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"Astrology - Venus" 

We find in Venus....

We find in Venus the appreciation of beauty, the appreciation of music and of children; yea, the bringing of a smile to those who are disturbed by every character of disturbance. For the entity may wipe away many a tear for those who are disturbed for one reason or another. Think not that these will not come back to thee. Do them, not for the reward but for the joy, that love, that feeling of being at one with the Creative Forces as manifested in the fruits of the spirit. For in patience and in love, in grace and mercy, ye may come to know and feel that joy which comes in doing good ever.

We find in Venus that the entity is very sincere. Just occasionally would the entity ever be emotional in a love affair, but it could love if it decided to do so! or it could tell the fellow where to to, if it chose to do so! These are the independencies in the entity.

We find in Venus the grace, the activities, love that may be material, mental or spiritual. For these are within the realm of the entity's experience.

We find in Venus the beauty, the art, the artistic temperament, as well as the tendency for the spiritual aspirations of the entity.

We find in Venus the appreciation of home, and yet never giving much thought or care - as the entity would imply in self, or really innately feels that self has a good excuse - but don't use it as an excuse! Rather let it be as thy purpose to contribute to the welfare of others. But do in self first practise spirituality. This doesn't imply that the entity is not high-minded, for we have just given that it is - but practise! You will be able in ministering physically or mentally to give others much greater and more far-reaching influences, as well as self, by giving individuals something to live for, within as well as without themselves! For he that contributes only to his own welfare soon finds little to work for. He that contributes only to the welfare of others soon finds too much of others and has lost the appreciation of self, or of its ideals.

We find in Venus the ability to endear self to others.

We find in Venus the associations in high places, with those in ruling influences or directing activities.
Thus the entity is oft in the shadow of, and in the limelight of the activity of others. This has ever been both good and bad, bringing at times consternation in the reactions from same.

We find in Venus as well as Jupiter and Mars those manners of expression in the great number of choices necessary to be made by the entity in its preparation of that which may be its own experience; evidenced by the activities for the body healing, the body pleasing, the body occupying self in those directions in which there may be the greater expression of self even as in those periods of former times.
For, before this the entity was in the land of the present nativity. There the entity aided those who would escape from the sieges laid to the city now called Chicago.
When the entity comes to the period of its first choice of profession, start with same in that place now called Richmond, Va. There, in associations with those various groups, were the first periods of activity in which the entity acted in those capacities as an instructress to the groups of certain plantations or certain areas during those early periods.
The entity manifested its purpose and its cause in that experience, bringing to itself and others helpfulness.
Then in the name Marthea Fairfax, the entity gained. So may the entity apply itself in the present in any of these directions as will be seen that have been a part of the entity's experience through the sojourns in the earth. In teaching, in lecturing, in writing. That these may be combined and made one indicates all the more reason why the entity should stress these in this particular period of sojourn.
For, in those activities it aided others, and others ever should be the watchword for each and every soul. For the soul enters not by chance but for the unfoldment of a growth, of an activity. Let thy words be well spoken of but let thy hopes the emphasis of thy promises, the emphasis of thy expectancy be ever one with that Creative Force that brings all into manifestation.

We find in Venus that there have been disappointments in the home and family relationships, yet much that the entity may call beautiful. These the entity cherishes a great deal, and these the entity should apply in the life of self and in the lives of others.

We find in Venus the greater influence that bears upon the entity in the present - its mindfulness of the care of those mentally or physically in preparing to meet emergencies.
Hence the willingness oft for the entity to intervene for others even to its own discomfort. As has been indicated, patience is the greater virtue, but patience may seem and may become lacking as a virtue when one's patience and one's goodness is trampled upon by appetites of body and mind. Thus we find that quite a variation has arisen in the experience of the entity to its ideal, - as a home, as a companion. Beware that it does not become a stumblingblock to thyself.

We find in Venus the beautiful, the worldly, the thought of "What will others say," and the neglect at times of "What would He have me do?"

We find in Venus the harmony, beauty, color, music, joy.

We find in Venus a love of beauty, a love of harmony, and yet it is as a distant thing apart at times. This may be altered. There is the love of music, and those abilities for the entity to better contribute to the activities by its presence and by its own sincerity.
Have ye asked thyself lately "How sincere am I?" Ye may answer only in Him.

We find in Venus the love of the beautiful, of those things that are harmonious; yet these at times bring the conflict. Hence the disappointments come with peoples as related to conditions and circumstance. Yet as we find, the entity in its abilities as a technician, or in being tactful, has met at least two of these, and the third to the greater extent.
In these activities, then, we find one equipped to make friends, to direct and to counsel with many individuals. Thus the necessity of the entity's first finding its own ideal; in spiritual, in mental and in material things.
Here is a wonderful entity to study information that may be given through such channels as this, though the entity itself is too direct to be in the way of using same - save as applied to other individuals.

We find in Venus the duty, the obligation, the interest in things of any unusual nature

We find in Venus the appreciation, and the abilities to attract, to interest individuals and groups.

We find in Venus the love, the timidity, the tendency at times for criticism. Learn the lesson well of the spiritual truth: Criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again. It may not be in the same way, but ye cannot even THINK bad of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think WELL of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them don't speak! but don't think it either! Try to see self in the other's place. And this will bring the basic spiritual forces that must be the prompting influence in the experience of each soul, if it would grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding; not only of its relationship to God, its relationship to its fellow man, but its relationship in the home and in the social life.
For, know - the Lord thy God is One. And all that ye may know of good must first be within self. All ye may know of God must be manifested through thyself. To hear of Him is not to know. To apply and live and be IS to know!

We find in Venus the nature of companionship, the nature of individuality. All give expression, and find their counterpart in moods of the body from time to time. It may be said that these are individual characteristics of this entity.
In the personalities we find these more expressed or manifested fn m those material manifestations. While all of these may not be indicated here, those are given that have the greater influence in the experience of the entity at this particular cycle of its consciousness or awareness of its abilities, latent and manifested.

We find in Venus that unusual attraction that the opposite sex will have for the entity, and the entity for the opposite sex. Hence those relationships in such should be the problems as well as the studies and the guidance through the periods especially in the next cycle - or during the next seven years for the entity.

We find in Venus the music, the art, those influences having to do with tone or color, the home, and the abilities in attracting individuals.

We find in Venus the appreciation of purpose, of beauty, of love. Hence the entity is tenderhearted. Make same long-suffering also, in the spirit of tolerance, of faith, of patience. For these be those things that take hold upon the spirit and purpose for which a work may be done, rather than the material or fame-success of a thing or condition.

We find in Venus love, beauty, home, friends. These are parts of the entity's consciousness and are the most important experiences in the physical experience of the entity.

We find in Venus combined with Jupiter the great love emotions, that have not been materialized in the experience. Thus the abilities of the entity to embrace, in its relationships with others, that which is beautiful and good and helpful - or the channels through which greater expression should find manifestations and materializations. Thus we will find a great love in the experience of this entity.
In these activities, let them ever be tempered with that judgment as has been indicated, that is found in Him; knowing thy body, thy mind, thy soul, each seek expression that they each in their own sphere of awareness may come into the activities through those graces, those mercies, that love found in that Creative Force which should be, - yea, must be, - manifested in the relationships one to another, if there will be peace and harmony latent within self.
The choice of the ideal, then, is found in Him, - spiritually, mentally, materially. Thus those promises that are ever so personal, yet so universal, as the entity has the concept of, that they become thy very own; and He will not depart from thee. Call and He will hear, and answer speedily.

We find in Venus the expression or love of the beautiful, the expression of love of those things having to do with associations - which in the material expressions to others may bring the appearance of "affairs." Yet these may be used as steppingstones, not as stumblingstones. For, to find thy ideal and to thine own self be true, ye will not be false to any.

We find in Venus the beauty, art, music; the ability to attract - especially the opposite sex. This, without urge, is the natural intenseness and tenseness that is the intuitive influence, - expressed periodically or spasmodically. Such should be cultivated, but know that the mental and the material must be the result of spiritual laws as well as material. Thus those urges and those pronouncements shall be in love, in kindness, and not in criticism nor in malice nor in jealousy.

We find in Venus the beauty in nature, love of nature, of outdoors, as well as of the emotional; this mentally as well as materially; also the love of home and of companionship.

We find in Venus the love of home, of associations, of activities; the desire for security as well as for social relationships. These are well, spiritualized. These are questions when only materialized.

We find in Venus the abilities of this entity, - teaching, ministering, creative in expression, and those activities that give or indicate the appreciation in others of their abilities to give expression to the arts in EVERY direction.
These become a part of the entity's innate and manifested experience.

We find in Venus the appreciation of beauty, of nature, of nature's storehouse, those products of the soil; those that combine good, beauty AND its effect FROM nature in the activity of the mental forces of the associates.

We find in Venus the appreciation of beauty, the abilities in the varied fields pertaining to the description of places, things, or of that as may be so depicted in ANY manner as to become a theme, a study of others in their attempts to make application of THEIR faculties in the earthly experience.

We find in Venus the love, the beauty and those things pertaining to art and temperaments.

We find in Venus the beauty, the grace, the appreciation of home; yet the entity too easily takes to those things that bring discouragement.

We find in Venus the love of home, the love of children, the love of those influences that bring about these in thy own activity.

we find in Venus the abilities in certain directions; making for a whole-souled, genial individual, and at other periods crabbed so that others look in awe at the entity. This is because of the confusions in the entity's self.

We find in Venus the love, the beauty and those things pertaining to art and temperaments.

We find in Venus the beauty, the grace, the appreciation of home; yet the entity too easily takes to those things that bring discouragement.

We find in Venus the love of home, the love of children, the love of those influences that bring about these in thy own activity.

We find in Venus both the benevolent and rather the extravagant appreciation of finer things. Hence we find the entity is one oft worshiping from afar, as it were; appreciating those abilities in others and giving expressions of same that cause questionings at times in the associates of the entity. Yet these, too, are virtues. For, the cat can look at a king and be the gainer; and so could the king - if he would see the worshipfulness in the gaze or the thought.

We find in Venus the maternal, the filial, the marital associations. Thus these find expression in the material associations in the present.

We find in Venus the love of the beautiful, the love of home and the building of same; not only as an experience within self but the watching, the analyzing, the unfolding in the lives of those about the entity as to that which becomes the motivative influence in their experiences. Thus we find the more benevolent influences are under and with those things pertaining to the home environ; also those influences in which there have been opportunities for the breaking of faith, through the very beauty of same.

We find in Venus the love of home, of activity of those who find the manner of affection, of expression materially. These, too, must be made manifest under the existent conditions as a broader, deeper feeling; that is taken into consideration from and for this angle, - yea, PURPOSEFULLY in the experience; knowing that inasmuch, or in the MANNER and way ye mete out thy love, thy affection, thy care, thy thought, to even the lowliest of thy fellow men, so ye may expect, so may ye be doing unto thy Maker.
For, each soul is but as a corpuscle in the heart of God, and each should, must, work together for good, - if there would be made manifest in thy daily life that love, that hope, that mercy, that faith which is sought in Him.

We find in Venus those abilities of the healing forces that are a part of the entity's experience, that are to be applied more in thy dealings with those with whom ye may come in contact day by day. For, know - as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker. This is a law - a law of love, a law of justice, a law of mercy, a law of God. Embrace it. Make it thine, and thus fulfill thy place, thy ability to make known to others that love as was manifested in Him, - who is the way, the truth, the light, the peace that may come to a troubled world about thee. Bring harmony to all, as thy presence does, as thy word does, to the consciousness of those about thee. But put the accent upon the peace HE has promised, as His way, as His great commandment, "Love one another."

We find in Venus the harmonious periods, as well as the abilities in those directions of any detail; whether in music teaching, or in office or secretarial activity. For, in either of these the entity may make a career for itself, if there is the desire to do so. These we would not pass up entirely, then; yet the home - as from the Venus forces as combined with the Jupiterian - will make for the greater experience for the entity.

We find in Venus the greater urge; though others may term the entity oft hard-headed, hard to get along with - because of convictions within self. These may be both good and bad, dependent upon the manner the urge is used. For, while it gives the appreciation of the beautiful in all its phases and manifestations, indeed any soul, any individual may count self fortunate to have the love, the friendship of THIS entity; BECAUSE of that appreciation of love, of friendship, that has been and may be manifested by the entity in this experience.
This also, in material manifestation, makes for that influence or characteristic in which others would call the entity a good business person or body; capable of vision, of seeing, of understanding the outcome of that thought or activity in others, whether pertaining to purely material things or that as would have to do with political, economic, or even marital relations. The entity withholds judgments at times. It would be well to give expression to same. Not in the manner as to become dictatorial, as is indicated at times in some yet that ability of analysis is the greater virtue of the entity in this experience.
Hold fast to same. Temper it with mercy, in justice. Through those activities aid those who falter and stumble; and greater indeed may be the abilities to apply the healing influences that arise from the very appreciation - that brings such high vibrations at times to the experience of the body, in applying healing forces to others.

In Venus the love of the beautiful; the natural ability for the home, the home making. Also in Venus we find that innate force brought as to the home being the basis of all manifestation or expression in the material plane. Thus the desire innately and manifestedly, even though turmoils may have arise, - the desire innately for the home to be the real source of inspiration, as well as manifestation.

We find in Venus rather the aspects that are not ALWAYS for good, for these have been under the influence (remember, HAVE been under the influence) of Uranus. Hence we find the entity physically, mentally or spiritually is INTENSE in its love, in its association, in its affection; and this oft has been misconstrued. Also these very same influences bring the DEMANDS of the entity in such a manner that distrust of others in the same relationships is often questioned.
Hence the extremes may be the experience of the entity in this present sojourn; and these have also been aided - as will be seen - by the activities of the entity in the material sojourns, or in the body, through the earth.

we find in Venus, there is the ability for making friends, the keeping of friends; and yet oft considered by the friends as to think too much of self. This is not selfishness, but the inclination for the entity to dwell upon the abilities of self.
In most any direction then it may choose, it may never be lacking in abilities to have a large group of friends - or the inclination for many - or the opportunity is given for the entity to have, in whatever field chosen - not only hangers-on but a large clientele or following.
Hence the precautions as would be given in these directions, that the entity give and have the greater constructive forces as the leading influences in its activities and its associations.

We find in Venus the material manifestations of those attributes of such an environment; love, mercy, patience, kindness, longsuffering. These experiences at times to the entity become as pricks to the inner consciousness; yet hold fast to that as He has given thee, that "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." Love the LORD, thy God, with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbor as thyself. For this is the whole law and IS a law of mercy, of justice, of peace to those who abide therein. And they that make or climb up some other way must eventually meet themselves; for "Ye shall pay EVERY WHIT!" For the heavens and the earth must pass away, but his word shall NOT pass!
Then in HIM meet thyself, meet thy neighbor; that "as ye do it unto the least of these ye do it unto thy Maker" may be not as words, not as axioms, but as THINE SELF!
Become, then, that which maketh not afraid.

we find in Venus, - the over-expression at times in materiality of those things that may be beautiful yet may become sordid and sour from the manner of application.

We find in Venus the painstaking nature, the activities in which there is beauty of expression and the manner of association that brings such activities in the experience.

In Venus we find....

In Venus we find that love influence,
making for the conditions that bring for cheerfulness
in the lives whom the entity may contact.

In Venus we find that love influence,
makes for home ties, home surroundings,
and friendships that are lasting and sincere.

In Venus we find that which at times becomes very disturbing,
a passionate individual, yet lacking in affection at times.
This brings disorders, this brings misunderstandings.

In Venus we find appreciation of beauty, as well as of things.

In Venus we find the beauty of nature, the beauty of harmony, the beauty of song,
the appreciation of the arts; all of this is a consciousness of the entity.
This is a part or awareness that should be cultivated, should be magnified.

In Venus we find the sincerity innately manifested in the entity,
the abilities to take as well as to give orders.

In Venus we find the love, the mother love, universal love, beauty and harmony.
Well if the entity would learn to play stringed instruments, for harmony in the life;
as the zither, guitar, the harp, the violin. And of those which appeal to the entity
in the manner of music may be parts of the entity's experience in the earth,
and these will aid the entity in contributing too, through the means or channels
where the spoken word or writing of cards may aid others.
The entity would do well in making or forming verse for Christmas greetings.
These the entity might do well.

In Venus we find abilities for the entity to write.
Write, practice in same, but especially those things pertaining to children.
For the entity likes children. For you had plenty of them once! not all thine own,
but these are part of thy consciousness.
Children's books, especially those stories and books which are for girls
in that period of awakening to the creative forces as from within.
Let them be about the outdoors or of trips through the imaginations of the self,
through the mysteries of mind, through the actualities of travel.
Do the things in the writing that you have always wanted to do yourself.
Visualize, and you will make it and can use it to the advantage and the help of others.

In Venus we find the appreciation of nature, and yet the entity doesn't hold very much to it;
the beauties in harmony and in song or music, yet this should not be the life's work,
but make the home as the life's work, for you should have a lot of little folks to take care of,
and if you make that an activity in city surroundings, you'll have your hands full!

In Venus we find the abilities to write; we find beauty; loveliness;
the ability of making itself lovely; because very rarely would you ever find this lady
when she doesn't look well-dressed, even with a Mother Hubbard on!

In Venus we find the love nature, the intenseness of the entity.

In Venus we find that the associations of the entity with the opposite sex will ever be such
that the companion chosen by the entity may shape much the form or pattern of the entity's choices of activity.
For the entity must (and it would be for the better development) look up to, or in a manner worship,
that companion; ever holding that one in awe or reverence, as may be seen from the experiences
of the entity in the earth.

In Venus we find the consciousness of harmony, the ability to make good out of the voice
- a speaking voice; a keen insight, the abilities to discern, and those little things that make up the consciousness,
the awareness of good and evil.

In Venus we find the abilities to visualize, picture, or describe for others, things, conditions, emotions
- whether the emotions are from a father or mother beholding their offspring for the first time,
or the connoisseur tasting his liquor,
or the bird intent upon its care and feeding of its young,
or color as it may take tone in the sunset or the sunrise
- though the tendency is to see it set much more often than to watch it rise!
These, then, are inclinations, tendencies, to use those energies towards
the application of visualizing, picturing those things that are creative, constructive, purposeful.
These should be the trend for the activities of the entity.

In Venus we find the love, patience, kindness, gentleness, as well as the appreciation of beauty, the appreciation of the try
- even in those who are very easily given to self-indulgences in any form that only wreck self or may even wreck others
in their appreciation of their own individual selves.
For when an individual entity or soul has lost its faith in itself it is miserable.
The entity may encourage others.
Do that; gently, kindly, patiently, as only those may do who are well trained
in purpose, hope, in body and in mind
as the nurse, as the instructor or director in regard to such experiences in the lives of others.
Let the entity, then, do such.

In Venus we find a great sympathy for those misunderstood,
as well as those activities having to do with public relationships and with relationships in homes.
Thus activities in regard to the rental of homes or the preparing of homes for others
would be well for the entity to engage in, for the renter as well as for those who would rent them.
For here we find an individual capable of making both coordinating and cooperative.

In Venus we find the love of beauty, of lines, of designing, of modes, of set things, and the love of nature itself.
Yes, it may be said of this entity that he can see the beauty even in a cabbage or a potato, as to what it may apply,
as well as in a sunset or in the work of an artist or in music.
Then, he is appreciative. And so few people are, that this is a real virtue in the entity!

In Venus we find that the entity passes through those experiences of beauty, art;
yet these oft take the turns for material expressions - and these the entity tends to embrace.
Let them rather be lost in His purposes.
Let love be without dissimulation, and not so much centralized in individuals or personalities, nor in self.
Love is universal, as God.
Crystallized it is beautiful, but minimized in selfishness or spread abroad in the aggrandizement of self
becomes those stumblingblocks over which many tumble into restlessness for gratification, for activities to satisfy self.

In Venus we find love.
Do not confuse affection with love.
Do not confuse passion with love.
Love is of God, it is creative, it is all giving.
What should be the result if God manifested force in thee
and not the expression of patience, not the expression alone of beauty
that is gratification but a fulfilling of a longing, a hope that is latent and deep within each soul?

In Venus, we find that the entity has passed through those periods when it was quite a flirt, in those days when it was considered a part of the experience of each. These have not worked so well with the entity's experience. Hence confusions again, as in relations to others. Never forget, "As ye do it unto the least of these, my children, ye do it unto thy Maker - body, mind, soul." This is ever true. This is a universal law. For each soul must lean upon the other; yea, each soul must stand alone - that is, the abilities of the entity must ever be present to stand alone, but the administration of same is that as ye give out ye receive, as ye help others ye are helped yourself.

In Venus we find the beauty, the love, the desire, the purpose, the aim. Keep these ever as an active force in the experience.

In Venus we find the home loving influences, the beauty of the home, the beauty of companionship, the beauty of music, of prayer, of those things that have to do with the realm of the soul and spirit as well as of mind. Thus the entity has had in its experience dreams, visions of those things that are to be, of those things that have been in the experience. Thus we find that the entity is intuitive.

In Venus we find the beautiful, the ability of the entity always, under all circumstances, to appear to be well dressed, and the conventionalities of relationships are very closely adhered to in most of the entity's activities.

In Venus we find the expressions of beauty, delineation, the outdoors, descriptive matter; all become portions of the entity's abilities.

In Venus we find the music and color and beauty that are a part of the entity's experience, yet these sort of come and go, as of periods when the entity is over-active in same. Yet in these, in music especially, the entity might accomplish much.

In Venus we find beauty, love, home, kindness, patience. These are a part of the entity's innate being, just as we will find in that period of the greater expressions of the entity in the earth in a unison of purpose.

In Venus we find one gifted in music and art, as will be seen to be a part of the experience. Hence the reeded instruments as the clarinet, would be the ones for the entity. Use as a means of interpreting thy moods, at times. These will accomplish more for the self in communing with nature in attuning self to the divinity as may be expressed in self, than in other ways. Yet the entity may use same in any sacred service.
As to the art, - as will be found from the experiences of the entity as the Grecian, an outlet for expression may be had in moulding or chiseling such statues as depict not merely characters but thoughts interpreted in characteristic conditions; as of a nation, a people, a feeling. These will be channels for the entity's outlet of abilities. Writing, music, or the making or carving of figures. Any or all of these may be easily piddled with or as those things to be done occasionally. Writing, reading, teaching - all of these will be a part of the desires and hopes for the entity; yet the greater outlets will be through the abilities as the writer or reporter for the activities in which the entity may accomplish the more.

In Venus we find a strong attachment for friends; and, as given, one may count self very lucky to have this entity as a friend. Though differences may arise in the experience these alter not the sincerity of the entity; though it is at times misjudged.

In Venus we find a fault as well as power and might and the love of the beautiful.

In Venus we find the attraction to and from the opposite sex

In Venus we find love, lightness, beauty in body of self; but remember beauty is also of character as well as of face or form.

In Venus we find the love of home, beauty, and especially music. DO give music to one of thy children. Do instruct and follow thyself with this unfoldment in them, for it will aid in unfolding thy own awareness.

In Venus we find the appreciation of music

In Venus we find the love of home, the love of the beautiful, - those abilities in the economic sciences, and those activities in same that apply to the liberal arts as well as to the spiritual awakening.

In Venus we find the great love - while in Neptune travel is imminent, yet a home loving body in present experience, and one that enjoys the beauties and the love of the fireside and its surroundings. Not that there is not an appeal to the entity through the love of position or of power, or of fame - for companions of many stations, and the entity could accommodate self, whether it be of high or low estate, whether it be the vendor in the street, or the merchant in the market place - whether it be the officer on the road or the governor-general in his office, the entity can ACCOMMODATE self to these surroundings. Then, abuse not the ability - for the more ability, the more talent, the more required in the use of same.

In Venus we find that love that is manifested for things, places, conditions, and the tendency to make light of even the sacred things in life, or relationships in life; yet this instilling, as it were, those same influences that bring for the entity the greater expressions In Venus we find the love of the beautiful. This will make for the urge that everything attempted, if directed, will be WELL done. And it will require patience on the part of those responsible for the entity, in making the EARLY choices for the entity, and in the manner of directing. of self.

In Venus we find the love of the beautiful. This will make for the urge that everything attempted, if directed, will be WELL done. And it will require patience on the part of those responsible for the entity, in making the EARLY choices for the entity, and in the manner of directing.

In Venus we find the sympathetic nature, the tenderheartedness of the entity. Thus the entity may use such to endear itself to its associates and co-laborers, or - as in Saturn - it may find that influence that increases the differences, and thus have - through such activities - petty jealousies arise in the associations, - as has been the experience in some of the activities in the last few years.

In Venus we find the beauty, the love, the patience, the kindness, the gentleness that is a part of the entity's beauty in this present experience.

In Venus we find the beauty - not only in body but in thought. Yet those tendencies, those weaknesses, are inclined to make the entity become self-conscious, and to belittle self as to its abilities, to become less active and demonstrative than it might - for the good of its own self, - as will be seen, - in meeting some of those problems that have been a part of the experience in the earth.

In Venus we find the love, the sympathetic nature of the individual entity; the ability to shed friendship upon others, and desiring same in the experience of others in its relationship with self. This is well. For, if one would have friends, one must show self friendly. If one would have that which is truth, one must manifest truth in the own experience. If one would have that which is secure, one must make for that security in the experiences of others. For, inasmuch as ye do it unto the least, ye do it unto thy Maker.

In Venus we find the entity's faithfulness in its associations and activities; at times, when ruled by the Uranian influence, rather severe, and at others rather given to appearing rather loose in its expressions - or capable of spreading its affection in places where others would even say, "I don't see how you can speak so well, when you know they have done this or that to you." And yet the entity finds this as the better part of its own self.
These are all commendatory. And as the teacher, - WHO may teach the teacher?

In Venus we find the expression in beauty, in the orderly manner in which the entity gives expression to its associations or activities. These bring about the ability of the entity to make or to retain friends. This is well. Of course, this may be used at times to where others may feel that the entity is being used by someone. This should not be considered, - that is, the listening to others. For, he that would be the greatest among his fellow man will be the servant of all, will be the helpful influence. And these are natural expressions of the entity. And the ability in the home building, the abilities as a companion, as a mother, as a home builder - as the entity has done so oft in the experiences through the earth - are seen and indicated.

In Venus we find with those that make for, with, the experiences of those of the love that is of the UNDERSTANDING nature. While there has been much of the contrariwise influence in the experience of the entity in this direction, these build for the broadening of the mental and material abilities of the entity, and these are ever the influences as make for the contentments in earth's experience.

In Venus we find its attractiveness to certain individuals, its aversion to others who are to the entity dominating or would be self-commanding to the entity.
Later in the experience there will be the Jupiterian influence. Thus the desire for position of power may be the eventual development in the experiences of the entity.

In Venus we find the love, the surety, and whatever the entity chooses to do, THAT it does well. Hence the needs that the entity first analyze itself and its purposes, and to set definitely for itself an ideal, - spiritually, mentally, materially. While these may be made one, they each flourish better in their OWN environ and should not be attempted to be crossed or judged other than in their own level of conscious activity.

In Venus we find the greater ruling influence; afflicted, as may be astrologically termed, in the Moon. Thus we find, in this entity, one beautiful in purpose, in hopes, in desires; of the universal nature. Oft not understood by those where that of material love life would find expression. For, these naturally attract opposites, and thus is growth ever made in a material expression. For, these are illustrated to the student, to those who would learn, in nature itself. Thus we find the love of mankind, the love of individual prospects. Those that are attracted to the entity are those who NEED the entity for that of, OFT, the sacrifice the entity must make in its own emotions to be of a helpful influence in the experience of the associate.
Thus may the world, may individuals find the entity as rather strange, rather distant; and yet the entity giving - giving of self makes ALL influences in the lives of those the entity meets BETTER for having known or been in association with the entity.

In Venus we find the love influence, the desire for beauty.

In Venus we find that appreciation of the beautiful, as related to art, as related to things, as related to conditions in the relationships of groups of peoples one to another.

In Venus we find the appreciation of music, of art, of all those things as may be termed of the higher or better expressions of individual entity or activity.

In Venus we find the love of the beautiful; the abilities to influence great numbers of induals [individuals], - through the combination of Jupiter and Venus.

In Venus we find the appreciation of beauty, the abilities in the social life and associations, the ability to attract others to thy sphere of activity, the ability to make friends and to draw closer to others.

In Venus we find the love of the beautiful, the easy-talking individual, the ability of a good conversationalist - and to hold groups or individuals in such. Also from Venus we find many "affairs", as the entity is attracted to - and thus attracts - the opposite sex. And the real love life should be in the latter portion of this present experience.

In Venus we find both constructive and confusing influences. For, there is in the entity's experience the appreciation of the beauty of character in others, and also at times self-condemnation.
These should not be conflicting. Condemn not self. Neither condemn others. For, these are the basic principles of the entity's reasoning in its freedom, or in its tendency towards that which at times might even reach the stage of general free activity among its associates or in associations with others.

In Venus we find the suave individual, with the tenderness, the temperament and the abilities to be SINCERE; and yet oft more sincere to others than to self. Reverse this. For, as indicated, they that to themselves are false may never be really sincere to others. They that are true to themselves will never be false to others.

In Venus we find the love of home, the seeking of friendships - that to the entity oft appear (as we shall see why) just beyond the reach.
Also we find indicated the interest in things having to do with the beauties of nature; and the INTUITIVE feelings - as the entity oft gives expressions to self, and occasionally to others - as to KNOWING things WITHOUT being able to give a material or physical reason for same.
Hence the entity is one having a great deal of imagination or vision; and too oft this has been subjugated by those about the entity. It is well that each entity give expression to the hopes and fears latent within the developing mind. Also it is well that this imagination or vision be guided, or that there be given those ideals by which to measure such. For, as is experienced, - there is the body-physical, the body-mind or mental, and the body-spiritual. They each have their faculties, their urges for expression; and it is necessary that there be an ideal in the spiritual, in the mental, and in the material. Not that the body should become a hero worshiper, or a mental expert or a spiritual oddity. For, the body, mind and soul are one, and give expression through the body-mental - which is the temple of the living God. Hence those things, conditions, experiences as would emanate as expressions or manifestations of that which is holy, are to be not merely ideas but ideals - to each soul, each entity. And those about the entity are the ones to guide, to counsel, - yea, to practise in their daily lives such that this entity may take hold on same; MAKING same a part of her own experience!

In Venus we find the love of beauty, the manner of expression, the very way in which there are the appreciations of what may be termed by some the FINER things, - or the ability to see shades or variations in the manners in which tonal things of any nature may be expressed; whether it be in the shading of a portrait, or the attempt in song, or even the very manner of conducting self with its neighbors or its companion, or its friends.
These become to the entity as fine points, to be sure, but make the entity a most interesting personage to all who may come in contact with it.
The entity is a good conversationalist, and one that may adapt itself to most any group, or to most any circumstance, - so long as the entity sees or feels there is a lesson, an understanding, a thought to be gained by same.
Hence the entity is a good conversationalist to the extent that it should either be in those fields of teaching, or of lecturing upon those subjects that may become the application of self in regard to spiritual things, - when the determination is set as to Whom ye shall worship - the self or the God in self.

In Venus we find the appreciation of beauty, of music, of the emotions as related to relationships. And as the entity has loved much, much has been and IS the love that is returned to the entity; yet at times - because of IDEALS of individuals - this has seemed, or appeared to the entity, to be LITTLE considered by others.
Disappointments, then in these relationships, have at times brought sorrow, deep thought to the entity.
Again the entity has only found peace when returning to that which has been indicated, "Though He slay me, yet will I love Him the more." Or, as given again, "Unto WHOM shall I go? Thou, O Lord, hath the words of eternal life."
These as we find are the various phases of urges latent from the astrological aspects, that bring the deeper urges - as indicated from the high mental ability, the STRENGTH of the entity in its reliance WHOLLY upon the truth, the promise, the love that is indicated in Him.
Hold FAST to that which has so oft been determined in thyself, and ye shall find peace, harmony, - as is His promise, - coming unto thee!
There CANNOT be happiness or joy save when self has found peace WITHIN self.
Condemn not, that ye be not condemned; but as that peace He hath promised comes to thy consciousness, more and more the material environs will become in keeping with the NEEDS of that to MAKE thee AWARE of His presence abiding with thee.

In Venus we find certain tendencies indicated. While the entity is very sincere, there are doubts latent within self as to the sincerity of others. This is a warning also; if there would be brought into the experience and the scope or activity of the entity the most hopeful, the most helpful for spiritual awakening, mental developments, material application to successful ends.
Remember, others may and can think as well as thou, and THEIR opinions to them are as necessary as thine own.
Find not fault, then, with others. Rather SO LIVE thine own life in such a simple, sincere manner, as to constrain others to know by thy deeds - not by thy words - that thou hast chosen well.

In Venus we find that the beauty, the joy, the very natures of things become expressive. When they are applied in relationships to others AS creative influences, they grow beautiful. When they are applied as emotions that satisfy only BODILY desires, they become stumblingblocks sooner or later.
Study, then, to show thyself approved unto God, rather than to man.

In Venus we find love, beauty, art, music, those things of natures that bring into the experience the appreciation of the beautiful. Spiritualize all; that the way of such in the material manifestation may bring naught but harmony and peace into the experience of the entity.
We find in Neptune the visions, dreams, hopes, aspirations; and things having to do with air, water, and the elements BEYOND the realm of the earth. Hence we will find, in the choices for companionship, or even for the close relationships, it will be with those who deal with, or have to do with activities in same.
Then, in thy activity, learn much of those individuals who are air-MINDED, and of the activity itself.

In Venus we find the intenseness of the entity, but at times tempered - to be sure - with those extremes that become a part of the ruling forces. Hence judgments are often taken of others, or others oft take judgments upon the entity as being dilatory and not embracing opportunities oft - as others would see them in the experience of the entity.
The entity's choice of such is ever tempered with the manner in which choices are made; yet at times intense, at others dilatory, at others only seeing the surface or the easier way, seeking same; and at others ever apparently the hard way for the approach to any experience becomes part of the entity's activity.

In Venus we find abilities for manifesting love, art, nature; those things that make for expressions of affection, of hope, of those influences that are indeed the seed of the spirit. Lose not thy hold on same!

In Venus we find sympathy, love, - not in the carnal manners as some find produced in same by their repeated sojourn in that environ, but rather kindness, patience, that leads to those virtues that give the human soul, the human mind, the ability to evaluate spirituality in such measures as to cause even a revolution in the totally materialistic.
Produce in thy measures, though, the right evaluation in each.

In Venus we find the beauty of ENJOYING beauty.

In Venus we find the love of home, the appreciations of duties and obligations; the love of beauty, the love of those things pertaining to creating or bringing awarenesses to others, - in the mental as well as physical, - of an appreciation of beauty in its VARIED forms.
Thus those things having to deal with the home, or the person, are of special interest; and the entity finds in same a material manifestation for its activities.

In Venus we find the latent abilities is music, in art - especially commercial art, - as related to design of apparel, dress or the like.
We find from Mercury the high mental abilities of the entity.

In Venus we find the love for the beautiful, for the out of doors, rather than the aspects of the relationships with others; yet there will be periods when the entity must be carefully guided or counseled with, when he first falls in love - or else it will occupy all of the experience without feelings for any other!

In Venus we find the musical talents and abilities; yet a demure, quiet, afraid individual, - these arising, as will be seen, more from conditions experienced in the material plane, but reflected in the astrological aspect also; and will require that the entity plan to make itself affable in its acquaintances, in its desires to be of an actual service to others, as indicated from the Jupiterian influences. This again may at times appear to require a forwardness that is so latent as to appear at times almost nil. For, the entity becomes self-conscious.
That is the greater reason, then, why the entity should lose itself in its work and in making for others those things that to the entity would be happy, joyful experiences in the associations of others.
For, knowing, learning the spiritual law and applying same, and letting the mental dwell upon it, will bring those experiences of greater harmony, and make the life more worth while.
In this respect also there is the lack of the spiritual outlook, owing to the fright, or the fear as in relationship to those about the self in its spiritual life; for fear of what others will say.

In Venus we find the appreciations of the beautiful, of associations, of friendships, of the home and the activities of same; though oft those in the home may consider that the entity never thinks of same at times. These are NOT indifferences; rather the influences NOT as secondary but that to the entity are as the basic things going to make up such!
In the activities, then, - here again is the need for putting the correct values in their correct place. KNOW in Whom, as well as in what ye have believed and do believe! and know that the Author of thy faith, thy belief, thy ability, is able to keep that as may be committed unto Him against any and every experience that may arise in thy activities with thy fellow men.

In Venus we find the love of the NATURAL, or of NATURE; of harmonies, of those influences having to do with the depicting of the natural, or of nature, in forms of music or art. As to directing the activities in these channels or directions, we find that these used rather in conjunction with the abilities as the speaker or the orator or the like would be the most helpful, - as in an illustrative way or manner, by giving expressions to same rather than by the mental or physical activities in same. But the appreciations of these, and the harmonies from same, become portions of the entity's experience.

In Jupiter, in Venus, we find the universal consciousness, the universal awareness, the desire to be more of a universal help, without making a show - or less and less of self, and more and more of that influence which brought to the mind of the man Jesus the Christ-Consciousness, the awareness of being at one with Him.
Hence beauty, the home, friends, - these have been and are the watchword as it were for this entity.

From the aspects in Venus we find the home loving individual, the home making; the enjoyment of beauty and of every form of art, - as music, which is at times that alone which may bridge the distance from the material to the spiritual.
The various characters of music, then, are of special interest; and not that which is of the physical or physical-emotional nature, - though the beauty of rhythm is an experience.

In Venus we find the abilities in regard to the secretarial activity, as well as in relation to the home-building, the appreciation of art and music, the abilities as a conversationalist, and the experiences which oft will be to the entity as the saving grace - as it were, - the abilities to see the funny or ludicrous side of those experiences that would be indicated as disturbing forces.
Thus the entity may make for companionship with those of all stages or ages, in such ways and manners as to be helpful to such groups or associations.
Those things pertaining to club or social life have an influence, and a place in the experience of the entity that should not be wholly neglected in its relationships with others.

In Venus we find the appreciation of the beautiful; especially home, home relationships; and especially of friends, and as to what the word friend means - or should indicate - in the experiences of others.
Few realize as this entity that no one individual may have too many friends; that neither is there any individual who has so many friends that it can afford to lose one!
This is a condition, - yea, a virtue in the entity; and indeed those may count themselves fortunate who are found worthy of being called friend by the entity. For the entity will be a helpful influence, not attempting to impose nor to superimpose self, but giving that needed to create hope and help in their experiences, under WHATEVER may be the circumstance.
Too much stress could not be placed on this, for in same may the entity indeed find that harmony which comes from such experience and application, - in that it is not those who seek to do some great deed, or to arouse some throng to such an activity as to revolutionize, but Lo - as has been ever given - it is not in the tempest, nor in the storm, but rather in the still small voice.
And this may be aroused by a kindly deed, a gentle word spoken when there is turmoil or strife, a brotherly hand held out, patience - which the entity must learn; with that appreciation of the beauty in its life, in its experience, - and in patience ye will glimpse indeed thine own soul and its growth in the presence of thy Maker.
For, know, - thy angel stands before Him, ever; and He, thy God, is mindful of thee.

in Venus we find ofttimes those influences that are adverse; that is, the entity easily makes friends, and this can be both a virtue and a fault. For, in all such activities there must be that which is purposeful in each experience, but not to that of vainglory nor for self-indulgence or aggrandizements.

In Venus we find the nicety of things, of conditions, - the appreciation of influences and forces; yet demure, quiet in its manner, because of the relationships same HAS borne through the application of that very force in other sojourns in the material plane, - as will be indicated through the appearances in the earth.

In Venus we find that as brings those influences of the quiet, easy, affable, lovable conditions and positions in the entity's experience.

In Venus we find making for the abilities to "tend to his own business". This bringing also that of the friendships, associations in the present experience of the entity, as makes for that ability to not rule by iron rule or law; rather with the love, not altogether of affluence - nor altogether of that that is of the nature that makes for bigotry in some; rather the abilities to COORDINATE that of the BETTER natures in individuals' lives that make for that leadership in many directions, and that combined WITH those influences as seen from Uranus, as turned - or could be turned - to those of a FINANCIAL nature in the latter portion of the present experience.
The entity, in its abilities, is as an executive, as one that may weigh, measure, judge, or CONSIDER conditions of a business - or of the WHOLE, SOLE, DEVELOPING manner - at the peak of its abilities. Not lacking, not slothful, not deteriorating in the abilities in the present experience.

In Venus, we find that tendency as makes for one NOT bold, yet not timid; not outspoken, yet with very definite ideas of self - and it doesn't matter whether it coincides or suits the others or not, that's their opinion!
One that, in sympathy - or THROUGH sympathy for others - can be RULED, yet it ISN'T ALWAYS in accord, nor does it make it right for the entity! yet love's INFLUENCE, that of kindness, that of gentleness, that of soft, easy words, may influence the entity a great deal.

In Venus we find the affability, and the appreciations of the goodness as well as the beauty of every nature that may be manifested in others;

In Venus we find the love emotion, and beauty, becoming that sought, - and those things dreamed of in the experiences of the entity; a bond of sympathy with every phase of expression that is of a mental or spiritual emotion or nature.
These have at times brought, and do bring, periods of quietude to such an extent that many consider the activities of the entity as almost a recluse, or as one having so little to say at times, - yet seeming so deep, and so "knowing" in its inner experiences of things, conditions and peoples and relationships!
These arise from the experiences of the entity not only in the material sojourns but also from the astrological aspects.
Few there be who are so tied up in emotions from both material sojourns and astrological sojourns.

 in Venus we find a sentiment, a "letting off" of emotions through same at times.
To be sure, all phases of urges from astrological or material sojourns are merely inclinations, tendencies, and the entity does not necessarily have to react.
Hence that injunction, - study more thoroughly. Delight in the law of the Lord; meditate in same day and night; and THEN in all phases of thy experience ye will be happy, harmonious, AND successful in every phase of thy relationships.
Remember, too, that as ye do it unto the least of thy acquaintances, thy associates, - yea, the casual passerby, - ye are doing it unto thy Lord, thy God.
For thou, veritably, believeth that in Him ye move and have thy being. Then, act in that way and manner, by the more oft seeking to know what He would have thee do. Thus ye will find that thy will, thy temperament, will become more and more able to be gentle, patient, kind, longsuffering, with brotherly love; and these are indeed the fruits of the spirit. And they that manifest such in their daily life walk close with Him in every way.

In Venus we find the appreciation of lovely things, the beauties of nature, the beauties of life and beauties of associations, - as well as general abilities to meet or match self against circumstances. And these, when they are considered at all by others, may bring helpful forces; but when there is continued deceit, or that of uncertainty, or the unbelief in others, this brings the exercising of those influences from Gemini that bring confusion, and activities that are displeasing to self and often misunderstood by others.

In Venus we find both the conflicting and the benevolent influences. For the entity will experience disappointments in associations with the opposite sex. For it will continue to look for those fields of activity in which there may be a united effort.
DO NOT MARRY one that has the birthdate other than in October or December; else we will find there will come such a disturbing force as to make the experience one to be dreaded, rather than bringing a united effort in the ways and manners as such should be.
Also from the Venus influences we find the appreciation of the finer things, - yet capable and able to adjust itself to most of those environs that may be a part of the experience.
Yet those associations of home, of friendships, of activities in associations with duties and obligations, become to the entity a thing of beauty, - rather than as a drudge of any kind or nature.

In Venus we find the love of the beautiful, - which may give expression in the manners in which the entity may not only become entertaining to others, but instruct others.
These as to forms and formulas, as we have given to understand, are not other than patterns or shadows; and not the thing itself.

In Venus we find one loving the emotions and yet keeping self far from same, owing to those activities and influences which have made differences in the experience of the entity.
Yet music and beauty of all influences, as come through that called art, are a part of the entity's experience.

In Venus we find both love and affection, - that will be, have been far off, but will be within thine own experience.
Thus the home will become the really great adventure for the entity, - that it may through its own close work with God bring into BEING those who will be emissaries, - yea, be those who will rise in power in PRINCIPLE, in state and national associations and affairs.
This then is the glory, the crowning of thy patience, thy love, thy beauty of purpose, thy sincerity.
And above all, to self be true and - as has been given - ye will not be false to any. For thy body, thy mind is indeed the temple of the living God, and there He hath promised to meet thee consciously. And as ye become aware of His abiding presence, more of beauty and purpose and of harmony and of joy of life will indeed be thine.

In Venus we find the influence of beauty, - music and stringed instruments, including the piano but other instruments the more. Not the harp so much, but the harpischord and the many stringed instruments. The natural tendency of the entity will be to go to the extremes in its choice of activities, associates, music, and the delving into this or that influence.
The entity will be inclined to be very religious, outwardly and inwardly - but not often at the same time!

In Venus we find a love for the beautiful, for those abilities to attract the opposite sex as well as to make self friendly with those of its own sex.
There are those abilities to apply self in the material manner as to adornments, or those things that would make the body appear more beautiful.
The entity is one that would be lovely no matter what it wore, - whether nothing or the finest, - and in such a .
One that makes friends, not easily - but one that holds those that are made.

In Venus we find the lovely or beautiful home maker, and yet these become as things that are set apart as duties. They should be more privileges, more opportunities. For there are the abilities to guide and direct those of other channels of thought, even though there must be the impelling forces from the mysterious, - for those that have the greater influence are the unseen forces in the experience of any and every individual.

In Venus we find the adaptability, - the home loving, - the ability to create a beautiful environ; and adapting itself to circumstances, conditions, - if they are, as indicated, of a hopeful nature.
In Venus, as combined WITH the Jupiterian, we find influences that have to do with individuals but AFFECTING larger groups, or the masses, through individual activity.
Hence in that of home building, and in the vocational capacity as secretary or statistician, may the entity find the outlets for its abilities and influences from the Mercurian sojourn.
For the high mental efficiency, clean and clear thinking are a part of the entity's activity.

In Venus we find the love of beauty, of those things that find harmony, peace and quiet in material expressions.

In Venus we find the sympathy, and the abilities to make for friendships. And if you would have friends, show self friendly. These become a part of the entity, bringing the closer relations and those activities in the paternal (?) influence as well as associations in relationships with others; that will bring, if they are applied in constructive manner, greater influences and forces for the entity materially, mentally and spiritually.
Those influences from Jupiter as we find become the greater, but upon individuals, - as related to individuals rather than the larger groups; yet showing an influence in whatever choice of activity is to be to the public or the laity, rather than groups or masses or the like.

In Venus we find the beauty, the love of romance, the love of the beautiful, the artistic temperament; that of dependency and that yet of a seeking for truth WHEREVER it may be found.
And one that well deserves being called by others a bit hard-headed. For when the entity finds it has once found that it seeks, it will "carry through."
One that might indeed live by its wits, by its abilities in those directions of the application of the intents, the influences from the Venus forces. Yet it is of such a stable nature that such would become repugnant to the entity in its associations with its fellow man.
Truth is too deep-seated.
The entity must GIVE if it will have, - this is innate. And the entity may apply or disregard or abuse this influence in its experience.
Hence in a commercial effort or field, where there may be the daily dependence that the entity may carry on, - yet in the artistic or especially literary field - as in writing - the entity may find material gains coming into the experience.

In Venus we find the influence making for the intenseness of the entity in its likes and dislikes, in its truisms - which may be a part of the experiences or abilities in its activity as writing, or as to law.
Hence mercy and judgements would become a portion of same, or the thread as might bind such activities or writings together.

In Venus, we find one lovable, amiable, peacemaking, and mindful of those things as make for that as will produce harmony in home, in relationships, and in the various conditions as may be presented in the experience. These are tempered by that in Jupiter, which brings for the varied experience; yet in the two there are found weaknesses in the physical body that the body should guard against, making for those conditions wherein the condition of that as may be called the serums of the system are weak, thin, and the tendency of catarrh exists from these influences or experiences, and these should be guarded against, that they do not become a portion of that BUILDED, but that with the use of will may be eradicated from the system. This, as we find, may be best accomplished through the uses of forces as are active principles in those influences or spheres from which these are seen, which will be of the electrical nature, and not too much of that of any of medicinal natures, other than of vegetables, and not minerals; for nothing as would pertain to those influences that have to do with the lower vibrations - as are seen in minerals - are aiding, or an addition to the vibratory influences of the body, whether in developments as come to the mental or the physical forces of the body.

In Venus we find the necessity for the cultivation of influences wherein not merely ideals or idealistic principles are held, but ideals to be adhered to, - in mental, in material, but based upon spiritual attributes. These are to be cultivated. So, the doing and being virtuous for the very NATURE of that impelling influence which it brings into the experience of the entity is necessary for cultivation in the activities.
These in their first applications may bring some disturbing influences, yet to know that obligations are opportunities as well as duties, as well as privileges, is a lesson the entity should learn, - and it will make for greater contentment, greater peace and happiness in its experiences as it deals with the changing influences and forces which arise.
Then know that while the life is in a changing world, with changing friendships, changing environs and changes of every nature, - unless there is accomplished that which lives on and ON in the heart and soul, little has been or may be accomplished by self in its dealings with its fellow man.
Be acquainted, then, with that home beyond. Take time not merely to be holy or good, but good for something, - good in that ye bring each day some new hope, some new opportunity, some new experience in the life of someone - a boy, a child, a babe, an old person who has lost the way in one manner or another. Thus ye will gradually build those steps which may carry you beyond the vale of those who see only the material blessings. For ye will know of Whom, in Whom ye have heard that "His words passeth not away."
So, though changes come, though the heavens may be in turmoil, though the earth and all the activities may be in riot, thy deeds done in such a way and manner will not change but live in the heart and the mind in such a manner as to bring that peace and harmony which comes only to those who take thought of just being kind to the other fellow!
Know that if you would be forgiven, if you would have friends, if you would know peace you must MAKE friends, be kind, be joyous, be CONTENT, - but NEVER satisfied! For that longing which arises to better thyself is not merely that thy body may take ease, or that ye may gratify the appetites thereof! but it is rather that glory of the hope within for the greater knowledge of the spiritual life to GROW and BLOOM in thy workaday life.
For only that character of spiritual thought that is a practical thing, that may be lived and experienced day by day, is worthy of thy acceptation.
And it is thy nature, - but cultivate it! For this will bring greater opportunities physically, mentally, and open the door of thy consciousness to the unseen forces that make men NOT afraid!

In Venus, we find those of the influences as make for sympathetic conditions as influencing the life in many respects, and - as the entity would, in a manner, turn retrospective in view - will find that such in the present experience, even without being able to consciously name the cause, has played an important part in the experiences in the present experience; yet in the same manner will the entity find that the little courtesies, the little kindnesses, the little gentlenesses as has been exhibited in self, has builded that as may be turned, or termed in the present experience, as opportunity. Do not let success, socially, financially, or mentally, make a fool of you!
In the experience as is seen, and as is innate in the present from Mercury, we find this makes for those abilities, or those opportunities as may be had in the present. While these as manifested oft are seen as those of differentiations as to application, yet termed by many in the present as slow, plodder - yet INNATELY the entity finds that with the application of that as known, as held as experiences by self, APPLIED in the daily relationships with individuals, with circumstances, with experiences, brings for the entity that of a contentment that becomes worth while; UNLESS it, the entity, becomes SATISFIED in self and attempts to exalt that as IS gained for self's OWN aggrandizement, when same would then bring as destructive forces as may be DEVELOPING, when applied irregularly, or applied in accord with the will and influence of a universal experience or law.
In the warning here, be mindful of conditions during that period of the thirty-eighth year as will bring for accidents, through fire - or the knife.

In Venus we find a great influence, bringing a poetic temperament; the very nature of rhythm, beauty in many forms and manners - in music and the like; all of these innately.
But remember that the entity - because of criticism or of overpraise - is inclined to become too easily discouraged or too easily puffed up; or too easily pessimistic to advice and counsel, feeling innately that there is its own experience or own life to be lived and not to be interfered with.
TRUE! but there should be also that training, that directing to know that all is ONE; and know indeed the real meaning of that proclaimed, "Know, O ISRAEL - the Lord thy God is ONE!"
Hence as there is the body, the mind, the soul - three as it were in one - they each demand, yea, each cry aloud for expression; the body-mind and body crying out for the satisfying of the appetites of same.
The mind seeks greater expression in its activity in relationships to things, to peoples, to conditions; and in such manners, means and ways of giving expression to same in audible ways, or bringing them to fruition by their very acclaiming.
On the other hand, the soul saith "Yea, but ye shall give an account for every idle word, for every evil thought done in this temporal body!"
Hence the entity needs that tutoring, that directing, that brought into being as to how to meet EVERY phase of its developing body and mind; that the soul may indeed manifest itself and give greater expression to the glory of Him for whose purpose and in Whom ye live and move and have thy being!

In Venus we find the beauty of the body, as well as the abilities to see beauty in all of the associations and activities, and the abilities to make for friendships especially with those of the opposite sex; the abilities to hold itself as equal to those activities of the opposite sex, as from the activities in the young period of development - which arise from those innate influences and associations in the mental self respecting such conditions.

In Venus we find the appreciation of beauty in all its forms. Whether in the attempt of an individual to depict nature or whether in nature itself, the entity sees the harmony of tone and color; even in the lives of individuals, as to their environment, background and education.

In Venus we find a social, affectionate nature, with tenderhearted activities on the part of the entity in associations with those which whom the entity may be materially thrown, or those to whom the entity may be drawn; thus making for experiences in which the activities of the entity in the material plane may find the greater expressions.
The creative forces in beauty of any nature arise as a part of the experience of the entity.
Anything that requires thought, care, love - or the opposites - are to be a part of the entity's experience.
For the entity may be known to be a great strategist, and by some a great lover. These are the extremes in the influences that arise from the aspects of the entity's influences from Venus, as combined with the Uranian.
Hence we have found and will find extremes to be a part of the entity's experience, in those influences or forces that arise from an interest in the unusual - as would be in the application of self as a strategist; unusual aspects or phases of individuals' activities, or that would influence or produce an impulse in the experiences of others, may be employed by the entity in its activities - or the opposites; those that would appeal to the baser or lower forces.
For the greater development, then, there must be an ideal; not only in the spiritual aspects but in the mental and physical also. For there being (and there will be) the consciousness, the experience of the entity - there is the physical body, the mental body, the soul body.
In the material there is the expression of that in the physical with all of its attributes to the mental, with its influences from the developments through the sojourns in the material plane as well as from the natural causes of hereditary or environmental influences. Yet through the mental is the choice made.
Hence the mental self is the builder ever, whether it is an influence for that environment of the physical body and of the spiritual aspects of the entity in its dealings with the influences that come about, or whether it is an influence in which the entity may find the sources of that as may be amusement or activity for development, or an environment for the choice of expressions of its attributes - whether mental, physical or spiritual.
We find the mental self, then, as an exponent or activity in the entity's experience, through the application in its relationships to that as may be the choice of the mental self.
These are all then as a portion of the entity. And as to what the entity will do with these depends upon the choices that have been or may be made by the entity itself.
For as has been given of old, there is TODAY - NOW - set before thee good and evil, life and death - CHOOSE THOU!
The purpose for the entrance of each soul into a material experience is for the development that it, the soul, may be a companion with the Creative Forces. For that purpose this entity, this soul - as all others - came into being; to be a companion with the Creator.
There is the knowledge, there is the understanding that flesh and blood may not inherit eternal forces or principles. Hence the soul and mental self must be the builder, and that to such a way and manner that it may enjoy or be at peace in the presence of that it has chosen and does choose as its directing force or guidance.
Know then in Whom, - yea in what ye have believed and do believe; and know that the author of same must be able to keep what ye commit unto him against any experience that may arise in thy associations and activities with thy environs, thy fellow man, thy activities in ANY influence; whether in the material, the mental or the spiritual realm.
Then as ye know, then as ye have heard, then as ye have in part experienced, - ye HAVE an Advocate, an ensample, a way and manner that is set before thee! that has given thee a way, a manner in which ye may approach all phases of thy activity; whether in the mental or the physical or the spiritual realm.
For only the soul lives on. That which had a beginning has an end. Thy soul is a part of the beginning and the end, and thus is one with the Creative Forces or God - if ye will so act in thy relationships with thy purposes, thy desires, as to make that body (with which the soul is clothed) as companionable with Him.
These are the purposes, these are the intents for which each soul comes, then, into those experiences and activities in a material world.
For He hath not willed that any soul should perish, but hath with every temptation prepared a manner, a way in which ye may know thyself and thy relationships to the Creative Forces - as ye may manifest same to thy fellow man.
For as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye meet day by day, so ye do unto thy Maker.

In Venus we find the indications or those influences in which the entity is very sensitive; which as combined with Uranus, makes for those influences when they are very EXTREME - when the likes and dislikes of the entity become almost as an obsession, as would be psychologically termed in the present parlance. Or they become as the attachments in such a manner that there must be those activities, or the closing of self to same entirely.

In Venus we find the abilities for making friendships, to be impressive in manner and mien and relationships to others.
Hence the channels in which the greater scope of activity or vision may be experienced by the entity are in activities wherein there are the dealings with individuals as in the commercial life, or wherein there is the ability to meet or to exchange ideas as a salesman; especially in those lines that would pertain to the manufacture or distribution of those things that are as material adornment for the body - whether these be in clothing or in jewelry or in those things that are of such natures.
For there is the very love of adornment, the very ability in self to wear clothes well.
For as has been or will be indicated in the earthly sojourns of the entity, it has oft been in uniforms - and some that were very spectacular in their very nature!

In Venus we find that making for a loving disposition. And almost is it necessary, for the very EXPERIENCE of the entity, to have someone to love her.
Then, if you would have love - know that you must show yourself lovely; to hold, to keep, to have, to BE that you desire from others.
In Venus we find the influences of beauty, love of friendship; the desire for knowledge of the unseen forces becoming a part of the entity innately. There are LONGINGS within to know of those things that are mysterious; as Love itself in the physical, mental or spiritual experience.
The WHY is the question ever in the entity's experience. And too easily, from those influences of Mercury, they may be reasoned away (the real answers to the questions from within) and the easier way chosen for the moment.

In Venus we find the influence for one that is demure, timid oft, yet very sensitive to emotions and feelings. And these may be cultivated but kept, as indicated, so that there may be never a question as to motive for which a thing is done or said.
Then as you question others, remember you create that same environ over which for your own mind to travel.

 in Venus we find a sympathetic nature, a desire to be loved, on the part of the entity; not as merely material love, but to be friends.
Then as the old law is: If you would have friends, be friendly. If you would have patience shown you, show patience to others.
Cultivate rather the influences that may become constructive, without the thoughts of material gains that may be yours.
For peace, harmony, things that are known as material gains must be the result of honest effort, honest desire in the direction of being creative in relationships to others; rather than the result of getting while there is the ability for it to be obtained without thought of the source - for this can only bring canker and rust and those things that create fear in the minds and experiences of others.

in Venus we find that innate force brought as to the home being the basis of all manifestation or expression in the material plane. Thus the desire innately and manifestedly, even though turmoils may have arise, - the desire innately for the home to be the real source of inspiration, as well as manifestation.

In Venus we find the inclination for the reliance upon friendships and associations, or for what is ordinarily called "pull," or being dependent upon someone else to analyze the abilities and to give - as it were - the opportunities without too great an exertion on the part of self.
Yet it produces within the experience the abilities for the entity to make friends, to enjoy that which is beautiful, to become rather inclined to be adored by the opposite sex; the ability to make friends and hold same. And it gives the entity rather the imaginative influence or force that may be turned to account, if there are the attempts to carry out the innate and manifested abilities of the entity in the direction of writing, lecturing or even acting - as has been indicated.

in Venus we find a very passionate disposition. Whether applied in the activities respecting things or conditions, or whether applied to relationships with individuals, the entity would become very intense. Yet there are periods when under the astrological aspect of Uranus it might grow just as cold as it had been hot or intense in the first activity or impressions. Not that such activities might not be taken up again. For in the influence or the inclinations for introspection and retrospection, things are often mulled over in the experience of this entity more than in most individuals who might be under the same ASTROLOGICAL aspects; owing to the application of self in material relationships through the experiences in the earthly sojourns.

In Venus we find the inclinations towards that of the beautiful, the loving; the INTUITIVE influences, those of a sympathetic nature - yet seeing the beauty and the activities in individuals as well as things.
Yet there is the inclination to rely upon others for the help and aid, which becomes a weakening influence. For know, while self should never become wholly sufficient unto self, that ye may accomplish has been accomplished in thine own experience through thine own activities among thy fellow man!
Hence ye will find that relying upon the good that arises from the counsel to the Spirit within will direct, rather than the soft words of those though they may be pleasant in thine ears.
Not sacrifice always, no. Rather mercy and judgement, that there be kept in the experience the beauty that ye see in nature, in the activities, in the influences.
For there are the abilities to depict characterizations in the activities of natures to bring to their individual consciousnesses the good or bad, as may be chosen by those influences that are harbored in the minds of individuals.
For Mind IS the Builder, whether material or spiritual - as the mind is both material and spiritual-minded as it were. For it takes hold upon life and death.
Hence keep thy mind in those activities in which constructive influences and forces are ever the guiding light in thy choices.

In Venus we find the love, the friendships, and the necessities, as it were, for the entity to rely upon crowds, groups, masses, rather than to be alone; the innate desire to be of course, alone at times, but - to rely upon groups, crowds and masses for the greater portion of its mental entertainment, its mental attitude.
Its moods, its tenses, its emotions arise from such an influence; as also abilities in those directions of art, music. And these are things that are to be divided, of course, with others - to be enjoyed.
While these should be a portion of the entity always, the greater abilities from these will be as we find in this experience in that of writing, or in depicting certain characters or types, or certain conditions in the experiences of localities; or colloquialisms, or things of that nature.
Hence, while cities, towns and groups are the natural inclinations, the entity would find its abilities especially for visits or descriptions of visits to the North wood - but in company with many and not alone. The entity would be able to give descriptions of visits to where great undertakings are being carried on in a research of any nature; whether reclaiming lands, building dams, or destructions in those places being prepared for mining or the like; or camps may be described, whether the dude ranch or the real ranches for cows - or the variation between such. Or the entity may describe the variation between the raising of sheep, reindeer or the like, or a fox farm, or a place where caribou are raised, or the destructions in the colonies or the animals that become destructive to the activities - whether in regard to sheep, cows or the like; or the colloquialisms as may be found in the studies of certain groups as to their originality.
These would be channels through which the entity may find the greater expression of self.
These are as inclinations from the INNATE urges, or those that arise from ASSOCIATIONS, as has been indicated; and are from the SPIRITUAL nature.
Thus the keeping of the outdoor activity becomes a part of the necessity for the entity, yet with crowds NOT alone but with groups or crowds - may the entity work the best in GATHERING material; but in compiling same - rather to the self.
In Venus also we find the love nature. This had best be deferred. Not that there would not be those periods of affairs, which have been indicated as a portion of the sojourn, but these had rather be in the nature of the STUDIES of same than of their becoming long-lasting.
Not that friendships do not endure, but most of these must be purposeful for the entity.

In Venus we find the sympathetic relationships that find expression; in not merely friendships, not merely material loves, but rather in the universality of love itself.
Hence a sympathetic mien, a sympathetic activity, a sympathetic relationship with those of kindred activities that may bear upon the entity.
Thus in the establishing of that as may be given as the outlet for self in such ways may the greater heights of ability in these directions be shown by the entity in the expressing of same, or manifesting of same.

In Venus we find the affability, the ability to direct or control others; though not necessarily a leader, save as in mental abilities. And with this tendency of "bluff," there necessarily may become a questioning, unless self has been and is kept grounded in spiritual things.

In Venus we find one making for that of sympathetic reaction, yet pleasure-loving and with the desires for those activities that bring ease and comfort in the material experience.
Do not let these become the controlling factors.

In Venus we find the quietness, the friendships, the loving experiences of the entity, the high emotional nature, the love of beauty, the love of art, the love of those things that have to do with making for the satisfying of the higher emotions of an individual, and as it deals with the whole; or as great bodies of people.
These become as parts of the entity in its relationships, as do the appearances in the earth have to do with the influences upon the emotions of the entity.
These as we find while not so great in numbers, that influence the entity in the present, are very definite influences.
Hence we find the entity is an exceptional individual in many lines.
Oft may it be said that the entity lives a mental self and a material self. Not that it is double-minded but rather necessities, as it were, have turned into the experience of the entity, from not only the application of self but the individual's activity, for the application of self in the varied experiences.

In Venus we find an adverse influence, or one making for strange relationships that have been as active forces in the experience where friendships have meant much more than the relationships in blood or kin; where those activities have arisen from influences that have brought to bear in the experience of the entity through the material sojourns.

In Venus we find the maternal instinct, the friendships, the close relationships as the entity finds in these in its emotional self. It finds expression rather in some of the closer friendships of the entity that are physically or materially not even known to the entity; yet the entity may find those friendships, through the mental forces of self, bringing a great activity in the experience of the entity.

In Venus we find the maternal instinct, the friendships, the close relationships as the entity finds in these in its emotional self. It finds expression rather in some of the closer friendships of the entity that are physically or materially not even known to the entity; yet the entity may find those friendships, through the mental forces of self, bringing a great activity in the experience of the entity.

In Venus we find that as may be said from the material, or the mentally material standpoint, to be a saving grace of the entity's experience; love of the beautiful in matter, in mind, and in the associations of same as related to individual activities as well as to groups, as to families, of cities, of states, of nations.
For to the entity the beauty of a school spirit, the beauty of a HOME cooperativeness; the beauty of the city ordinances being in keeping with the moral, the material, the mental welfare, is as beautiful to the entity oft as a well written story, as a beautiful picture, as a statue, or as any depicting in the art of the beauties of nature.
Yet music is a higher realm to the entity. And it may be found in the experience of the entity, as from those activities in the experience before this, that sounds, music and colors may have much to do with creating the proper vibrations about individuals that are mentally unbalanced, physically deficient or ill in body and mind; and may be used as helpful experiences. Just as the entity has found and may find more and more in the application of self that the manner of conversation to individuals in making mechanical or mental suggestions for their physical welfare, there is as much in the tone and the gentleness of manner as in the command itself.
For there are those reactions where persuasion to many may be helpful, while a commanding or a demanding influence creates antagonism.

In Venus we find that innate love, the innate expressions of sympathy, the bonds of unity in the precious things in life that may not be bought with a price - other than that which is the experience of the soul itself.

In Venus we find that as may be termed the greater humanitarian experience of the entity, as well as the great material, the great mental LOVE; as love is the influence that motivates, moves many people. Hence this humanitarian influence should be cultivated in the experience of the entity with that tolerance, with that sensitiveness. Not that the entity takes upon itself the burdens of others so much, but be not unmindful to entertain strangers; for many entertain angels unawares.

In Venus we find the innate longing for a companionship that is as an answer to a longing within self, as will be seen from a material as well as a spiritual experience of the entity. Those whom the entity chooses as friends are few, yet those who may claim the friendship of the entity may find indeed a true friend in the associations of the entity. Yet that innate tenderness of love, affection or sympathy is as an expression of the entity's experience in the material associations. And oft does the entity find that it has required, does require the putting away of the feelings that are seeking expressions in relationships with individuals that become a portion of the entity's experience.

In Venus we find relationships as regarding friendships, marital relations becoming rather as the unusual experiences and circumstances that have arisen from the activities of the entity rather in the material world. Hence we will find relationships in these directions becoming rather strained at times. Friendships that have been of long standing suddenly take peculiar turns; those that are of the newer friendships often meaning much more to the entity than those of long standing. The marital relationships become entangled in the lives of many, rather than the individual. Yet as we find in the latter portion of the experience, as in some of the others, there may be brought in this experience a companionship that will make for a helpful influence in the material and mental affairs of the entity, and thus bring about a CONTINUED constructive influence not only in the daily experiences but in the home life as well.

In Venus we find the friendships that have been experienced that have become a very great part of the entity's individuality. And these are well. Yet in friends, in those near and dear to the entity has come disappointments. And these have made for confusions. But give that thou hast of thyself and leave the results, the growth, with God. For in application of man mentally or physically may not be made an increase. God alone can, does, give the increase; whether in the material, the mental or what. For Life itself, growth itself is that manifestation of the spiritual forces in the experiences of man.
Those that attempt to force issues, those that attempt to - by the very power of their own personality - weigh upon themselves burdens that oft become grievous to be borne.

In Venus we find that influence making for close friendships that become as strangers even closer than the blood relations. We find it making for the home influence, the home environ. And that constant seeking from within self to create in the environs of those that would prepare such, such a surrounding, such an environ that indeed the place of abode becomes greater than just a place to live but rather where there may be the entering into those very forces that are represented by the tree, the bridge, the love and hope, mercy and peace; where the turmoils and strifes of the outer door, or of those without the camp, may be closed out.
These become a portion, a part of the entity's seeking through those applications of self in this environ.

The influences in Venus we find make for the tenderhearted, sympathetic expressions; yet oftentimes the attempt to put this away and it becomes hard for the very expression of self. Yet these things rather cultivated in their natural expression of friendships, natural expressions of duties, natural expressions of obligations, are well. Do not shun them, for these make for the growing of the fruits of the spirit that produce within the experience of every soul that which is a growth before THY Maker. For as hath been given, patience, longsuffering, brotherly love - these are as the fruits of the spirit, and manifested in thine experience produce in the activities of a soul, in the experience of an individual, that which will bring peace, harmony, understanding; and that that maketh not afraid. Those things that are cultivated as from wrath, from anger, from those that may be termed in the earth as of "a man's man," only bring in their end that of misunderstanding, misconstruing of purpose, and inharmony in the activity.

In Venus we find the making for those forces such that the entity while temperamental is very affectionate at times, but inclined to be moody in THOSE directions also.
Also in Venus WITH the Mercurian influence we find those tendencies for high mental abilities; for activities directed towards figures, towards mathematical inclinations. Yet as we find music and rhythm, and especially STRINGED instruments - if the direction for the activities is made along this line - will become as a portion of the entity's whole experience. Dancing, songs, pertaining to the rhythm of movement of body - these should be a portion of the entity's development. And making for these in a spiritual reaction and for purposes that are CONSTRUCTIVE will bring a career in the early portion of the entity's activity in the present sojourn.
These as we find are the inclinations from those particular forces.

In Venus we find the love, the home, the artistic temperament, music; but more than all the entity should be in that endeavor - as a hobby or as an outlet for the activities - of decorating china! This to the entity is an outlet, as will be seen, for a helpfulness; as well as the expression of the harmony desired, and a part of the entity's experience.
For, as has been experienced in other sojourns as well as in the present, most any group would be benefited by even the presence of the entity in the group. For, it brings with itself that innate vibration which makes or causes all to feel less like expressing that which would be detrimental or harmful to any.
Hence idle gossip is not a part of the entity, nor that as brings hate, - but harmony, and the expression of any force that gives manifestations of creative and helpful influences.
Astrologically, then, all is good. Hence the purple, - the loyalty, the royalty to which the entity has attained, and may attain.

In Venus we find a benevolent influence. Hence as is indicated, love, patience, brotherly love, gentleness become necessary forces in the material aspects of the entity in the present sojourn; and these need to be such as to overcome that which has been gained by activities in those forces that have brought and do bring about the opposite force for the soul's reaction.

In Venus we find the love influence, the beauty, the art; expressions of the higher forces and influences in the experiences of others. Yet, as has been indicated, remember that upon the reverse or inverse of an activity, there is the very thin veil - that may exalt, may debase if applied in a selfish or in a manner for self-glorification.
Let the glorification of self be rather the result of having accomplished in thine experiences and thine associations the beauties that make for bringing into materialization the love that the Father, the Creative Force, God, has manifested and does manifest in activities of individuals.
Become, then, a channel of blessings to others, and thus may the beauties of the HEAVENLY forces - as may be expressed in such - be thine very own. Beauty for Beauty's sake. Love that it may be the manifestations of not bodily emotions but rather those that show forth HIS activity in and among men.
For the Lord in His temple in thee meets thee there. Meditate upon those activities that may be motivative by the desires of the INNER self, rather than the glorification of the material self.
Thus does the material self become glorified even as the experiences in the earth will show the activities in which there have come those forces that made for an experience in same to the joy, to the aid, to the hope created in thine own activity.

Those influences in Venus we find making again for friendships and loves and associations in material, in mental activities; as also for the artistic temperament, but not necessarily the temperament that is temperamental. The temperamental temperament is cultivated; the artistic temperament is a creation of experiences that make for the abilities in given directions of activity in giving expression of those influences in the experience of man that may in such measures or such manners bring joy and help. And whether this be in the depicting of nature, whether this be in depicting the body-beautiful, whether this be in the depicting of the various activities between associations, these become rather as the expression of self in its relationship to that which is a creative force in the influences of others.
And that the entity has created and does create through its activity in these directions is as the reflection of what the entity thinks of; yea, rather what the entity does about; the creative forces that would manifest through self.

In Venus we find the making for those innate influences in which sympathy and friendships and relationships with those of the opposite sex will have their appeal. Do not become overburdened with those forces that portend only to the gratifying of self's OWN desires or self's own emotions. WEIGH them well, rather in the balance as He hath given in thine own understanding. For these may be used for the advancement in the material, the mental. And SURELY a spiritual understanding arises only from love. Yet these abused become as stumblingstones that make for regrets and for those forces that become as millstones about thine own endeavors, thine own opportunities.

In Venus we find the making for an affability in the associations. Easily has the entity been able in its experience to make friendships, to manifest love, to manifest those things that have brought, do bring into the experience - as has been a portion of the entity's experience in the present - the uses to excess or to extremes. Thus, as in all excesses, there are brought the disturbing influences for the entity in the fruits produced by excess.
From this influence also there is the sensitiveness of the inner self, and there are those abilities to bring to others healing influence, healing forces, that arise from those experiences in that environ of Venus.
As indicated from those experiences there, in the physical forces of the body in the present arise disturbances that from the material angle are hard to cope with in treatments - considered beyond such. Yet love manifested, peace exhibited within self, harmony brought by loving associations, makes for opportunities in the physical forces of the life to see demonstrated that which is the basis, the cause, the reason that is the purpose for man's advent, for this entity's advent into materiality; that the love of the Father for His creatures, for His own, may be made manifest in and among those.
For He hath given, God hath not willed that any soul should perish but hath with every temptation prepared a way, a manner of escape for those that will be His own.
And as He has given, the will to be, the WILL to make for manifestations of His force and power and love and might has been His gift. So man has the choice. As it is said, there is set before thee - before each soul TODAY - good and evil, life and death. Choose thou.
Hence from those experiences in the Venus forces, from those associations, to this entity many abilities are brought in making known those truths by their daily application - as WELL as by counsel unto others.
There would be given here, this admonition to the entity:
Let the words of thy mouth, let the activities of thy body, let the purposes of thy soul, be charged with the love of the Father as shown in the Son; that those who know thee, who speak with thee, know THOU doth walk daily with thy Lord.

In Venus we find those natural tendencies that arise from affability, from the ability to sense feelings of others and to so apply self in its relationships to others as to become affable and capable of being of help or of arousing the influences that arise from sensuous forces in the experiences of individuals at any given time. Yet these have, as it were, a PECULIAR influence in the entity as to the ability for friendships, that the entity may choose from any or every walk of life. Hence this urge is that as may be controlled by other influences that arise from earthly sojourns as environmental forces in the experience also. There is the ability to hold friends when desired. The ability to make friendships of every nature or character is as a latent urge, and is manifested by the very activity of the deeper mental force of the entity itself - or the individual itself.
And it will through the application of same make for that which is so oft desirable in the home life. And yet the urge that arises from the Mercurian influence will make for the continued desire of putting self or being in spectacular positions, that may war one with another in the latent forces. However, the Venus influence may overrule - if the entity quiets those influences that arise from Mercurian's mental force and gives self, as it were, in the material manifestations of that as may come in the love forces in the experience of marital relations, or the filial relationships in the experiences that arise in the affairs of the entity.

In Venus we find an afflicting experience with the Mercurian influences. Hence oft does the entity find that those relationships with individuals as in the home or in its closer relationships in its activities become as experiences that are as hardships, or things hard to be understood. And many questioning experiences arise in the influence of the entity in such relationships.
Hence it will be in the latter portion of the entity's activity in '38 to '39 before there should be definite relationships made in establishing the correlationships in home building.

In Venus we find the ruling influence of the entity's experience in the present, yet in a manner in which warnings may come in respect to same. For the sojourn here (in Venus) for this entity has made for a temperament rather exceptional.
Those urges that are of a biological nature, as sometimes termed, have - through the innate experience or expression in the experience - made for an indifference in directions that ordinarily have made and do make for, in the individual experience, an active influence that in the expression in THIS entity finds rather that of an INDIFFERENCE. Yet INNATELY there is a longing within for companionship, for friendships. Yet there is felt as within self that few understand. And there arises, through the close friendships, an innate tendency towards jealousies - of the nature as to make for miserable experiences in the mental reaction of the entity at times.
These as warnings, then, would come in this manner:
KNOW, when there are those associations, that the affection, the love, WILL be deep, lasting. To be sure, provided that the association with the opposite sex becomes with one born in the latter portion of November or December. These are those astrological sojourn influences that would make for the better associations.
As a warning to others: Do not interfere or make objections in such a nature that would BECOME as a stumblingblock to the experience of the entity.
The Venus sojourn also makes for these as innate experiences:
Through gentleness, kindness - these apparently have a peculiar effect upon the entity. Yet that upon which the entity can or does lavish its affections becomes almost as a portion of the entity's experience, or a part of self.
These are conditions, then, to be warned of; yet taken advantage of in the manners as indicated:
Beware of those that would say or do those things to prey or play upon the affections or love of the entity. Rather let such be as the answering from within. Be patient with self, with others. Judge not harshly, but be not driven nor persuaded; nor induced even by that which some may attempt to term as duty, to bring about or make associations or coalitions with individuals or groups that do not answer from something deeper within.

In Venus we find that, irrespective of the entity's application of same - however, the entity is one making for friendships that are lasting in the experience.
One capable of becoming more and more necessary in the experiences of those whom the entity contacts.
One that is faithful in its relationships to that it has promised itself or others.
These are as innate and manifested in the manners in which the entity may make application of those experiences in the inner self, as it is related to others.

In Venus we find that influence making for an excellent companion; for one while temperamental in many ways yet a good friend, making friends, holding friends; and one whose friendship may be counted as worth while by any who may be associated in any way or manner with the entity.
Hence that as may be seen manifested in the expression of being tender-hearted, and sympathetic.
Do not allow the great sympathy at times to become such an experience as to become detrimental to the own better material interests.
In the summing then of those influences, but irrespective of what the entity does about same, we find:
One that may be influenced; and influence great numbers of peoples, whether in the material, the mental, or just the purely associations in its activities in the material plane.
One who must guard against anger or wrath becoming a stumblingblock to self or to associates or to the associations in the mental or material activities.
One who is sympathetic; who is efficient; who will find music or rhythm, or those things that pertain to that field of activity will ever have much to do with the actions and influences of this particular experience.
As to the indwelling, or the sojourns of the entity in the material plane, these influences - as may be indicated from that as given - arise from individuals who coming into the earth plane as the Atlanteans will make their influence for weal or woe during this experience; and are to be reckoned with by any environ, any condition, or any experience where such individuals may reside, or where the activities of the individual may be as a chosen expression at this particular period.

In Venus we find an adverse force, yet drawing upon those influences that make for certain attractions that are impelling in the experience. The entity feels urged or drawn to individuals whom it may meet only in passing, yet these become as great influences in the experience of the entity.

In Venus we find that making for the affability, as well as those little DIFFERENCES in the meeting of certain characters or groups. As individuals born in January or December, to the entity are rather curious; and are - as it were set apart from the entity. This is from the high mental abilities of the entity itself; while those born in these months are usually of the type that makes for the ruling by the head, and those that make for such conditions become either those whom the entity considers very high in esteem or easily forgets. Those especially born in March or October are more sympathetic; these arise from this SENSITIVENESS from an emotion of love, respect, esteem, that comes from that sojourn of the entity.
Hence those things having to do with marital relations become to the entity rather hardships. Not that the entity is incapable of knowing love, even as a material love; but rather is the love as of judgments. And just so it doesn't confine, so it doesn't make for an overpowering, overruling; rather than making for the greater experiences in the entity.

In Venus we find the influence making for a very SYMPATHETIC disposition or nature; and one that makes for the abilities in the activities (and in which the choice has been made for the entity and by the entity as to its activity in the present experience) towards relieving or aiding conditions where there is specific or definite suffering, specific or definite conditions and relationships.
Hence the entity invites confidences of others, and makes for a very sympathetic activity in the chosen profession of the entity; and in those directions where the entity should (as seen not only from the astrological but the earth's sojourns) make for a coordination or a combination of these.
Hence one that is well-fitted or endowed through its own development mentally, and through those developments in the earth of the natural sensitive urge through the sensory forces of the body, to be active in that which may bring for the entity a HARMONIOUS experience. Not that it will not meet oppositions in such directions, but ever will it be seen that the choice of the entity in any opposition will be for the individual attention or the immediate relief for those so needing same.

In Venus we find a sensitiveness to emotions, that arise by contact with certain characters or natures. Hence not only should there be, for the greater development of the entity, the companionship well-chosen but WHY the companionship should be well-chosen; and these should be balanced in a coordinant manner between those individuals of the entity's own age as well as those advanced in years, as WELL as those that through the training of the entity may be dependent upon the ENTITY as its activities, ITS conversations, its manner of treatments to those of younger years.
The entity is not what might be termed as an OUTSTANDING leader, and not ALWAYS a good follower. For those conflicting emotions from sentiment and from anger, or from those experiences in Mars with the peculiar nature of activities in Mercury, make for these CONFLICTING emotions.
These are innate, and - as their expression comes to materialization in the physical activities of the entity - will be seen by one who studies or analyzes the developing mind of the entity.

in Venus we find the love life or marital life disturbed; also the abilities in the artistic temperament as related to mental as well as material or mechanical conditions and experiences.
Thus the entity may oft find itself comparing a companionship, or companionships, to certain days, or certain periods of the day with individual environs that would go to make harmonious beauty in the experiences of those who would find same. This is the manner of thinking of the entity, as it might be termed, owing to such influences.

In Venus we find the beauty, the romance. As indicated, from its powers of attraction the entity may hold its own under most any circumstance; yet it desires rather to take one apart, than to appear before the masses. Not that it would shun same, but the abilities for the impressing of those promptings as to the emotions of heart and body are much more easily expressed alone than in or among throngs.

In Venus we find the home and the beauties of friendships; with Uranus as well as Mercury bringing about influences of wisdom, strength, and unseen influence among groups of masses through which the entity may - and does - influence others.
This almost becomes then an unconscious influence that the entity bears.

In Venus we find the influence making for both that as may become adverse and that which is constructive in the experience of the entity.
For friendships, duties, the obligations, or the entity's expressions of sincerity, arise from those influences experienced by the soul in that environ. As do also those relationships as regarding the home and in the filial relationships and in the marital relationships. These, too, become as experiences that applied in the experience of the ENTITY may make for weal or woe, dependent upon its (the environ's) relationships to spiritual or Creative Influence in the activity.
Hence we find the natural tendencies for making of friendships that are lasting, yet rather exclusive does the entity become in choosing its companions or its closer friendships. And these be well in that as expressed in the mental efficiency, mental abilities through the Mercurian influence. Yet these can be carried to an extreme. Well that choice be made, but choice as to whether self will be a contribution to the individual relationships for greater constructive influence - as well as receiving same from such friendships and such relationships.

In Venus we find rather a benevolent influence.
Hence in the next two and a half to four and a half to six years there should come to the entity a period when some of the closest of friendships, of relationships with individuals, will become a portion of the entity's experience.
Those things that find expressions in materiality in a FORM of sentiment; not of a kind of character that is termed foolish, but a FORM of sentiment that brotherly love, kindness or gentleness begets.
And as the friendships and the loves as created from same are flowered into those relationships with others, such sentiment should become a portion of the entity's experience through a sojourn of the entity in Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury.

in Venus we find the entity is one easily making associations and relations, amiable, active, choosing rather its own friendships among a wide acquaintance; and when there is the choice of friendships, they are rather as what may be said to be a brotherly association - though not all acquaintances are as friends.

The influences in Venus, we find, make for a gentleness that overshadows at times the adverse influences in Mars; and if these are cultivated or applied in the experience they will make for the greater advancement for these are the greater spiritual influences in the entity. So, in the relationships with the opposite sex in the present experience - if activated through these influences - there will be brought the greater joys and blessings and experiences in this present sojourn.
Then, these are as urges - but irrespective of what the entity has done or does do with such; yet from the sojourns in the earth it may be seen that which has builded for much of those experiences brought about in the material application which are indicated by the urges:

In Venus we find those influences of love in its more perfect form, that attracts and gives and makes for those very influences and forces that are of the spirit. These, too, may be turned at times into indulgence or to self- glorification. Yet their basis, their beauty, their love, their influences, are for those that know the truth and that truth IN love may set them free indeed from worry, from those things, those influences that may cause doubts and fears.

In Venus, we find that love, kindness, gentleness, may bring out that which is best in the entity's self, innately - and in the abilities to DO things. And while affection is a portion of the entity's inner self, this to the entity must be rather a bubbling over than just words or expressions. Hence we see conflicting influences in the entity's experience, partaking of that which is in the manifested form both good and bad. Yet the entity and those about the entity will find that when the body-mind is fired, as it were, by some special deep desire for an activity on the part of the body, or by anger - as being riled by someone else, the better and greater expressions of abilities for manifestations arise in the entity's experience. Not, then, that the entity should be continually making self mad - or that others about self should continue to produce such experiences for the entity, but rather with the high deep purposefulness that arises from having sought, having made determinations within the own self - and being impelled by the very will of self for the mental forces to be made, as it were, in a systematic manner - attain to those inner urges that arise as INNATE influences in the entity. For, we will find, while the entity goes to extremes at times, much of these arise from the inability to have drawn upon the environmental influences in the material plane to supply from same in the physical body as perfect a balanced condition in the physical as there should be. Hence in the physical we would add those elements that would bring a greater quantity not of animal influence by the emanations from same, but the higher, greater quantity of those vitamin influences that may be had from taking internally beef juices - without the meat; and the vitamins in cod liver oil; yet tempering same with that compound from the activities of the elements within the body itself known as Tonicine, to change those vibrations as to make the normal activities in the relationships to the organs of the body. These will be MOST helpful.

in Venus, we find, make for the experiences where there has been a growth in the experience of the entity in the present; the gentleness, the kindness, the love of friendships, associations and relations that find themselves manifested in a material world in the form of the closer relations in body in the expression of the entity that have meant much - yet brought at times, through the adverse forces and the experiences in the Jupiterian activity, depressing effects; for disappointments have arisen.

In Venus we find those influences that have made, do make for the gentleness of purpose, when there have not been the active forces of the adverse influence in Mars. For while those conditions that arise from same have brought at times in the experience the wrath, the madness of others and the disappointments in self in the relationships to the higher meanings of the Venus influence, these have often tempered justice in the experience when considered from the purely material angle. Yet with the disappointments that have come in the active forces of the experience of the entity in the present there has been the growth in the greater understanding, and more and more the abilities for the application in the truer sense of "Love casteth out fear; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, thinketh no evil." This is the greater of the stumbling-steps in the experience of the entity in the present, to THINK no evil, to know that the love of the Father - of those forces that He may manifest in the earth through the sons of men - may be those very experiences in the activity of all that may bring strength.
Then, that to be blotted from the experience is selfishness; becoming less and less self-aware, but more and more growing in the grace, the knowledge, the understanding that He doeth all things well.

In Venus we find the very close friendships, the filial and the marital relationships being paramount or meaning much in the experience of the entity. Not merely as duty, not merely as obligations, but rather as a privilege of self, an OPPORTUNITY of self to give expressions of that which is innate and manifested in the deeper self; that seeks for and makes expression in the material forces.
Hence it may be said of the entity: He that may count this entity as a friend is indeed blessed in the material experience.

In Venus we find the activities that will bring in the experience that which will be of a high ennobling influence in the associations of friendships, home, of its relations with others. These will arise to those points where the associations with friends, the associations with those in the marital life, will bring high experiences, broadening the vision of gentleness, love, and of those that make for the developments in this phase of the entity's experience in the present. For much has been gained by the entity in the sojourns in this environ, through the experiences, and the developments of relationships with varied individuals in activities that have required, have necessitated, the applications in these directions.

in Venus we find bringing both good and bad. For, there are adverse as well as the more helpful in this sojourn. Making for friendships that are as true or as sincere as if they were of the own household, yet many are they that are far in their relationships with the entity who are truer and closer friends than those in the own house. Making also for the influences in the marital relations, where there have been separations and conditions that arose from accidents; from apparently unseen and unknown reasons; yet the sojourn there brought to the entity (in Venus we are speaking of) the awareness of such. And that of which we are aware we eventually must experience, for it to become a portion of our own soul development. Those, then, that would make of themselves channels, their bodies, their minds, should practice those purifications for the periods when there may be those activities - as bodies with bodies - that may bring that awareness of that to which they have been and are building themselves for its expression. So has the entity found in its experience in such relationships that it must not look back, but ever forward; for that which has been must be again, if there will be the preparations in the NOW for its next cycle of activity. And as to whether same comes in a moment or in an age or in a century, or in forty, what is time or space when thou art in those influences that make for contentment in thine inner soul? save those that wander from the knowledge of embracing the moment. For, only one at a time may be experienced - if they are divided as such. But see and know all rather as One.
Also there are the abilities to meet with the varied groups that are often drawn into the experiences of the entity for their edification, for their enlightenment; and be ever ready to give the reason for the faith that lies within thine inner self and thine inner consciousness. Know from the earthly viewpoint a reason; whether it answers to thy neighbor or thy friend, THAT is for thine self! For, thine own soul seeks expression; and if it satisfies in thee, then LIVE IT! not in a selfish manner, but as expressing that which may bring to self, to others, first of all CONTENTMENT; for upon this is peace, harmony, happiness attained.

In Venus we find the influence in the present making for the ability for the entity to make self compatible in its environs, and make for those experiences of where there is the will or desire for the entity to influence others as to their association with such individuals capable of being made manifest in the activities of self, as well as in the activities of those to whom such mental reaction may be directed.
This is both good and bad, dependent upon the purpose for which such relationships may be brought about. If it is used for the satisfying of self's own desires, whether material, mental or spiritual, it may be to the detriment of the soul. If it is used for manifesting in the earth's experience the love of the divine influences that are innate in every active force, or to bear fruits in the spirit, then it may be constructive and for the developments of the soul. Hence, much in the way as the use of those things that may be said to be individualities in the experience of this entity, [518], as known in the present experience, will be as to whether this experience is to be soul development or soul retardment.

In Venus we find the love influence making for activities in which the will respecting same has dominated, or does dominate; yet through the same influences those the entity chooses as its friends may be made to be of lasting importance or influence in the entity's activities. Likes and dislikes, then, become decided in the entity's application of such relations, through experiences innately manifesting themselves from such a sojourn.

In Venus we find that influence as makes for an even disposition, an artistic temperament, a love for the beautiful in ways and manners, that will these [if these will] find expression in those fields that make for the expansion in the designing field, must bring not only the MATERIAL things of life but renown in many directions, and a satisfaction of self that - will this not be [if these will not be] allowed to become that which would make for those little indifferences to the weaknesses of others, to the variations in positions and relations - will make for more BEAUTY, more harmony, more peace, in the experience OF the entity; and yet, with the relationships of Jupiter AND Venus, all the more reason why that the relationships with individuals, the relationships in the home, the relationships in the social affairs OF the entity, must be more secure; in that there is not contention nor worriments, nor those things that make for disorders, or the inability of the mental forces to be concentrated in the direction as is necessary in CREATIVE forces of the mind and hand in bringing INTO being those visions of the entity's experience, in the work to be accomplished.

In Venus we find those influences where love or friendships are to the entity a sacred condition; being, then, one of a home BUILDING nature, and one that hates or abhors those that in any manner are other than that they PROFESS to be - whether in the home, in social relations or in business relations, and the innate feelings or expressions of the entity in this direction often bring such that many call the entity one hard to know very well; yet with a high regard of friendships and what friendship stands for.

In Venus we find (that as the inclination) one with an even disposition. While tempestuous thoughts arise, and the body-mental super-sensitive to reaction in others, and the feelings are easily hurt; yet lovable in mien, in manner, and looks and feels towards others as all would do right, even as self would. These are well, and when there arises disappointments in individuals, or in groups, through falseness in any manner, do NOT condemn self or the WEAKNESS in others. Rather hold fast to that as set as the IDEAL, and dislike NOT the individual; rather that [which] that forces, or CAUSES, them to be false with themselves and others.

In Venus we find rather that character of influence that deals with the patience of the entity in the present, when there is thought or time taken for the adapting of self in this direction. Rather than being an innate influence, it is one builded from a sojourn in Venus; from those influences as to that which is of the nature of duty or privilege, as related to the activities in such conditions, pertaining to individuals.

In Venus - we find one affable in associations, in relationships; one making many friends in many varied relationships in an experience, and of many stations in life; and while individuals and peoples are of interest, things, circumstances and ASSOCIATIONS of individuals one with another make for a greater interest with the entity.

In Venus we find also the love influence that, tempered WITH those in Mercury, brings the closer associations in the entity's experience of making friendships easily, and oftentimes LOSING them JUST as easily, through those influences as may oft appear as not able to say just WHY, yet these relations, these associations, have been neglected in ONE manner OR another.

In Venus we find an affliction with Mars, making for that in the experience of the entity in which anger or strife at some expression or some experience in the present sojourn may become, has become or does become a portion of the environmental influence from activity of the entity. For urges that may arise either from the innate or manifested expressions from experiences or sojourns are only as expressions, and when they are applied or used or manifested, then do they become more and more in any given experience a portion of the entity's activity.
Hence very select do the friendships of the entity become. Rather reserved and timid in some directions. Not waiting, as it were, upon the movement or activity of others, yet in a manner rather depending upon activities of others in many directions; making for conflicting emotions or conflicting activities innate in the influence of the entity in its dealing or in its relationship with its general public - as indicated from the mental influences. Hence it becomes a portion of the entity's activity to apply self in the direction that makes for these to become (that is, Jupiter and Mercury) more manifest in the expression of self in its dealings or relationships with individuals or groups in the more material way or manner.

In Venus we find the unusualness of the judgment as to what is called beautiful. For, to the entity those things that to others might be obnoxious might be attractive, or the entity would have a "feeling" for same; for some characteristic or movement as might be peculiar to peculiar things or activities in the experience.
We find that in the latter portion of the entity's sojourn - if there is the completion or full development of the body's period of activity through this experience, and if there is given the opportunity - the activities of the entity will prove to be of a helpful experience to the many who may come in contact with the entity.
There will be periods when the entity will be called quite stingy by others, not only with the material means but as to activity; for the entity will oft be termed lazy or indifferent. These are not true characteristics of the entity, however, but rather the entity analyzing the needs for such conditions in the experience.
While there should not be the encouraging of the entity to become too free with the material things, as to become a spendthrift, there are the needs to stress the fact that all such things are to be active if there would be the consistent results from same. Studies as to the spiritual life should be kept stressed, and especially the needs of same as an ideal - and this based upon spirituality rather than the mystical forces.
Though there are the influences of Neptune as to the mystic activities, we find that these rather will bring water - and accidents as related to same, unless there are the precautions respecting same.
The entity's urge towards mysterious things may be expressed in the collecting of the unusual pieces that to entity may have the power of acting as a guard, or as good luck charms or such in the experience.
These are not to be tabu, but rather spiritualize than visualize the material things in respect to same.

In Venus we find as these, with that builded in the present experience: One capable of influencing others by the little niceties and pleasantries that make for the natural turn of the individual. Hence that as is termed a pleasing personality.

In Venus we find the beauty, love, home. These are latent and manifested forces in the experience of the entity. Oft, as will be seen from the material sojourns in the earth, there are those relationships with individuals that would apparently contradict some of those deeper forces. Yet others should see, others should know, God looketh on the heart, not the outward appearances. Oft the entity, then, acts in manners, in relationships, that it the entity does not feel, does not even desire to manifest; and yet it does.
This produces contradictory forces, that are indicated in Uranus - the extremes to which the entity goes at times, either in one or the other direction, and at times both directions at once.

in Venus we find those influences making for one of emotional and high emotional nature, tendencies - from the sojourns of the Atlantean influence and from the Arcturian influences - for visions or dreamings of high ennobling experiences, yet these are in the material rather that as may find its expression in the emotional nature in the entity's experience in the present. If these are kept or maintained rather in the spirit of good, the spirit of truth, as of constructive forces, these will make for greater opportunities, greater blessings, greater material manifestations in the experience of the entity of love, harmony, peace, and those things that bring the contentment which is in a life of service for a purpose as ideal in spiritual import.

In Venus we find the love of those abilities in others as a criterion for social and mental relationships of the body; drawn to same through influences as make for those of individual propensities of one's abilities as of interest to the entity, in those things that have to do with contemporary affairs of the entity's experience, as well as such as may be used as those of the comparative influences in the entity's experience through same; making friendships that are lasting to the entity, but not wholly inclusive with all of acquaintances - for while the field of acquaintanceship to the entity may be great, those of real friendships are - not exclusive, but rather inclusive for the entity of those who may not be only as stepping stones for the entity, but whom the entity may be a stepping stone for. Hence the marital relations of the entity will be pleasant, when set in a channel that is in keeping with those of the entity's innate and manifested ideals.

In Venus, we find the greater RULING influence in the experience of the entity, and in CONJUNCTION with same Uranian influence. Hence, either the entity is an extremist in activities, whether as to those of expressions of love, of filial associations, of those conditions making for close relations, or of those making those of friendships or breaking same.
One, then, who - under such influence - makes for the friendship easily; yet same may be as easily broken; yet INNATELY in the entity is RARELY a grudge, for grudge' sake, held. Purpose or cause must make for the certainty of same to the entity. Hence the entity is VERY bad or VERY good, dependent upon the impelling influence and the application of will as respecting same; but NEVER on or very CLOSE to waters does the entity experience that of hate, yet inland, on mountain, this would be a different experience to the entity.
In that seen in the influences in sun and moon as related to same, for being in at variance with the experience of the entity, when troubles, consternation or distresses arise IN THE DAY, they may be easily understood or analyzed in the moonlight; when troubles arise in the EVENING, or in the night time, these may only be analyzed or understood when the entity STUDIES same in the day - and among the crowd; yet those in the evening must be alone.

In Venus we find the love of home, of companions, of friends and CLOSE relations - yet in Jupiter these, as we find, will only reach into the wider fields of manifested expression in the middle or the latter portion of the present experiences, and this dependent upon the application of will's influences - for there will come in the experience of the entity many places when choice of circumstance, conditions, surroundings, - will be made - and the choice by self must be manifested. These, as we would see, would make for the changing in the environ, the change in the manner in which those forces as express themselves may be manifestedly made, either in the fields that find expression for those of the arts IN the life or those as make for ties that bind, that make for duties or for varied relationships as respecting individuals, peoples, conditions, things, surroundings.
In the influences as seen in those of the occult, these bring that influence that makes for wonderment or indecision at times, and where little conditions make for wrath, misunderstanding, or temperamental conditions - as they may be classed - through the activities of the body-physical or mental, make for differences arising in the individual as TO relationships; yet in those of the Mercurian there will be brought - in the latter portion or middle portion of the present experience - a determination in the MENTAL abilities that will make for the bettered conditions in the individual's present experience.
In the influences that are INNATE, then - these may be better classified as to their relationships as come FROM the experiences, and their influences in the present experience. These, in a GENERAL manner, are those influences as innate - and may be made manifested or they may be passed aside lightly:
One that holds friendships when once made, or the tendency is to be slow in change - and an indecision when new conditions, circumstances or things arise in the entity's experience; choosing often to depend upon advice of others rather than being able to make decisions within self.
One inclined towards those things of the arts as pertain to creative forces, as related to those things that make for manifestations of the material as well as of the ethereal conditions in the experiences of individuals.
One that finds the conditions as relate to THINGS - whether of an economic influence or whether those of making decisions as relating to conditions or peoples - SLOW to make any change.
In the conditions as make for the COMMERCIAL forces in life, these tend to those that make for conditions as of patterns, ensamples, models, or such - and the entity would make an excellent WALL PAPER decorator!
In the one before this we find during that period when there were rebellions or oppressions in the land known as the French. The entity was among those peoples who were in touch with those in authority as rulers [GD's note: 760 and 5618], for the entity that one - of the offspring - TO whom these peoples went upon their attempt to escape from the land. The entity then in the name Elysia. In this experience the entity gained in a mental development, lost in those things as pertain to grudges, as of contentions. Hence the entity often finds, rather than to become contentious with one the entity will cease to speak or to act; not that the aversion is not held innately; rather does the entity sulk. Best to be outspoken and have it done with! Rather than to leave impressions that are not understood by self nor by others! In the developments for same, these may be applied in self in a manner as to apply will's forces - for when such conditions or such contentions, or such dissensions arise, think and speak and THEN act! Don't act first and think and speak afterwards, and be sorry - or sulk!

In the influence as seen in Venus, we find with that ability to apply, to manifest, to show forth the influence of love's application in the life of self, of others.

Updated: 11 December 2013