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Current Activities of the A.R.E.

Current Activities of the A.R.E.
1.1 Ancient America and Genetic DNA Research
Modern Genetic Research Confirming Cayce’s Story

1.2 Atlantis
A.R.E. Search for Atlantis Findings

1.3 Crop Circles
Crop Circles! Mostly Fakes, but a Few Exceptions

1.4 Dead Sea Scrolls
Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls

1.5 Earth Changes
Two aspects of present and future earth changes:
Articles and Blogs on Earth Changes

1.6 Egyptian Heritage
by Ann Lee Clapp

1.7 Seven Prophecies that Came True
Stock Market Crash of 1929
World War II
The Shifting of the Earth's Poles Has Begun
Convergence of Communications Companies
The Essenes
Blood as a Diagnostic Tool
La Niña and El Niño Effect

1.8 Seven Prophecies Yet to Come
Will our lifespan, as human beings, be extended?
Will we discover the design for a self-fueling perpetual-motion machine?
Conflict in the Persian Gulf
Is a New “Root Race” Evolving?
Will the Three Halls of Records Be Discovered?
What is the shape of the world to come?
Will There Be a Second Coming?

2.1 A.R.E. Health Center & Spa
Cayce/Reilly® Massage
CranioSacral Therapy 
Foot Reflexology 
Manual Lymph Drainage

2.2 Astrological Health Profile
The Cayce Health Profile offers insights you need to develop
a health “optimization” plan so that you can manifest
“a more perfect health,” just as though Edgar Cayce himself
was reading your chart and making personal recommendations.

2.3 Circulating Files
Circulating files are collections of verbatim Edgar Cayce readings
and readings extracts carefully selected and arranged by topic.

2.4 Personal Health Portfolio
Our Cayce Individual Health Profile is designed
to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health
as you cooperate with your body's own healing wisdom.
This service allows you to participate in your own healing.
All that's necessary is to complete
the Cayce Comprehensive System Inventory (CCSI)
in the comfort and convenience of your home.

2.5 Treatment Plans  
A.R.E. offers a wide variety of individual treatment plans
which allow participants to apply the Cayce approach on their own.
The treatment plan package consists of a workbook
containing information and instructions for applying
the Cayce approach.

3.1 Diseases Overviews
Overviews of Diseases

3.2 Common Health Issues and Treatments
Holistic, Natural and Therapeutic Treatments
from the Edgar Cayce readings
for some Common Health Concerns

3.3 Health & Healing
General Information on Health and Healing

3.4 Important Concepts
General Concepts
Physiological Concepts
Manual Therapy Concepts

3.5 Research Reports & Articles
3.6 Therapies

3.7 Glossary

4.1 Dreams and Dream Interpretation
The Edgar Cayce Readings Approach to Dreams

4.2 Free Online Meditation Course
Edgar Cayce's Meditation for Everyone

4.3 Glad Helpers
Spiritual Growth Activities: The Purpose and Work of the Glad Helpers

4.4 Life Issues
Coping With the Loss of a Loved One
Dealing With a Difficult Relationship
Discovering My Soul's Purpose
Overcoming the Economic Crisis
Reestablishing Balance in My Body
Treating My Depression
Understanding My Intense Dreams

4.5 Participate in Prayer
International Prayer List
World Prayer Group Web site
Support our Work

4.6 Prison Outreach
Program History
Typical Day at Prison Outreach
New Program Initiatives
Inmate Search for God Study Groups

4.7 Spiritual Growth/Study Groups
What are the benefits of Study Group meetings?
What happens during a Study Group meeting?

4.8 Support Our Work

Prayer and Meditation
Pray for Me
Pray for Someone Else
I Want to Pray
Donate to Support Worldwide Prayer

Updated: 25 September 2013