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Selected Readings on the Christ-Consciousness

Selected Readings on Christ-Consciousness
"There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother," and
"He that is just kind to the least of these, my little ones, is greater
than he that has taken a mighty city." 
Building on this, keeping this within the consciousness of the entity,
will build towards the Christ consciousness that makes all free.

First know What Is Thy Ideal! 
There is none other. 
Let it be in the spiritual forces, not in the material. 
Seek to know The Christ Consciousness!

"As you show forth what you have gained by the knowledge
of the indwelling of the Christ Consciousness in yourself to others,
so will the harvest be." 
He that climbs up any other way becomes the thief and
the robber to his own self!

Each soul should always seek and be directed to be under
the protection of the Christ Consciousness when seeking for
information or guidance.
Each soul should be surrounded by the Christ Consciousness. 

As Christ gave, "I do nothing of myself but God that works through me." 
So may the entity, with the spirit of God through the power of
the Christ Consciousness, come to know love - in every thing,
in every act - that may pass all understandings. 

The door to the Kingdom is through the life, the spirit of the life -
not the man, but the spirit that is manifested in the Christ Consciousness
in the material world. 

Persistence is a whole sister of patience,
and if ye would know the greater joy, the greater love of the
Christ Consciousness, these ye must keep in thy daily life.

The Christ Consciousness awakens, arouses thy
consciousness to a greater and greater service to others.

Let thy meditation, thy prayer ever be:  "Father, God!
In that Thou hast given to me the Christ Consciousness, may I
- in my daily walks before my fellow man - manifest the
spirit of the Christ; in humbleness, in love, in patience, in
longsuffering; that I indeed may manifest the spirit of the
Christ Consciousness."

Keep self ever surrounded in the mental attitudes with
the Christ Consciousness.

Lose self more and more in the Christ Consciousness,
if you would gain in those activities as may be thine,
as may be seen by the soul development of this entity.

For, ye each are chosen - as ye choose to serve Him
in a definite manner - to be a messenger, a director - by
word, by example to others - to point the way to the
glorifying of the Christ Consciousness in a material world.

"Ye abiding in me and I in the Father, ye may know that
consciousness that I and the Father abide in thee." 
That is the manner in which the individual, the soul, may at this
time become more and more aware of the Christ Consciousness.

(Q)  Please give that which will be of help in my present
development to attain the Christ Consciousness.
(A)  Applying that - Applying that - which has been so oft
given.  Let love direct thee, with little thought of self;
rather with the attitude that the Christ Love, the Christ
Consciousness may be made manifest day by day.

(Q)  Give me any guidance that will help me, to lift the
cloud during meditation.
(A)  Visualize not as of that in the picturization, but
rather visualize as in the tones of music that may give tones
in color, in painting or picture of the Christ Consciousness
in self.  This will raise self more and more to the greater
abilities in self in every direction.

Let those things that thou knowest be done in meekness
and in truth, that the Christ Consciousness may be made more
aware in the experience of those thou would aid.  For, in all
things God gives the increase, through the power of the
Christ name, as His promises unto the sons of men.
Then, making self a channel, practice and preach - but
practice twice to what you preach once.

As thy purposes and thy desires are made one with the
Christ Consciousness within, so may ye bring to those that
ye pray with and for that understanding, that awakening in
their experience.

Set thine thoughts and thine mind on things that pertain
to His love, His will, and those things that would hinder
become as the shadows in the background, and look not upon
that in the rear - rather pressing on to the mark of high
calling as set Him that has been put in thine own ideal,
in the Christ life, the Christ consciousness; for in Him IS
hope, life, peace, harmony, understanding.  [Phil. 3:14]

Let the Christ Consciousness guide and direct thee.

But if the soul will but know that the love of the Father
(that has been manifested through His Son, who overcame sin,
error, dis-ease, disease and even death itself in the
material plane) has promised that through the consciousness
of that life of the Christ awakening within us, as the
consciousness of His indwelling presence.

It may bring also healing in His wings, and that which had
apparently been a hindrance may come to be the measure
through which others may come to have the greater knowledge,
the greater understanding of the Christ Consciousness,
the Christ Life in the own experience, then all material problems
will be understood and overcome.

And rather than shutting self away from associates or
companionship, if the consciousness will but make for the
fruits of the spirit of the Christ being manifest, there will
be the seeking on the part of others to be near, to be in the
light of that which may be shed abroad by such a soul, in
such a body making manifest in this mundane sphere that love,
that life, that graciousness of the Christ spirit in the

The soul here wields in the earth in the present a place
of power - yea, more than power. 

One that may be made into those things that may be beautiful,
if they are enjoined with the love that is seen in the Creative Forces
activated by the Christ Consciousness.

Or made in such measures that there may be warnings to many
that though they gain the whole world and lose their own soul
what has been gained?
(Q)  What might bring about the unhealthy experience in this
life, and how may it be prevented so as to make for a healthy
soul development?
(A)  Not for self alone, nor for self's own interest, or the purpose
that it may bring position, power, health, fame or fortune.

But that self may be rather a channel through which the spirit of truth,
the Christ Consciousness, may manifest for and in His name.

For when the soul is in its manifestations it is as God
so loved the world,
even those that hated Him,
even those that put Him oft to shame,
even those that called on other gods,
even those that made a companion of Satan
- the emissaries that are in direct
opposition to the Christ Consciousness, even these - God so
loved that He gave Himself, His Son, that we, His children,
His brethren of the Christ, might - through the Christ - have
the greater access to the Father. 

So, in thy seeking let thy soul - that is in Him - ever, day by day,
find the greater expression. 

And in this expression does there come the more
and more awareness of what hope is, as the expectancy of the
inner self. 

For, as expressed by Him, there is JOY in
heaven, in the presence of the Father, when individuals
within their inner selves open their souls to the Father,
that He may - as the sacrifice was given - know the beauty of
that sacrifice was not in vain. 

So, by this opening of the soul, the entity may find the essence
of faith in Him to keep His promises. 
Even though the heavens fall, even though the
earth and all the pleasures and the joy of earth be rolled
up, His promises shall not fail.  And those in faith are
righteousness, and the hope becomes glorified and the soul
becomes more and more aware; and less do the things of earth
cause fear or trembling, or even wonderment save at the joys
that are preserved in the promises of the Son, of the Father,
to those that love Him.

The more, then, that thy soul is in expression as ye give to
thy fellow man in word, in act, in association, that which
arouses hope and faith such that it takes hold upon the
superconscious mind, the more is there the oneness of the
soul in Him.  For when ye worry about this or that activity
of individuals in the earth, and their words, their deeds,
their acts, even of those that ye in your body-mind may love,
may worship, these may become as lepers to thy soul.  Put thy
trust, thy faith, thy hope, in thy soul!

"My Spirit - (thy soul) - beareth witness with thy spirit
as to whether ye be truly the sons and daughters of God or not." 
Not merely conscience, but do all things for conscience's sake,
that there may be harmony in thine inner self.

Or, would that all would learn that He, the Christ Consciousness,
is the Giver, the Maker, the Creator of the world and all that
be therein! 

And ye are His, for ye are bought with a price, even that of passing
through flesh as thou that He might experience and know all
thy thoughts, thy fears, thy shortcomings, thy desires, the
dictates of the physical consciousness, the longings of the
physical body.  Yet He is at the right hand, IS the right
hand, IS the intercessor for ye all.  Hence thy destinies lie
in Him.  And again, as the scripture hath said, "God hath not
willed that any soul should perish, or that any should be cut
off from His face, but hath with the temptation prepared a
way of escape."  Hence the NECESSITY of patience, of living
in the soul, seeing all time as ONE time, that ye may know
whereunto thou hast been called.  And though thy brother, thy
friend, thy dearest one finds fault or becomes discouraged
because he is going his own way, if thou wilt call - His
promise has been, "Though ye wander far afield, though ye be
forsaken, though ye be misunderstood, if ye will call I will
hear!"  And if ye be on the Lord's side, WHO can be against

Then, in the group activity there should ever be less and
less of self's own personality and more and more of the
individuality of the Christ Consciousness permeating each of
the individuals in their meditation, their prayer, their
understanding; making the group meditation that which will be
TRUE meditation, and realizing that in true meditation must
come events from without, but that the true growth of
spiritual experience is from within and NOT from without - by
happenings, or events, or whatever there may be.  For, as has
oft been given, in the earth we find the shadows of the
kingdom from within; and the kingdom of the Father is within.

Then, that growth which makes for the activities through the
purposes - that motivating purpose, the love of the Father AS
it manifests in the love of the fellow man - will draw those
closer in that union.  That bond of cooperative forces that
makes for less of self and more of the Christ in the words
that they speak, the thoughts that they think, their
abilities and their activities with their fellow man.

And look to that from within. 
For He, thy God, thy better self, thy inner man,
thy Christ Consciousness, thine own soul, hath promised to
meet thee there - and to guide thee in all things that will
make for making thine experience in the earth not only a
joyous one but more and more worthwhile for those that thou
dost contact day by day.  And thy light, thy word, shall
SHINE - if ye will but enter in!

In the soul's expression and its purposes for entering in
this particular experience, in the sojourn through experience
or time, we find those influences that have made for that
awareness within the mental, the soul-being, of that oneness
of purpose through which Creative Energy has prepared that
channel, that way in which the soul - as the companion with
the Creative Forces - may become more and more aware of its
at-oneness with the Christ Consciousness in materiality.

Being among the princesses of him that made for the rulings
over the land at the time, in the name Ahasus, the entity
made for that of bringing to her own peoples the greater
understandings, and especially those that had followed in the
way of the Law of One - or that manifested in the present as
the Christ Consciousness, or the sons of Adam that had joined
themselves with the sons of God, and as the sons of Adam that
- with Amilius - had made the records of those things whereby
there might be the cleansing of the body from the pollutions
of the world, or of the animal kingdom.

Know ever the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.
Keep, in thine meditations, that of the Christ Consciousness
being magnified in thee day by day. 

So will this cast out fear, that becomes a stumbling block
at times to thine own endeavors.

For we - humanlike - so easily forget the promise,
that "If ye abide in me, I will abide in thee," and
"What ye ask in My Name, believing, ye shall have. 

The way ye know, for as I go to the father and abide in Him
and ye in me, so is the father magnified in the earth
through that promise as is kept by thee in me day by day." 

So, the desire of the soul for harmony and peace is born of
Hiim that gave, "My peace I give unto thee;" not as the world
gives peace, but as the Spirit that makes alive that which
gives the knowledge of His peace - that peace that passeth
all understanding!

But begin in the study in association with
those influences, if directed there, and be guided in the use
of vibration - which is another phase of color, of course,
and of tone.  Oft this becomes necessary.  For, as has so oft
been given, and as demonstrated in the experience of the
Great Physician, He met the needs of the individual, -
whether by the spoken word, vibration, or application of
means that attune - the dissenting tissue or body to the
divinity that is in each soul, each body who has
acknowledged, who lives in the Christ Consciousness.

(Q)  The light that cannot fail?
(A)  This is the Christ.  For it has succeeded, in that it
has in physical consciousness passed through and attained.
And when that light enters, by the individual entity opening
the consciousness of self to that abiding presence, the light
has entered.
What is light?  That from which, through which, in which may
be found all things, out of which all things come.  Thus the
first of everything that may be visible, in earth, in heaven,
in space, is of that light - Is that light!

(Q)  The Book of Life?
(A)  The record that the individual entity itself writes upon
the skein of time and space, through patience - and is opened
when self has attuned to the infinite, and may be read by
those attuning to that consciousness.

(Q)  The Rolls of Graphael?
(A)  The records of an individual, as an archangel.  The
records of those activities with the Announcer, the Way, in
association with the Christ-Consciousness.

Begin and read Genesis 1:3, and see that is to thee
Light, "the light of men", even that one who is the
Christ Consciousness.

(Q)  Please explain why during meditation last Monday
noon I had the longing to seek more knowledge of, and a
reading on, Jesus the Christ.
(A)  The inner self approached nearer the attunement of the
consciousness of the Christ presence.
The Christ Consciousness is a universal consciousness of the
Father Spirit.  The Jesus consciousness is that man builds as
body worship.
In the Christ Consciousness, then, there is the oneness of
self, self's desires, self's abilities, made in at-onement
with the forces that may bring to pass that which is sought
by an individual entity or soul.  Hence at that particular
period self was in accord.  Hence the physical consciousness
had the desire to make it an experience of the whole
consciousness of self.
Seek this the more often.  He will speak with thee, for His
promises are true - every one of them.

(Q)  Please explain:  While meditating I had the
realization of the forces within and the forces without being
the one and the same force.  Then as if someone said:  "Why
not look to the within?"  When I turned to the within, I
received a realization of the Christ which seemed to take
form in body.
(A)  In this the body-consciousness experienced much that
"I, even John, experienced when I looked behind me from the
cave and saw that the without and within are ONE," [John
11:38?  John's witnessing the healing of Lazarus?] when the
desires of the heart make each atom of the physical body
vibrate with the consciousness of, the belief and the faith
and the presence of, the Christ life, the Christ
Life is an essence of the Father.  The Christ, taking up the
life of the man Jesus, becomes life in glory; and may be
glorified in each atom of a physical body that attunes self
to the consciousness and the WILL of the Christ Spirit.

(Q) Is the Celestial Sphere a definite place in the
Universe or is it a state of mind?
(A)  When an entity, a soul, passes into any sphere, with
that it has builded in its celestial body, it must occupy -
to a finite mind - space, place, time.  Hence, to a finite
mind, a body can only be in a place, a position.  An
attitude, sure - for that of a onement with, or attunement
with, the Whole.
For, God is love; hence occupies a space, place, condition,
and IS the Force that permeates all activity.
So, Christ is the ruling force in the world that man, in his
finite mind - the material body, must draw to self of that
sphere of which the entity, the soul, is a part, of whatever
period of experience, to be conscious of an existence in that
particular sphere or plane.

In Christ is the life.
Christ is the light that shines into the dark places,
into the recesses of our consciousness and casts out fear.
To be afraid is the first consciousness of sin entering in.
He that is afraid has lost consciousness of oneself's own heritage
with Christ.
We are heirs through Christ to the Kingdom that is beyond anything
that makes us afraid, or anything that causes doubt in our heart. 
Within the recesses of the heart, search that makes us afraid,
then cast out that fear, for Christ will guide.

That as is to be stressed in this individual's portion of
same, is raising the Christ Consciousness in self and
visualizing its activity upon that one, or those, to whom
the aid is to be brought; and "As ye ask in My Name,
believing, so shall it be in the selfsame hour," and there
will be given to this body a sign, an emblem, of self's
being raised to that consciousness of healing in the
activities of self's own actions.  That of the feeling and
seeing of the Christ in the present.  Be not overcome, for
"It is I.  Peace - MY peace - I give unto thee."  Not as the
world gives peace, but as that consciousness in self of
self's OWN associations in the material and spiritual plane.

(Q)  What should I do to develop myself to receive those
spiritual gifts God has in store for me?
(A)  Study day by day to show self approved unto God through
the applications in the daily associations with man, the
fruits of the spirit; as, making the activities in keeping
with, "As ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so
unto them."  Patience, persistence, loving-kindness, love,
graciousness, soft words rather than anger; these will make
for the abilities of the mental forces to divide correctly
the words of truth that may be received in the periods of
meditation when there may be the attuning of self to those
influences in the spiritual realm.  Yet on each occasion so
guard self as to bar the evil influences, by surrounding self
with the love of the Master, of the Christ Consciousness.
And, in this manner may there be opened for the body-
consciousness, for the physical-mental abilities, the proper
relations, the proper activities of the body in the
developing of the soul and spiritual influences of the
entity, the soul.

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