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Selected Readings on the Christ-Life

Selected Readings on the Christ Life
The practical application of the Christ-life in thy
daily experience is Wisdom indeed.

The Spirit of the Christ will and does direct thee! 
If ye live the Christ-life!

"Lord, let me fill that place, that
purpose in the lives of those I contact day by day, that the
spirit of truth as manifest in Jesus the Christ may be
magnified in my speech, my activity; that others may see, may
know that I walk, that I talk with thee often!  Let that
which has been be as passed.  Let me look up, into the face
of the Christ, with the pure purpose that each word, each act
may be in the true spirit of the Christ-life."

Then let thy prayer, thy meditation be - as ye
study the lesson of Spirit and the activity in same be as
this; for ye know it is not what is said but the spirit with
which it is given that  makes it a living thing or a burden
to someone's soul.  "Father, let that love Thou hast promised
in the Christ be in me and my life - yea, in my conversation
to my fellow man.  Let me so forget myself - yea, the needs
of the earthly body - that I may the more magnify the love
that is shown in the spirit of the Christ-life.

All that manifest the Christ-Life, the Christ
Consciousness, are the Sons of God.

The soul was among those that found it necessary that there
be those experiences or sojourns in the earth that there
might be an application in material forces of the divine
influences in the experience of the soul; to justify, purify
self as a companion of one to dwell in the presence of
divinity, and in the realm of that which would be one with
the influences in the lives of individuals that will make for
the becoming aware of the consciousness of the Christ-life
healing, purifying, the drosses of materiality.

(Q)  What should be the standard of measurement in
myself for choosing a life partner?
(A)  That which is thine OWN standard; the
Christ-Consciousness, the Christ-Life.  Those who do not use
that as their pattern are NOT in keeping with the better
influences for creating those lives, those activities, those
environs for the conscious development for the betterment.

(Q)  How and where can I make contacts in carrying out my
life work?
(A)  Begin where thou art; using today those abilities in the
various fields of activity to demonstrate the love of the
Christ-Life that thou knowest innately within thee.  But be
joyous in all thou doest.  Smile often, for SMILING is
catching - but sadness drives away.

Know that with the consciousness of the Christ-Life being WITH THEE,
though all the world may be against thee, thou and God are a majority!

(Q)  Which person, or group, today, has the nearest to the
correct teachings of Jesus?
(A)  This would depend upon who is the judge.  The teaching,
the consciousness of the Christ-life is a PERSONAL thing.
And hence they that are aware of His abiding presence are
the nearer.
Who?  They that walk with Him and do not, CANNOT, WILL not,
force themselves on others - even as He!

For if ye lose that ability to laugh, ye lose that
ability to be joyous.  And the religion, the principle of the
Christ-life is joyous!

Do find first an ideal:  Not to be seen of men but that may
be the answer for every condition that may occur in thine own
For the Christ-life takes the individual where he is, not
where he would like to be or where others judge him to be.
The knowledge of Him can only be found within self.  For
thy body is indeed the temple of the living God.  And He has
promised to meet thee.

In analyzing or giving that which may be helpful for this
group, many personalities are to be taken into consideration.
This should be the ideal of each member of such a group;
that the personality of the Christ-Consciousness may be the
individuality of each group; also each individual in the
group.  And as there is the analyzing of the Christ-Life,
Christ-Consciousness, one realizes and finds that the
Christ-Child was born into the earth as man; one born in due
season, in due time, in man's spiritual evolution, that man
might have a pattern of the personality and the individuality
of God Himself.

Thus as the individuals in such a group read, analyze, study
and apply those tenets, those truths that were presented
by the Christ, they find that the Christ-Consciousness must
become an individual and yet a living thing within their own
individual consciousnesses.  As with Him, He found no fault
in others.  This should be the first premise, then, of each
individual; less and less condemning of others and more
and more of self manifesting that love shown by the Father
through the Son in the material world; that man, through this
pattern, through this picture of God, may become a living
example, may walk closer in that way of less condemning.

For as each individual realizes, as these tenets may be
analyzed, if God had condemned - what opportunity would there
be for man to find his way back to God?  Thus each individual
must do unto others as he would have his Brother, the Christ,
his God, the Father, do unto him; and indeed, then, apply
first, last and always His "Forgive, O God, as I forgive
others.  Find fault in me, O God, as I find fault in my
brother."  Less and less then of self, more and more of
perfect love, without dissimulations, keeping that faith.

Know that as there is the activity of self, self can only sow
the seed of truth.  And it will be to each individual as was
indicated to the children of Israel.  They entered into the
Promised Land not because of their righteousness but because
of the love of the Father for those who tried, who TRIED to
live the righteousness.

Thus each individual may have the try counted as
righteousness; not as an excuse, neither as justification.
For ye have been justified once for all, through the
Christ-Consciousness that ye seek.

Then the life, the purpose of the individual, the members of
such a Life Group, should be that they may walk closer to the
Christ day by day in every way.  For His promise has been and
is ever to each soul, "If ye will open thy mind, thy heart, I
will enter, I will abide with thee."  Not as a stranger, but
as a brother, as a friend.

In this manner may the group as a group become a power for
good, a power magnifying and glorifying the Christ-Life in
the church, in the community, in the nation, in the world.

For in this showing of the seed of the spirit ye sow, and God
alone may give the increase, God alone may prepare the heart.

For eternal life is never earned - it is the gift of God,
by the grace of God - through the giving of the life of the
Master, Jesus, who became the Christ by overcoming death,
hell and the grave, overcoming the world.

Remember as He has given, it must indeed be that offenses
come, but woe unto him by whom they come.

Let it never be said, then, of a single member of the group
that ye offended the least of any of His little ones.

Think not more highly of thyself than ye ought, nor consider
thyself above thy fellow man.  For He that is the greatest
will be the servant of all.  Even as the Master signified in
the bathing of the feet, in the breaking of the bread, in the
building of the fire, in the preparation of the food; that
the weary in body, in mind might be supplied.  And then as
He gave to that Disciple, He requires of everyone, "feed
my lambs, feed my sheep."  For all have fallen short, yet
recognizing in self that of thyself ye can do nothing, but
only as the spirit of truth directeth, ye may accomplish
much.  Then, entertain only the spirit of truth, the purpose
of love, the hope of life.  For He gave, "I came that
ye might have light, life and love, and have all more

And when these things are manifested in the mind and the
hearts of the individuals of such a group, yea the world will
feel the vibrations, yea the glory of the coming of the Lord.
For He tarries not - for some, and in His love abide thee

Updated: 19 August 2013