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"Attitudes and Emotions" 

Edgar Cayce's Story of Attitudes and Emotions (Introduction and Foreward).
Hugh Lynn Cayce and Jeffrey Furst.

"A workbook concerned with self-understanding, self-examination, self-reconstruction..."

Seven Cardinal Virtues in Attaining Self-Discipline:

DEDICATION - A decision on where you want to be.

MOTIVATION - A commitment to how to get there.

WILLPOWER - The desire to be there.

PERSISTENCE - The application to move closer to where you want to be.

CONSISTENCE - Being steady, habitual by carrying on carrying on.

PATIENCE - Attaining acceptance of the conditions on the way.

EXPECTANCY - Maintaining faith to never give up and to know you are closer.

Through trials, troubles, tribulations one arrives at the best things in life
And the trials are forgotten.

INTRODUCTION (by Hugh Lynn Cayce)
"...we are the combined result of what we have done about the IDEALS we have set."

The soul is a unit of energy created by God long before the creation of planet earth.

Our soul enters a body on planet Earth.
The choices we make builds the total condition of the body and mind.

Our attitudes and emotions reflect our state of being.

Our attitudes and emotions offer us ways of reviewing growth patterns.

Our attitudes and emotions offer us a way of measuring thoughts, words and actions

based on Universal Laws.

Knowing our attitudes and emotions enables us to produce a more creative, spiritually

focused life experience.

We all have ATTITUDES towards:
Sex - Religion - Health - Races - Families - etc.

We all experience EMOTIONS of:
Fear - Anger - Hate - Joy - Courage - Love - Gentleness - etc.

We must learn to strengthen our constructive attitudes and emotions.
We must learn to remove our negative attitudes and negative emotions.
We must answer these questions:
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

We must work on
Self-Understanding (Know ourselves)
Self-Examination (Analyse ourselves)
Self-Reconstruction (Improve ourselves)
Self-Elimination (Transform ourselves by surrendering to God's will)

FOREWARD (by Jeffrey Furst)
"The two-edged sword"

Jesus's statement:
"coming not to send peace, but a sword" (Matthew 10:34) is the interplay between
our individual SOUL PURPOSES for coming into Earth and the
exercise of FREE WILL while here on Earth.

Our SOUL PURPOSE is often in conflict with the application of our

How we react to this conflict between our inner SOUL PURPOSE and the
expression of our FREE WILL gives us the opportunity for PEACE within or
a continuing WARRING within self.

Our ATTITUDES and EMOTIONS and choice of FREE WILL is the Key to Peace Within.

As Jesus Christ has shown us:
"His body...being purified in LOVE, in SERVICE, in HARMONY to GOD'S WILL."
"THY WILL, not mine, be done."

We are spiritual beings -- having a mind and body -- to project God's will or our will into Earth.

Our Actions (physical motions), Mental Attitudes, and Spiritual Essence
is fundamental to our existence here on Earth.

"Books in their essence are what?
What is more real:
The book with its printed pages? or
The essence of what we read in the book?
Which is more real:
The love manifested in the Son, the Saviour for His brethren? or
The essence of LOVE that may be seen in the vilest of passions?
They are one!"

Which is more real:
A reader of a book - a human being of muscle, bone, skin, breathing, moving,
organs pulsating, blood flowing, with sensory apparatus, aware of colours, sounds,
words, feeling the texture of the printed page?

Is this the basic reality of existence?
Is there a greater reality of spirit that brought all flesh and this page into being?

There is a far greater reality around us than what we perceive through our
limited sensory apparatus.

This Universal spiritual reality is:
- the essence of things unseen.
- the thoughts unknown.
- the mysteries unrevealed.
- GOD.

The prophets, religious leaders, philosophers, mystics, common people have expressed:
- a belief in the spiritual essence of Creation.
- a longing for a return to our source, God.

All souls were created of spirit or God.
Each soul long time ago in Time and Space was an offspring of the Creator.
Our original soul was without soul-record and withou soul-experience.

The soul's awareness of Creation is recorded within
"The skeins of Time and Space"
as "God's Book of Rememberance"
as "The Akashic Records."
as "The Book of Life."

No experience of a soul is ever lost.

Every thought, word, deed, experience, relationship is stored in
the soul's unconscious memory.

The soul's longing is to return to At-Onement (to be one) with its Creator
- the Creative Force - God.

There are lessons to be learned and creation to be experienced.

Within the Solar System, Souls have developed emotional bodies
during many incarnations in the flesh.

Within the Solar System, Souls have developed mental attributes
during planetary experiences between Earth lives.

The lessons to be learned in the Earth experiences are determined according to:

Earth is a SPIRITUAL LABORATORY wherein we have the opportunity to:
"put it all together -- mentally, physically, spiritually"
 -- within the framework of our SPIRITUAL IDEALS and

However, as a thought or concept "Mind as a builder" hangs incomplete
unless we understand "What Mind is" and "What we are building."

We equate Mind with the Creative Force or First Cause --
what our mind conceives as God.
As we are an offspring of the Creator,
we have Mind as an attribute of our Individual Soul,
we are co-creators with God.

We have responsibilities in this CO-CREATION.
We have as a birthright of the soul a FREE WILL which allows us to
err or stray from the PATH OF DIVINE LAW or UNIVERSAL LAW.
With UNDERSTANDING we can return according to KARMIC LAWS --
and it is GOD'S WILL that we do return to Him.

Creation is a continuing process - we are personally involved in the CREATION PROCESS
the biblical - "Eye for an Eye, tooth for a tooth" concept.
Or, "who lives by the sword, perishes by the sword."

Imagine "MIND as a great cosmic loom (Weaving and Threading Machine)
spinning and weaving in Time" -- and "WILL as the weaver."

As we view our individual woven material of fabric (Soul Record - past and present)
we will see some areas of excellent cloth -- well woven, orderly, beautifully coloured
and patterned -- with parts of the cloth containing bland spots or blotches, snags, tears,
missing threads, and erratic and even chaotic designs.

What mind has built or experienced in physical consciousness (woven cloth)
is imprinted (weaved) with attitudes and emotions (weaving materials) toward
those experiences. (woven cloth)

We are continually responding (weaving) to situations, geographic locations,
and people, real or imagined, that we have memory of from past experiences,
either in this lifetime or from others, "as ye sow (weave) so shall ye reap."

If you cause your neighbour to feel fear and distrust then eventually
you will live to know fear and distrust within yourself -- you "meet self."

If you build kindness, love and understanding this will return to you
in the same manner.

"MIND is the builder and that which we THINK about may become crimes or miracles.
For THOUGHTS are things and as their currents run through the environs of an
entity's experience THOUGHTS become barriers or stepping-stones,
depending upon the manner in which the THOUGHTS are laid as it were.
For as the MIND dwells upon tthese THOUGHTS, so does the MIND give strength,
power to things that do not appear (THOUGHTS).
And thus does indeed there become that as is so oft given, that faith is the
evidence of things not seen."

In the readings "ATTITUDES AND EMOTIONS" of an individual are considered and
touched upon in detail.

The four-square foundation of an individual's pyramid of SOUL GROWTH are:

Soul Growth or Soul Development in learning to do and be God's will in the earth
is the PURPOSE we incarnate and experience the earth and its surrounding environs.
We glorify God and His Creation and grow in consciousness.

All that we are at any moment in time --
physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually --
is the sum total of all we have ever been, or experienced,
in our past and present awareness (or consciousness) as
Co-creators of all that exists.

As individuals we are personally, wholly responsible for
who we are -- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually --
"as we are, where we are, and with whatever we have in hand."

The attitude of accepting this fact -- that we are personally
and wholy responsible for who and what we are) and picking up
our own burden of responsibiility is fundamental to a determined
movement in the direction of spiritual growth and final attainment
of our individual Christ-Consciousness or At-Onement with the Father.

Our PURPOSE and opportunity in the Earth is to weave and reweave anew,
with a joyful, loving awareness, those attitudes and emotions which
hinders or causes destruction to us and others.

We are to build anew with constructive attitudes and emotions referred to as
"The Fruits of the Spirit" -- patience, kindness, longsuffering, brotherly love, etc.

We point and look to Jesus who became the Christ as the Master of His attitudes and emotions
during His experience in the Earth -- the Pattern -- the Way, to which all should aspire.

In the developing, that the man may be one with the Father,
necessary that the soul pass, with its companion the will,
through all the various stages of development,
until the will is lost in Him and he becomes one with the Father.
In the illustration of this, we find in the man as called Jesus.
In this: This man, as man, makes the will the will of the Father,
then becoming one with the Father and the model for man.

It is not by chance that each entity enters,
but that the entity - as a part of the whole
- may fill that place which no other soul may fill so well.
For He hath not willed that any soul should perish.
Thus with each material manifestation there is an undertaking by an entity
to so manifest that it, as a part of the whole, may become more and more
attuned to that consciousness, and thus glorify Him in the entity's relationships
to others in any and in every experience.
Each soul was, is, and is to be a companion with that creative influence
or force called God. Thus each entity is a child of God, or is a part of that whole.

In giving the interpretations of these records,
these are upon the skein of time and space.
And O that all would realize, come to the consciousness that what we are
- in any given experience, or time - is the combined results
of what we have done about the ideals that we have set!

Each entity should know that "every thought and act" are the material
out of which they are "building their very being."
The sojourns in the various spheres are but the results of their own desires.

So soon as man contemplates his free will he thinks of it as a means of doing the
opposite of God's will, though he finds that only by doing God's will
does he find happiness.
Yet, the notion of serving God sits ill with him, for he sees it as a sacrifice
of his own will.
Only in disillusion and suffering, in time, space and patience, does he come to
the wisdom that his real will is the will of God, and in its practice is happiness
and heaven.

As humans we are in the earth, but not of the earth.
As spiritual beings, all we may know of happiness and heaven is within our own selves.
Spirit is the First Cause.
Mind is the Builder.
The Body (Physical - the Temple of the Living God) is the result.

"The two-edged sword" is the potential application of Karma or Grace within our
individual existence.

If we choose the path of the Master in truly being and doing God's will in the earth
we come under His Grace -- and that sword's edge cuts clean, and peacefully so.

But if we persist in pursuits of self -- and the Readings states that all sin is Self --
we continue on the wheel of Karma, again and again meeting attitudes and emotions
which we have built in past experiences.
That other edge of the sword is often rusty and ragged.

Updated: 29 December 2013