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A Search For God Review

A Search For God Review
By Esther Wynne (Member of Study Group 1)
at the 10th Annual Congress of the ARE June 19 1941

As many other branches of the work of the ARE,
the departments of publication and study groups
were small and seemingly insignificant
in the beginning of the organization.

The reason for this is, the message is first to the individual,
then to groups, then to classes and finally masses.

It was more like an experiment in faith than an organization
of activities through which others might be helped,
stimulated and uplifted; though faith was enough evidence
of things hoped for, to encourage many "to keep on keeping on."

It was the evening of September, 14, 1931,
that a group of nineteen members of the Association
offered themselves as channels through which lessons
might be compiled, that if lived would, as the readings put it,
"be lights to a dying world."

The members organized themselves into
the first study group, which afterwards became
a unit of the department of publication of the Association.

Mr. Cayce gave readings regularly over a period of
ten years to the group for direction and as
a basis for the work that was to be undertaken.

The members applied themselves diligently
to the study of the readings, to prayer and meditation,
and in their weak way attempted to make practical
what they learned.
This was the beginning of the book, "A Search for God."

The book is composed of a group of twelve lessons
and a lengthy discourse on meditation and prayer.

"The intent is not to furnish new information,
but rather to give that which if lived will answer
to that within self for the assurance as
to not only soul awakening, but the continuity of life."

In the first lesson, Cooperation is defined as
"losing sight of self and becoming a channel
through which blessings may flow to others."
During the compilation of this lesson,
as in all others that followed in the series,
the members experienced much that was
humiliating and much that called for selflessness,
yet in all they were happy since they
had been counted worthy to be called into service.

The second lesson, Know Thyself, is only a beginning
of a study mentally, physically and spiritually.
The purpose of this lesson will not be fully understood
or appreciated until there is a study and application
of "The Revelation" and the "Seven Spiritual Centers of Man,"
better known as the endocrine system.

The subject of the third lesson is What is My Ideal.
From this lesson we gather that the "True Ideal
is the highest spiritual attainment to be reached
in this material world."
"The Ideal must be of a spiritual nature,
that has its foundation in truth, in God.
- The gift to man is an individual soul,
which may be one with Him and may know itself
to be one with Him and yet individual in itself
with attributes of the whole, yet not the whole."

Faith is the subject of the fourth lesson.
In this lesson faith is declared to be spiritual,
and attribute of the soul.
"It is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen."
It accepts or rejects without basis of reason,
or that which is perceived through the five senses.
"In the material world we often mistake confidence for faith,
for we are prone to depend upon knowledge gained
through the physical senses."

Then follow lessons of Fellowship, Patience, The Open Door,
In His Presence, the Cross and the Crown,
The Lord Thy God is One and Love.
Each helps to awaken a better understanding of God
the Father and His relationship to His children.

The discourse on Prayer and Meditation will be of
inestimable value to those who seek the awakening
of the inner self, to those who would meet
Him face to face; for it points the way
to harmony, peace and protection
that is found in the Christ.
"The form and manner of the meditation as presented here
is among the first of the occidental ideas of an oriental theme
according to that presented by the Master."

Those who read and study these lessons are asked
only to try to live them, for there will be a real revelation
to those who will use, not abuse, in their daily lives,
that presented in them.

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