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"Astrology - Mars" 

We find in Mars....

Those influences that are adverse from sojourns we find in Mars, and in those things that pertain to Neptune.
Hence we find while the entity finds in wrath, anger, war, turmoils, those things that shake or make for doubts within self, these builded rather in the experience of self as a stepping-stone or toward an understanding become helpful experiences oft; as do the mysteries of water. Though the influence of large bodies of water upon the entity is as a DRAWING, and also travel upon same, the search over and in same, such things with their application into the experience become a part of the entity's TROUBLESOME conditions in the material affairs. Any influence that has to do with same sooner or later becomes questioned, as to what to do with the results of such applications.

We find in Mars the very decided points or ideas or stands that the entity may take on subjects; but as warned concerning the experience before this as a critic, if you criticize then you may expect to be criticized yourself. For the law of the Lord is perfect and it is as applicable in man as in the universe, as in nature, as in the realms of spirit itself. For the first principle is that the Lord, the God of the universe is one. What is effective or active in spirit (where it forms first) must be active and must influence the imaginative influences of an individual entity. For the entity finds itself a body, a mind, a soul - three; or the earth consciousness as a three-dimensional plane in one.
So man's concept of the Godhead is three-dimensional - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The communication or the activity or the motivating force we find is three-dimensional - time, space and patience. Neither of these exists in fact, except in the concept of the individual as it may apply to time or space or patience.

We find in Mars the anxiety, wrath, madness, the abilities to do things; but they must be controlled by judgment, by the exercising of an ideal. Ye have a pattern that is set in Him and as given, "As ye would that men would do to you, do ye even so to them." This applied in every phase indicates an active principle and not merely a tenet to be set on Sabbath days or new moons or at some special occasion when you feel kindly towards one for a lovely deed done.
Love thine enemies also. Do good to them that hate you, and this will change and bring the exercising of patience that makes thee aware of thy oneness of purpose with that spirit which may guide you.

We find in Mars, travel, as well as anger - and a lot of this has been in thine experience and will yet be. Poor indeed is he who does not ever show anger, but worse indeed is he who cannot control it in himself. And there most fail. Though often those who flare up quickly, also forgive quickly - if they remain as little children asking, seeking, living "Guide Thou me, O God, in the steps I take and in the words I say day by day."

We find in Mars that the entity is one that may never be called lazy, in body or mind. You have some anger but you're not worth much without it and remember you're worth much less if you don't control it.

We find in Mars the overactivity at times, even to the extent of driving itself.

We find in Mars the high mental ability.

We find in Mars a high, exalted opinion of self; which is well, but abused - as it may be in Pluto, or in Mercury - may become a stumblingstone rather than a steppingstone to advancement in this present sojourn.

We find in Mars not only the activity of those that would oppose, but also the activity of the entity in indicating within self - as well as, usually to others - the sincerity of purpose of the entity.

We find in Mars that there must be activeness, but these are limited by those influences from the Jupiterian and Uranian experiences. Thus the extremes that may arise in the experience, the beauty, the love of music, the love of art, the love of artistic temperaments, - both from Venus and Uranus.

We find in Mars that inclination for madness or anger to at times upset many of thy best laid plans. Also it makes the entity very active; also, as indicated in Mercury and Mars, at some times very careful as to what the entity does, or precautious - and these are misconstrued, because of thy tendency to be such a good spender when there is that to spend!
But find the spending rather in the gifts and graces of the Lord, and you will indeed find that which brings harmony, peace, grace, mercy and truth in the lives of others.
And in that way ye may so weld thyself into the hearts and minds of those whom ye attempt to aid in the physical ways. For ye know deep in thyself that all healing comes of the Lord, and there is not anything you may do save attune the body forces to the very vibration of the body itself to the awareness that God is, and is creative in its every purpose.
For, the ability of each functioning of the body-forces is to reproduce itself, and as long as this continues the body keeps not only young but active, - mentally, spiritually, physically - unless it be drugged by its own ego.

We find in Mars the anger, the wrath, - that finds its level, even as does water in its material consciousness. And as such is the mother of strife, of vice, - yea, and the purifier also of that as may be assimilated in spiritual consciousness, - it is the purging spirit in the experience of man in the world today; in strife, in war, in greediness, in hate; and all is a part of thy material consciousness.

We find in Mars, anger; in Jupiter the universality of that to which the entity may grow, may develop, - if the choices or directions taken are in a greater creative influence.
In a career, as may be termed, the entity may find the greater activity; that having to do with statistics, numbers, or teaching, or mathematics, or those influences of that nature. The entity may find the greater development, the greater expression in such directions in this particular experience.
Languages may later be a part of the development. For, as indicated in Venus, manners, ways and means of expression are an innate activity of the entity, - mentally, spiritually. And as languages or words are a means of expressing the emotions or feelings, or powers of influence, these are channels through which the entity may also find expression.

We find in Mars the hardheadedness that at times appears. Not that the entity is not capable of being angry, yet controls THAT emotion oft; yet determination and decision is manifested in the latent forces of the entity's manner of judgement, thinking and choice.

We find in Mars those influences forming the basis of the conditions that bring about changes; as in wrath, determination to have an individual way or to have a way of the own, disregarding at times the consequences even to self or others.
These become a part of the entity's experience innately.
In the application the individual, as has been indicated, has allowed rather the sojourns in the earth to bring the greater influences for activity.
Hence it would be well at times for the entity to analyze the emotions that arise from the astrological aspects or sojourns; that become a part of the influence latent, as WELL as the material things for the moment.
For, to philosophize for the moment - and as is known by the entity: Man IS, and he is one - as body, mind and soul yet these coordinate.
The influences from astrological sojourns work through the mental self - mind being ever the builder in the earth plane materializations; though the forces of the mind are active in spiritual as well as material directions. And only that which is founded in the spiritual is eternal.
Hence in every direction - whether for associations, for activities materially or mentally or for spiritual developments - the ideals must be founded in that which is constructive or spiritual, that they may grow.
Good, honesty, integrity, patience, longsuffering, brotherly love are eternal; just as hate, dislike, contention make for destructive forces in the experiences of all.

We find in Mars that the consciousness of continuity is more than ordinarily active in whatever phase of awareness is being interpreted by the entity in its analysis of self.
Thus we find an unusual character, and one of which it is only reminded - that while these may be in the purposes to analyze self, others, the personal and practical application is made in relationships to activities - else these will all come to naught.

Afflictions we find in Mars. Hence more and more must the entity not only within itself but within the application of same or in its dealings with others not allow wrath or resentment, or even too great ANXIETIES, to influence the better judgements of the entity in that it has and does set as its ideal - whether this be from the physical, mental or the spiritual phases of the entity's endeavors.
Then these are the urges that we find as innate and manifested, then - combined with the urges that come from the associations in the earth's plane, as the urge from or through the emotions:
One of high mental abilities, whether in judgements as to choices or as to its dealings with its fellow man.
One whose sense of justice and honor is exceedingly sensitive to the activities about self, whether in the dealings in the commercial, the political, the financial or the home life.
Do not judge, though, other than ye would be judged. While these temperaments and tendencies become acute, oft stand aside and - in prayer and in meditation, in thy choosing of activities that would meet the needs of the material circumstances - watch thy own self pass by.
Look within, as given, and SEE what have been the promptings that have induced thy activity.
And know that God IS, and is the Maker, the Ruler of the universe; and He is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that he must also reap.
And though thy companions, though thy associates, though thy contemporary associates in thine own fields of endeavor or expressions, resort to unfair practices or measures to gain a point or an end, know that these must eventually meet THEMSELVES - even as thine OWN activities must be met.
For it IS the law of love, of hope, of patience, of longsuffering, of kindness, of gentleness, that WILL succeed, that WILL bring its fruit in due season.
For He is mindful of the sparrow. How much more, then, is He mindful of His children, His companions that He would have as a portion of His very SELF?

In Mars the over-active person, individual must be active in some direction.

In Mars we find....

In Mars we find those tendencies to easily become riled, to easily become self-centered and have that feeling as of someone else taking advantage of self.

The entity expects, desires, hopes for that "as ye do to others, so SHOULD others do to thee". This can be and only is true when either or both of such activities is prompted by the spirit of truth, rather than from an "axe to grind" as it might be called. In Mars we find those activities.

For as in Mars, we find the activity.

In Mars we find the body is very active not lazy, and active in what would be constructive ways, if they are ever given to finding something good to say. Those who are good scrubwomen are much better than bad teachers or lecturers.

In Mars we find a very active individual.

In Mars we find the energetic activities in regard to things as well as interests in associated activities. Thus, we find the entity's abilities in directing policies of organizations or groups, rather than in that direction of working in a business for itself.

In Mars we find the vivacity, the ability to get mad and yet the ability also to control self - if desirable.

In Mars we find this activity. The entity will never be called lazy. May be called stubborn at times, but this, too, may be directed - not by undue punishment but by reasoning with an appealing to the entity - in a manner as to bring much better influences. Not that there should be a prize for goodness, but remembering that virtue has its own reward, even in those attempting to direct or train children. During those periods of the molding of their lives, the suggestion made as the body begins its rest may have the greater effect upon the entity's morality, its concept of right and wrong its keeping of the counsel as may be indicated to the child through those particular periods - especially until it is twelve to fourteen years of age. These are the better ways than warnings, than any form of correction save by suggestion, especially for this particular child.

in Mars, we find a dominant self that easily overshadows those not so strong in self, and creates oft animosities in the experiences of others - in making them feel inferior to the abilities of the entity.
Learn, then, the lesson as He gave - in thy greater activity: Keep humble. Not that the activities of others humble thee, never; but in thine own hopes, thine own desires. For, the command is, - God first; and thy neighbor, thy brother, thy child, as thyself. See each relationship as self in the other one's place. Even as He, the Master, gave: "He that would be the greatest among you is the servant of all."
As ye then minister, so will ye be ministered unto.
Thus as we find in the experiences in the earth, one only meets self. Learn, then, to stand oft aside and watch self pass by - even in those influences that at times are torments to thy mind. Remember, MIND is the builder. Just as Father, Son, Holy Spirit; body, mind, soul.
Then the Master - as the mind - is the way, is the how, that one becomes aware through application, through administration of the hopes, the desires, the faith of the soul itself. For, mind is of body and of soul, and when purified in the Christ-Consciousness it lives on and on as such.
Remember, then, that all are tried as in the fires of self. For He has not willed that any soul should perish, but has with every temptation, every trial, prepared a way of escape.
And they that are His, He will not allow to be tempted beyond that they are able to bear.

In Mars we find the affability as well as the very active service of the entity in its associations or connections with others. These as we find are well. Most fortunate, then, are those who may count the entity as a friend.

In Mars we find anger, wrath, and those forces that have contributed at times to the distresses, to those conditions that have been apparent in this experience.

In Mercury and in Mars we find the energetic activities of mind and of body, and at times that appearing expressive in the experience of others as related to the entity as a meddler. Yet these are the benevolent forces, if those activities, those consciousnesses of the entity are used and analyzed in that way of aiding the entity in its preparations through such experiences.

One in Mars we find excellent as to its abilities to "make good" in any field of activity chosen by the entity, and NATURALLY energetic. However, the entity is one easily tempted to flare at those things at variance to the entity.
One of high mental abilities and in appreciation of art of words and word pictures. Hence the abilities in writing, in depicting, in dramatizing or characterizing conditions as well as individuals; and the individual may apply self in these directions in an advantageous manner.

In Mars we find those of the temperamental conditions; yet, for the entity, we find one that, even though abilities are manifest, the TEMPERAMENTAL would be rather of that as would be DEVELOPED FROM the MATERIAL standpoint, than innately finding its expression; for easily does the entity flare up, but as easily has the entity been able to control self in such conditions and relations, and as easily will it continue to be - especially will that of the higher influences and the ideals be kept in the influence of DEVELOPMENTS throughout the entity's experience; yet these very same influences in OTHERS may control many circumstances as will arise in the entity's experience during that period, especially, in the thirty-second and thirty-third year.

In Mars we find the executive abilities. Thus, in whatever line of endeavor the entity might engage, or in whatever activity he might undertake, the entity might, he could, he WOULD make a success, - if he chooses to do so and makes some reverses in opinions formed.
Should the entity EVER marry, make those convictions such that many of those ideas (and thought to be ideals) are done away with, else such relations will bring miserable results in the experience.

In the influence in Mars, we find one quick to anger, and often hiding same.
One loathe to give up any of those conditions of self's interest, no matter what the cost of same may be.
One with the tendency to hold little grudges.
One that will be ever considered a good mathematician, a good business individual. One rather too worldly in application of either condition - that is, one that uses self and friends occasionally to excess.
One that is honest in conviction, yet at times wrong in application. Will's force again should be used, as should other principles that are latent, rather than manifested.
One whose abilities, applied in the correct manner, may bring much to many individuals, especially in the line of the teacher to the student in many various fields, especially in that of militant, and of every nature - that is, one gifted in the ability to teach others systematic and the system of condition (even better than he may apply them in the own individual self).

In Mars we find anger, rashness, the dare-devil expression and activity that has been a part of the entity's experience. Though temperate, moderate in the inner self, the entity is daring in its manifestation in others' associations; that it may hide the sympathetic nature which as been a part of the entity's experience.

Also in Mars we find where madness and anger have at times wrought DEFINITE changes. These the entity has in a measure conquered. There ARE some loopholes that need mending.

In Mars we find the interest in political as well as in group associations; as orders, lodges, sects or groups. And these may be analyzed with the material manifestations which bring about such influences, as may be seen.

In Mars we find at times anger, or not just having what's wanted at the moment upsets the entity. Curb this. Know that all comes to him who puts his trust in the all-powerful influence of love and harmony, the real poem of life, and then works like thunder for same!

In Mars we find anger and madness, that has often aroused or brought great differences of opinions; and their expressions that have made for divisions among thy fellows, as well as in thy friendships and associations.
It is well that anger and its ability for expression be existent, but woe indeed to those who allow same to become stumblingblocks, and to cause hate, malice and injustice to be dealt in ANY manner to their fellow men! For, know indeed, as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren ye do it unto thy Maker; and ye MUST meet thyself and that manner of soul ye present to thy Maker. For ye must - as all - STAND before Him and be judged according to the measure ye have meted to thy fellow man!
Symbols and such activities have always meant something to the entity. Hence certain characters of adornments would be well about the entity. Keep something blue, and especially the color and emanations of the lapis lazuli; not the slick or polished nature, but of that nature that the emanations from same may give life and vitality.

in Mars we find the inclination for the entity to be self-centered; not in the personage of such a great selfishness, but rather inclined to be DETERMINED to have self's own way, even though the entity may be convinced or shown that other manners, other ways, might be better.
There is the inclination or tendency also under such conditions, even though thwarted in the activities, to discuss or think about such things.
Remember that silence often is golden, and determine in self to better acquaint thine own understanding with ALL PHASES of whatever the problem or condition may be.
This is inclined to give the tendency to become too much of a one-track mind, or when a purpose is before the entity - as to the manner or the means of attaining same - if there is a conclusion drawn - others are not always, or other circumstance, or other conditions about the entity, given full or due consideration.
This finds expression in that which is oft called or termed a nervous disposition, a tendency to be erratic. This is more oft, as it grows upon a body, tended to be used as an excuse, - and such may undermine the abilities even of such an one as this entity, in accomplishing the good, or expanding or excelling in the manner it should.
Read more oft the law of love, that is a part of thy daily life. Grow in spiritual understanding, that thy mental and thy physical manifestations in thy relationships to others, and conditions, may be tempered with that mercy, that justice, that kindness, that patience, as ye would have thy Lord, thy God, thy Savior, have with thee.

In Mars we find where anger and wrath has made for great variations. For those that are of high temper are very well provided it is not allowed to become a stumbling stone. Use such rather in thy experience to learn patience, understanding, grace and mercy, - and not as a manner of giving expression of that which produces hate and hardships in the experiences of any. For these ye have seen in many of thy relationships. Learn thy lesson from same.
Know that He, thy Lord, thy God, is in His holy temple, and for THEE - thine own inner self! For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God. Look then to the within. For there He has promised to meet thee, and alone in that strength as may be found in GOOD, in righteous judgment, in those influences of affluence that make for the awareness of the love of the Christ in the lives of individuals, may there be brought harmony, contentment, joy.
For as He hath given, "Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the world," if ye will but open thy consciousness to His awareness.

In Mars we find anger, animosity, covetousness becoming the influence or force for detrimental activity in the experience.
But being forewarned, and applying that which has been and may be given in the experience, as has been and will be a part of the entity, the entity may so pattern its policies, its activities with its fellow men as to make such experiences stepping-stones rather than stumbling stones in its advancement in its development for its purposes and ideals through this material sojourn.

In Mars we find there have been periods when wrath, anger, even turmoils have been and are a portion of the experience. And as to whether these become constructive or destructive depends upon how the entity uses or applies such; or it depends upon the WILL - which is the birthright of every soul!
The ability to choose is WILL; as well as the ability to allow self to be used by influences.

In Mars - we find there are times when in the extremes, whether in the emotions mental or physical - these have brought experiences where anger has taken or MAY take hold in such ways or manners as to become a detrimental influence.
Yet this in the sign also with JUPITER makes the experience such that the more often the entity CONTROLS self when it has thought over such experiences a second time.
While the entity is quick to grasp decisions, the entity finds - as in relation to things having to do with disputes of any nature, whether they be among individuals or groups or whether society or what not - the second or third thought by the entity usually changes, or will tend to change, the entity's activities in relation to same.

In Mars we find anger; this making for rather the associations ABOUT the entity. For the natural placidness, even temperament from Venus as we find makes for rather these influences from without.
Then be not too quick in thy judgements of others. Put thyself in their place, in thy mind, before ye pass judgements on others.
The influences from the activities in that ever-changing force (Saturn) are indicated in the experience, in that there will be many changes and environs of the entity under many circumstances and activities.
Yet these may be experienced by thy holding to the love - not of self but rather of the help, the hope that ye may bring to others in thy way of choice of activities in thy dealings with them in every form and manner.

In Mars we find those fits of anger, resentment, selfishness here and there; those impure motives creating those struggles, those entanglements, those angers. Yet these as they arise upon thy horizon of activity in thy relationships may oft keep from view the visions of that glory prepared for those who love the Lord.
Yet know that truth and light, as may be aroused or made alive from the assurances of His walks with thee, will dissipate those fogs, those mists, as ye apply love in thy dealings with every character of circumstance in thy experience with others.
Then these will matter little; for the Lord's ways are not past finding out, yet ye must oft learn to wait upon the Lord, and not become overanxious - in thy anxiety that "they, too" taste of the goodness that may be found in the divine love.

In Mars we find those inclinations for differences of opinions, as well as for the purposes or desires to be magnified - rather than seeking that common level upon which cooperation may be had with others. This should be rather the inclination.

In Mars we find that tendency at times to become easily erratic, easily ruffled.
Yet in the application of self to the influences from Venus and Jupiter, this has become somewhat overcome; and these are merely inclinations. As to what the entity may do about that it knows. For if it will be remembered, the ideal manner is to be slow to anger; and, again, be mad but sin not; and, do not hold malice nor slights nor slurs, nor unkind remarks in thine inner self, for they build barriers.
And as the very nature of the application of self to the abilities in bringing hope and help and health to others, it is understood that anger and wrath and resentment are - as hate - poisons to a mind, a body that would give or make of its opportunities the better application.
Hence for reason's sake, for the very knowledge, as He hath given - if ye will not believe for His name's sake, believe for the very fact that thou hast seen, thou hast experienced that such do bring detrimental influences or experiences to the minds and the lives of individuals.

Those influences in Mars we find making for rather that which is an opposition to most of those from the Martian experience. For the entity's sojourn there was learned well. Hence those influences of anger, those influences of distress and turmoils in the associations of others - while they will oft appear upon the horizon of the entity's experience, from the very influence of those things given, the entity may oft be in ALL of its relationships as one whose very presence - if used in the manner indicated - will be as oil upon troubled waters. Thus the conditions that arise from such are as gladsome experiences, if the entity will not allow same to become a part of self but knowing that the IDEALS as are set in self MAKE for as to whether these become stumblingblocks or steppingstones for greater knowledge and understanding, and greater experience.

From the experiences in Mars we find that inclination which has been indicated for the activities that make for the headstrongness - and activities in that direction.

In Mars we find the adverse influence, where anger, discussion or the like at times brings those attitudes desired to be eliminated. These may best be eliminated through the cultivation of that consciousness, or awareness, of the abiding of peace within self.
For, peace and harmony - as the entity experiences (not as all others, but as the entity experiences) - is a matter of being able to hold within self the awareness of the promises of life, and light, as expressed in Him.

The influence in Mars we find making for anger, and again a temperament, yet bringing into the forces those things where anger, wrath, war, turmoils, strifes among groups and individuals, have made for sudden changes in the activities of the entity in its relationships to the material life.
THESE then require again, as indicated from the Jupiterian, quick decisions oft. And if the entity, for spiritual or soul development, makes for turning within when such decisions are to be made, there may be - not of self but of that which may come through the activity of self - a greater expression of creative, regenerative, loving forces and influence. Or as in that He gave, "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them."

In Mars, we find those tendencies oft for the entity to become rather in the manner of too EASILY misdirected by CONSIDERED slights, or little differences that arise between associates or individuals; or there are tendencies for what in others would be WRATH, to the entity CLOSES the activities of the entity rather than to ARGUE the question with anyone, accepting a slight and mis-understanding rather than to be TOO antagonistic. This is WELL, if NOT carried too far - but is easily made to become a detriment to the better interests OF the entity in its mental, in its physical, in its soul relations.

In Mars we find that of wrath or madness; a high temper oft is an urge to be supersensitive to those things that may make for DIRECT control or those things pertaining to persons or to those as RELATED to the persons.
Hence duty and obligations are a portion of the entity's experience, and it is sensitive to such. Hence this requires the necessity for sureness of purpose in the entity and a judgment in the entity of those that speak in one manner and act in another. These are temperaments to be reckoned with in the experience, and NECESSITATING the spiritual imprint upon the purposes and aims and how that LAW is LOVE and LOVE is LAW in the spiritual world, the MENTAL application and the physical experience.

Also in Mars we find a benevolent influence for the entity, which is rather the unusual than the ordinary.
So, where such an influence has brought failure to others, owing to disagreements, or owing to wrath or war or those things that deal with force of arms or force of law even, it has redowned [redound?] or brought to the entity opportunities for expression; owing to those factors in the abilities of the entity.
Though these have made in the past such conditions in the PHYSICAL aspects of the body not to be desired by SOME, to the entity they have become advantageous from the external or from the material viewpoint; yet earned these have been in the mental or spiritual aspect of the entity.
As to the relationships or activities through Venus, these have made for sentiment that has at times been called by some the greater of the entity's abilities; to be positive in directions, yet in such a way and manner that those with whom it is positive deem it rather as doing them a favor than being an adverse condition in the experience.
Yet it has not brought all in the social relationships, as might be termed, that might be desired by the entity. It has made for friendships that have grown to be of strength in the experience, yet has made for such influences that (after the two and a half years from the present, unless the entity takes warning) may bring discordant factors in the experience; through some nigh unto the activities of the entity in the family relationships.

In Mars we find those tendencies to become easily irritated, that arise from (apparently to others) no cause at all.

In Mars we find there have been periods and experiences when anger, wrath and sudden conditions or certain things in others about the entity have caused changes, or made great changes in what may have been the experience of the entity. These have been rather from without than from within the entity's own associations and environs, but have dealt their influence in the experience of the entity. And these have come within the entity's experience rather as fears that such might arise in the entity's OWN experience; coming again to the reasoning, as it were, from its close Mercurian influence in its own experience in the present.
These, then, are the astrological aspects as we find them from the MENTAL experience that lies INNATE and give expressions in the manner as we have indicated.

In Mars we find, as indicated, oft these influences are reversed with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus; or instead of the more peaceful influences there are inharmonious. For anger, wrath, misunderstandings come into the experience. But if these are used rather as the steppingstones for an understanding, they may become the beneficent experiences of the entity.

In Mars we find, with Venus, a detrimental influence respecting marital relations; for these make for the demanding by the entity (as in the changes) for those with whom it may be associated those things oft hard to be comprehended or understood by others. It is not the greater things in the entity's own development but the minor things that make for feelings or appearances of neglect, indifference, change in the manner of approach. This also is an attribute, developed in this experience, that SHOULD be negativated from the activities of the entity. For friendships and those relationships that bring the greater possibilities in the experiences of the entity arise from the entity's neglect of those attributes that are as opportunities in these directions.

In Mars we find that tendency to become secretive in its relationships with individuals, not letting the activities always be in the light; at times bringing for self anger; at times bringing into the experience those relationships and conditions (these are mental) when the soul - through what it does about such feelings, such a desire, IN its relationships with its fellow man - makes for what life in this experience is to bring into the relationships of the individual, or as to what this soul in this experience may make out of its opportunities in life.
If these are to satisfy only the aggrandizement of bodily conditions, of those that bring only pleasure to self, those that only satisfy or gratify material positions in power or place or what not, these must eventually bring canker and rust - in either body or mind - that will eat, and EAT, until there is destruction even in the soul itself.

Mars brings that abundance of energies, activities rather than anger. Anger, to the entity is a fearful state. Do not let that which ye fear come upon thee. Replace same rather with patience, constancy and - most of all - consistency. For, consistency is a gem which few souls acquire, in its interpretation or understanding in speech or in conversation with others.

Updated: 11 December 2013