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"Astrology - Neptune" 

We find in Neptune....

In those that we find in Neptune, bringing a love for the mysterious forces, yet applying self rather in a material manner as to the benefits the self may render others - but the mystic and occult make for an interest to the entity that may be builded or applied in the present experience.

We find in Neptune the visions, dreams, hopes, aspirations; and things having to do with air, water, and the elements BEYOND the realm of the earth. Hence we will find, in the choices for companionship, or even for the close relationships, it will be with those who deal with, or have to do with activities in same.
Then, in thy activity, learn much of those individuals who are air-MINDED, and of the activity itself.

We find in Neptune the abilities in expression of the mysteries, and the mental forces as expressed in the Mercurian influences with same; also those things having to do with places near to water.

We find in Neptune the power of water, or of the influences about same; the creative expression, the ability to aid in reviving or in giving life to things. And most anything that would be planted in the earth by the entity would live. And flowers and those things that are cut from nature blossom or give off BETTER perfume by being about or on the body of the entity (and there are few of which this could be said).

We find in Neptune the interest in things on water, in water. Thus the activities of the entity should have to do with things that go upon, in, across, or under water. These are the outlets for the better mental and spiritual import.
These, then, if they are directed aright, bring into materialization those things which are the greater helpful influences in the experience of this entity.

We find in Neptune those things having to do with water. Then, live or dwell or abide by quantities of water; preferably streams. Meditate close to the brooks, as did the prophet in Kidron. These will bring to thy consciousness the ability to send out that healing force that expands from His consciousness.

We find in Neptune the interest in psychological effects, and the manner in which they influence individuals under varied environments.

We find in Neptune an interest in the unusual, in things pertaining to water - these will be a part of the entity's experience; some sorrows, some joys; but water is the mother in the earth. As given, it is the water and the blood that beareth witness in the earth. Temper these in thy mind, in thy purpose, and they will grow to mean those things upon which the soul may take its rest, yea its assurance in the things of the spirit.

In Neptune we find....

In Neptune we find the mystical

In Neptune we find also that consciousness of one well adapted in the unusual or the mysteries or the mysticism. These again are of the soul and are of the spiritual nature. Then let everything the entity does be done with all good conscience, but this doesn't mean having necessarily thine own way. For as has been indicated, others think as well as self, and there are at times ways that seemeth right and yet the end thereof may become death.
Thus the needs that this entity, as well as every entity (but this entity in its activities especially), be acquainted with, and walk oft in the way of life as manifest in the Christ.

In Neptune we find the interest in the love life of a home, more than in the individual contributions that each may make for a home. For, every experience in the material world arises from the correlation of one incident with another or one's feelings from one period to another.

In Neptune we find the influences such that the large bodies of water should be close to the dwelling of the entity.
Specialize in those things and fields of activity in which especially the mucous membranes of the body are made a part of the activity. While the studies in the present relate to kindred natures and as related to the sympathetic and cerebrospinal nervous system, get their relationship more with the lymph and emunctory flow; and you will find the greater sensitivity, making for those abilities to make corrections that will bring not only satisfaction to self in relationships to others but bring the greater comfort and help and aid to those whom the entity may aid in this particular experience.

in Neptune we find rather the influences of water, as well as things coming from water, are a part of the entity's experience.
Thus the entity should ever keep a pearl about the self or upon the person, not only for the material vibration but for the ideal expression. For, it will be an omen, - not only because of the vibrations that it may give to self but because of keeping the even temperament, yea the temper itself. For the entity can get mad, and when it is mad it is really MAD!
This arises more from the material sojourns than the astrological, - for these the entity chose to meet in the material rather than the fourth and fifth dimensional phase of its activities.

In Neptune we find the interest in things FROM or OF or UPON water; as well as the mysteries of lines. Hence in the activities, from astrological aspects, building is a part of the entity's experience; though, as will be seen, harmonious surroundings are needed for the greater contentment.
Then, let not disturbances confuse nor cause digression from thy purpose.

In Neptune we find both warnings and helpful forces, both virtue and vices.
Then, stay close to water. It is the mother in nature, and nothing is more beautiful than the mother's love, the mother's caress - even in anger or in disquietude. For, this influence is strong in the body-mind and consciousness of the entity. For, the entity, too, has known, has expressed and manifested mother love.
Know, too, that in the same sign there is that of violence and of anger, that of sorrow from the word spoken.
Beware of long voyages. Beware of deep water. It is that which is combined with the sun, as righteousness, that becomes creative in itself.
So, in thy mind, in thy heart, in thy body, - as ye cherish the beautiful, as ye cultivate same in the spirit if truth, nurturing it in the light of love, so does joy and beauty and harmony come into thy experience again.
Weakness in the body arises also from this sign, and becomes even as the quicksands - that are neither solid nor yet water, neither possessed with that other than fear.
Let not thy heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in Him - who is able to quicken the life as it flows through thy body, thy mind, thy soul, to a full regeneration in the material world, then hope in the mental, then truth in the spiritual. For, He IS truth, and the light, the way; that each soul may find the way from the darkness back to God - even as He.

In Neptune we find the far away influence; yet there are the mysteries made manifest as a portion of the experience - not too practical, but as a workable experience.
Harmonious relationships are sought; there are the desires to attain to a set position physically, mentally, spiritually, before starting certain undertakings. Hence, little of chance is sought by the entity, but surety, security in the material and in the mental activities.
Make the spiritual one also.

In Neptune we find the mystical influences become a deeper portion of the inner consciousness of the entity. Thus we find an unusual manifestation in this entity of much that is incomprehensible to some, and yet capable of being made manifest in the experiences of the many, - if the entity will but hold to that which is needed in the experience.

In Neptune we find the interest in those things of a mystical nature, those things that are of art and of water, those things that take hold upon conditions which partake of that which does not seem to be material.
Thus at times others may find the entity and its expressions as being insecure; or as ghosts or dreams of things to be that are not there; yet to the entity these are the basis of ALL that is. For, that which appeareth not is more sure, to those who love the Lord and His ways and His coming, than those things which partake of the earth as earthly things.
Hence these are not to be condemned, but rather cherished, - in that they take hold upon self in such a way that ye KNOW in Whom ye have believed, and that He is able to keep that which has been and is promised unto thee day by day.

In Neptune we find the construction, the building, as well as water, as well as law and order, all as parts of the experience in which the entity has had and may have force or power with others, or influence upon others. As has been the experience, and it is well to learn the lesson, it is not by might nor by power that one gains that worth retaining, but through love - and in the sowing of the seeds of the spirit there is brought those experiences that are growths in thine own self and are worth remembering.
For, know, - good alone lives on.
That of a nature which causes resentments, distrust, animosity, is already cut from that which is creative. It is true that it may have its place in the experience of others, but it is much like the nail driven in the post. The nail, the hindrance, may be removed, but the scar remaineth. It is weakened by the might or force.
Thus is there experienced by the entity that the creative force, or God, is not in the tempest nor in the storm, nor in the loud noise, nor even in the rumbles or rumors. But that which is helpful, the more oft, is in the still small voice within.
Astrologically, then, while we find these aspects influencing they are negligible in the experience at the present.
For, the entity is prone to be a leader or director, at times a politician, and at times one to act in the capacity as peacemaker, yet there is the constant change. And ALL are necessary. For, through experience is wisdom gained. Knowledge is power if there is the wisdom to apply it in the direction that brings the fruit of the spirit or the seed thereof. For, what the individual sows, that must it also reap.
Then, let that mind ever be in thee as ye have manifested oft in thy experiences in the earth.

In Neptune we find the interest in the mystical, or the mystical-spiritual things in the affairs of individuals; as well as water becoming a part of the experiences of the entity, - and these for help as well as for woe have been in the experience.

In Neptune we find the influences such that the large bodies of water should be close to the dwelling of the entity.
Specialize in those things and fields of activity in which especially the mucous membranes of the body are made a part of the activity. While the studies in the present relate to kindred natures and as related to the sympathetic and cerebrospinal nervous system, get their relationship more with the lymph and emunctory flow; and you will find the greater sensitivity, making for those abilities to make corrections that will bring not only satisfaction to self in relationships to others but bring the greater comfort and help and aid to those whom the entity may aid in this particular experience.

In Neptune we find the mystery, or the psychic forces, the spiritual expressions of creating, - as expressed or manifested, latent AND mentally and spiritually, by the very vibrations or emanations from the presence of the entity among others.
Yet because of these the entity at times feels as if it is causing suppression among others. For, where there is a conversation in a group, the entrance of the entity will stop it. Thus the entity at times feels, innately, as if something is being withheld, or as if the presence casts a damper. Rather know that it is awe and inspiration, and feel sorry for others - not for self - under such expressions.

Also from those activities in Neptune we find that those things pertaining to water - or the elements - are an influence, or a part of the latent or manifested experience of the entity.
Then as for material gains, - investments in things pertaining to same may be considered by the entity as those that should have due consideration given to them; or as pertaining to air, as well as earth. Earth, air, water, - NOT fire.

In Neptune we find things pertaining to air and water have an influence in the material, as well as in the social life of the entity; and these also must be as adjustments to the purposes and ideals of the entity, in its relationships to things as well as to individuals or conditions which arise in the experience.

In Neptune we find the inclinations for things that have to do with water and over water and to be on waters and upon waters. These then give an urge again, as through Saturn, for change of scene and change of environment - and the desire for travel; desire for those things that are exciting, and those things that pertain to the heroic and hero worship. This urge must ever be tempered, then, with directing the entity to the character of ideals that should be held by the heroes that the entity follows in the very activities of its study and its progress.

In Neptune we find the watery sign, or those influences through which the entity made for those experiences which bring what others may term peculiarities, oddities; or the entity apparently takes a peculiar attitude or unusual attitude towards things, conditions, people, and the likes and dislikes in respect to these arise from oft that the entity may not in itself know the cause for, but is innate; yet in the application of self and self's own mental force (that is the builder), apply according to thine ideal. And let not thine condemnation bring upon thee that ye hate. For that ye hate ye become. This is the law.

In Neptune we find an influence that is MOST in the making in the present experiences of the entity, so that those things that are mysterious, those things that are psychological, those things pertaining to what to the mental mind of man are the mysteries of life, are ever present - and would bring to the experience of the entity in this sojourn much that may be helpful, beneficial, if used or applied aright in the experience of the material things of this entity.
But to make personal, material application of the mysteries to many - and to this entity - may become a stumblingblock unless it is left rather in the INTERPRETATION of the SPIRIT that is with the soul in its activity. If there is the attempt to interpret or apply in the physical forces the stronger, it makes for that which becomes strange; and they that seek strange gods, strange forces, do so oft to their own undoing. Hence as to the innate urge, rather as has been given, let this mind be in you that was in Him, that the Father-God is ever present and has given His angels charge concerning thee rather than those that may be of thine own making. And His Spirit will bear witness with thy spirit whether ye be in that realm where the material, the mental or the spiritual application may be made of that THOU experienceth in the mysteries of thine inner self.

In Neptune we find the love of the mystery, the tendency for hero worship; but out of what is termed the ordinary sense; rather as to decided likes and dislikes in the characters of the individuals about whom the entity may study or read.
These then necessitate a selection and a choice for not an orthodox balance, as in the ordinary term of the spiritual import, but as a student of the Scripture itself FOR itself - and not told to believe this or that! And let the entity study FIRST Proverbs; THEN read John; then the whole Book!

In Neptune we find those things of the mystic nature, or the mysterious. Hence we find those things that pertain to amulets, charms, or those things that deal with the influence that arises from the environs of certain kinds of music, all become a portion of the entity's experience.
Not EVERY character of music, nor every character of writing, nor every character of painting, nor every character of expression of the artistic temperament of individuals or groups, becomes a portion of the entity. Rather does the entity make for the SELECTIVE influence in such relationships.
Yet as we will find, those things that are old, those that are blue, those that are of gold, and those that are new, these should be a portion of the dress or of the environment; whether in the home, in the activity, or in whatever field of expression. These become a portion of the entity for wielding an influence in the manner in which the entity (the soul) gives expression to same in ITS relationships to its fellow man.

In Neptune, we find always mysterious to self as relation to others, and especially as to the environs, and INNATELY has the waters often called to the entity as a place of abode; yet in the application of self as RESPECTING same has been well.

Updated: 11 December 2013