
that which would be termed now - with the present position
- the southernmost portion of same - islands as created
by those of the first (as man would call) volcanic or eruptive forces
brought into play in the destruction of same.

(Q) Was Atlantis one large continent, or a group of large islands?
(A) Would it not be well to read just that given?
Why confuse in the questionings?

As has been given, what would be considered one large continent,
until the first eruptions brought those changes - from what would now,
with the present position of the earth in its rotation,
or movements about its sun, through space, about Arcturus,
about the Pleiades, that of a whole or one continent.

Then with the breaking up, producing more of the nature of large islands,
with the intervening canals or ravines, gulfs, bays or streams,
as came from the various Elemental forces that were set in motion
by this Charging - as it were - OF the forces that were collected
as the basis for those elements that would produce destructive forces,
as might be placed in various quarters or gathering places of those beasts,
or the periods when the larger animals roved the earth
- with that period of man's indwelling.

Let it be remembered, or not confused, that the earth
was peopled by animals before peopled by man!

First that of a mass, which there arose the mist,
and then the rising of same with light breaking
over that as it settled itself, as a companion
of those in the universe, as it began its natural
(or now natural) rotations, with the varied effects
upon the various portions of same, as it slowly
- and is slowly - receding or gathering closer to the sun,
from which it receives its impetus for the awakening
of the elements that give life itself, by radiation of
like elements from that which it receives from the sun.

Hence that of one type, that has been through the ages,
of mind - that gives the Sun as the father of light in the earth.

Elements have their attraction and detraction,
or those of animosity and those of gathering together.

This we see throughout all of the kingdoms, as may be termed,
whether we speak of the heavenly hosts or of those of the stars,
or of the planets, or of the various forces within any or all of same,
they have their attraction or detraction.

The attraction increases that as gives an impulse, that
that becomes the aid, the stimuli, or an impulse to create.

Hence, as may be seen - or may be brought to man's own
- that of attraction one for another gives that STIMULI,
that IMPULSE, to be the criterion of, or the gratification of,
those influences in the experience of individuals or entities.

To smother same oft becomes deteriorations for each other,
as may come about in any form, way or manner.

Accidents happen in creation, as well as in individuals' lives!
Peculiar statement here, but - true!

(Q) What were the principal islands called at the time
of the final destruction?
(A) Poseidia and Aryan, and Og.

(Q) Describe one of the ships of the air that was used during
the highest period of mechanical development in Atlantis.
(A) Much of the nature, in the earlier portion, as would be were
the hide of many of the pachyderm, or elephants, many into
the containers for the gases that were used as both lifting
and for the impelling of the crafts about the various portions
of the continent, and even abroad.

These, as may be seen, took on those abilities not only
to pass through that called air, or that heavier,
but through that of water - when they received
the impetus from the necessities of the peoples
in that particular period, for the safety of self.
The shape and form, then, in the earlier portion,
depended upon which or what skins were used
for the containers.

The metals that were used as the braces,
these were the combinations then of what
is now a lost art - the tempered brass,
the temperament of that as becomes between
aluminum (as now called) and that of uranium,
with those of the fluxes that are from those
of the combined elements of the iron,
that is carbonized with those of other fluxes - see?

These made for lightness of structure, non-conductor
or conductors of the electrical forces
- that were used for the impelling of same,
rather than the gases - which were used as the lifting. See?

For that as in the nature's forces may be turned
into even the forces of that that makes life, as given,
from the sun rays to those elements that make for,
or find corresponding reaction in their application of same,
or reflection of same, to the rays itself - or a different
or changed form of storage of Force,
as called electrical in the present.

We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the material, or information,
given through this channel on the Lost Continent of Atlantis,
a copy of which I hold in my hand.
You will answer the questions which I will ask regarding this:

EC: Yes, we have the information as has been transcribed here.
Ready for questions.

(Q) How is the legend of Lilith connected with the period of Amilius?
(A) In the beginning, as was outlined, there was presented that
that became as the Sons of God, in that male and female were as one,
with those abilities for those changes as were able or capable
of being brought about.

In the changes that came from those Things, as were of
the projections of the abilities of those entities to project,
this as a being came as the companion;
and when there was that turning to the within,
through the sources of creation, as to make for the helpmeet
of that as created by the first cause, or of the Creative Forces
that brought into being that as was made, then - from out of self
- was brought that as was to be the helpmeet,
NOT just companion of the body.

Hence the legend of the associations of the body during that period
before there was brought into being the last of the creations,
which was not of that that was NOT made, but the first of that that
WAS made, and a helpmeet to the body, that there might be
no change in the relationship of the SONS of God
WITH those relationships of the sons and daughters of men.

In this then, also comes that as is held by many who have reached
especially to that understanding of how NECESSARY, then,
becomes the PROPER mating of those souls that may be
the ANSWERS one to another of that that may bring,
through that association, that companionship, into being
that that may be the more helpful, more sustaining,
more the well- ROUNDED life or experience of those
that are a PORTION one of another.

Do not misinterpret, but knowing that all are OF one -
yet there are those divisions that make for a CLOSER union,
when there are the proper relationships brought about.

As an illustration, in this:
In the material world we find there is in the mineral kingdom
those elements that are of the nature as to form a closer union
one with another, and make as for compounds as make
for elements that act more in unison with, or against,
other forms of activity in the experience in the earth's environ,
or the earth's force, as makes for those active forces in
the ELEMENTS that are ABOUT the earth.

Such as we may find in those that make for the active forces
in that of uranium, and that of ultramarine, and these make then
for an element that becomes the more active force as with
the abilities for the rates of emanation as may be thrown off
from same.

So, as illustrated in the union, then, of - in the PHYSICAL compounds
- that as may vibrate, or make for emanations in the activities
of their mental and spiritual, and material, or physical forces,
as may make for a GREATER activity in this earth environ.

Then, there may be seen that as is in an elemental, or compound,
that makes for that as is seen in the material experience as
to become an antipathy for other elements that are as equally
necessary in the experience of man's environ as in the combination
of gases as may produce whenever combined that called water,
and its antipathy for the elements in combustion is easily seen
or known in man's experience.

So in those unions of that in the elemental forces of creative energies
that take on the form of man, either in that of man or woman,
with its NATURAL or ELEMENTAL, see? ELEMENTAL forces
of its vibration, with the union of two that vibrate or respond
to those vibrations in self, create for that ideal that becomes as that,
in that created, in the form - as is known as radium, with its fast emittal
vibrations, that brings for active forces, principles, that makes for
such atomic forces within the active principles of all nature in
its active force as to be one of the elemental bases from which life
in its essence, as an active principle in a material world, has its sources,
give off that which is EVER good - unless abused, see?

So in that may there be basis for THOSE forces, as HAS been,
as IS sought, thought, or ATTAINED BY those who have,
through the abilities of the vibrations, to make for a continued force
in self as to meet, know, see, feel, understand, those sources
from which such begets that of its kind, or as those that become
as an antipathy for another, or as makes for those that makes
for the variations in the tempering of the various elements,
compounds, or the like; so, as is seen, THESE - then -
the BASIS for those things as has been given here, there,
in their various ways and manners, as to the companion of,
and COMPANIONS of, that that first able - through its projection
of itself and its abilities in the creation
- to bring about that that was either of its OWN making,
or creation, or that given in the beginning to BE the force
THROUGH which there might BE that that would bring
ever blessings, good, right, and love, in even the physical
or material world. See?

(Q) How long did it take for the division into male and female?
(A) That depends upon which, or what branch or LINE is considered.
When there was brought into being that as of the projection
of that created BY that created, this took a period of evolutionary
- or, as would be in the present year, fourscore and six year.

That as brought into being as was of the creating OF that that
became a portion of, OF that that was already created by the CREATOR,
THAT brought into being as WERE those of the forces of nature itself.

God said, "Let there be light" and there WAS light!
God said, "Let there be life" and there WAS life!

(Q) Were the thought forms that were able to push themselves out
of themselves inhabited by souls, or were they of the animal kingdom?
(A) That as created by that CREATED, of the animal kingdom.
That created as by the Creator, with the soul.

(Q) What was meant by the Sons of the Highest in Atlantis
and the second coming of souls to the earth,
as mentioned in a life reading given thru this channel? (See 2802-1)
(A) In this period or age, as was seen - There is fault of words here
to PROJECT that as actually OCCURS in the FORMATIONS
of that as comes about!

There was, with the WILL of that as came into being
through the correct channels, of that as created by the Creator,
that of the CONTINUING of the souls in its projection
and projection - see?

While in that as was OF the offspring, of that as pushed itself INTO form
to SATISFY, GRATIFY, that of the desire of that known as carnal forces
of the SENSES, of those created, there continued to be the war
one with another, and there were then - FROM the other SOURCES (worlds)
the continuing entering of those that WOULD make for the keeping
of the balance, as of the first purpose of the Creative Forces,
as it magnifies itself in that given sphere of activity,
of that that had been GIVEN the ABILITY to CREATE with its OWN activity - see?

And hence the second, or the CONTINUED entering of souls into
that known as the earth's plane during this period, for that activity
as was brought about. Let's REMEMBER that as was given,
in the second, third from Adam, or fourth, or from Amilius,
there was "In that day did they CALL UPON the NAME of the Lord"
- is right! and ever, when the elements that make for littleness,
uncleanness, are crucified in the body, the SPIRIT of the Lord,
of God, is present!

When these are overbalanced, so that the body (physical),
the mental man, the imagination of its heart,
is evil, or his purpose is evil, then is that war continuing
- as from the beginning. Just the continued warring of those things
within self as from the beginning; for with these changes as
brought SIN into the world, with same came the FRUITS of same,
or the seed as of sin, which we see in the material world as those things
that corrupt good ground, those that corrupt the elements
that are of the compounds of those of the first causes, or elementals,
and pests are seen - and the like, see?

So does it follow throughout all creative forces,
that the fruits of that as is active brings that seed
that makes for the corrupting of, or the clearing of,
in the activative forces of, that BEING acted upon.

(Q) What was meant by "As in the first Adam sin entered,
so in the last Adam all shall be made alive?"
(A) Adam's entry into the world in the beginning, then,
must become the savior OF the world, as it was committed
to his care, "Be thou fruitful, multiply, and SUBDUE the earth!"

Hence Amilius, Adam, the first Adam, the last Adam, becomes - then
- that that is GIVEN the POWER OVER the earth, and
- as in each soul the first to be conquered is self - then ALL THINGS,
conditions and elements, are subject unto that self!

That a universal law, as may be seen in that as may be demonstrated
either in gases that destroy one another by becoming elements
of the same, or that in the mineral or the animal kingdom as may
be found that destroy, or BECOME one WITH the other.

Hence, as Adam given - the SON of God - so he MUST become
that that would be able to take the world, the earth,
back to that source from which it came, and ALL POWER is given
in his keeping in the earth, that he has overcome; self, death,
hell and the grave even, become subservient unto Him THROUGH
the conquering of self in that made flesh;

For, as in the beginning was the word, the Word WAS with God,
the Word WAS God, the same was IN the beginning.
The Word came and dwelt among men, the offspring of self
in a material world, and the Word OVERCAME the world
- and hence the world BECOMES, then,
as the servant of that that overcame the world!

(Q) Please give the important re-incarnations of Adam
in the world's history.
(A) In the beginning
as Amilius,
as Adam,
as Melchizedek,
as Zend,
as Ur (Enoch?)
as Asaph
(See Ps. 81:5 indicating that Joseph and Asaph
were one and the same),
as Jesus [Jeshua]
- Joseph
- Jesus.
(See 364-9)

Then, as that coming into the world in the second coming.

For He will come again and receive His own, who have prepared themselves
through that belief in Him and acting in that manner;

For the SPIRIT is abroad, and the time draws near, and there will be
the reckoning of those even as in the first so in the last, and the last
shall be first;

For there is that Spirit abroad - He standeth near.
He that hath eyes to see, let him see.
He that hath ears to hear, let him hear that music
of the coming of the Lord of this vineyard, and art THOU ready
to give account of that THOU hast done with thine opportunity
in the earth as the Sons of God, as the heirs and joint heirs
of glory WITH the Son?

Then make thine paths straight,
for there must come an answering
for that THOU hast done with thine Lord!

He will not tarry, for having overcome He shall appear
even AS the Lord AND Master.

Not as one born, but as one that returneth to His own,
for He will walk and talk with men of every clime, and those
that are faithful and just in their reckoning shall be caught up
with Him to rule and to do JUDGEMENT for a thousand years!

(Q) Describe some of the mental abilities that were developed
by the Atlanteans at the time of their greatest spiritual development.
(A) Impossible to describe achievements physical in their spiritual development.

The use of MATERIAL conditions and spiritual attributes in a material world
would, and do, become that as are the miracles of the Son in the material world;
for even as with Him in - and as He walked, whether in Galilee,
in Egypt, in India, in France, in England, or America - there WERE those periods
when the activities of the physical were as was what would be termed
the everyday life of the SONS of God in the Atlantean or Eden experience;
for as those brought the various changes from the highest
of the SPIRITUAL development to the highest of the mental,
then of the MATERIAL or physical developments, then the fall - see?
We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the information given thru this channel
on The Lost Continent of Atlantis, a copy of which I hold in my hand.
You will please answer the questions which I will ask regarding this.

EC: We have the information as given here,
The Lost Continent of Atlantis, Poseida, Og, Odynelius.

Yes. Ready for questions.

(Q) Please explain what is meant by
"He will walk and talk with men of every clime".
Does this mean he will appear to many at once or appear
to various peoples during a long period?
(A) As given, for a thousand years He will walk and talk with men
of every clime.

Then in groups, in masses, and then they shall reign of the first resurrection
for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come.

In the manner as He sat at the peace conference in Geneva,
in the heart and soul of a man not reckoned by many
as an even unusually Godly man; yet raised for a purpose,
and he chose rather to be a channel of His thought for the world.

So, as there has been, so will it be until the time as set.
As was given of Him, not given to man to know the time or the period
of the end, nor to man - save by their constituting themselves
a channel through which He may speak.

To be sure, man and woman alike;
For, as given from the beginning, they are one.

Not as man counts oneness from the material viewpoint.
Rather from that as He gave,
"Where are those thy persecutors?"
"No man, Lord."
"Neither do I condemn thee. Sin no more."
In the searching out of those who, where and when He speaks,
or has spoken among or with, or through men,
"By their fruits ye shall know them."

They that bring more righteousness are the children of
faith, hope, charity.
These three; and they do so in MATERIAL world,
the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Be thou, then, a channel that may oft walk with Him
that gave not of else than,
"Let not your hearts be troubled;
neither let it be afraid.
Let not thine right hand know what thy left hand doeth."

Rather giving self to seeking, day by day,
to KNOW the will of the Father as was manifest in Him,
and may be manifest in Thee,
for He will not leave thee desolate,
but will come to thee - but not unless invited;
for, as in the periods, as we find, when He walked with men
as the Master among men, or when as Joseph in the kingdoms
that were raised as the saving of his peoples
that SOLD him into bondage,
or as the priest of Salem in the days when the call came
that a peculiar peoples would proclaim his name,
He has walked and talked with men.

Or, as in those days as Asapha
(See Ps. 81:5 indicating that Joseph and Asaph were one and the same),
or Affa in those periods when those of that same Egyptian land
were giving those counsels to the many nations,
when there would be those saving of the physical from that
of their own making in the physical;
or in the garden (as Adam) when those temptations came,
or as the first begotten of the Father that came as Amilius
in the Atlantean land and allowed himself to be led in ways of selfishness.

Hence, as we see, all the various stages of developments
that have come to man through the ages have been those periods
when He walked and talked with man.

In this, then, when - as we find - that those periods began
in a like period from that of Joseph to Joseph, or Jesus,
then again we see the cycle when perfected in body,
overcoming the world in the body of man, will He appear
in those VARIED experiences; for He tarries not,
and the time draws near.

(Q) In the Persian experience as San (or Zend)
did Jesus give the basic teachings of what became Zoroastrianism?
(A) In all those periods that the basic principle was
the Oneness of the Father, He has walked with men.
We are through.


GC: You will have before you the information given through
this channel on the Lost Continent of Atlantis.
You will please answer the questions which I will ask regarding this:

EC: Yes, we have the information that has been given
as respecting the continent Atlantis; also the information
that has been given through these channels as respecting same.

Ready for questions.
(Q) In what country, and in connection with what religion or philosophy,
did Jesus live as Ur? (see 364-7)
(A) Ur was rather a land, a place, a city - and the thought, or intent,
or the call was from Ur.

Ur, then, as presented or represented in the experience of Jesus,
as one that impelled or guided those thoughts in that period, or experience.

(Q) What part did Jesus play in any of His reincarnations
in the development of the basic teachings of the following religions and philosophies?
First, Buddhism:
(A) This is just one.

(Q) Mohammedanism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Brahmanism, Platoism, Judaism.
(A) As has been indicated, the entity - as an entity - influenced either directly
or indirectly all those forms of philosophy or religious thought that taught God was One.

In the first, as one that associated with - in the meditation or spirit of
- that one guiding same, and those things that have been added to
are much in the same manner that was added to in Judaism.

Whether in Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Confucianism, Platoism, or what
- these have been added to much from that as was given by Jesus
in His walk in Galilee and Judea. In all of these, then, there is
that same impelling spirit.

What individuals have done, do do, TO the principles or the spirit of same
- in turning this aside to meet their OWN immediate needs in material planes,
or places has made for that as becomes an outstanding thing,
as a moralist or the head of any independent religious force or power;

For, as has been given,
"Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is ONE!"
whether this is directing one of the Confucius' thought,
Brahman thought, Buddha thought, Mohammedan thought;
these are as teachers or representatives, or to make more
of the distinct change - as was in that as given by the apostle
to the gentiles:
"I hear there are divisions among you. Some say I am Paul, another I am Apollos,
another I am of Caiaphas. Paul may minister, Apollos may have watered,
but it's GOD that gives the increase!"

The Spirit of the Creative Force, and as such the Son represented
in the spirit in that as was made manifest in the earth.

Not as ONLY one, but THE only one; for, as He gave,
"He that climbs up any other way is a thief and a robber."

As the Spirit of the Master, the Spirit of the Son, was manifest
- as was given - to each in their respective sphere.

As it is today. As it was of yore.
God calls on man everywhere to seek His face, through that channel
that may be blessed by the Spirit of the Son - in whatever sphere
this may take its form.

Because there are contentions, because there is the lack of the giving
and taking as to others' thought, does not change God's attitude one whit;
neither does it make one above another; for, as has been given,
there IS ONLY one - the others are as those acting in the capacity
of the thought that was given to them through that same power, that
"In the last days has He spoken unto us through the Son,
as one born out of due season."

We find the same contentions arising in that called in the present
denominationalism, and each one crying,
"Lo, here is Christ - Lo, this is the manner of approach
- Lo, unless ye do this or that ye have no part in Him."

"He that loves me will keep my commandments."
What are the comandments?
"Thou shalt have no other GOD before me", and
"Love thy neighbor as thyself."
In this is builded the whole LAW and gospel
of every age that has said, "There is ONE God!"

(Q) What name was borne by Jesus in His reincarnations
in France, England, America?
(A) Rather these have been as the Spirit of the Christ, or the Master
walked among men, than incarnated in these different countries;
for whether among the priest, as it were, in France
- or among the lowly monk in England, or the warrior bold in America,
the SPIRIT that "God is ONE! Prefer thy neighbor, thy brother, before thyself!"

These, as we find, took possession of - or rather labored with,
until their own PERSONALITIES were laid aside in individuals.

Do thou likewise, would thou have Him walk with thee.
"Not my will, O Lord, but thine, be done in me - this day, now!"

(Q) Was Atlantis one of the five points at which man appeared
in the beginning, being the home of the red race?
(A) One of the five points.
As has been given, in what is known as Gobi, India, in Carpathia,
or in that known as the Andes, and that known as in the western plain
of what is now called America - the five places.

In their presentation, as we find, these - in the five places,
as MAN (Let's get the difference in that as first appeared
in what is known as Atlantis, and that as MAN appearing
from those projections in the five places - and, as has been given,
from their environ took on that as became necessary for the meeting
of those varying conditions under which their individualities
and personalities began to put on form) - one in the white,
another in the brown, another in the black, another in the red.

These, as we find, taking that form -
Would snow be the place for the black?
Or the sun the place for the white?
Or the desert and the hills for either the white or black?
As were partakers of those things that brought about those variations
in that which enters, or becomes as the outer presentation, or the skin,
or the pigment that is presented in same.
(see 364-9 Reports)

(Q) The center or beginning of these projections was in Atlantis?
(A) Was in Atlantis.
 Hence we have, as from the second incarnation there
- or the story as is given in Judaism doesn't vary a great deal
from that of the Chaldean; neither does it vary at all
from that that WILL be discovered in Yucatan;
nor does it vary a great deal from that as from the OLDER ones
of the Indian (East Indian, of course - as it is from the present).

(Q) What was the greatest period of the development
of the occult sciences in Atlantis and how did the people use them?
(A) This, as we will find, will require a great deal of an explanation
even to bring to the consciousness of an individual, in the present day
way of thinking, as to what is meant by occult or mystic science;
for the NATURAL trend - or the NATURAL condition of individuals, or entities
- was the USE of these; as it is natural to eat!
We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the information given through this channel
on the lost continent of Atlantis.
You will please continue with this information, and answer the questions
which I will ask regarding same.

EC: Yes. In understanding, then, in the present terminology, occult science,
or psychic science - as seen, this was the natural or nature's activity
in that experience, and not termed a science - any more than would be
the desire for food by a new born babe.
Rather the natural consequence.

This explanation may of necessity take on some forms that may possibly
be confusing at times, but illustrations may be made through the various types
of occult science, or psychic manifestations, that may clarify for the student
something of the various types of psychic manifestations in the present,
as well as that that was natural in this period.

There is, as has been oft given, quite a difference - and much differentiation
should be made - in mysticism and psychic, or occult science as termed today.

From that which has been given, it is seen that individuals in the beginning
were more of thought forms than individual entities with personalities
as seen in the present, and their projections into the realms of fields
of thought that pertain to a developing or evolving world of matter,
with the varied presentations about same, of the expressions or attributes
in the various things about the entity or individual, or body, through which
such science - as termed now, or such phenomena
as would be termed - became manifest.
Hence we find occult or psychic science, as would be called at the present,
was rather the natural state of man in the beginning.

Very much as (in illustration) when a baby, or babe, is born into the world
and its appetite is first satisfied, and it lies sleeping.
Of what is its dreams?
That it expects to be, or that it has been?
Of what are thoughts?
That which is to be, or that which has been, or that which is?

Now remember we are speaking - these were thought forms,
and we are finding again the illustrations of same!

When the mental body (Now revert back to what you are calling science)
- when the mental body, or mind, has had training,
or has gone through a course of operations in certain directions,
such individuals are called so-and-so minded;
as one of an inventive turn, and trained;
one of a statistician turn, and trained;
one of a theologian turn, and trained;
one of philosophical turn, and trained.

Of what does the mind build?
We have turned, then, to that that has become very material,
for the mind constantly trained makes for itself MENTAL pictures,
or makes for that as is reasoned with from its own present
dimensional viewpoints - but the babe, from whence its reasoning?

From whence its dream?
From that that has been taken in,
or that that has been its experience from whence it came?
Oft has it been said, and rightly, with a babe's smile 'Dreaming of angels',
and close in touch with them - but what has PRODUCED that dream?

The contact with that upon which IT has fed!
Don't forget our premise now from which we are reasoning!
And we will find that we will have the premise from which those individuals,
or the entities, reasoned within the beginning in this land.

(We are speaking of Atlanteans, when they became as thought forces.)
From whence did THEY reason?
From the Creative Forces from which they had received their impetus,
but acted upon by the thought FORMS as were in MATERIAL forms
about them, and given that power (will) to be one WITH that from
what it sprang or was given its impetus, or force,
yet with the ability to USE that in the way that seemed,
or seemeth, good or well, or pleasing, unto itself.

Hence we find in this particular moulding or mouldive stage,
that in which there was the greater development of,
and use of, that as is termed or called psychic and occult forces,
or science - in the present terminology, or age.

Illustrating, then, that as to how this was used by those entities,
those beings, in the formative stage of their experience
or sojourn among that as had been created in all of its splendor
to supply every want or desire that might be called forth
by that being, with all of its attributes physical, mental AND SPIRITUAL
at hand; for, as has been given, even unto the four hundred thousandth
generation from the first creation was it prepared for man's indwelling.

As we today (turn to today), we find there the developments
of those resources.
How long have they remained?
Since the beginning!

How long has man been able to use them for his undoing,
or his pleasure, or for his regeneration?
Since the knowledge of some source has awakened within
its psychic force, or source, of the apparatus,
or the form that it takes, either in a physical or mental
(for remember, Mind is the Builder - and it moves along
those channels through which, and by which,
it may bring into existence in whatever dimension or sphere
from which it is reasoning, or reasoning toward - see)
- and as these may be illustrated in the present:
When there is a manifestation of a psychic force,
or an occult action, or phenomena, or activity in, upon,
of or for, an individual, there is then the rolling back,
as it were, or a portion of the physical consciousness
- or that mental trained individual consciousness
- has been rolled aside, or rolled back,
and there is then a visioning - To what?

That as from the beginning, a projection OF that form
that assumed its position or condition in the earth
as from the beginning, and with those so endowed
with that as may be called an insight into psychic sources
there may be visioned about a body its astral
(if chosen to be termed), rather its THOUGHT body,
as is projected FROM same in such a state;
especially so when there is the induction,
or the inducing of, an unconsciousness of the normal brain,
or normal mental body. Submerged - into what?
Into the unconscious, or subconscious. Sub,
in THIS instance, meaning BELOW - not above normal; below
- SUBJECTED to the higher consciousness,
or to the higher thought, that has been builded
- just as sure as has a physical body been builded,
from what?

That as has been given from its first nucleus
as passed through in its experience.

Then there may be visioned by such a body,
as may be called with the second sight,
or with a vision, that accompanying thought body
of such an one, manifesting in much the way
and manner as individuals in the Atlantean period
of psychic and occult development brought about in their experience.

Through such projections there came about that first necessity
of the division of the body, to conform to those necessities
of that as seen in its own mental vision as builded
(MENTAL now - Don't confuse these terms,
or else you will become VERY confused in what is being given!).

The mental vision by its action upon what body is being builded?
On the mental body of the individual in a material world,
out of Spirit, out of the ability to have all the attributes
of the spiritual or unseen forces - but MATERIALIZED forces,
as is necessary from the mental body in a material world
MENTALLY trained to, or in, certain directions, or given directions,
or following the natural bent of its threefold or threeply body,
as is seen in every individual or every entity.

As these projected themselves, then we find these DEVELOPMENTS
were in this portion of the development in the Atlantean period.
How were these used?
In much as were from the beginning.
Remember there was ever the instruction to those peoples
that were to hold to that that would bring for the spiritual forces,
rather than the abuses of the abilities - as those with familiar spirits,
as those that spoke to or partook of the divinations
of those that had passed from the earth's plane,
or those that partook of the animal magnetism
- that came from the universal consciousness of animal matter
as passed into its experience, in its interchange through those periods
of integration and disintegration - and the spirit forces possessing those
that would lay themselves open to such conditions,
for these are as real as physical bodies if the attunements
of the entity are such that it may vision them!
and they are about you always, sure!

These, then, are entities - sure; whether animal or those endowed with the soul
- until they pass through those changes - as there ever has been, see?

Also there are those that ever make for those channels in the psychic
and occult (we are speaking of, through which man - as it reached
that stage, or that position that it became farther and farther
from its natural sources, through the same CHARACTER of channel
may it communicate with that from which it is a portion of, or the Creative Forces),
and hence the terminology arose as 'Good Spirits' and 'Bad Spirits';

For there are those that partake of the earth, or of the carnal forces,
rather than of those forces that are of the spiritual or CREATIVE.

Those that are destruction are of the Earth.
Those that are constructive, then, are the good
- or the divine and the devilish, bringing for those developments
in their various phases.

Hence the greater development of that called occult, or psychic forces,
during the Atlantean period - and the use of same, and the abuse of same
- was during its first thousand years, as we would call light years;
not the light of the star, but the sun goes down and the sun goes down - years.

That brought about those cycles, or those changes.
Hence we have that which has been given through
many of the sources of information, or the channels
for individuals - and in those, these, the entity
- as a voice upon waters, or as the wind that moved
among the reeds and harkened, or again as when
the morning stars sang together and the sons of God
beheld the coming of man into his own, through the various realms
as were brought by the magnifying of, or the deteriorating of,
the use of those forces and powers as manifested themselves
in a MATERIAL area, or those that partook of carnal to
the gratification of that that brought about its continual HARDENING
and less ability to harken back through that from
WHICH it came, and partaking more and more OF that upon which
it became an eater of; or, as is seen even in the material forces
in the present: We find those that partake of certain elements,
unless these become very well balanced WITH all SOURCES - Of what?

That of which there were the first causes, or nature, or natural,
or God's sources or forces are.

Hence ELEMENTS - not rudiments; elements - as are termed
in the terminology of the student of the anatomical, physiological,
psychological forces within a body - GERMS!

Sure they are germs! for each are as atoms of power - From what?
That source from which it has drawn its essence upon what it feeds.
Is one feeding, then, its soul? or is one feeding its body?
or is one feeding that interbetween (its mental body) to its own undoing,
or to those foolishnesses of the simple things of life?

Being able, then, to partake OF the physical but not a part of same
- but more and more feeding upon those sources from which it emanates itself,
or of the SPIRITUAL life, so that the physical body, the mental body,
are attuned TO its soul forces, or its soul source, its Creator, its Maker,
in such a way and manner, as it develops.

What, then, IS psychic force?
What IS occult science?
A developing of the abilities within each individual
that has not lost its sonship, or its relation to its Creator,
to live upon - or demonstrate more and more through phenomena
of whatever nature from which it takes its source,
for that individual activity of that entity itself through
the stages of development through which it has passed,
and giving of its life source that there may be brought INTO being
that which gives more knowledge of the source FROM which
the entity ESSENCE (Isn't a good word, but signifies that intended
to be expressed; not elements, not rudiments,
but ESSENCE of the entity itself, ITS spirit and soul
- its spirit being its portion of the Creator, its soul that of its entity itself,
making itself individual, separate entity, that may be one WITH
the Creative Force from which it comes - or which it is! of which
it is made up, in its atomic forces, or in its very essence itself!)
emanates; and the more this may be manifest,
the greater becomes the occult force.

To what uses, then, did these people in this particular period
give their efforts, and in what directions were they active?

As many almost as there were individuals! for,
as we find from the records as are made, to some there was given
the power to become the sons of God;
others were workers in brass, in iron, in silver, in gold;
others were made in music, and the instruments of music.

These, then, we find in the world today
(Today, now - we are reasoning from today).
Those that are especially gifted in art - in its various forms;
and a real artist (as the world looks at it) isn't very much fit
for anything else! yet it is - What?

An expression of its concept OF that from WHICH it, that entity, sprang
- through the various stages of its evolution (if you choose to call it such)
in a material world, or that which it fed its soul or its mental being
for its development through its varied experiences IN a material world.

These, then, are but manifestations (occult forces) in individuals
who are called geniuses, or gifted in certain directions.

These, then, are the manners in which the ENTITIES, those BEINGS,
those SOULS, in the beginning partook of, or developed.

Some brought about monstrosities, as those of its (that entity's) association
by its projection with its association with beasts of various characters.

Hence those of the Styx, satyr, and the like; those of the sea, or mermaid;
those of the unicorn, and those of the various forms - these projections of what?

The abilities in the PHYCHIC forces (psychic meaning, then, of the mental
AND the soul - doesn't necessarily mean the body, until it's enabled
to be brought INTO being in whatever form it may make its manifestation
- which may never be in a material world,
or take form in a three-dimensional plane as the earth is;
it may remain in a fourth-dimensional - which is an idea!

Best definition that ever may be given of fourth-dimension is an idea!
Where will it project?
Where does it arise from? Who knows!
Where will it end?
Who can tell! It is all inclusive!
It has both length, breadth, height and depth
- is without beginning and is without ending!

Dependent upon that which it may feed for its sustenance,
or it may pass into that much as a thought or an idea.

Now this isn't ideal that's said! It's idea! see?)

In the use of these, then, in this material plane
- of these forces - brought about those that made
for all MANNERS of the various forms that are used
in the material world today.

MANY of them to a much higher development.
As those that sought forms of minerals
- and being able to be that the mineral was,
hence much more capable - in the psychic or occult force,
or power - to classify, or make same in its own classifications.

Who classified them?
They were from the beginning!
They are themselves!
They were those necessities as were IN the beginning
from an ALL WISE Creator!

For remember these came, as did that as was
to be the keeper of same!
The husbandman of the vineyard!

Each entity, each individual - today,
has its own vineyard to keep, to dress - For who?
Its Maker, from whence it came!

What is to be the report in thine own life with those abilities,
those forces, as may be manifest in self
- through its calling upon, through what?

How does prayer reach the throne of mercy or grace,
or that from which it emanates? From itself!

Through that of CRUCIFYING, NULLIFYING, the carnal mind
and opening the mental in such a manner that the Spirit of truth
may flow in its psychic sense, or occult force, into the very being,
that you may be one with that from which you came!

Be thou faithful unto that committed into thy keeping!
Life ITSELF is precious!
For why?
It is of the Maker itself!
That IS the beginning!

The psychic forces, the attunements, the developments,
going TO that!
As did many in that experience.

And Enoch walked with God, and he was not for God took him.
As was many of those in those first years, in this land, this experience.

These in the present, then, do not justly call it science;
rather being close to nature.
Listen at the birds. Watch the blush of the rose.
Listen at the life rising in the tree.
These serve their Maker - Through what?
That psychic force, that IS Life itself,
in their respective sphere - that were put for the service of man.
Learn thine lesson, O Man, from that about thee!

We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the information given through this channel
on the lost continent of Atlantis.
You will continue with this information,
and will answer the questions which I will ask regarding this:

EC: Yes. As to why, then, each individual must be, and is,
the keeper of his own vineyard?

For there is, as from the beginning, in each entity that
- of the Father, or the First Cause - that enables one
to make manifest even in the material world through
the attributes OF the First Cause, that makes for
the manifestation OF that power, or force, in a material world.

As to what one does WITH same is an action of the will
that entity himself, or herself.

As to occult or psychic science, as called, then - it is,
as we have found through some manifestations,
that these forces are first recognized in or by the individual.

Hence, as has been seen, in the beginning these were
the natural expressions of an entity.

As there developed more of the individual association
with material conditions, and they partook of same in such
a manner as to become wholly or in part a portion OF same,
farther - or more hidden, more unseen
- has become occult or psychic manifestations.

First there were the occasional harking back.
Later by dream.
Again we find individuals raised in certain sections for specific purposes.
As the cycle has gone about, time and again has there arisen
in the earth those that MANIFESTED these forces in a more magnificent,
more beneficent, way and manner.

And, as has been given, again the time draws near when there shall be seen
and known among men, in many places, the manifestations of such forces
in the material world;

For "As ye have seen him go, so will He return again."
Be thou faithful unto those words He has given while yet with you.
Hence it behooves every individual to take cognizance of that force
that may manifest in their material lives, even in this material age;
for those that become ashamed for His sake - for THAT sake
- of that that may manifest (which is as the Spirit's manner of activity)
through those many channels that are open to those who will look up,
lift up - and these, we find, are often in the lowliest of places and circumstances.

Since these are forces of the Most High, since these supplied - as of old
- those secular things in abundance, and were supplied the needs
not only of the physical being but of the mental and spiritual also,
contributing to those forces as made for the gratification also of that builded
in a material world, does it become any wonder that he that shall
be abased and remains true shall wear the Crown of Life?

Does it become unreasonable, then, that ye are being chastised for that
which has been builded within the material forces of the body itself,
that must be tried so as by fire?
For the chaff must be burned out!

Even as with the use of those sources of information,
the abilities to become a portion of those elements
that were the creative forces OF the compounds or elements
within the universal forces, at that period brought about
those forces that made for destruction of the land itself,
in the attempt to draw that as was in man then back
TO the knowledge; and these brought about those destructive forces
(that are known today) in gases, with that called the death ray
(See 364-11 Reports), that brought from
the bowels of the earth itself - when turned into the sources of supply
- those destructions to portions of the land.

Man has ever (even as then) when in distress, either mental,
spiritual OR physical, sought to know his association,
his connection, with the divine forces that brought
the worlds into being.

As these are sought, so does the promise hold true
- or that given man from the beginning,
"Will ye be my children, I will be thy God!"
"Ye turn your face from me, my face is turned from thee",
and those things ye have builded in thine own endeavor
to make manifest thine own powers bring those
certain destructions in the lives of individuals in the present,
even as in those first experiences with the use of those powers
that are so tabu by the worldly-wise, that are looked upon
as old men's tales and women's fables;
yet in the strength of such forces do WORLDS come into being!

THIS is what psychic force, and so called occult science,
DID mean, HAS meant, DOES mean in the world today.
Ready for questions.

(Q) Describe in more detail the causes and effects
of the destruction of the part of Atlantis now the Sargasso sea.
(A) As there were those individuals that attempted to bring again
to the mind of man more of those forces that are manifest
by the closer association of the mental and spiritual,
or the soul forces that were more and more as individual
and personal forms in the world, the use of the these elements
- as for the building up, or the passage of individuals through space
- brought the uses of the gases then (in the existent forces),
and the individuals being able to become the elements,
and elementals themselves, added to that used in the form
of what is at present known as the raising of the powers
from the sun itself, to the ray that makes for disintegration of the atom,
in the gaseous forces formed, and brought about the destruction
in that portion of the land now presented, or represented, or called, Sargasso sea.

(Q) What was the date of the first destruction,
estimating in our present day system of counting time in years B.C.?
(A) Seven thousand five hundred (7,500) years before the final destruction,
which came as has been given.

(Q) Please give a few details regarding the physiognomy, habits, customs
and costumes of the people of Atlantis during the period
just before this first destruction.
(A) These, as we find, will require their being separated in the gradual
development of the body and its physiognomy as it came into being
in the various portions of that land, as well as to those
that would separate themselves from those peoples where
there were the indwelling of peoples, or man - as man,
in the various areas of the land, or what we call world.

In the matter of form, as we find, first there were those as projections
from that about the animal kingdom;

For the THOUGHT bodies gradually took form, and
the various COMBINATIONS (as may be called) of the various forces
that called or classified themselves as gods, or rulers over
- whether herds, or fowls, or fishes, etc.
- in PART that kingdom and part of that as gradually
evolved into a physiognomy much in the form of the present day
may (were one chosen of those that were, or are,
the nearest representative of the race of peoples
that existed in this first period as the first destructions came about).

These took on MANY sizes as to stature, from that as may be called
the midget to the giants - for there were giants in the earth in those days,
men as tall as (what would be termed today) ten to twelve feet in stature,
and in proportion - well proportioned throughout.

The ones that became the most USEFUL were those as would
be classified (or called in the present) as the IDEAL stature,
that was of both male and female (as those separations had been begun);
and the most ideal (as would be called) was Adam, who was in
that period when he (Adam) appeared as five in one - See?

In this the physiognomy was that of a full head, with an extra EYE
- as it were - in those portions that became what is known as the EYE.

In the beginning these appeared in whatever portion
was desired by the body for its use!
As for the dress, those in the beginning were (and the Lord made
for them coats) of the skins of the animals.

These covered the parts of their person that had become,
then, as those portions of their physiognomy that had
brought much of the desires that made for destructive forces
in their own experience;

And these then were of those about them that were given
as meat, or used as same - that partook of the herbs.

These were those same herbs that the seed were
to have been for food for the man in self,
and only those that partook of same may be called
even clean - in the present day.

Those that supply those same materials that are
the proper building for the forces within the anatomical forces,
or physiological forces, of a developing body;

For these carry all the elements in their natural state.
Little of minerals should ever be the properties within the system,
save as may be taken through the vegetable forces,
save where individuals have so laxed themselves
as to require or need that which will make for an even balance of same.

We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the information given through
these channels on the lost continent of Atlantis.
You will continue with this information and answer
the questions regarding same.

EC: Yes, we have the information that has been given
through these channels regarding the development
of individual lives and their respective personalities,
as these in their development got farther and farther away
from those impelling forces that made them one
in body, mind and spirit, with the universal consciousness.

As these that were projections upon this plane of man's
making began to multiply, and to attach themselves
to the various activities that made for the sustaining
of those forces that are most predominant in the living creatures
(that of self-preservation and propagation),
with these developments of self, the ego, the I Am,
there began the developments towards that gratifying
in material senses those forces manifest in their beings;
as those that made for amusement, those that made
for the preserving of thoughts in their developing forces
as towards material - now, rather than towards
its continued associations from that which it received
its impulse. The "its", now, is the man!

In the first, then, we find the necessity of now supplying its own foods,
its own protection, its own activities for amusements, for developments,
for its associations one with another, and - as given
- then selfishness, and the desire to excel, the desire to place self
as in control of, in the supervision of, those things or others
about same, gradually developed households, groups, clans,
masses, then originally - or eventually - in that known as various
groups, houses, or nations.

With these developments came then the gradual injections
of the use of elements from without for protection, as implements
with which to protect themselves, which began with the use
of FITTING stone, iron, brass, copper, and those elements
known in the present, as instruments of warfare, or of building,
or of preservation of the various emoluments of individuals.

Hence we had also those for ornamentation of the body,
ornamentation of the abode, ornamentation of the various surroundings
that had to do with the individuals in their various sets, classes, or groups.

These made for such as dwelt in groups in homes or cities,
while others made for those as of following the field,
or those as of the hunters, or those as of the agriculturists,
or those that had herds, and their various necessities
that followed with these.

In their various developments, we find in various periods
of the beginning, some were given to the one
and some given to the other.

These as the necessity and the surroundings demanded
that those bring in the experience of the entities
that it brought to pass;

For was it still not those that were of creation in itself?
and it followed in the examples, then, of that about it
- called nature - that built according to its instinctive forces.

Hence the first became dwellers in the rocks, in the caves,
and those also that made their homes or nests, as it were,
in the trees and in the various things that surrounded their environs.

Then began the correlation, or the coordinating of combined forces
of a household, which made for the building up of that as became
the clans in their varied activities, those of a nature builded together
as for that in which those groups or those clans followed in their line,
these keeping in touch with those various others according
to their necessities of dispensing or disposing of,
or to meet with the needs for the various individual groups.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Describe briefly one of the large cities of Atlantis
at the height of its commercial and material prosperity,
giving name and location.
(A) This we find in that as called Poseida, or the city that
was built upon the hill that overlooked the waters of Parfa,
and in the vicinity also the egress and entrance to the waters
from which, through which, many of the people passed
in their association with, or connection with, those
of the outside walls or countries.

This we find not an altogether walled city, but a portion of same
built so that the waters of these rivers became as the pools
about which both sacrifice and sport, and those necessities
for the cleansing of body, home and all, were obtained, and these
- as we find - were brought by large ducts or canals into these
portions for the preservation, and yet kept constantly in motion
so that it purified itself in its course;
For, as we find, as is seen, water in motion over stone
or those various forces in the natural forces purifies itself
in twenty feet of space.

In the type of the buildings, these were much in that of tiers
- one upon the another, save principally in the temples
- that were about the sacred fires where these were offered,
the sacrifices that were gradually builded by the people
in their attempt to appease those forces in nature,
and from which we find there came all those forms
in the various portions of the earth in which these
were carried in their necessary channels,
to make for the variations in its surroundings
and the conditions thereunto.

In this temple, we find these of large or semi-circular columns
of onyx, topaz, and inlaid with beryl, amethyst, and stones
that made the variations in catching the rays of the sun.

Hence a portion of same became as the sun worshippers
in other portions, from which there were an egress of the peoples.
In this the sacred fires burned, and there were the rising
of the intermittent fires that came and went, that were later
worshipped by some that brought on much of the destruction,
because they waited long at the period before the destructions came.

These were those places where there became eventually
the necessity of offering human sacrifices, which when put
into fires became the ashes that were cast upon the waters
for the drinking of same by those that
were made prisoners from portions of other lands.

In the setting up of same, these in the temple ruled
- rather than those who held official positions in carrying out
the orders of those in these positions.

These, as to the manner of the buildings, were of the outer court
- or where groups or masses might collect.

The inner, those that were of a select group,
or those of the second chambers.

Those of the inner court, or shrine about the altar,
were only for the elect, or the chosen few.
We are through for the present.


GC: You will have before you the two articles copies of which
I hold in my hand;
the first on the Coming of Man;
the second on Life Readings.

You will please go over these articles in the order named,
making corrections as to information presented and suggesting
any changes in the presentation, expansion or condensing,
which would more adequately fit them to fulfil the purposes desired.

You will answer the questions which I will ask regarding
the data and its presentation.

EC: Yes, we have the articles here as they are written.
The first, The Coming of Man: (See 364-13 Reports)

This presented in the form written here is very good,
for the manner in which it is to be presented;
however, as we find, it would be well to present this
in such a way and manner that it might be given
as a syndicated article for Sunday Supplement,
or in such a manner that it might carry the thoughts
presented here to a greater number of individuals.

The article, Life Readings: (See 264-13 Reports)
This might be bettered were there some expansion
in references as to what the various schools
or groups of astrologers, with the line of Grecian
thought and Grecian mythology, have indicated
as to the valuation of the name, or the god or goddess
represented by the various planets.

Then this would convey in the form more for
the visualizing of the individual,
that represented by the sojourns in Mercury
- as the messenger, as the mental,
as the charge necessary between
the activities whether Venus, Jupiter, Saturn or what.

Venus would be shown in its purity, its truth,
its concept of the varied conditions
when in the light of truth
- or when brandished by those thoughts
in Mars or Saturn, or the defilements
in the Uranian or Jupiter powers turned
to variations in conditions in experiences.

All represent the attributes to man's experience,
and need visualization.

We would, then, only draw comparisons
of these various conditions, as it were.

The rest is very good, and will enable many
an individual to get an insight into the message
that is given in information of this nature.

Ready for questions.
(Q) Are the places designated for the beginning
of the five races correct?
(A) As we find, these are changed, in that:

Those in the Gobi, the yellow.

The white - rather in the Carpathians than India,
though this is the change to which they are made.

The red, of course, in the Atlantean and in the American.

The brown in the Andean.

The black in the plain and the Sudan,
or in African.

(Q) Where was the Carpathian region?
(A) Aarat.

(Q) Where is the location? Is it on the map today?
(A) Southern part of Europe and Russia,
and Persia and that land. Caucasian mountains.

(Q) Why was the number five selected for the projection of the five races?
(A) This, as we find, is that element which represents man in his physical form,
and the attributes to which he may become conscious FROM
the elemental or spiritual to the physical consciousness.

As the senses; as the sensing OF the various forces
that bring to man the activities in the sphere in which he finds himself.

This, to be sure, may be expanded upon.
This must bear in the same relation to that as did exist,
to the promise that He will come again.
Does any individual group think of themselves so exalted
as that only to one peoples will He appear as in the beginning,
so shall it ever be, that man's indwelling must recognize
that not only must his desires carnally be crucified,
but all elements that make for the awareness
OF the spiritual manifestations in the material plane!

(Q) Did the appearance of what became the five races occur simultaneously?
(A) Occurred at once.

(Q) Describe the earth's surface at the period
of the appearance of the five projections.
(A) This has been given.
In the first, or that known as the beginning,
or in the Caucasian and Carpathian,
or the Garden of Eden, in that land which lies now
much in the desert, yet much in mountain
and much in the rolling lands there.

The extreme northern portions were then
the southern portions, or the polar regions
were then turned to where they occupied
more of the tropical and semi-tropical regions;
hence it would be hard to discern or disseminate the change.

The Nile entered into the Atlantic Ocean.

What is now the Sahara was an inhabited land and very fertile.

What is now the central portion of this country,
or the Mississippi basin, was then all in the ocean;
only the plateau was existent.

Or the regions that are now portions of Nevada,
Utah and Arizona formed the greater part
of what we know as the United States.

That along the Atlantic board formed the outer portion then,
or the lowlands of Atlantis.

The Andean, or the Pacific coast of South America,
occupied then the extreme western portion of Lemuria.

The Urals and the northern regions of same were turned
into a tropical land.

The desert in the Mongolian land was then the fertile portion.

This may enable you to form some concept of the status
of the earth's representations at that time!

The oceans were then turned about.
They no longer bear their names.
Yet from whence obtained they their names?
What is the legend, even, as to their names?
(See 2746-3)

(Q) Are the following the correct places? Atlantean, the red.
(A) Atlantean and American, the red race.

(Q) Upper Africa for the black?
(A) Or what would be known now as the more Western portion
of upper Egypt for the black.

You see, with the changes - when there came the uprisings
in the Atlantean land, and the sojourning southward
- with the turning of the axis, the white and yellow races
came more into that portion of Egypt, India, Persia and Arabia.

(Q) There was no original projection in upper India?
(A) This was a portion rather of the white and the yellow as represented.
Let these represent the attributes of the physical, or the senses
and what forms they take, rather than calling them
white, black, yellow, red and green, etc.

What do they signify in the sensing?
Sight, vision - white.
Feeling - red.
Black - gratifying of appetites in the senses.
Yellow - mingling in the hearing.

What is the law of the peoples that these represent?
Their basic thoughts run to those elements!

We are through for the present.

Updated: 9 October 2013