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"Astrology - Mercury" 

We find in Mercury....

We find in Mercury the mental abilities, the reasoning abilities of the entity.

In those influences that we find in Mercury, these bring those MENTAL abilities of the entity, and the adaptability of the entity to the various experiences through which the entity may pass. Oftentimes the entity may be misjudged by others through the ability of the MENTAL forces to give the entity itself an insight into conditions, surroundings, individuals, associations, and the like, that is not perceptible to others - though they may be in the same environ as the entity. Hence the entity may be often called peculiar in its likes and dislikes, or the ability to form or change judgments as respecting individuals' activities under strain or stress - when others would not see a change or a variance in individuals' activities in or under such conditions. Hence the entity - through the mental, through the Neptune influences, through the Jupiter influences - is one that would make an excellent psychiatrist, or psychoanalyst, or one who might aid individuals in making for themselves those determinate forces that may be ideals in their lives; yet the entity must be idealistic and have its OWN ideal, and be governed and directed BY same - or MEASURE its experiences and its standards for others BY that ideal. This, then, is an influence that may be used for good or for bad, dependent upon that which is the ideal. If this is made that which gives continuity of life itself, of the SPIRITUAL aspect rather than of the mental or material aspect, then it may be used for good. The entity may also be said to be one GIFTED, or endowed, or has BUILDED within the experience, so that it may read handwriting, or read the physiognomy of individuals and their expressions - more than the words of the individuals themselves. This often, though, becomes confusing to the entity, for the reason that the ideals of individuals or persons are not ALWAYS the same as the entity's.

In Mercury the high mental abilities, but the entity doesn't always use same in the correct choices. Learn to do the first things first, and that is - make peace in thy conscience with thy Maker.

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities, the reasoning influences;

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities, the activities in which the entity may find the expressions of self.

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities; mind, reason, purpose, and goals set. In most any phase of activity the entity would choose, success might be attained or accomplished; dependent upon what the entity sets as its ideal as to what is meant or implied by success.

We find in Mercury the abilities as a student, and the ability to make application of that the entity studies. But it should read more, choosing that as may be instrumental in pointing to the psychological as well as child training, child unfoldment, child development; especially as related to stories and toys and the playthings of children, as to how they tend to direct the characteristics, the likes and dislikes, as the children develop and make application of those thoughts. For, mind is ever the builder.

We find in Mercury the abilities as a student, and the ability to make application of that the entity studies. But it should read more, choosing that as may be instrumental in pointing to the psychological as well as child training, child unfoldment, child development; especially as related to stories and toys and the playthings of children, as to how they tend to direct the characteristics, the likes and dislikes, as the children develop and make application of those thoughts. For, mind is ever the builder.

Thus we find in Mercury the high mental abilities. It is an entity, then, well balanced as to judgments and abilities, - as a teacher, as an instructor. Yet what has been the purpose in same? Has it been knowledge to give self power, or knowledge that it may be applied to the glory of the Creative Force and to the honor of the purposes set in self? The answer is to be determined in self. For, as given in days of old, "Today there is set before thee good and evil, life and death - choose thou."

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities, the abilities in those forces having to do with individuals in high places, in authority in one direction or another; those that may aid in formulating the policies for groups or for those that are in authority. These are the character of influences that become a part of this entity's experience.
Hence much is expected, much is required of the entity - as to how it uses or applies its talents in this material world.

High mental abilities arise from the Mercurian influence. The abilities and tendencies are indicated as a writer, as an actor, as pertaining to the screen; which beauty may be expressed in word as well as activity in the experience of the entity in relationships with conditions as well as individuals.

We find in Mercury the mental abilities, the judgments; though at times quite contrarywise to thoughts of others.

we find in Mercury the high mental abilities of the entity; the abilities to direct, to "think through;" to find answers to problems, whether these be related to individuals, circumstance or things.
Thus we find that things, as well as individuals, will be a life service, or a channel through which there may be the application of self to conditions and circumstance that create environs FOR individuals. This will be the character, the kind of service in which the greater accomplishments may be attained in this particular period.
This is also indicated in the complementary association in Venus, which gives an appreciation of the beautiful. This as a static experience has passed, and appears now in manners, forms, in all activities of self or others, in which relationships to individuals AND to things become a living experience.

We find in Mercury the reasoning, and yet this is so tempered with Neptune and Uranus as for the entity to oft become too easily influenced by what others will say. Know that if ye are right - and if thy conscience will ever guide thee, as it will do so long as thou in thyself are right with the Lord and His judgments - ye need never fear any man.
These then are the promptings that are deep within, that oft find self-condemnation because of what others may say.
Ye are not weak - in Him. Put thy trust then the more in that which IS the truth and the light.
What then is truth and light? That which is ever building hope, love, truth.
Too easily ye find that those things pertaining to gratifying of body forces DO NOT satisfy.
This brings that doubt in self. Hence the needs oft for analyzing thy purposes and making thy will one with Him.
When fear of the future occurs, or fear of the past, or fear of what others will say, - put all such away with this prayer, - not merely by mouth, not merely by thought, but in body, in mind and in soul say:

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities, with the analytical or the teaching or instructive characteristics in the individual entity.
Hence as an exhorter, lecturer or writer the entity would find the greater outlet for its expression, as well as the channels through which material gain may be had and a continuity of purpose held. This may also be seen from the experiences of the entity in its material sojourns.

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities of the entity; also in Uranus the extremes - that may become stumblingstones. Yet again that ideal may become the saving grace, from the material application.
Then, never fear, never doubt self's abilities, even in material or mental aspects. For, the SPIRIT maketh UNAFRAID, and guideth in those directions that keep one in that way.
There is a way that seemeth right, yet the end may be death. AGAIN the ideal must be the measuring stick, the standard by which judgments are made. And judge not thy neighbor by one standard and thyself by another! For, it is a universal and a divine law that like begets like.

We find in Mercury the high mental influences, as manifested in the abilities of the entity to REMEMBER as well as to forget. For, the faculty of being able in manifestation to forget is as much of a virtue as the ability to remember.
Then, do not make such a point of this in the experience of the entity as to produce an aversion to being reminded of remembering or forgetting. Rather encourage all phases of mental expression. For, much more may be gained by love and counsel, and pleasantness, than by rebuke that interferes - or is at variance with the will of individuals.

We find in Mercury a high mental ability, especially gifted - as most Atlanteans would be, and are - in mathematics, or things mechanical. Thus in the field of mathematics and mechanics will the entity find the greater outlet for the abilities.
However, as will be seen in the urges from the material or earthly sojourns, nature and outdoors become also a manifested and a latent urge. Hence at times the office, or hours that bind become rather as an influence to produce restlessness in the experience of the entity. Yet, as we find, choices may be made by the entity to make them as purposeful as thy ideals are as to morals and material relationships, in the own consciousness.
For, as we find, changes that will be and are being wrought through the studies, the applications of self in the direction toward things of a mechanical and mathematical nature, will bring ABUNDANT material gains.
Do not let prosperity materially undo thy mental and spiritual purposes.

We find in Mercury the high mental abilities; especially a diplomatic tendency of mind. Hence, as combined with the natures or urges latent from the Uranian influence, this necessitates that those who would guide or keep in harmonious activity with the entity must INSIST on the entity's EXPRESSING self regarding most situations that arise in the experience of the entity, - lest such diplomatic tendencies tend to bring a development of an unstableness in the full or completed life force of this entity.

We find in Mercury rather the practicality of the entity, and this at times may become the stumbling block, even to the entity. For this, as combined with those experiences in materiality, has brought hardships of a material nature; yet satisfactions and longings - as will be indicated - for the seeking of expression as may accomplish that so sought.

We find in Mercury the high mental ability. But think not too much of self. This is a tendency. And watch self in this direction, if the better advantages, the better opportunities would come to the entity. Know that, as has been said by Him who knew, he that is the servant of all is the ruler of all.

we find in Mercury the high mental abilities of the entity; the abilities to disseminate; the abilities to give to others a way or manner of expression or of manifesting that as may be the guiding influence in thine own experience.

we find in Mercury making for the high mental abilities; especially in those fields that will attain to that of being either the entertainer, the director, in those fields of dramatic art, or in those things that give the expression of the mental forces OF the individual into and unto its fellow man.

We find in Mercury a high mental ability; a seeker. Oft through the experiences in the present sojourn has the entity - not changed its ideals so much as it has changed oft its approach to that it would MAKE its ideal. A mental seeking. And with that mental efficiency is that known and applied in the everyday experiences of the entity.

The ruling influence we find in Mercury, making for abilities in the mental aspects, in the great visions that come with activities of the entity; with the dreamer, in those respects as related to material things, as related to the mental activities and to the soul development.

In Mercury we find....

In Mercury we find the high MENTAL attributes of the mental and physical body.

In Mercury we find judgment.
First, then, in analyzing of self to bring about the better conditions, know what is your ideal, spiritually, mentally, materially. What would be an ideal friendship with anyone? For remember, the Master's way, "Whosoever doeth the will of the Father is my mother, my brother, my sister, my friend." They are as a basis, then; you don't treat one individual one way, and another, another way. In Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, we find the interest of the entity in the unusual. Make this rather of a spiritual nature and we will find we will bring bettered conditions for the body.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities as indicated, the ability to see the end of most problems that others make, and of even the orders that may be given from higher authority than the entity in material things. For there would be few higher in the mental capacities than the entity. If it chooses to match wits, watch out!

In Mercury we find the urges as to curiosity, the seeking of wisdom, the seeking of knowledge. Don't forget that curiosity killed the cat! Do remain stable. Not that the entity is fickle, but rather as has been given, when ye start something finish it!

In Mercury we find one quick in its mental capacities. Thus as the changes are coming about there should be a stress made on literature and the ability as a speaker. For we find, when we combine the urges from the astrological aspects and those from the earthly sojourns, the entity could become a lecturer. This may be not so much as a minister or as one of a sectarian group but rather one lecturing on subjects that would apply to creative or helpful influences in the experiences or lives of mankind; those subjects having to do with improvement in the morality, though not from the purely orthodox religious standpoint yet the basis of the teaching being given with the purpose of good and to be good for something.

In Mercury, we find a definite purpose towards interest in the activities of a mental nature, or as to why certain groups, under certain activities or characteristics of soil, or groups in cities, towns, or hamlets react according to the environs - a certain per cent - while others may break entirely loose. Thus Psychology and psychopathic studies as to the natures of mind, are of interest to the entity.

In Mercury we find the high mental ability, with ability as the statistician, datastician, or as a nurse, or in activities pertaining to writing. For these come under the same character of influence - a contributing to the welfare of the fellow man in masses, as well as individually, through the mental efforts of the body-physical.
Thus the interpreting of emotions of the body may be a portion of the entity's experience in the types of analysis of circumstances, places, times, and conditions about which the entity might write. This would be not so much in the manner of vocational activity as in that which might be attained by the entity as a correspondent, as a story writer or feature story writer, for papers or magazines that have a wide and varied circulation. For once this is begun by the entity, there may be found an outlet not only for the abilities of the entity as a student, as one given knowledge, but also for the abilities of the entity to carry forward a purpose in periods of great distress.

In Mercury we find the high mental ability

in Mercury we find the high mental abilities. Do not confuse knowledge with understanding.

In Mercury, we find judgment when tempered with mercy and with brotherly love.

In Mercury we find the mind, an ingenious character of mind that does wonders to people at times in the uncanniness with which it interprets the slightest inclination in the experience and in the association with others. Though it may be of the opposite or of its own sex, it is as if the entity read the minds of the individuals.

In Mercury we find the entity high-minded, and at times all-knowing to its own undoing. At other periods we find the ability to think through, and to be a good conversationalist.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities of the entity, the abilities to reason.

In Mercury we find the mental ability

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities of the entity. Innately, then, a student, and also - as from the Mercurian influence - quite oft self-centered.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities. And with Mars we find the entity would make a good historian, whether of economical conditions or political or the combined effort in relation to the ministerial interest and inclination. But if entering the ministry, let it be for a missionary activity.
With the abilities, whatever field is chosen, the entity may contribute to the history, or a recording of the history of that portion of the country with which the entity is identified; not as of self alone, but that also of the whole tempo, as well as the whole ideals of the ruling groups of any such land with which the entity may be identified. Not the history only of that endeavor in which the entity might be engaged, then, but the country or place or certain portions of the religious, the moral, as well as the social and physical activities of such a land.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities of the entity, the attraction to problems that others have questioned - and the entity may find the answer. Mathematical precision, minute detail, those things pertaining to machinery; not merely a motor or the like but the machinery of political, economic, or social orders of groups or individuals. The entity is attracted to or spends time wondering about these.
Then, these are the things the entity should analyze the more in self - as will be seen from the periods of expression in the earth - as to what are the promptings of the individual's urges. For each individual finds the motivative influence of its life within its own self, and that is correct - as was stated of old by the lawgiver; Think not as to who will descend from heaven to give a message or who would come from over the sea that ye might learn and understand. For lo it is within thine own heart, thine own mind. Thy body is indeed the temple of the living God. He has promised to meet thee and, know that all in the mental, all in the material, has its inception, it conception, in spirit, in purpose, in hope, in desire. Know thy relationship, then, first, with that ye hope for. For life (or God), immortality of the soul, is real; as may be seen from thine own urges - if ye analyze them correctly.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, the ability as a linguist.

In Mercury we find the high mental, the reason, the influence as from correlating activities that would bear upon those things as of mechanics

In Mercury we find the mental ability, the poetic nature of the entity; the charm that is impelling to others.

In that in Mercury, we find in those of the mental developments - especially into those of the intricacies of the occult and of the mystic forces; and, as seen manifested in each, in the application of the abilities in the entity, these become accentuated especially in the expression OF self when it comes to manifesting that which gives expression, either to the mystery, the mysterious, the occult, or to that in Jupiter - as manifests in the bigness of purpose, of intent, of those elements that have to do with the greetings in either.
In the application of these, as are manifested, as respecting will's forces in the present experience - these, we find, expressing themselves in creative energy, as related to the beauties in nature, in life, IN experience, IN the various effects as may be created by either of the manners as comes through love, as an ennobling factor, or one that would express hate, contempt, disregard, indecision, and wonderment, in the various effects as are created by each.

In Mercury we find the high mental ability; those tendencies to analyze problems from the three-dimensional viewpoint, or the cause and the effect.
Thus the entity in its activities as a director in a group or organization may be called a good judge of human nature.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, the ability of reasoning, the applications of reason to activities.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, and those tendencies for the entity to analyze people, as well as its interest in things, conditions, as well as individuals. These also lend abilities, as may be seen, through which the entity may find the channel of the greater expression in this material plane; as may bring the greater peace as well as the greater harmony in the experience. We refer to that of writing, but a very definite character of writing.

In Mercury, we find the abilities latent and manifested in - easily does the entity gain the insight as to mental application toward peoples and toward conditions. Then, rather do people, peoples' relationship - rather than THINGS - interest and magnify themselves in the INTERESTS of the entity, and for the entity - then - would be the career, the greater development physically, mentally, spiritually - these being kept in accord, or in attunement with that of the higher forces as are manifested in those influences in Venus and Jupiter.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities. And remember, mind is the builder, - whether in spiritual, material or mental, in its fuller term mind is the builder.

In Mercury, we find one as will be apt in the applications especially of those of mathematical interest, especially that have to do with those scopes as pertain to the sea.

In Mercury we find the mental ability, the quick-wittedness. Never lose that ability to see the ridiculous, even in the most solemn situation.

In Mercury we find latent and manifested abilities in the mental activities, the seeking, the searching, the inquisitive individual. Remember also the old saw, "Curiosity killed a cat." These are the influences, yet they are to be applied in the correct or vital purposes towards spiritual as well as material activities.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, the character or manner in which the entity approaches problems, those things as would hinder or aid.
Reason, then, is an innate and a manifested characteristic of the entity. Reason with the mental, the spiritual, the material as one - ever.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, - especially the detail that is a part of the conscious and unconscious activity of the entity; having to do with the fitness of things, purposes, abilities in choosing individuals for definite activities, or fitting the place and the peoples concerned for a definite service or definite happening. These become latent and manifested channels of activity in the entity's experience.

In Mercury we find the judgement.

 in Mercury we find the high mental forces.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities as a reasoner, as one that directs the thoughts by comparisons - as lessons. Hence much of that as may be written or depicted in tract, leaflet, or in speech, may be done in the form of parable, or in drawing conclusions from those activities that would bring such into the consciousness of those who would THINK on such things.

In Mercury we find the highmindedness, the desire for an equalization in activities as to relationships one with another.
Hence a very constructive home influence is a part of the experience throughout the entity's activity.
Also from Mercury with Jupiter, there is a high appreciation of sincerity.
Through Mercury and Jupiter we find the urge for dealing with things with which people have to work; as well as individual activities.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities - in all those choices as may be made, save when those extremes arise - as they will through the various developing periods, and the activities of the entity in its body as well as in mental awakening.

In Mercury we find the mental acuteness.

In Mercury we find the latent and manifested urge of an analytical manifestation. Thus in most things, as well as in its associations with others, the entity is mindful, careful, painstaking, and shows good judgments.
Oft has the entity found that so many disappointments appear in others. Know that first rule, a LAW that is eternal: THE SEED SOWN MUST ONE DAY BE REAPED. YE DISAPPOINTED OTHERS. TODAY FROM THINE OWN DISAPPOINTMENTS YE MAY LEARN PATIENCE, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL VIRTUES AND THE LEAST UNDERSTOOD! Remember, it is one of the phases or dimensions through which thy soul may catch the greatest and the more beautiful glimpse of the Creator. For, as He came unto His own and His own received Him not, in patience He brought that awareness of what they had lost in their lack of appreciation of the opportunities given.
So in thy dealings with others, with thy problems with others, in thy daily associations, in thy home, in thy activities, - remember to evaluate EVERY phase of an experience and to stress the beautiful, minimize the faults. For, this is sowing the seed of beauty in the spirit of truth; and that, too, will blossom in thy life and in thy dealings with others.
See the funny side - don't be too serious. Remember, He even made the joke as He walked to the garden to be betrayed. Remember, He looked with love upon His disciple that denied Him, even as He stood alone.

In Mercury we find indicated the high mental abilities. Not that the planet was at some particular phase of activity, but because of the ENTITY'S, the spirit, the soul, having sojourned in that environ that is attributed to the influence of Mercury in the experience of individuals!
Also from Mercury we find the keen sense of justice, of judgement, and yet oft - as indicated - afflicted with Saturn's influence.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, - one especially given to those activities dealing nature's storehouse; also, as will be seen (that is complementary to same), the sojourns in the earth have been close to nature in many ways of activity.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities in the direction of the seeker, the searcher.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, that are mentally and materially practical. Thus the entity finds the practicality of material things, conditions and circumstance a part of the present experience, as well as the abilities to THINK, to act, in those directions in material things; not being swept entirely off the feet by some unusual experience that to some teachers would produce such, - those who would bring their OWN selves in the direction of climbing up some other way.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, both in constructive and disturbing reactions. For, as the mental abilities may attempt to reason and to find in spiritual things that which is as a tendency to condemn, or to cry, "WHY - why - did this have to happen to me?" there may come in such that as may block the self from hearing that voice of peace deep within, that gives the blessings of the Father as promised to those to whom He has given, "If ye will but be my child, I will be thy God!"
This is not an abstract experience for any, but a very concrete, definite experience; that may be the consciousness of those who seek, - not as in duty, obligation, but in love! For, God IS love. Then, - in thy activity under stress, strain, even disappointment and heartbreaking experiences, - CALL! For, he hath promised, "If ye call, I will HEAR - and answer speedily." Yet the answer can only be in that measure with which ye mete to thy fellow man.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities in the material effects, as well as in the mental aspects of men's relationship to spiritual and material things.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities for directing, judging and analyzing; and those ways, means or manners of communicating such in the experiences of others, in such measures as to cause same to be of mental and physical value.
Forget not that they must have spiritual values also.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities; figures, facts. Hence oft the companionship of the entity has been sought because of its practicability, and yet periods of joviality and appreciation of the little niceties of associations and companionships. These mean much to the entity. And the greater hurt that has come in the mental experience is the knowledge that someone has misconstrued, misunderstood the desires of the entity to be that companionship, or that companion, for the helpful, hopeful experiences of all concerned.
Rather than the joy or beauty of material things, we find in Venus the mental and the social and the deeper beauties. For, the entity appreciates the beauty of the curve of the wave, as well as the clouds, or in a flower; or in any attempt of someone to depict the beauty of body, of mind, of nature, of strength, of weakness, of the pliability of body or mind. All of these are a part of the entity's experience materially; and these become at times parts of those emotions that become oft confusing. But analyze why, and we will find that reliance upon that force which is the promise, the birthright of each soul, that is all strength, all beauty, all joy, all longsuffering, all brotherly love, - as in Him.
For He, even in the hour of betrayal could speak of love. Even then He gave, "A new commandment give I unto you, that ye love one another."

 in Mercury we find the mental, the argumentive, the inclinations towards the theological - or more of theology, oft, than of spirituality.
Not that the body or the mind, or the entity, is not spiritual-minded, but these expressions are for the niceties - as might be termed. To the entity, there should be a reason to reach, and thus the theological portion of the spirituality as might be practised by the entity.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, the discernment, as indicated also in the harmonious activity in color, as in the three feathers or plumes; also as indicated in the determination - as in the power of the lion and the unicorn. And these at times have been apparently to the entity that which has brought some disturbing experiences, because of what others called pure hardheadedness - or some have given it not such an easy name even as that!

In Mercury we find the natural tend at times for the interest in things of the deeper nature; as books, as law of cause and effect in relationships with individuals or with groups.
However, we find that these become rather those things that might be applicable in the relationships to nature's storehouse, than as an activity in which the entity would engage in this material sojourn.

In Mercury we find the quick mental adaptability, - as the quick thought, the quick wit that is and will be a part of the entity's experience; as well as the extremes in which there are the moods to be considered.
Then - in correcting the entity - DO NOT ever break the entity's will! REASON with the entity, for the mental ability and aspects will incline to make the entity become stubborn, if there is the attempt to force or to cause the entity to act in any direction or manner "just because." Tell her why! Take the time to give the lesson as to the little grains of sand, the loss of a little stitch, or any force that gradually undermines by not being cared for as LITTLE things in the experience.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, especially as related to facts, figures, and MECHANICAL appliances, - especially as related to gas or gas appliances, or gas machines or the like; and these will be the outlet or channels in which the entity would find the greater satisfaction, or the greater outlet for the abilities.

In Mercury we find the mental abilities of the entity; with (Jupiter and Mercury) the tendency for a quiet mien, for rather the deeper feelings, but with less of the show that comes with one quickly-spoken; with the abilities to get mad, but with the abilities also to control such wrath. Hence the entity is often termed as one rather retiring, rather quiet, rather with the disposition or the tendencies of the opposite sex; not as a sissy, no - but rather as one with the TEMPERAMENT such as might be expected from one of a much less ability to be fiery, or strong, or exceedingly masculine in action, mien or disposition.

In Mercury we find that of a mental ability, rather as APPLIED - than being called in the developing years of exceptional talent; rather used that that was latent from WITHIN, and acting upon initiatives from within intuitive influences, and taking advantage of those that HAVE voiced from WITHIN the mode, manner, or line OF endeavor; whether as related to individuals or that that AFFECTED individuals in their moral, their civic, economic, or spiritual life. Politics, in a manner, has had its part - rather as the outcome of activities, than the activities as become the outcome of political action on the part of the entity or associates.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities as a ruling influence by that as oft reaches almost intuition, as is commonly known. And thus the entity has what some call hunches, intuitive forces, those emotions which arise not from relationships to conditions or things but from the NEEDS OF that as would give a better comprehension of those forces or influences ABOUT THE ENTITY, whether these would have to do with a purely mental or physical convenience, or for activities that would make for the saving of time in the experiences of others.
These become innately, then, portions of the entity's mental - or partially mental - experience.

In Mercury we find a good mental ability, yet often called by others erratic with its abilities, or its social or love affairs, yet making for - while not a stay-at-home - one that loves a home, and makes for those conditions about same that would be as a good home maker, as a home keeper; yet with many ideas of same, or the manner of conducting same, that to some would be as of extravagance in the use of self, rather than in the use of means, or of those things that make up sociability in the home.

In Mercury we find one of mental abilities that make for that, with the Jupiterian forces, of a high minded and ennobling influence; yet in the present experiences and periods passing through that which has been, will be, as a test period for the entity.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, - tempered with Venus and Jupiter in its benevolent forces, we find that Mercury as judgment, tempered with Venus and Jupiter, may bring a great deal of beauty and harmony; not only in what may be called love of obligations or love of duties with its own flesh, or flesh of its flesh, or children, but in its associations and activities and in its experiences with others.
For to see, to experience, to know the growth of love, of patience, of mercy, - that is a longing within the innate experience, - brings a growth, a satisfaction that may not be obtained in any other manner.
But as has been indicated, it may be only founded on constructive or creative thinking, - and not of self or self's aggrandizement - in ANY sense!

In Mercury we find much of the mental abilities, the mental stability of the entity, in that influence - and this, as it is favored with that in the influence of Uranus for those conditions in the entity's experience which calls for SUDDEN decisions in many small matters, AND oft of in those that will influence a great MANY individuals. Not OFT does the entity misjudge people, or peoples' purposes.

In those in Mercury, we find these as innate and manifested in an intuitive manner. Those of the keen mental abilities, with the seeking of relationships and REASONING of things, and the tendency to correlate reason with those influencing in Venus, finds for that sincerity in truth and in ideals as are builded in self, through experience, and through the manifested force of the entity.

In Mercury we find the great mental abilities

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities of the body - quick at resentment, and as quick to forgive.

in Mercury we find a high mental ability; analytical in every phase of its relationships.

In Mercury we find the great mental abilities will be manifested

In Mercury we find one of high MENTAL ability, or with that ability - no matter in what phase or field of activity - to carry itself off. Or, if the occasion warrants, and there are things with which it is not acquainted, it can carry it off as if it were well versed in ANY of the activities apparent in the associations or contacts with the entity.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, with a development or ability to be developed to that activity as an executive; especially as related both to facts and figures, or activities that would be called the statistician or datastician; whether this would apply to one phase of an experience or another; those as would become the more adept, or in which the entity might become the more adept would be in dealing with activities of individuals, whether in a commercial sphere or in recordings for activities in physical or in even the mental aspirations and activities would be a part of the entity's innate or natural experience for development and activity.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities of the entity, yet there are inclinations for the entity to become or to be headstrong, determined, even at times to its own undoing unless it is tempered with those reasonable influences of a spiritual nature.
And as spirit is universal, then to become resentful becomes a stumbling block; and hardheadedness begets madness and wrath, rather than love and faith and hope that is the essence of growth.
For hate, animosity and the like is rather that which produces stagnation, and retardments in the experience of one.

In Mercury we find that seeking for high mental aspirations, high mental abilities. Hence the entity becomes more and more intuitive in its experience, in its associations, in its studies of activities, experiences or associations with others.
Hence the first impressions - if the entity closes the consciousness (that is, the consciousness of the physical nature) - are the more lasting. For as indicated through those benevolent influences of the Venus experiences and Venus sojourns, in love divine, in love as in friendships - if one would find love, one must show self lovely; if one would have friends, one must show self friendly. For that you sow, that you reap. For into the soil of human experience go the activities of every individual in its dealings, its associations and its reactions to the mental, the material and the spiritual aspect of every soul's experience.
For not only in self as the study of self is there the understanding and the comprehending of the experiences of others but also in the study of the spiritual self and the spiritual application in the material world there is the gaining for the individual of a greater consciousness and a greater understanding of Infinity in its relationships.
For as each soul is in the image of the Maker, so do the activities find more and more that there must be seen, there must be reflected not only in self but seen in the mind and the heart and the soul of others that you would worship in your Creator.

In Mercury we find one making for the high mental abilities; one becoming very capable in whatever field of activity or endeavor in which the entity's mental and soul self finds material expression.
Then to succeed or to make for more than what is ordinarily termed material success becomes the dominating force.
If there is the application of self in the proper directions, and if the influence of Will - the ever changing factor - is applied in constructive forces ever, in the moral, in the mental, in the material associations, we will find those abilities, those qualities that have been experienced and as developed in Mercury and in Jupiter becoming the dominating forces.
Thus may there be brought in the material experience of the entity in the present the harmonious associations, material gains, and a constructive experience for the benefits and service of the many.
How, then, may the entity apply self in these directions?

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities; as in the watery planet - or in the activities of Neptune - we find beauty of body and the expressing of same if it is in activity, yet this is a warning also - as it brings this character of experience:
Do not be too DARING in the water, else we may bring a cutting short of the opportunities and experiences in the present sojourn.

Thus in Mercury we find the high mental abilities of the entity. And with those tendencies to analyze any given project, any given undertaking that may deal with the material world. Though the more oft the entity undertakes projects or undertakings when OTHERS should be considered WITH the entity, and a COOPERATIVE spirit manifested by the entity in doing so. Not that what is conceived or undertaken in the mental forces of the entity is not well, but these come upon hard experiences for the lack of cooperation with those with whom the entity might or may become affiliated or associated in material undertakings.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities that make for the ability of the opening of self in its channels in the body for the mental expression of the influences in and about self.
There is set before thee ever good and evil. Choose thou. For "They that will be my people, I will be their God."
These, the influences as may be seen, will be seen of others. Then let not thy good be evilspoken of; for let thy meditation, let thy activities in thy conversation and in thy deeds in the body be in accord with that THOU would have thy God mete to thee!

Those influences from the sojourns in Mercury we find making for the high mental abilities of the entity; what may be termed the mental acumen, and yet capable of making application of same in those directions in which there may be said to be the greater material activity - or the abilities for the entity to use same in those or given directions that may make for an experience in the mental and in the physical activities of the entity.
Also from those same influences there arises the austereness, a solemnity of every experience.
And these in their application should become more and more attuned with purposefulness; thus they may make for those expressions or manifestations in which greater opportunities may come not only for what may be termed material pleasure but for bringing joyousness in the expression of self in its relationships and in its dealings with its fellow man. This should be a portion of the culture of the entity, in PROMPTING self to see not only the serious side of those applications of self but that side which may make for the greater joy or pleasure for those with whom the entity may be associated in its activities.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities; the experiences of searching in mysteries, omens, various characteristics of mental forces; and the ABILITIES to transmit to others THAT the ENTITY HAS EXPERIENCED in self - if it will apply self in those directions!

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, yet making for what will be termed by many as peculiarities in the activities of the entity.
For the abilities as a statistician or datastician become as a portion of the entity's activity. But the ENTITY becomes more interested in not that which has PRODUCED the effect upon a given group but as to the NUMBERS that would be INFLUENCED BY an activity in the experience of a group.
Hence those things that arise in the experience of the entity in making for its dealings with its fellow man, in dealing with groups or individuals that have in a manner lost their way; or those that may be influenced to see helpful, hopefulness in their own activity in its relationships to things; that makes for what may be termed in materiality as FORGETFULNESS to the hardships or hard things that may have been said or done by others. To use self in a helpful manner makes such conditions become as naught in the experience of one applying self in that direction.

In Mercury we find a high mental ability, or a mental aptitude towards the analytical activities of groups or individuals. Or the analytical mind that pertains to that which is the motivative influence in things. This has been a development rather than the expression in the motivative influence in individuals, but in groups it is the more.

In Mercury we find the mental forces of that nature as to become centered in varied directions. And oft apparently in opposition to that in which the entity would indulge or make for the training of self.
Hence we find subjects in its studies become as stumblingblocks. But if there would be included in same more respecting those things of the mental nature; that is, the impelling influences in individuals' lives, as pertaining to religious trainings or those things of the spiritual nature that affect the lives of groups, of homes, of states, of nations, these will become rather a great advantage to the entity; especially in preparing itself in a field of activity in which it may serve in the capacity as a datastician or statistician respecting missionary activities, Christian discipleship, or such. These would be the fields that would also bring about relationships with others, through the activities of the entity, and with the home. For THESE be the fields in which, through the innate activities or astrological forces, there may be brought in the experience the opportunities for the greater developments.

In Mercury we find an influence making for one of high mental attunement; with those influences in Venus making for the high ideals of the entity in its associations with others for whom its love, its affection, has been or may be given.
Hence we will find that the entity has been, will oft be, in the position of being the real inspiration for many an activity of others, of groups, of individuals; when little or nothing may be heard by others of the entity's association with such an activity.

In Mercury we find an influence of high MENTAL capacity in the individual activities towards THINGS, towards conditions, rather than peoples.
For oft in the experience of the entity has the entity in this sojourn been able through the mental self to determine the motivative influence in the experience of individuals without the comprehension of that which the entity or individual has done about that it has acted with or upon.

In Mercury we find the high mental abilities, yet experiences in same that make for the doubting in self as to its own capacities often.

In Mercury we find the high mental ability, yea, coming at times to those points where executive abilities are manifested - unless they become sordid in Saturn, where the changes have often taken place in the environs, in the relationships, in the purposes and in the omens of the daily relationships. Yet, as indicated in the purposes of that environ in the experience of a soul-entity, they may be burned up in forgiveness, they may be burned up in forgetfulness. For, there the changes are so oft wrought and a new opportunity oft presents itself.
Thou knowest to do good, and to do it not becomes sin. Let that which has been the basis of what has been the saving grace oft in thy relationships to those periods of thine own physical-mental development in this material plane shine again in thy purposes and hopes, as He hath given thee the way.

In Mercury we find those influences making for the activities towards that which partakes of the efforts and activities of others; not as an association, but as an interpretation of what others have meant in that they intended to portray in word, in activity.
Hence we find the chosen profession, association or activity in the present is in keeping with a development not ONLY from its earth's experience but from its astrological sojourns also.
Then, more and more the entity should be able to portray EMOTIONS; whether partaking of body-movements, portrayal in word and movement, for these become to the entity one and the same thing.

In Mercury we find a MENTAL APTITUDE rather than high MENTAL abilities; yet the APTITUDE is in such a way or manner as to make for a very close OBSERVER of detail, of those things or experiences that to others are oft of little value.

In those influences in Mercury, we find the application, or that as shows for the mental abilities of the entity in the application. While these may oft be termed by others as wonderment and awe, yet with those influences in the Mercurian influence - with that that makes for the eccentric forces - brings, as in these influences in Uranian, that of one well-doing, well-being, often arriving at conclusions, often arriving at the answer to problems in life - secularly, mentally, materially, spiritually - not understood by others, by that innate influence of justice as MUST come. There MUST be, to the entity, the pay to the last farthing. Hence there is often seen in the activities of the entity that which makes for an obedience to those to whom the entity feels there is a tie or any bond of duty, that which may be SOMETIMES mistaken for law. Do not lean too far forward or backward in such relationships, yet let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay.

In Mercury we find that making for a high mental ability, especially as in relationships to tongues and their influence upon the individuals that are classified under such an environ - and the relationships in the experience of such individual tongues upon the human family. And especially to this entity that contribution such a tongue or group has made towards man's ability to give greater expression of Creative Energy or Force in the experience of man IN materiality.

In Mercury we find a high mental ability. Hence the associations with the opposite sex, as come under the influence of Venus, are of a high mental and material and spiritual aspect, - yet may become detrimental by being misunderstood or misconstrued in its activities or its work.

In Mercury we find those influences making for a high mental ability within the experience of the entity. OFT, however, the experience of the entity has been that WITHIN SELF there was KNOWN much that to others failed in sufficient expression to bring into the material experience some experiences or some relations sought. And others have considered or felt as if it were a mental failure at times. This, a lack of the ability for self-expression, has made for the entity at times the experience of being considered by others as just a bit stubborn, just a bit self-centered, just a bit tended to withdraw within self and to be misunderstood by others.
And (this aside), it may be said here, there is little in the experience of any soul so discouraging or devastating to one that is high mentally attuned as to be or to feel it is misunderstood!

In Mercury we find judgment and consideration, and this with tolerance gives that ability for the entity to be companionable with whatever influence or environ in which it may find itself.
The entity is one well liked, then, in any environ.

In Mercury we find the mental abilities, as well as the appreciations of activities having to do with the mental development of groups, masses, and the various activities in various portions of the land.
Hence the love of travel, of change of scene; and to coop the entity would be almost as destroying the greater abilities of the entity. It must be in the open, - as may be seen from material sojourns!

From the influences in Mercury we find one of high MENTAL application, yet not always has the entity found it in self to easily discern whose end was in the constructive direction. Then, those that proclaim the love of CONSTRUCTIVE thought are those things that may bring in thine mental and in thine spiritual experience the CONSTRUCTIVE experiences in thine moral, thine social, thine commercial life. For if ye be not founded in grace and mercy to thy fellow man, may thou expect grace and mercy from thy Maker? For ye are HIS in the earth, and as ye show forth the Lord in thine activity do ye gain understanding as to that which is helpful, that is hopeful, that is peace-giving. Cry not "Peace, Peace" when thou, thyself, hast not SHOWN peace to thy brethren!

In Mercury we find the mental forces; quick of perception, and analytical in its manner, yet questioning oft.

For this entity, then, in Mercury we find that influence making for an activity of the mental forces, of a mental acumen, giving abilities within the individual in the present that become exceptional in the manner of discernments and as of an analytical mind pertaining to the activities of other minds with whom it may come in contact or be associated with. Yet, as has been given, the entity in its application of such an innate influence may use or abuse such an innate qualification in its soul development.

In Mercury we find those influencing the body in the present in the mental abilities, as to make for one of high mental activity; one that is given in self to note details and to be detailed in the activities of self pertaining to things of material or mental aspects.
In these relationships we find this also making for the equipments in self for the meeting of MATERIAL relationships in the present experience. Hence we will find throughout the sojourns these variations that come in the activities in the mental influences, or mental influences that were active in the experiences of the entity, that these have altered, or do alter, according to the application of the abilities in the experience of every entity, every soul.

In Mercury we find the high mental ability, and with the influences that make for capacities in well analyzing the mental reactions of individuals towards people, things, and their activity.

In Mercury we find as one with a high MENTAL ability. One that may be termed a seeker, ever, for the VARYING influences in the experience of individuals and classes, and masses. Hard has been the influence for the entity to discern between individual and class, and mass, influence. Even with the influence of the training in this experience, there is ever that condition presenting itself - as to whether an influence is individual or mass, or class, influence. This from the natural analytical mind of the entity. FROM the astrological as well as from the DEEPER experience of the ENTITY in its development through the earth's experiences.

In Mercury we find rather that tendency and innate influence that makes for the accentuation of sensitiveness, or an influence where, when those that are supposed - in their position, whether material or in years, the body-mental inclines to become mute, rather than GIVING the warning that is READY to be expressed by self. Not that the body should be forward, nor speak out of place, but through those experiences of the entity in the earth's plane much has been gained for the entity in that of intuition, and premonitions, and high sensitive feelings, that forces the body oft to speak, or DESIRE to speak. Then, quench not the spirit, but let it be DONE in loving-kindness; for soft words turn away wrath, as grievous words stirreth up anger. Then, in the GENTLENESS of the spirit that is innate IN self, speak as the oracles and NOT of self.

In Mercury we find that influence bringing an aptitude in mental capacity and abilities. That, then, to which the entity may apply itself MENTALLY is accomplished, for the will's influence is strong in the present experience, and when guided - or has its basis in the spiritual life, spiritualistic influence in the life - there may be builded that as will bring for the entity advancements in the mental, the material, the social, the financial world. Rather that the entity forgets not FROM whom, OF whom, the SOURCE OF supply comes, else the last estate in the present may become worse than the first; for, as we find, there will come those opportunities, those advancements, wherein through the capacities of the entity, as may be builded mentally, much of this world's goods, and the position where many may depend upon the moral aptitude OF the entity. Hence with abilities comes responsibilities.

In Mercury we find that ability to make ends meet, as it were, in the various experiences, by being capable, able, to counsel with, in, a lighter vein; apparent to others that often the entity hasn't delved INTO that as is worrying them. To the entity this experience gives the ability to enable others to pass, as it were, under the rod in an EVEN tone. Well would the entity, had a choosing been of making for self an ability, that of the nurse - or of the counsellor, or the directress of groups that were hard to understand by others.

In Mercury we find the mental attributes that are so well manifest in the abilities of the entity in the present, in its association with problems that concern others, in developments of mental abilities of others.
Yet, from the application of self in past experiences, the entity is often at a wit's end, as it may be said, when the greater condition to be considered is self alone.
Hence the entity may be said to work better, or manifest the better, in association or cooperation with others. Not as groups or large bodies, but rather small or individual groups.

In Mercury we find the high MENTAL development. Slow, as it were, in grasping the IMPORT - often considered so; yet when gained control of, the entity seeks to know the last vestige as concerning that particular thing in which he finds himself interested.

In Mercury we find one of high mental abilities, as indicated by the manner in which the entity - or present body - progressed, and progresses, in the ability to gather in INFORMATION of any character or nature, as indicated in the work in the schools, as indicated in the work in associations with groups or individuals.
TEMPERED, then, with or by the adverse influence in Venus - as well as Mars and Saturn, through that and to that which has to do with financial reverses or love's influence, detrimental conditions have been brought to the material activities of the body.
Hence disappointments, and without the ideal (that may come from Jupiter's beneficent influence in the expansion, or in the ability to use these larger influences in a manner that would be in keeping with the ideals), without holding the ideals, these influences of disappointments, disagreements, disillusionments as to individuals in many walks or experiences of life, have brought mental and material hardships for the body.
This also being in the period when Uranus has been (as has been indicated to others), as it were, "on the warpath" with the mental abilities and with influences with individuals, making for the extremes in the experiences of others since 1928 to the coming spring, look what it's done for this body!

Updated: 11 December 2013