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A Search For God - Summary

Summary of A Search For God.
The concerted effort of one mind, or aim, or purpose.
We must have One mind, one aim, one purpose.
Let us be a channel of blessing to others.
Let us lose ourselves in Christ-consciousness.

The understanding, or looking into oneself.
The preparation of self in the light of cooperation.
To become active with what has been gained.
Our Body is the temple of the Living God.
Let us always have the Mind of Christ.
Let the desire of our Spirit be to Love God with
all our heart and love others as ourself.
May the will of our soul to be one with God.
Physical body is as Human
Mental body is of Christ
Spiritual body is the Image of Creator or Companion of Creator.
Let our body and mind be channels for the Creative Forces to flow.

The basis or foundation each approaches the forces within
that there may come forth those works.
My ideal is Christ - The mind of Christ, the Christ Way.

The works through the activity of that force called faith in the
material activities of an individual.

Faith is the inner spiritual knowledge of God.
We are aware of the works of faith by the activities of the Soul.
The soul knows that it has already received
and acts accordingly, doubting nothing.
Faith is that which has brought into manifestation all that
has ever existed.
It is our privilege to accept faith.
It is our privilege to use faith.
It is our privilege to develop faith.
It is our privilege to enjoy the fruits of faith.
Where there is faith rightly placed, there is no failure, but true success.
All our development, in the spiritual, mental and spiritual, depends upon
our faith in God, our faith in fellow human beings, our faith in ourselves.
With faith comes the working forces that make for
an activity upon the part of each towards that being manifested
in the lives of each who have set their face towards an activity.
So these, then, are the beginnings.

Adding to your faith, virtue and understanding.
Virtue is the reason why your faith is to be put into active service.
For without the pureness of the virtue of oneself's own mental,
material and spiritual self, there can come little or no understanding.
Virtue is an attribute of God.
Virtue is keeping ourselves in tune with God.
Virtue is holding steadfastly to the Ideal that is set in Christ.
Virtue is pureness of heart, pureness of soul, and pureness of mind
that come through God's Spirit bearing witness with our spirit.

Understanding is the power to experience and interpret the laws
that govern the expression of God in and through
the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies of mankind.

Virtue built into the mind is the only sure path to true understanding.

With understanding comes a finer
and more sincere relationship with others,
and a higher spiritual concept of self.

Virtue and Understanding are the requisites for spiritual work.
Virtue and Understanding are esential to right living.
Virtue and Understanding are needed in meeting the daily problems of life
and in our relationships with others.

The way to virtue and understanding is through prayer and meditation.
The approach to all understanding must come from a proper concept
of our needs in the physical, the mental, and the spiritual phases of our lives.
This is the approach of the Master Jesus.

Virtue has the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit.
Virtue strengthens the spiritual quality of man.
Virtue engenders a greater knowledge of God
Virtue engenders a greater faith in God.

With virtue comes understanding,
with understanding comes divine light.

Virtue and Understanding are reflected in our judgment of others,
for our conduct is a reflection of our inner thoughts.

To think nobly is to act nobly.
It is a privilege to think, provided we think with a mind
that is in tune with the ideal that is set in the Christ.

As we develop step by step, here a little, there a little,
we learn cooperation,
we get better acquainted with ourselves,
trust more fully in our Ideal,
have our faith strengthened,
gain virtue and understanding,
become aware of our fellowship with the Father
by our duty to others.
There is a longing in our hearts for fellowship
an urge driving us in search of happiness and satisfaction,
and onward in search of God.
Seek God where He may be found, in the heart of a neighbor.

Fellowship with the Father is awareness of the Divine Spirit within others.
As we manifest love toward our brother, we increase or awaken our consciousness
to a more complete fellowship with the Father.

The brotherhood of man is a shadow of fellowship with the Father.
The brotherhood of man is a true expression of the fellowship that exists in spirit.
Manifesting love for our brother is manifesting love for God.

If we wish to know how we stand with God,
let us examine ourselves and see how we feel toward our neighbor.
This companionship that we are seeking with God
is found in the friendliness we show our brother.

What is more beautiful than fellowship?
The Master sought it, that He might do the works of God.
He did not withdraw from men, but mingled with them,
sharing their sorrows, living their lives, and relieving their sufferings.

The Master taught that love and service go hand in hand.
What greater love could He have shown than to lay down His life
in service for His fellow man; yet that is just how far the Master went
to demonstrate His power over sin, death, and the grave,
that those who seek life might know the way.

May the Spirit help us to be willing to serve,
and to see in our neighbor his higher self at all times,
in all places, and under all circumstances.

It is necessary to begin with ourselves
to purge our hearts and minds and
to become more conscious of the divine Spirit within others.
This is necessary if we hope to have fellowship with the Father
that will cause us to realize our oneness with Him

Prayer and meditation are the essential factors
that will keep alive within us this perfect harmony.

Let us help our fellow man by our patience and forbearance
and show him that love is a living thing.

Let us strive to be kind, training ourselves to be considerate
of those who do not seem to appreciate it.

It is impossible to separate God from His creations,
for He manifests through them.
It is impossible to love God and hate our brothers,
whose souls are made in the image and likeness of God.

There is no better place to practice brotherly love than in our homes.

In fellowship there comes a duty to others.
There are certain bonds to be kept, and certain laws
to be understood and reverenced.

It is our duty to walk before men in such a manner
that they may see the good within us and thus glorify the Father.


God is the God of patience.
With patience we become channels of blessings to others
- serving not in our way, but in Christ's way.
Through patience we learn to know self.
Through patience we measure and test our ideals.
Through patience we learn to use faith.
Through patience we seek understanding through virtue.
All spiritual attributes are embraced in patience.
Patience puts all the virtues into action.

Patience is an activity of the God-mind (superconscious) within each soul.
To express Patience means mental, physical, and spiritual thought and action.

The development of patience requires prayer
and a constant watch upon ourselves.

Passive submission will not suffice;
our patience must be an active, growing force
which rises to meet each new trial.

We overcome only through patience.
We develop by pressing on,
by expending spiritual energy,
and in so doing we open the way for God
to lend the sustaining strength of His presence
in times of trial and tests that come to all.

Only the activity of patience, with trust in Christ,
will enable us to meet all trying conditions
and rise above each new barrier.

Patience is the chief cornerstone of soul development.
Patience is, moreover, the watch set at the gateway
leading from the physical body to the soul.
With patience we meet the weaknesses of ourselves.
With patience we are able to estimate the strength found
in developing various attributes of the soul - love, faith, and hope.

As we more and more exercise patience
and put into practice what we know,
we will grow in grace, knowledge, and understanding.
Lord, direct us in the patience of the Christ!


Throughout the previous lessons,
continual emphasis has been placed upon
"the awakening of the Christ Consciousness".

Each of the lessons presents a quality of the soul or an ability of the inner self.
These lessons should be practiced in our conscious activities every day.
These lessons will add to and strengthen the growth
of our soul's expression through our physical body.

Who has learned to be truly cooperative one with another?
Who knows where they stand in relation to other human beings?
Who has set the ideal fully in Him?
Who has magnified the faith in the Father and in the Son?
Who has virtue and understanding?
Who has fellowship with the Father?
Who has in patience possessed their own soul?

The activity of the soul expressed through
cooperation, a knowledge of self, the ideal set in Him,
faith, virtue and understanding, and patience
stirs us and in due time there is upward growth.
And the soul of humanity, through the Christ Spirit,
comes into its full power and glory.

The preparation for the way of Christ is a preparation of self to Christ.
Each of us is the door that Christ, the Way, may enter.
"I, the Christ, stand at the door, and knock."
"I, the Christ, am the way, the truth, and the life."

We must work to bring Christ's consciousness,
or the awareness of Christ's presence,
into our material and mental affairs of life.

The door to the kingdom of the Father is through the Spirit of Christ.
The door to the kingdom of the Father is manifested
in the Christ Consciousness in the material world.
The door to the kingdom of the Father is opened only by our efforts.

I, the Christ, am standing at your closed door.
I, the Christ, am knocking on your closed door.
If you hear my voice and open your door,
I will enter in, and I will join with you,
and you will be with me.

(Based on Revelations 3:20)

Regardless of where we are or what position we hold:
The "Kingdom of God" is the destiny of every soul
The "Glory of Oneness in God" is the destiny of every soul.
We will eventually feel the "Creative Urge" to return to our soul's destiny.

The Christ Spirit comes as a result of Christ-like action.
The Christ Spirit comes as a realization of the activity of the soul forces.

Only when we completely surrender to the working of the Christ Spirit,
can we say truthfully the "door to the kingdom within is open".

All our selfish thoughts must be removed and
replaced with the desire to be used by Christ
in carrying out God's will in the world.

It is only when self is put aside and the Christ's Spirit is allowed to lead us
that we are free and able to accomplish anything that is of real, lasting value.

We must open the door if we would have the Christ enter.
As we, with the Christ Consciousness as the standard,
manifest Christ's love in our daily walks in and before others,
so we open the door.

Christ's Spirit does not come in the whirlwind, but as a still, small Voice.
If we listen and trust, Christ's Spirit will teach us all things
and bring all things to our remembrance.

What is the way to the Father?
It is through the Christ,
having the Christ Consciousness,
that we come to the Father,
open the door, see the way, and hear Christ's voice.

As we seek to magnify Christ's Spirit,
let us know that we, too, become doors
through which others may be drawn into the way.

When we are aware of the Christ Consciousness within,
we begin to put into action the Christ Spirit without.

Let us lose ourselves in Him, earnestly desiring to put into practice the prayer,
"Not my will, but Thine, O Lord, be done in and through me,"
we realize our oneness with the Christ, the door to the kingdom of the Father.

Let us catch more clearly the note of compassion and love
taught by our Elder Brother and, in Christ's Spirit, pass it on.

There is a great need for service.
A stream that has no outlet becomes stagnant and impure.
Self-development is not the whole purpose of service.
There is a greater need.
We must see to it that our neighbor, too, comes to the knowledge of the Light.

Christ brings rest to those who are tired.
No matter what the trials may be, keep the faith.
Let self be as naught that Christ, the Guide and Leader,
may be better understood by those who look to our activities.
Christ is the Light, and as we walk closer to Him the way becomes brighter.

To be aware of the Christ Consciousness within
is to open the way for the Christ Spirit to manifest in our lives.

Let Christ's Spirit lead us fully into that possession which is our birthright,
and thereby exercise the benediction of Christ who said,
"All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth"?


God is very personal to those of us who seek His presence .
He is God to all, Father to those who seek.

"I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people."
(Leviticus 26:12)

His presence abides with us always.
It is in Him we live.
It is in Him we move
It is in Him we have our being.

God is Spirit
God is behind everything in creation.
God is one.
We can not separate God from His creation.
We may try to separate God from His creation but in so doing
we become dual, mystified, and confused.
When we separate ourselves or think ourselves apart from our Maker,
we are like ships without rudders.

God's oneness is ever existent in everything that surrounds us and in us.
It is only through our "realization and our acknowledgment of its existence"
that the change is worked in us, and life takes on a new aspect.

It is our "oneness with the Father" that Christ stressed while on earth in a physical body.
When Christ declared that He could do nothing of Himself:
He meant that it was the Father within Him that did the works.
For us to do the works of God, we must seek ever to be conscious of the Presence within.
All the guidance, help, supply, joy, peace, and whatever goes to make life worth living is within.
"Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."
(Luke 11:9)

We must study and meditate until we realize what attitude we hold concerning His presence.
His presence within is truth. We are working with our attitude about this truth.
"Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain."
(Psalm 139:6)
We may feel at times that it is physically impossible to gain that knowledge.
Let us take God at His word and accept His free gift of grace, love, and mercy.
"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God,
who gives generously to all without finding fault,
and it will be given to him." (James 1:5)
"I the Lord do not change." (Malachi 3:6)

The realization that we are ever in His presence is not always easy
when we allow the cares of the world to creep in and draw us away in body and mind.

We are in various stages of growth, so we are in different states of consciousness.
May our actions be in keeping with the Christ Consciousness.

As we abide in His presence, though there may come trials of every kind,
and though tears may flow from the breaking up of the carnal forces within,
the spirit is made glad, even as He in the hour of trial smiled upon those who denied Him.

The consciousness that God walks and talks with us brings abiding peace.
The consciousness that His promises are ever present brings abiding peace.
The consciousness of His presence makes for joy in service,
even though service requires that there be greater and greater sacrifices
of the carnal forces within our experiences.

With the realization of being in His presence comes that peace
which casts out all fear and loneliness.
There comes a feeling of being a part of the scheme of things.
This is recognizing the God within as well as without.
With this realization the way is easier.

"My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."
(Exodus 33:14)

The protection of the Holy Spirit is His promise.
Let us not be afraid in the presence of our Maker.


Why did Christ come to the world as a man?
First, because Christ's own need to conquer the world in material manifestation, and
Second, because of the need of mankind for a guide, a teacher, and a saviour.
The first is expressed in the following:
"Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered"
(Hebrew 5:8);
and second is, "I am the way and the truth and the life." (John 14:6)

In this lesson we have the opportunity to take a definite stand:

"For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you
except Jesus Christ and that he was crucified."
(1 Corinthians 2:2).

We choose Christ's way for the light and truth of the eternal
and universal Spirit of the divine Creator.
The Christ Spirit has presented the truth in every age, in every clime.

The Christ came at last to the cross.
The Christ triumphed over death, hell, and the grave.
The way of the cross which Christ chose
will lead us into the light of understanding
of our true purpose in the world.

The Christ's way is:
(1) the way of service,
(2) the way of sacrifice,
(3) the way of selflessness,
(4) the way of love.
"I am the way and the truth and the life."
(John 14:6)

There is no other way to attain our ultimate goal
 -- to be one with God -- except the one walked by Christ.

Christ is the Light that lighteth every man.
Christ came into the world understanding the laws of all things visible and invisible,
and demonstrated His power over all forces, even death.

With our Ideal, the Christ, as the pattern,
we have the satisfaction that our approach to the Father is assured.

We know that Christ Spirit is already bearing witness with our spirit,
that we are heirs and joint heirs with Christ.

There is a consciousness of Christ force, Christ power,
and Christ activity in every element of action.

Let us crucify our flesh and do away with earthly things for our Spirit.
In bearing the cross,the flesh is crucified that the Christ Spirit
may be made manifest in the world.

In Christ bearing the cross, "It is finished," (John 4 19:30)
so far as the overcoming of the flesh and worldly things is concerned.

It was necessary that Christ, the Son of God, the Co-worker with the Creator,
come to earth to demonstrate that the flesh could be overcome -
thus giving glory to the Father who had made man for His glory.

Christ bore the cross of materiality that He might change it
to the glorified cross of spirituality.

Christ left burning in the hearts of His followers the declaration,
"When I am lifted up... will draw all men to myself."
(John 12:32) and again,
"Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.
He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

It was through Christ's mind and will that man took physical form.
Only through the physical could the spiritual essence be aroused,
awakened from its slumber, and set upon the path of spiritual progress.

Again, it was Christ's way to show to mankind what divine love could do,
and how it was possible to live a perfect, blameless life
with all the disintegrating influences that surround us day by day.

Whenever there was a need for man's awakening,
the Christ entered the earth plane.

The cross became the emblem of Christ who offered Himself of Himself.
For that cause, for that purpose came Christ into the world that He Himself,
in overcoming the world, might gain the crown.

Christ chose to take upon Himself the responsibility of overcoming the physical
or making Himself the law through His fulfillment of all requirements.
By adding Christ experiences and activities to ours
Christ links man with God,
bringing man in a closer attunement with God and
causing him to become conscious of the Oneness of all.

Christ came to show and teach us fellowship with God through our service to others.

As man, Christ knew the physical trials
-- doubts and fears, weakness and turmoils --
of spiritual beings encased in material shells.

Christ showed His ability as a man
to demonstrate the possibility of man, as man,
to bring spiritual harmony into physical vibration.

Christ ever stressed the oneness of all force,
demonstrating the direct relationship between man and the Creator.

Christ came in the flesh to show that we in the flesh
could become as Christ, God in Spirit;
and taught that we may be one, even as He and the Father are one.

His presence within is ever a bulwark of reserve power
that enables us to resolve to acquit ourselves as men,
to fight the battle, to win the race, and to wear the crown.
(See Samuel 4:9)

Our Advocate with the Father keeps open the channel
through which spiritual energy flows to us,
so that we can make ourselves fit channels
for passing on the truth to others.

Spiritual understanding brings the knowledge that
matter is the tool with which we may shape the nobler life
into the likeness of the Creator.

The cross is a symbol of the way of truth and light,
universal in appeal, eternal and impelling,
yet personal in application.

In bearing the cross we come to know
the real meaning of the crown,
the joy of completing a work,
and the success that is the reward of a finished race.

The cross does not always remain the cross of shame.
In the life of the Christ, the Holy One, the Son of God,
it became glorified in having been overcome.

As we meet the crosses, endure the temptations, and overcome them,
we become heirs and joint heirs with Him to the crown of glory.


"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, is One."
(Deuteronomy 6:4)

God is Spirit which is Force, Power and Presence.
God is Spirit and is found everywhere.
All God's manifestations are of Spirit.
God has revealed his Spirit within our hearts.
God has revealed his Spirit in the Universe.

Let us realize the Oneness of all creation.
Let us understand God's Spirit in everything.
Let us understand that everything is for a purpose which is ultimately good.
"Good alone lives on. For, good is of God."
Let us love without distinction, knowing that God is in all.
To realize that all things are spiritual
all we have to do is believe, trust and have faith.

Let us observe God's Spirit working through us.
Let us purify ourselves before we attempt to understand the purpose of God.
Let us make ourselves perfect channels that His grace,
mercy, peace, and love flow through us.
Let us keep the heart open that the voice of God
who has called may quicken every thought and act.
His way is manifested to those who will hear and see the glory of the Oneness.
Let us feel God's power and presence manifesting through us.

The activity of the will is the method by which each of us
should prepare ourselves as a channel for forces that may assist
in gaining a greater concept of the Oneness of the Father in the material plane.
The Master said, "I have said you are spiritual (gods)."
(John 10:34).
Let us take Christ at His word and act the part, that we are spiritual.
Let our actions, thoughts, deeds be more spiritual.

Let our will be God's will.
When we are one with God the rewards are great.
How may we come into a realization of the Oneness?
Take God at His word,
"I am God, and there is no other.
I am God, and there is none like me." (Isaiah 46:9).
"Apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5).

Realize that the power within us is the God Force, the good force -
although we, and we alone, through our wills may misuse it,
causing it to become evil.

Strive to see God in every one as well as in every thing.
One of the basic and essential principles of Jesus' teachings
is contained in the statement, "I and the Father are one."
(John 10:30).
It is to Jesus' life as an example and to Jesus' explanations of the Creative Force
that we may turn with a feeling of complete faith for understanding.

Jesus had walked the way and now chose to guide those
who also sought a closer walk with the Creator.
Jesus learned obedience through suffering.

Jesus earned the right to be the Mediator for mankind;
the right to guide those who seek in Jesus Christ's name.

If we will only follow the example Jesus' set,
we will come into a realization of this truth,
which Jesus lived and taught,
"The Lord our God is one."
(Deuteronomy 6:4).

As we strive to make ourselves one with God,
we must deny any other influence.
Christ will bear us up and give us the help we need.
There is power in Christ's name.
Christ is the symbol of attainment, understanding,
and the realization of God's universal law, love.
Christ is strength for those who are weary,
peace to a troubled heart and mind.
Christ is the Saviour to all who seek the atonement.

Each is working out his own development in his own way.
Which is the manifestation of His will.

The fullness of the realization of the Oneness of the Father
was brought to His children when Jesus the Christ
sent into the world the Holy Spirit.
It is the Holy Spirit that brings to our remembrance all things.
God seeks to awaken every human heart as of old.
It is we who may close ourselves to the constant
message of love ever in the Christ.

Through prayer and meditation,
we can attune ourselves to a clearer understanding
and realization of His love and may receive the gift
of the Spirit that would make us know,
"I and the Father are one."
(John 10:30)

God manifests in all He has created.
Whether it be in the material plane - as demonstrated by radio;
in the mental realm,as experienced through thought transference;
or, in the spiritual awakening, as manifests in so-called religious experiences -
all substance is one.

As we open our hearts to the unseen Forces
that surround the throne of grace, mercy, and might,
and throw about our selves the protection found in the though of Christ,
as we abide daily in the light of His teachings,
so that every word, thought, and act are in harmony with the whole,
we become more and more conscious of the Oneness.
It is then we are privileged to hear God's voice
and know the comfort of His abiding presence.

12. LOVE

Our Father, through the Love
that You have manifested in the world
through Your Son, Jesus Christ,
make us more aware of "God is Love".

Life is Creative Force in action and is the expression of love.
Love is that dynamic force which brings into manifestation all things.
The power of love is unlimited and eternal.
Love is the healing force, the cleansing force, and the force
that blessed all things we touch.
Love is the force that uplifts and inspires us.
Love sees all things working together for good.
With our hearts filled with Love we will see only goodness and purity
in everybody and in everything.
Love is giving out the best that is within us.
Love is that attribute of the soul that enables us to give,
asking nothing in return.
"Love is patient, love is kind...Love always protects,
always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
(1 Corinthians 13:4,7).

Love is that force which brought Jesus to earth
so that through Christ the way back to the Father
might be made plain to the children of men.
Love caused the Father to give His Son
that who so ever believes might have eternal life.
"God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
(John 3:16).

Christ perfectly manifested the Love of God.
Love that is beyond understanding is found in Christ Consciousness.
The Master said,
"A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one another."
(John 13:34).

"But I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.
He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good,
and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."
(Matthew 6:44-45).

The Master asks of us that we love Him,
that we keep His commandments
that He may abide with us,
even as He abides with the Father.

Christ exemplified this in His life, in His death,
and in His parting promise after His resurrection,
"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
(Matthew 28:20).

If mankind could get the vision of what it means to love as He loves,
what peace would come on earth!

The reason that mankind does not totally accept
the way back to the Father, made perfect through the Christ,
is that so great a love as the Father
showed forth for His children is beyond understanding.

God, the Father, the First Cause, in the manisfestations of Self
brought the world, as we observe it about us, into being through love.

God gave to man, His creation, the ability to become one with Him.
This way was shown through the Christ, the Mediator with the Father.

Hence we realize that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that we through Him might have life - God more abundant.

... "Ye that have known me knoweth my Father also,
for I am in Him, and ye in me"
- may know that love that maketh the life burn as an ember
in a darkened and unregenerated world.

"For unto me must come all that would find the way.
I am the way. Ye are my brethren.
Ye have been begotten in the flesh
through the love made manifest in the earth."

Then, in the spirit and in the mind that hast brought thee
to that understanding and consciousness of His love
made manifest, abide ye day by day.

(Q) What does it mean "Love is God. God is Love."?
(A) The Son was shown the way, through the love of the Father,
and He made manifest that love in giving His earthly, material life
for a cause, an ensample, a mediation,
a contact with the Father, a mediator for man.
Hence in love, through love, God is Love,
in the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit.
The Son of man made "God is Love" manifest
in all the experiences through the earth.
Hence, as given by the beloved disciple,
"God so loved the world as to give His only begotten son,
"that we, Through Him, might have life - God - more abundant.
God is Love. Love is God.


Opportunities come through Cooperation.
A knowledge of self helps us to recognize more opportunities.
The higher the Ideal the greater are the opportunities.
Faith helps us grasp opportunity.
Opportunities are found in fellowship.
Opportunities are recognized through Virtue and Understanding.
Opportunities should be met in patience.
The Open Door is the way into greater fields of Opportunity.
It is an opportunity to realize His Presence.
Opportunities are found in the Cross and the Crown.
It is an opportunity to know that the Lord Thy God is One.
It is an opportunity to Love.

Each day, each hour, each thought, provides an opportunity for giving.
Live that the Christ, becomes the opportunity for all who meet us.
Christ went about doing good, making every opportunity
a material manifestation of His spiritual ideal.
Those who follow Christ's example
have placed upon themselves no great burden,
for they have comfort in His words,
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me"
(Mathew 25:40)

To know self is an opportunity.
To know self to be one with God is the supreme opportunity of man.

Christ, who is the way, the Truth, and the Light, is the highest ideal.
Without Christ, we could not of ourselves even recognize our opportunities,
so filled would we be with ourselves and our selfish interests.

Let the meditations of the heart,
Let those activities of the body,
speak of what you offer as an opportunity
or channel for another to seek, to know, your God.

As we study, as we meditate, as we seek to use each opportunity,
our faith in Christ, in the Father, in our neighbor, in ourselves, will grow.
There will come tests - in the physical, the mental, the spiritual life.
At these times we should rely on His promise,
"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."
(Hebrews 13:5)

As we take advantage of an opportunity in one direction,
the Divine within helps us to recognize others.

The direction in which we turn the activities of our life
depends upon how we think,
for "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he."
(Proverbs 23:7)

In exercising patience we learn to recognized daily
the little opportunities which are so important.

Faint not in well doing, for there is being opened
the door for greater opportunities.

His Presence abides with us always,
for it is in God that we live and move and have our being.
To be aware of His Presence is our heritage,
our great opportunity in this material plane.

Have we had a cross to bear lately?
If we counted it an opportunity, it was easier to carry.

May we bear each cross with such a spirit
and feel that all things are working together for our good.
This was exemplified in Christ who is the Master of masters.
It is a great opportunity to live day by day
in such a manner that the Christ spirit may shine within,
to heal and to bless.

To realize the oneness of all force - the Lord thy God is one -
is an opportunity that comes through divine inspiration.
In order to have this experience we must conform to the things of spirit.
That is not easy to do when viewed from a worldly standpoint;
but if we pay the price, we too may see
the glory of the oneness made perfect in Christ.

To love is the noblest expression of man.
Love is not simply of God, love is God;
and as we manifest love,
we manifest the God force that is within us.
Whether in the physical, mental, or spiritual body,
love is the strongest and most dominant influence.
To love is our greatest opportunity.
Love brings happiness as nothing else does.
All that is good is made a part of us
as we seek to express love for our fellow man.
Thoughts, words, acts, are opportunities
for us to express love day by day.

Though we may direct love into many channels,
there is only One through whom there will be
a realization of love made perfect,
and that is found in Christ, who said,
"A new command I give you: Love one another."
(John 13:34)

Let us then, in Christ's way, manifest from day to day
the love that has been showered upon us.
May we so live that our lives become an example to those who seek.


We have within us both light (day) and darkness (night),
and we must make the separation
even as God did in the beginning with the whole universe.

Day is awareness of the soul of a way back to God.
Night is awareness that the soul is out of harmony with God.
(our soul is aware of its separation from God.)

Day and Night are spiritual symbols of good and evil.
Day represents good. Night represents evil.

Day are those who face towards the light.
Night are those who face away from the light.

Day means those who seek to do God's biddings,
in the Voice, the Word, the Life, the Light,
that comes into the hearts, minds, souls of all
to awaken them to their relationship to the source of Light.

All souls were created in the beginning.
This beginning refers not to the earth, but the universe.

There were two creations.
First creation was the creation of the soul - image of creator
- in the universe.
Second creation was the creation of the man
- to house the soul on earth.

(1) First creation - in the universe
"Let us make man in our image..."
(Genesis 1:26) is a description of a spiritual creation,
for God is Spirit.

(2) Second Creation - on Earth
"...there was no man to work the ground
...the Lord God formed the man from the dust
of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,
and the man became a living soul."
(Genesis 2:5,7)

All souls in the beginning were one with the Father.
The separation or turning away brought evil.

Then there became the necessity of the awareness
of soul being out of accord with
or out of the realm of blessedness (God).

By becoming aware in a material world
is the only way through which spiritual forces
might become aware of their separation
from the spiritual atmosphere,
the spiritual surroundings, of God.

So in passing through our various experiences,
our soul becomes aware of its separation from God.

As the nature of our relationship to our Maker grows clearer,
we begin to walk more and more in the Light in our physical experiences.
We came here for this purpose.

Through experience, through suffering, we come to know day and night,
light and darkness, good and evil, even as the Son, the Adam,
"Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered."
(Hebrew 5:8)

A God of love waits for the awakening of each soul.

"Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well."
(Matthew 6:33)

What things?
That which we need for spiritual growth.
These will be added as we fill our days with activities
motivated by Truth, Life and Light.

Before light there was darkness, the darkness of man's separation from God.
In this night, souls gained knowledge of universal laws through suffering.

A way of redemption was prepared through suffering.
A way of redemption was prepared from this state of separation.

"In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.
The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it."
(John 1:4-5)

In each of us there is the pattern of the original state of separation.
Night gives us an opportunity for reflection, meditation and inspiration;
or a time for sin, misery, and mental torture.

The night gives us an opportunity to appreciate the light;
for hard experiences show us knowledge.

We have within us both light and darkness,
and we must make the separation
even as God did in the beginning with the whole universe.

Creation is going on all the time in us, and we are becoming
either children of light or children of darkness.

While in darkness, we may become conscious of the light within.
It is then possible to realize our opportunity to turn around
and come to the appreciation of the light even in the physical.

"Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve."
(Joshua 24:15)

Our spiritual activity must be in the light, if we would help others;
for the night of doubt will come when no man can work.
It will be then the time of harvesting that which we have sown.

When the Master was tempted, He did not deny the existence of evil;
rather, He recognized it for what it was, and made the separation, saying,
"Get behind me, Satan!"
(Matthew 16:23)

When passing through the great trials of night, we have only
to make our wills one with that of the Christ.
If we mean this, then the burdens become lighter, the trials easier to bear.

We should come to understand that day is facing the source of Light
with a mind that seeks to do His bidding.

It is the Christ spirit that comes into our heart
to awaken us to our relationships with the source of Light,
and that helps us in our associations with others.

When man turns himself away from God, or good,
he is living in the night of his life.
There is a constant struggle between the forces of day and the forces of night.
We can see readily the misery that it brings to each.

The sum total of the beginning and end of our earthly existence
is that we may fully realize that we are one with the Father
and worthy to be companions with Him in glory.

Day and night, light and darkness, conflict and conquest,
love and service, are means to this end.

The problems in a life experience can be stepping-stones
to greater service in all realms.

In seeking to become aware of our relationship with the Creator
and to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable unto Him,
we must learn to differentiate between the day and the night side of life;
that is, be able to place true values where they belong.

To accomplish this a period of supreme testing may be necessary.
As we develop toward the light, we imbibe that Divine Wisdom
which aids in knowing the truth.

Only God is unchangeable.
If we live in accord with His divine laws and seek sincerely for the light,
obstacles that would hinder us will become stepping-stones
to the realization of our fondest desires, while the impurities and dross
that would despoil us will be burned out.

God knows our possibilities much better than we,
and when He sees a place which we can fill acceptably,
the way will be opened.

Let us give all glory and all praise to Him, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts,
for the example of His Son, whom He sent into the world to guide us out of darkness.

The Son's power has not been diminished.
His spirit is constantly on the watch to guide those who would be guided
over the rough and stony path, and to lift up those who stumble and fall.

Let us have faith in the Infinite Power of Good.
And know that God's plan for the world will never be overthrown.
If we choose the dark path, know that He,
from the very stones over which we stumble,
will raise up others to carry on; for God is not mocked.


The purpose of this lesson is how, when and in what manner
we are conscious of the Spirit manifesting through us.

May I become aware of the Spirit of the Father,
through the Christ, manifesting in me.

This achievement will depend upon
the application of the previous lessons.

Each lesson is a step in a search for God
until we come into full realization of His Presence abiding with us.

There is no need to seek another state of consciousness,
for the Force supplies bountifully the wants of all who labor.
It manifests in all things, and at all times

How many know God as our Father?
God is a Father only to those who seek Him.
"You will be my people, and I will be your God."
(Jeremiah 30:22)

We who apply that which we know of the Father's will,
go about thinking in such a manner
that the words of the mouth and the activity of the hands
bespeak the will of the Father - then, this activity, this thought,
makes us the channel through which the manisfestations come.

Be a channel through which the Father may make His love,
His glory, manifest in the earth.

What are the manifestations of the Father?
The fruits of the spirit:
Gentleness, kindness, the loving word, patience, hope, persistence, and
- above all - consistency in thy acts and in thy speech.

Jesus, the Christ, is the greatest example of the Father's love.
Through the teachings presented by the Son,
God has shown an understanding of each heart,
a willingness to bring peace to each soul that will turn toward Him.

The Master has told us He has gone to the Father; that is,
become one in consciousness with the Father;
and that whatever we ask in His name, the Father will give to us,
that He, the Savior, the Christ, may be glorified in the earth.

What the soul, through its body and mind and their attributes,
does about the knowledge, the consciousness
of the indwelling of the spirit of life through the Christ in the earth,
is the opportunity for that soul to develop.

For, as many as believe, to them He gives power to become
the children of God, the Father; joint heirs with this Jesus, the Christ,
in the knowledge and in the awareness of this presence
abiding ever with those who set this ideal before them.

The Lord loveth those who put their trust wholly in Him.
This is that attitude of mind that puts away hate, malice, anxiety, jealousy.
And in their stead, since mind is the builder, creates the fruits of the spirit;
love, patience, mercy, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness.

What are the manifestations of the Father in the earth?
To do good to all people.
To manifest the fruits of the spirit in our thoughts
and in our acts, as we meet our fellow men
in their own conditions where troubles,
doubts, fears and distresses assail them.

As we manifest the fruits of the Christ, of the Christ Consciousness,
in our words, our acts, in or dwelling with others, we will, as the Christ,
manifest in the earth good to all, whether they are of His fold
or those who reject that which He lived and taught.

In this manner the Son manifested the Father in the earth:
so in Him we have an example.

As we apply those truths that we know,
we will come to those experiences where we may be
lamps to the feet of the wayward,
an aid to those who seek,
a light to those who have gone astray,
a guiding hand to those who would know more and more
of the love of the Father as it manifests
in the acts, the thoughts, the lives of His followers.

Let Him, the Christ, be the guide.

What are the promises that the Son has given?
"I am going there to prepare a place for you
... and take you to be with me that you also may be
where I am (in consciousness).
(John 14:2-3)

"I will come back and take you with me."
(John 14:4)

Keep ye all in the Way.
Be happy, Be joyous.
And may love and mercy and peace,
that cometh from the Father to those
who use themselves in His service, be with thee.


Father, let Your desires be my desires.
Let my desires, God, be Your desires, in spirit and in truth.

Desire originates in the will.
Desire is either physical or spiritual.

Desire is the power which drives our physical or spiritual self.
Will is the directing force.

The positions in which we find ourselves
are drawn to us through our desires.
Whatever we are physically, mentally, or spiritually
has been built through desire.

... spirit moves in the direction in which it is motivated
by will and desire.

Physical desires which are not spiritualized
hinder the development of the consciousness
of oneness with God.

Our physical desires that remain carnal in purpose
may become powers for evil when strengthened by a mind
that is evil in its intent.

Our mental desires that are to laud ourselves,
to appraise ourselves, above our fellow man,
make it possible for carnal desires
to become stumbling blocks in our experiences.

If our mind is in attunement with the law of force
that brought the soul into being,
it becomes spiritualized in its activity;
if our mind dwells upon or is directed toward carnal influenced,
then it becomes destructive.

Our greater soul development may be found
by losing sight of ourselves,
by spiritualizing our material desires,
and by seeking more and more
the Christ Consciousness.

In the garden when the Master prayed,
"O my Father, if it be possible,
let this cup pass from me;
nevertheless not as I will,"
(Matthew 26:39) we see the flesh
warring with the spirit itself
and physical desire spiritualized.

In making our physical desires one with the will of the Father,
we will pass through conditions in our experience
similar to those of Jesus, who became the Christ.

Pray then that His will be done in us, and through us,
that we may desire to be channels of blessing to others,
in the ways and manners that He sees best.
"Not our way, O Lord but Thy way."
This is spiritualizing physical desires.

In studying desire,
we may question in our mind
as to whether it is necessary for us
to give up all physical desires
in order to develop spiritually.

It is not necessary to give them up,
but it is necessary to spiritualize them,
that our desires may be His desires,
and His desires, our desires.

"And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek
offer also the other;
and him that taketh away thy cloke
forbid not to take thy coat also,"
(Luke 6:29) are examples of spiritualizing desire,
for in doing the desire for vengeance becomes spiritualized
through love and forgiveness.

We must desire that the Lord will use us
as channels of blessing
to all whom we contact day by day,
and that there may come in our experience
whatever is necessary
that we may be cleansed completely;
for when our soul shines forth
in our daily walks,
in our conversation,
in our thoughts,
in our meditation,
we spiritualize our desires in the earth.

Let our desires be so unselfish
that we may never sin against our fellow man.
We must be the arm, the shoulder,
the one upon whom someone may lean
as he comes in his experience to the knowledge
of the love of Christ.

When we have suffered through the acts of others
and can realize that the suffering
has made us more gentle, more considerate,
when we regard with compassion
the one who caused the suffering,
and desire that nothing but good may come to him,
then our desire for revenge has been changed
into a spiritual desire.

If it is for aggrandizement of self's own physical desires,
then it is carnal.

If it is for creating a channel for an expression of good,
then it is spiritual.

May we in wisdom choose
Thy desire to be our desire.

Things of the earth will pass away,
but love that sustains in the hour of testing
abides with us always.

"The earth is the Lord's ... and they that dwell therein."
(Psalm 24:1)

Let us fill our minds with the desire to know
that we are the Lord's, and He will work in us and through us,
guiding our hands and our feet and our walks in the paths of life,
that we may be channels of blessing to all whom we meet.

The soul lives on that it may become
more and more aware of abiding, and living,
and being in the Christ Consciousness.


The Destiny of the Mind is in Christ.

God has promised that in Christ,
we have access to Him.

Mind is of God.
Mind was given as a grace to man,
that man, that soul might be a companion with,
one with, the mind of the Maker.

Therefore, mind, a creative, Godlike force,
is impelled by a spiritual impulse
to build at oneness with the Creator.

Mind's various phases confuse many,
yet they are made plain as we make
our mind, our purpose, and our aims
one with our Ideal (Christ), and realize
that the Lord our God is one Lord.

Destiny is a law, an unchanging law,
as lasting as that which brought all into being.

Destiny is expressed in all the different spheres of manifestation.
We see Destiny's signs here and there,
written in the experiences of all whom we meet along the way.

Destiny is that unchanging law set by Mind,
that called into being worlds, the universe, the earth, man.

This Mind, God, gave to man a soul, a portion of Himself,
and when man fell away He furnished a channel, a way,
an access to the throne of grace, mercy, and truth, through Christ.

The soul is that part of us that may be
in accord with the Father and
in the presence of the Father.
Flesh and blood - until spiritualized
as the Christ spiritualized His body
- cannot inherit eternal life.

However, in the final analysis, the motivating force
of each atom of the physical body
is the Mind of Creative Energy.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away:
but my words (destiny or mind) shall not pass away."
(Mark 13:31)

Destiny of the mind, of the soul, of the body, is in God.
Nothing that we may do develops righteousness.

It is the mercy of the Father, exemplified in the Son,
which provides for the destiny of mind, body, and soul
in the endeavors and environs of their experiences.

The way is so clear that there need not be any stumbling
for those who put their trust in God.

The soul that seeks shall find.
The soul that puts into pratice day by day
that which it knows may the sooner
find peace and love in the earth.

"And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to his purpose."
(Roman 8:28)

In such faith we will know that our destiny is in God.

If we set our ideal in Christ
then our mind will work towards the Christ way
and in this process build a Christ-body.

What one finds in the physical is a material manifestation
of a spiritual import built by the mental aspect.

In building the ideals, the mental body, or the mind,
builds either from that which is spiritual (and thus everlasting)
or from the material import which changes under varied seasons,
environments and outlooks in the experiences of life.

In the beginning God created the heaven and earth.
The mind of God moved, and matter with form came into being.

Mind, then, in God, the Father, is the builder.
Mind, in itself, is both material and spiritual.

That which finds expression or manifestation in material things
is of the physical, for matter is an expression of spirit in motion.

That which is expressed or manifested in spirit,
without taking body or form is of spirit,
yet may be manifested in the experiences of an individual.

Mind may function without form or body,
but the Ideal is of the unseen Force or Spirit.

So mind is the moving influence that promotes growth within us
and makes for expressions in materiality.

What is the meaning then of:
"For as he thinks, so is he"?
(Proverb 23:7)
It is in this way that growth comes.
So it is what we continue to think, we become.

Not by a thought do we change this or that,
but by constant thinking, constant building.

Christ came into the world to teach us
how to think constructively,
in order that we might return to our original estate.
"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,
Who ... thought it not robbery to be equal with God."
(Philippians 2:5,6)

Christ lived in the earth, in matter,
yet with the mind, the thought,
with the manifestation of Creative Force
in every phase of expression.

Through God's gift of a free will to the soul,
each entity is endowed with the power to use this building force,
the mind, to glorify self or find attunement with God.

Souls chose to manifest in material bodies,
and thus mind found an expression in the physical plane.

Mind is still the building force.
Through the action of the physical mind,
our activity, the food we eat,
the very contour and expression of our features
are gradually molded.
We are an organism partaking of all about us.

That which our mind works at in its thinking,
in its purpose, we become.

If the mind dwells upon spiritual things,
it follows that it becomes spiritual;
if the mind dwells upon self-indulgence,
self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, or
selfishness in any of its forms or variations,
then it has set itself at variance with the First Cause.
Even before we came into matter
- the will, through the mind,
was at variance with Creative Forces.

When we become constructive in our thinking
we create in our experience the knowledge of this oneness.
There has been that battle of duality
between flesh and spirit from those periods
when man first projected himself into flesh.

While flesh, as all matter, dies in the physical plane,
the soul does not; for it is life itself.
A gift of God to man, and only in patience may we possess it.

It is the application that makes for the development
in relation to conditions or experiences.
The birth on a certain date does not destine this or that.
The destiny is only that certain urges may arise,
but what we do about them makes for the changes.

All power, all force, is in God, and is subject to God's will.
In God is the light that we should seek,
that we, in body, mind, soul, and purpose,
may be one with God.
Christ is the Way!
(See 818-1)

We are fellow travelers on the road to God.
There are many routes and many ways
of transportation from which we may choose.

We may be directed along the way by teachers,
but no one can show us the whole way except Christ
who is the Way, and in whose keeping is our destiny.


The destiny of the body depends upon us.

Lord, use me in whatever way or manner
that my body may be a living example
of Your love to the followers of our Lord.

It is through the mind that the destiny of the body is gradually builded.

With God rests the destiny of the soul,
with us the destiny of the physical body,
through the gradual building process of our mind
working in and through our physical consciousness.

It should be the aim and purpose
of our conscious mental activity,
therefore, to bring our thinking,
which directs the control of our physical body,
into accord with the higher purposes of the spiritual mind.

Our physical body is an atomic structure, subject to
the laws of our environment,
the laws of our heredity and
the laws of our soul development.

Our body is the channel, the house, the piece of clay,
that is the dwelling place of the soul.

The physical body is as human.
The mental body is as the Christ
The soul-body is as of the Creator.
The soul was made in the image of its Creator,
to be His companion in spirit.

That the physical is the home of the soul
during its sojourn in the material world
is revealed to all who think about it.

What we do with the opportunities
that are presented to us in our varied experiences
one with another is for each of us to determine.

Our body is the temple of the living God, of the living soul.
God has not ordained that any soul should perish.
What the body becomes depends upon
that which we do with our opportunities.

If we would be like Christ,
then we must so live,
so conduct ourselves,
that our body may be one with Christ, and
be raised a glorified body to be known as our own!

The destiny of our body lies with us,
and what we do with it in one experience
or many experiences is of our choosing.

We should present ourselves as channels of blessings for others.
To be a blessing may demand that we present ourselves
as a living sacrifice, as a living example to others;
yet we should understand that sacrifice
does not necessarily mean a giving up,
rather it is the glorifying of the body
for a definite purpose, for an ideal, for a love.

Thus may we in presenting our bodies,
through the application of that which we know,
show a way in which others may see the initiation necessary
for awakening a purposefulness in their experience.

We have each been given stewardship over a portion of life (Our Soul).
May we be living examples of the things
that Christ, the Master, taught and lived.

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."
Then we should take heed how we think;
for thoughts are things and may become
either crimes or miracles in our lives.

It is with right thinking and right acting that we keep the holy temple pure.
It is necessary to keep our temple clean,
so that nothing can enter that will in any way defile
or defame the abiding place of the Most High.

Keep the temple silent.
Let not the noise or confusion of the world make us afraid,
or in any way interfere with our worship.
It is possible to be in the world and yet not of the world.
Let love alone enter and find an abiding place,
that we may become as He, who first loved us.

The pattern has been shown by Christ who entered into the earth
that we might have an example.

If we would be like Christ, then we must conduct our life
so that a glorified body to be known as our very own may be raised.
To accomplish this, our mind and our body must be purged
so that we may know the glory of Christ who took His own body
and so glorified it that it became a pattern for all.

Let the spirit of the Christ guide us from within,
and the way will be shown to us.
No greater awareness can be had than that which comes when
He, who is the Maker, the Author, the Finisher of Life,
comes and abides with us.

May we never think that the opportunity has passed;
for God's mercy is without limit.
We make the choice when we realize that today
is the acceptable day of the Lord!
It is never too late for us to begin,
for life in physical experiences is a continuous effort
for making the way in a material world,
whereby we may justify ourselves before the throne of grace.

Inasmuch as ye do it through love, through kindness,
unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto Me,
is the manner in which it is accomplished.

What shall we do with this holy temple, this body?
Purify it, glorify it, that it may be of priceless value
when returned to its Maker.

Christ resurrected and quickened His body.
Christ is our pattern.
So we, as Christ, must overcome death, overcome that transition,
overcome that which is the conscious change of being in all matters,
all phases, all experiences, that we may be one with Christ,
as Christ is one with the Whole.

What we are today is a result of the way and manner
in which we have used the opportunities given to us by God, the Father.

Let the light of His countenance guide us.
He, our Lord, is willing, if we use our body, our mind,
our abilities, as channels of expression for Him.

The purpose for which our soul chose to come into this earth plane
was to awaken the Divine within, which is done through
manifesting the fruits of the spirit toward our fellow humans.

For while flesh and blood that is of the earth may
not gain or know glory, the body, the real body
-- not the superficial, but the real body--
may become aware of itself in
the Presence of the body of God,
among its brethren, and a portion of the Whole.

Death in the flesh is a birth into the realm of another experience,
to those who so live that they are not bound by earthly ties.
This does not mean that we do not have our own experience
in and about the earth, for we come into the earth plane
for the purpose of further development toward a cooperative,
coordinating activity with the Creative Force that manifests
through our activities in materiality.

In the earth the choice is by will, while in the interim,
between the earthly incarnations, the choice is conditioned
by that which has been accomplished by us in manifested form;
for we must meet that which we have sown in the body.

Our bodies are only channels through which our souls
may manifest the attributes of the spirit of truth in a physical plane.

We have been given the manner, the way in which the Christ Consciousness
is manifested in the earth, through Jesus.

He came as man that through His example,
love, patience, and hope might be shown.

This He exemplified in His activity, that we might choose,
as He, to do that which is right, just, sincere, and honest,
in our activities one with another.
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me."

What are the requirements then, that we may become aware
of His presence abiding with us?

They are that we manifest love, patience, hope, charity,
tolerance, and faith in our daily life.
These words, these expressions, these as visualized objects
may be within us, and when we make such manifest in conversation,
in example, in precept to those whom we meet day by day,
we become aware of the Christ Consciousness.

Know the truth for the truth's sake.
"Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away."
Let not, then, the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches,
pomp, glory, or fame, hinder us from applying in our relationship
with our fellow humans those laws through which
we may become aware of His presence.

May we not be idle in doing that which we know to be right.
Let our activities be positive, our love be without dissimulation.

"Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good."

He has prepared a way. We, in any phase of our experience,
are only the channels to make application,
or to give helpful understanding to others.
His abiding presence is in and with us.

The destiny of the body lies with us.
We can take only a perfect body back to our Maker.
(See 696-3.)


The destiny of the soul, as of all creation,
is to become one with the Creator.

Let my mind, my body, my soul be at-one with God.
Through the promises in Christ may I know God more and more.

Our will is a divine attribute; how we use it determines our destiny.
Each soul is an offspring of Creative Force of God,
and is innately the result of the manner in which
it has manifested the prerogative of Will.

Humanity in its natural state is soul.
In the beginning all souls were created
in the image of the Creator.
Thus the first creation was spiritual.

We build into our souls, through our mind directed by our will,
that which is Godlike and uplifting, or selfish and degrading.

That which we build within our soul gives it the opportunity
for occupying a position of honor or dishonor.
Through the will, however, we may make those things
that are of dishonor as stepping-stones to positions of honor.
This, too, makes its mark on the soul.

Let us strive to understand that life in its essence
is spiritual force, and is continuous.
The point of expression may be in matter, as here on earth,
or in any of the many different planes of consciousness,
but mind is the universal moving force which acts and builds
through all planes, and gradually brings an awareness
of our own individuality in that Creative Force we worship as God.

The soul is of God.
It had its beginning in God and its ending is only in God.
To name the name of God is to recognize
that we are a part of the Whole,
and we know, because we are of the Whole.

Our soul, as a part of Creative Force, came into being,
and was given breath, by the will of the Father,
that it might be a companion with Him in His activity.

Our soul is everlasting, containing eternal creative power,
and through expressions of this power we may come
to know ourselves to be one with Him.

Then the destiny of the soul, as of all creation,
is to become one with the Creator.

The entity is the manifestation of soul
in spiritual, mental, and physical form.
Though our soul may have wandered far afield,
though it may make its bed in hell,
though it may take the wings of the morning and
fly to the utmost parts of the universe,
eventually it must wend its way back
to the source from whence it came,
to its God, its Maker.

Though our soul may choose to take up body after body,
though our soul may seek experience in this
or that sphere of consciousness,
our soul is ever seeking the way back from whence it came.

The soul body is the image of the Creator,
a companion in spirit with the Creative Force.

Our physical body is simply a temporary house for our soul.
Opportunities are presented to us through physical experiences
for using and directing the soul powers lent to us by God.
The way we use these powers in relation with others
shows the concept or degree of awareness
of our attunement with God.

Through sojourns in the earth our soul, through will,
brings upon itself many experiences that may result in confusion,
turmoil and strife, or a better understanding of the purposes of life.

As we give our selves, our love, our patience, and our kindness,
however hard it may be, to help others, we learn His Way
and may depend upon His help to sustain us.

Our entrance into the earth plane at any time is for the purpose
that another lesson may be gained,
another opportunity for soul expression may be had.

It is well that we understand that our soul takes on physical bodies
as means through which practical applications can be made of tenets
that make for the development of our soul.
Such opportunities arise in our dealings with our fellow humans.

Our knowledge of a law is not sufficient within itself,
but when knowledge is made active and practical,
it then becomes a moving force in our lives.

Let us seek to make our bodies channels through which
Creative Energy may become an active force,
whereby we may gradually become aware
of our own identity in the Creator.

We may become aware of our soul through commonplace,
everyday observance of spiritual laws within our understanding,
by putting into daily application the laws of love and service to others.

We must measure up to that which we hold as the ideal
in our relationships with our fellow human beings,
for we can estimate our concept of God by examining
our attitude toward others.

it is in patience with self, in patience with our friend,
in patience with our foe, that we become aware of our souls.

No soul has been left without access
to the throne of mercy and grace.
The promise has been given,
"If ye love me, keep my commandments.
And I will pray the Father, and
He shall give you another Comforter."

The soul's association with mind and body
is the greatest of earth's experiences,
but to spiritualize all three and make them
one in Christ is the work of a Master.
That is our privilege.

It is not knowledge, nor is it understanding,
but the application of the opportunities that present themselves,
that builds the destinies that arise in the experience of our soul.

The spirit that prompts our activities in a material world
arises within the soul and is expressed in our dealings
with our fellow human beings.
Therefore, we cannot hate our neighbor and love our God;
we cannot worship our God and hold malice against our neighbor,
for these are of One Force, and the law of One is perfect.

If we sow in spirit, our mind builds that which we reap in spiritual values;
if we sow in materiality, our mind builds that which is of the earth-earthy.

Let us put our ideal in spiritual things and know
that as we mete unto our neighbors,
so will it be meted unto us.

In our relationships to our fellow human beings,
let us act in such a way that we may always
look ourselves in the face and not be ashamed
to have accorded to us whatever we have accorded
to our neighbor; for we must meet ourselves.

Let us keep an attitude of sincerity, of oneness of purpose;
for if we are sincere with self, and most of all,
sincere with our fellow humans,
we will not fear to be called into the presence of our God.

It is not in mighty deeds of valor,
or in those things that bring fame or fortune,
it is not in the things of high estate,
that the greatest soul development comes,
but rather the growth comes as line upon line,
precept upon precept, here a little, there a little,
through kindness, love, patience, scattered along the way.

Such growth in spirit brings true knowledge
and true understanding of the purposes
of a soul's indwelling in the earth;
and this understanding helps us to realize
that unless that which we do is for the good of others,
it must eventually fail; unless our activities among others
are to aid the greater number, rather than classes,
they are of little benefit to ourselves or others.

Our soul must meet itself and
give an account of its activity in the earth.
What we do in the physical we meet in the physical,
what we do in the mental we meet in the mental,
what we do in the spirit we meet in spirit.

If we are on the Lord's side, who can be against us?
(See 696-3.)

Let our choice for development mean more and more
seeking to be in at-onement with God,
the Creative Activity within our experience.

For each expression of our soul
in any phase of its experience may,
through works, through thoughts, and through activity,
become a channel of expression
of the Creative Force in the material world.

This is the natural growth,
the purpose for which we entered into every experience,
that there may be the greater expression of God through us.

Finally, the destiny of our soul is in Him
who gave the soul, that we (our soul) might know,
might be one with that Creative Force we call God.


Glory is our ability to serve, which is
an opportunity given to us by God.

Lord, open my eyes that I may know the Glory
that You have prepared for me.

Our ability and our service begin with cooperation
in being channels through which the glory of the Lord
may be manifested in the earth.

Glory in all phases of our experience,
as related to Creative Force in manifestation in the earth,
is to be studied with conditions that deal with our fellow human beings.

Then, if we would fill the place for which we have been called,
we would let our glory, our knowledge, our wisdom, be in the Lord;
Our glory is only a reflection of the glory of the Creator.
It shines on us and through us as we become channels
through which blessings may come to others.

The manifestations of God are varied;
yet in purpose He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
In our spiritual ideal, purpose, and aim we, too, should be unchangeable.

Our activities may be varied, but they should always be
expressions of the glory of our spiritual purpose;
that is, expressions of our oneness with the Father.
"If a man love me, he will keep my words:
and my Father will love him,
and we will come unto him,
and make our abode with him."
Such is glory.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
Unless our mind is stayed in Him, the giver of life and light,
we may find ourselves chasing shadows in our search for glory.

The mind is ever the builder.
With our minds firmly fixed on our Ideal,
who always lost sight of Himself,
we may find glory in service by using our minds
to build within us knowledge and wisdom
that will fit us for greater opportunities-
not to the glory of self, but to the glory of God.

In our inner self, in our mind and heart,
let us be aware of that given of old:
There is set before us good and evil, life and death.
(See Deut. 30:19)
We are given the choice.
(See 816-3)

The body is the dwelling place of the soul,
which through the mind expresses itself in materiality.

The actions of our body are one with Creative Energy
... so long as we perform acts of helpfulness,
of love, of patience, and of kindness;
but when we seek the gratification of selfish desires
and the exaltation of self,
we become one with forces that bring doubts and fears.

As we in any experience express
the fruits of the spirit of a living God, we grow, unfold,
and manifest the purpose for which we were created.

The glory of the body is selflessness.

Our soul is a portion of the Divine.
It is a moving influence in our activities
throughout our experiences in all spheres of consciousness.
Our soul is a universe within self.
Will is an attribute of the soul,
and with Will we choose to develop either to
a oneness with Universal Consciousness
or in opposition to it.

The three phases of our human experience
-- body, mind, soul -- are expressed in the earth,
and their freedom comes in a threefold manner
through knowledge, interpretation, and application.

All of these work together and depend each upon the other.
In service, without thought of personal gain,
comes that which makes for the greater growth of our soul.

"He that is greatest among you shall be your servant."
(Mathew 23:11)

In our dealings with our fellow human beings,
let the law of the Lord, as we know it in our hearts,
be the rule of our lives; and we will find that the growth
of the mind-spiritual, the mind-mental, the mind-physical,
will bring the glory of the Lord in our lives.

God has promised to meet us within our holy temple,
our body, as we purpose to give ourselves in service
to our fellow humans; for in so doing
we manifest the Glory of God in a material world.

Let the Glory of the Father, of the Son, suffice us.


True knowledge is when we seek to express less and less of self
and more and more of God in our dealings with our fellow human beings.

Let the knowledge of the Lord so permeate my being.
Let there be less and less of self, more and more of God,
in my dealings with my fellow man.
May the Christ be in all and through all.

Humankind (a spiritual being), taking things into its own hands,
still makes itself ridiculous in the eyes of its Maker
by flaunting its knowledge of things that be,
not even knowing that they have always been.

True knowledge is of God, not apart from God.

True knowledge is shown fully in our unselfish dealings
with our fellow humans day by day.

True knowledge is when as we manifest
the spirit that we care, that we understand,
and that we are willing to take a portion of their burden
when they are bowed down with the cares of the world.

True knowledge is being willing for Christ's sake
to aid those in distress, to feed those who are hungry.
The world is crying for this knowledge.

True knowledge is the ability that enables us
to live in harmony with the laws of the universe.

Do we understand that to forgive is knowledge,
to be friendly is knowledge,
to be selfless in the midst of a selfish world is knowledge?

It takes an understanding of only one law
to do these things, and this law is love.

God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all.

"Gaining an understanding of the laws that pertain to right living
in all its phases makes our minds in attune with Creative Forces,"
which are in His Consciousness.

We should know of the functioning of the organs
which are constantly carrying on the processes
of digestion, assimilation, and reconstruction of tissue,
but it is more important that we should know something
of the creative powers that operate through the spiritual centers.

Through the study of spiritual forces
we learn that before we can know the world without,
we must first know the world within.

The physical person is of the earth;
the soul -with the mind of the infinite- is of the universe.
Souls choose to take physical bodies,
and thus mind, which is of God,
finds an expression in the physical.

Mind is defined as the rational faculty of humanity.
It may be divided for convenience into
the conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious.

We must not confuse the unconscious mind with the subconscious.
The unconscious is but a deeper portion
of our conscious thinking, through which
the subconscious operates in the physical
and acts upon and affects the conscious mind.

It is through the mind that creative forces seek activity,
whether in a lowly organism seeking to express itself,
in us seeking a kingdom for ourselves, or
in a soul seeking its way back to God.

It is with the mind of the soul that we can be
consciously aware that our physical body
is the temple of the living God.

With the will we choose for ourselves that activity
which will either take us away from or to our Creator.
It is active in both our conscious and subconscious minds.
In the one it brings the ability to reason inductively and deductively,
in the other to transcend and know, even as we are known.

Finally we turn to a brief study of the nature of our spiritual self.
It has been said that the individual who would seek God
must first believe that He is.

It was Jesus who taught that the kingdom of God
is within our own being. (see Luke 17:21)

The God-spark within each of us is the force
that enables us to love our enemies,
to do good to them who persecute us,
to pray for them who despitefully use us.

Of ourselves we can do nothing; with Him we can do all things.

Our soul, a creation of the Father, constantly desires to glorify Him.

"Where art thou?" we should be ready to answer, "Here am I, Lord, use me."
(see Isaiah 6:8)

Knowledge, understanding, is using, that thou hast in hand.

Not to thine own knowledge but that all hope, power, trust,
faith, knowledge and understanding are in Him.

It has been given that we shall love the Lord our God
with all our heart, our soul, our mind, and our neighbor as ourselves.
This is the basis of all spiritual law.

What experiences do we hold most sacred in our lives?
Are they not such as the smile of someone we love,
the thoughtful act of a friend,
a kindness in time of trouble,
a word of praise when things seem to be going wrong?
Such knowledge brings spiritual growth.
Worldly pleasures and physical gratifications
bring excitement for the moment, but they do not last.

A kind word under trying circumstances
not only creates for us an attunement with the "I Am"
but makes others aware of the presence of the Lord.

Our responsibility in applying the correct evaluation of knowledge
cannot be overlooked.

We should study to show self more practical in the application
of that which we hold to be true.

Knowledge used aright bears the fruit of the spirit.

No soul, no mind, can comprehend anything beyond its own understanding.

Understanding is made perfect in virtue, and virtue is of God.
We have been told to "Be still and know that I am God!"
(Psalm 46:10)

God never breaks down doors to get in.
He stands at the door and knocks.
He is not past finding out,
and with Him we can do all things;
for His presence brings power
and assurance into our lives.

Then let the love of the Christ surround us,
and let us glory in knowledge that we walk with Him,
and that He sustains and strengthens us day by day.

Let us take no thought for tomorrow;
for in His presence we shall find strength
for each trial, each disturbance.
He has promised
that He has given
His angels charge
concerning us.

We must stand fast in Him,
knowing, believing, acting
that which we profess.

As ye have received,
as ye are moved,
as ye apply that ye receive,
give to those that seek.
Be patient, be kind. Speak not unkindly of anyone.
Let not gossip nor unkind things,
either in thought or deed,
be in thine experience. And ye will find the true Knowledge
of the Christ in the Father
being close to thee.


The wisdom of the Lord is exemplified for us
in the life of Jesus who became the Christ.
If we would have wisdom, we must abide in Him who is the Way.

Wisdom is made practical by the application
of the Christ life in our daily experiences.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Not the fear of disappointment, of contention, of strife;
for they are not of God.

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge aright.

Wisdom is a matter of choice of the will,
in the light of that which is our ideal,
and in the manner in which we apply it
in our experience with others.
The concept, the will, the application
become a triune in the experience of each of us.

In the application we become selfless,
exalt the Prince of Peace, and seek the glory of the Father,
we will find ourselves in His consciousness.

This is the true approach; this is the beginning of wisdom.
Knowledge of the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
The whole law is to love God with all our mind, our body,
our soul-and our neighbor as ourself;
that He, the Father, in the Son may be exalted.

We are commanded to use that which we have in hand
and more will be given to meet our needs,
whether they are mental, material, or spiritual.

The knowledge of God, the wisdom of God,
applied in our daily experience bring strength and harmony;
even the turmoils of the earth-sorrow, shame, want,
and degradation-become worthwhile experiences,
if we meet them in the wisdom of God.

In wisdom, thou wilt not find fault.
In wisdom, thou wilt not condemn any.
In wisdom, thou wilt not cherish grudges.
In wisdom thou wilt love those,
even those that despitefully use thee;
even those that speak unkindly.

When we claim the promises of God, many changes
that we cannot understand may take place in our lives.
These experiences may help us to know the Wisdom of God.

When we profess with our mouth that which we have
purposed in our heart to do, that is wisdom.

When the acts of the body, when the thoughts of the mind
are in accord with that we proclaim to our children,
our neighbors, our friends, that is wisdom.

To obtain wisdom we must apply that which we know.

In our seeking for wisdom we come to the place
where our will, the facilities of our mind,
the faculties of our spiritual forces,
must be divinely directed,
if we would go on in the correct application of knowledge.

Wisdom is divine love manifested in our conversation,
in our avocation, in all our acts.

The practical application of the Christ-life in thy daily experience
is Wisdom indeed.

It is the application of that thou knowest to do
in light of the Pattern set in the Christ.
That is applied wisdom!


Happiness is knowing, being in touch with,
and manifesting divine love in our daily life.

We manifest happiness in thankfulness, peace, harmony,
and in a consciousness that is void of offense
toward God and others.

Let me find happiness in God through the love I bear toward my fellow man.
Let my life, my words, my deeds, bring joy and happiness
of the Lord in Jesus to each I meet day by day.

Happy are they who love the Lord's way.
Happy are the poor in spirit, for they shall see God.
Happy are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Happy are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord."
Happy are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness,
for they shall be filled.
Happy are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Happy are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Happy are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God.
"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

Happy are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Happy are you "when men shall revile you,
and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil
against you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad;
... for so persecuted they the prophets
which were before you."
"They shall put you out of the synagogues:
yea, the time cometh,
that whosoever killeth you will think
that he doeth God service."

When the Lord's will becomes our will, we are happy,
for we begin to know the Lord in our daily life.

Happiness is found in the mind and heart of those
who without thought of self seek to know the way of God.

Our Father, our God, in my own consciousness
let me find happiness in the love of Thee,
for the love I bear toward my fellow man.
Let my life, my words, my deeds, bring the joy and happiness
of the Lord in Jesus to each I meet day by day.

How often we confuse pleasure with happiness.
We see those of the world seemingly
enjoying every pleasure that luxury can give,
yet many have sad faces and heavy hearts.

Pleasure is of the world; it is something outside of us.
It is fleeting, deceiving and unsatisfying.
It gives no reward but asks a heavy toll
as we pass over the bridge of unrealized dreams.

"For what is a man profited,
if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

Let us think on the difference between pleasure and happiness,
for they are as the material and the spiritual.
Through pleasure we seek to gratify physical desires,
but when we have lost sight of self
in the appreciation of love, beauty and hope in the Creative Forces,
may we indeed know happiness.

Truth brings freedom, and freedom brings happiness.
"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."


Spirit is the essence of Creative Power,
Spirit is the motivating influence of all life.

All manifestations of life in any plane of consciousness
are crystallizations of the Spirit.

We must understand why and how Spirit
came into material manifestation.

God created us in His image, spiritual beings,
with souls, minds and wills.

In all states of consciousness there are opportunities
for the expression of our mind and will.

Error came into existence before the earth,
the heavens, or space were created.

Using free will, expressing selfish desire,
spiritual beings (souls) separated themselves
from a consciousness of Oneness with Creative Will.

Life, in material bodies, is the reflection of this separation
in this state of consciousness.

Through the law of love, God prepared a way back for all humankind.
Until this way was prepared there was no consciousness of time or space.
These concepts are aids to a clearer perception of the Divine Will;
Through time, space and patience, we will come to know the Lighted Path.

Only those who seek may find this way.
Flesh and blood may not reveal the truth to us.
It is the quickening of the Divine Spirit within
which brings each personal revelation.

The Children of God became the children of men,
as they sought selfish expression into the earth plane.
They pushed themselves into matter,
upsetting existent patterns of evolution going on in the earth.

First, as forces seeking expression through the natural elements
of mineral, plant and animal life, then, as hardened thought forms
molded after the pattern of animal life in the earth.

In these thought forms spiritual beings became entangled.
They lost the consciousness of their divine origin.
Monstrosities resulted.
There was chaos.
The darkness which existed is beyond
the comprehension of the finite mind.
The earth plane was only a three-dimensional
point of expression for the chaotic state which existed.

Out of this mire of selfish thought, this morass of illusion,
God prepared a way through the law of love.

He said, "Let there be light."
Let there be the consciousness of time and space.
The evening and the morning were the first day,
a day of light and darkness, of good and evil.
Step by step spiritual beings became aware
that they were away from God, from light.

Jesus, as the first Adam, became the symbol
of the regenerated spiritual beings returning to God Consciousness.
He came showing the way of patience by which we (spiritual beings)
were to recognize His state and turn toward the Light.
The law of One was manifested eventually in the man Jesus,
and is signified in the Christ Consciousness.
(Let us get the difference.)

Adam and Eve, God's projection, began a line of physical descent
through which spiritual beings could purify their desires,
and return to God Consciousness.

In the early days spiritual beings who used these Adamic bodies
were tempted and many gave way to desire.
"... the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair;
and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Down through the ages there existed side by side
the sons and daughters of mortals
(the hardened thought forms mingled with animal bodies)
and the Sons and Daughters of God
(offspring of the Adamic race).

Through the example set by the Christ, we know the way.
The choice is made daily by each soul to follow the Light
or seek selfish gratification.

We must fulfill the purpose for which we came into the earth plane,
that is, to be again one with the Father, which is attained
through the Christ Consciousness.

Therefore, through the power of the Christ,
who has walked the path from the beginning,
we will come to know ourselves to be ourselves,
yet one with and part of, the whole, yet not the Whole.

That is the purpose, that is the cause, of Being.

Every day is a new opportunity.
Every opportunity is the physical manifestation of spiritual ideals.

Time, space and patience are three concepts
which contain the keys to spiritual development
in this three-dimensional plane.

Without them fallen humanity is not aware of being away from God.
Using time and space and patience
we measure everything, physical, mental and spiritual.

When we begin to catch a glimpse of the fact
that all space exists in time, that all time is one,
that all force is one, that all force is God,
we will be getting back to the Oneness of which
Christ was speaking when He said
that He would be in the Father and we would be in Him.
This realization comes to us only in patience.

Selfishness is the influence which blocks our return
to God Consciousness.

We must begin to build up within ourselves
that mind which was in the Christ,
if we would know God.
He is "not willing that any should perish,"
but that all should know the truth;
"and ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."

The Spirit of the Christ cannot abide in a selfish heart.
We drive Christ from our homes, from our churches,
from our state- yes, from our own consciousness
when we seek self-glory.
It was the cause of the first turning away from God.
It was the first sin.

"Father, let Thy desires be my desires.
Let my desires, God, be Thy desires,
in spirit and in truth,"
(262-60) should be our prayer.

Thus we find grace, mercy, peace, and harmony
becoming more and more a part of our experience.

Our religion, our love for our fellow human beings,
our love for our Creator should be a living experience,
not just form. Truth, as mercy and grace, GROWS through use.
As we manifest the fruits of the spirit
in our dealings with our fellow humans,
we fulfill that purpose for which we are called.
We show forth the love we hold for our Maker
by the manner in which we deal with our neighbor.
God's love has manifested again and again in the earth
showing us that by love, not hate and force,
a soul may be brought to an awareness of its spiritual reality.

Be joyous in the Lord,
knowing that He is ever present
when we seek His face.
He is ever with us when we desire to be an emissary
that others may know what it means to walk and talk with Him.

When we efface self and seek only to be led by His Spirit,
then and only then may we hope to do our part
in the scheme of redemption.

Know that the true spirit of creative influence is within.
It is the Spirit of God that moved over the face of the earth,
and gives this Spirit the charge concerning His own.

Updated: 26 September 2013