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"The Cross and The Crown Readings
(262-34 to 262-37 Combined)" 

Combined Readings of
262-34 18th of December, 1932
262-35 8th January, 1933
262-36  22nd of January, 1933
262-37  5th of February, 1933

For I determined not to know any thing among you,
save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
(1 Corinthians 2:2)

How may I with HIS AID best meet MY CROSS,
in my approach to THE CROWN of Righteousness?"

Why was it necessary that He, the maker of heaven and earth, BEAR A CROSS as a man?

Why did He come into the world as a man, that He might as a man BEAR A CROSS?

With THE CROSS comes THE CROWN to those that are faithful in the few things,
and their joys shall be many in the service that each are called to do.

The entering in of the Son of man, so that THE CROSS
becomes the emblem of Him who offered himself, of himself.
For that cause, for that purpose came He into the world,
that He himself - in overcoming the world - might gain THE CROWN.


As there has been presented in the lessons
that which may be applicable in the thought and study
through ANY activity of an entity,
so in the lesson THE CROSS, THE CROWN,
there is made the definite stand of the activities OF an entity,
that must come to stand as that which is first and foremost
in the minds mentally, the minds spiritually, of each entity.

As given, "I am determined to know nothing among men
save Jesus, the Christ, and him crucified."

So, He, with the Cross, represents something in the experience of every entity
in their activities through the earth, and has led in all of the experiences of thought
in ANY of the presented forms of truth in the earth,
and comes at last to the Cross.

So, this should be the central thought, the reason of the Cross, the Crown;

For, as ye may be known by the Name that He has given,
so must the central theme, the basis of each individual's approach be:
Not "what is my cross?" which is the usual first question in every MATERIAL mind,
but rather "How may I with His aid best MEET my cross,
in my approach to the Crown of Righteousness?"
and NOT as of a temporal or even a mental kingdom,
but the Cross of Glory, the Crown of Glory, in, through and by His Name.

As indicated by the outline, or the basis of thought,
as well as the meditation and the questions that each should ask themselves,
the group, the individuals, have reached then that place in their study, their work,
where - as it were - they are, as individuals, to apply that in their experience,
in giving out to others in the lessons that are being and are to be prepared,
that they have experienced in preparing themselves
for the various channels of blessings each are to be in the service
as of furnishing data in lessons for others.
Much in this manner:

Why has the way of the Cross been chosen by the group?

Why is it necessary that each must bear a cross?
Just because the cross was borne for us by another?

Why was it necessary that He, the maker of heaven and earth, bear a cross as a man?

Why did He come into the world as a man, that He might as a man bear a cross?

Why do we as individuals necessarily bear much that He did,
yet we say taking His yoke upon us the cross becomes easy?

These and similar questions must be answered by each individual,
and give in their own hearts an answer that will satisfy them in the light of that
which has been their experience through the living of the lessons that have been given to others.

Does the life, do the lives, lived in accordance with
thine own faith,
thine own virtue and understanding,
thine own walking in the Presence,
make for the explanation of why each soul must bear a cross?

Why has the Cross been chosen, rather than many of the other philosophies of thought
that make for a unison of conditions in the experience
- and make for the correlation of the material and spiritual life?

Why is the Cross the emblem of shame yet necessary,
for the Crown that is to be in the experience of those that bear same?

For we have reached that place in the experience where WE, as individuals,
will walk no more with this thought or else say as Peter,
"Thou alone hast the words of eternal life, to whom shall we go?"

These, then, are the questions that each individual should ask SELF, and put into the lesson;
As: "Why I as a soul, in the development through this material plane, must bear a cross."

Then, when this portion has been received by selves, and the answer written, we may give
"Why the Crown."

In the study, in the thought, this is found to be experienced by all
- that there was the necessity, for man's understanding,
for the entering in of the Son of man,
and that the Cross becomes the emblem of Him who offered himself, of himself.

For that cause, for that purpose came He into the world,
that He himself - in overcoming the world - might gain the Crown.

So, each in their respective lives, their own experiences,
find their cross overcoming the world,
overcoming those things, those conditions, those experiences,
that would not only enable them to meet the issues of life
but to become heirs with Him of the Crown of Glory.

What, then, is this Crown of Glory?

Does this bespeak only of those things, those conditions, that have to do with the spiritual life?

Did the overcoming give the authority?
Did the overcoming make this Son of man the Lord, the Glory, the Crown of Life?

So He, as the pattern for each, makes the way clear, the way open that each soul
- as it meets the crosses, endures the temptations and overcomes them
- may become an heir, JOINT heir with Him to the Crown of Glory;
with power temporal, power mental, power spiritual to become the Sons and Daughters of God,
as many as are called - and all that fulfil that purpose for which they, as individuals, are called
- and carry on in that manner, overcoming, meeting, bearing within themselves.
Not in sorrow, not in wailing, but in the JOY of the Lord.

Then, the first of the signs that may be given - to as many as have met the cross,
as have endured, is given that which enables them
- in whatsoever state they find themselves in meeting their crosses
- to do so in the JOY of the Lord.
Happiness and joy go hand in hand.

He that overcomes, then, is joyous in the knowledge
that power to meet, power to use, power to overcome is given in his understanding.

With joy, then, do such individuals enter into the service that may be their part, their portion,
as the channels, the ways in which they may serve in the making known to others
the Way of the Cross and the Crown of Glory that comes with the same,
in the knowledge of the life being spent in a way that He would have one go;

For HIS PRESENCE then abides ever.
The FAITH is renewed day by day,
For SELF IS UNDERSTOOD in the relationships of each and every condition that arises
- either from the mental, the material or the spiritual forces;
For the access of the Father is held as a COOPERATIVE FORCE
in whatsoever sphere of activity an individual is engaged in this service.
Then, let each know that in enduring THE CROSS (THE IDEAL),
the PATIENCE that makes for the awareness of the soul
- finds its KINSHIP WITH THE FATHER (FELLOWSHIP) in the manner of service
that may be rendered day by day.

As He has given, and as has been presented again and again,
not in times nor seasons, not in new moons nor in any place,
but EVERY day, EVERY hour we show forth His love
in a manner that makes for the knowledge of all contacting us
that He walks with us, that He is our friend.

With the cross comes the crown to those that are faithful in the few things,
and their joys shall be many in the service that each are called to do;

For His ways are made known to those that seek.
As He has given, he that seeks shall find, to him that knocks shall it be opened.
Ye shall enter into the joys of thy Lord,
ENJOYING that crown that brings joy, happiness, harmony, peace;
For HE is the Prince of Peace.

In the preparation of selves, in the study - as there may be given through each
that which may enable others to comprehend and understand the lessons,
the causes for the selection of this means of approach to that as should come in the next lesson,
THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE, so does each individual find the necessity
for analyzing themselves as to that which is, which has been, which may be,
the impelling influence in their lives.

And there must be put out of same that as would bespeak of selfishness,
or the magnifying of those desires that are gratifying only to the carnal influences in lives. 

(Q) Upon what is His glory in the Crown conditioned?
(A) Faith-ful-ness.

(Q) Please explain, "He with the cross, represents something in the experience of every entity
in their activities through the earth and has led in all the experiences of thought
in any of the presented forms of truth in the earth and comes at last to the cross."

(A) As we have given, and as was given by Him,
in the beginning He was the Son - MADE the Son
- those of the Sons that went astray;

And through the varying activities overcame the world through the EXPERIENCES,
BEARING the cross in each and every experience,
reaching the FINAL cross with ALL power, ALL knowledge
in having overcome the world - and of Himself ACCEPTED the Cross.

Hence doing away with that often termed karma, that must be met by all.
The immutable law of cause and effect is, as evidenced in the world today,
in the material, the mental and the spiritual world;

But He - in overcoming the world, the law - became the Law.

The law, then, becomes as the schoolmaster, or the school of training
- and we who have NAMED the Name, then, are no longer UNDER the law as law,
but under mercy as in Him;

For in Him - and with the desires - may there be made the COORDINATION of all things.

Remember the pattern in the mount, in self, in the physical body, in the mental body, in the spiritual body.
THAT is the mount!
So long as there is perfect coordination in the mount,
all things work together for the GOOD of the mount.

When there is the rebellion in the mount, then there is disconnection, destruction, disconcerted effort,
and the coordination - the cooperation of activity - is made awry.

Hence death in the physical ensues, by the disintegration, through the disconcerted action,
through the INCOORDINATED action and this mental, and physical, and spiritual.

So, in overcoming all He set that as the Throne, or the mercy seat,
that is within the temple, as the pattern, as in the mount - and in the mount,
"I WILL arise and go to my Father, in Him, through Him. I WILL! I WILL!

(Q) What is to be understood by the definite stand we all must now take?
(A) As the reason, MATERIALLY, that the Cross
- rather than the mental, or any other phase of experience
- is accepted as the Ideal.

(Q) Please explain, "Ye may be known by the name He has given."
(A) As He gave, there is no other name given among men whereby they may be saved.
Saved from what?
For what purpose?

So, in the expression given, this name which has been chosen should stand
for the answering of those questions in the experience of each individual.

For, as has been given, to those whom He has called gives He the power
to become the sons of God.
And called for a service in some specific direction or channel,
that each may be a channel of blessing to someone.

(Q) Please explain more fully what is meant by the mount as patterned in the physical body.
(A) A whole volume might be written on this subject!
The reference is given as to the pattern given in the mount as for those under that particular dispensation,
for THEIR edification in the approach to that they worshiped through that period.

And the pattern in the mount is represented in the body through that shown
in the glorification in the mount, as seen upon transfiguration,
showing the specific reference as to the Cross and the Crown.

For, as the pattern in the first approach of man that came to the outer court (the physical body),
the inner court (the spiritual man) is approached through the mental body (to the holy of holies),
where the Father may speak as face to face.

So, in the vision - or the representation in the mount, the law and the prophets
were represented in the physical, the mental, the spiritual; in Moses, Elijah, and the Christ.

So, in selves do we find the physical, the mental, the spiritual (in self)
as the patterns that must find the counterpart in the experiences of others,
the application of the many, and the direct application of self in this PRESENT experience.

(Q) As I call the name of each individual in the group,
you will please give an individual message of guidance: First, [993]:

(A) As has been given, the way is set before self - and to remain faithful
in that which is undertaken, leaving Him as the guide from day to day.

(Q) [560]:
(A) As the reasoning of self leads the way, in the experiences of the awakening in self
of those activities from day to day, so keep self in the way of following in HIS guiding ways.

(Q) [69]:
(A) Unto him that hath been given much is much required, and as there is seen the necessity
of meeting those conditions that must answer for the hope that is within self,
renew same only in the strength of that as must be the guide through all phases of the experience.

(Q) Please tell me the condition.
(A) That in self that would make for the RENEWING of the hopes within self.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]:
(A) Keep in the way that is open before thee, in giving to those that self contacts
the concept of the vision held by self that lies ahead. [See 262-40]

(Q) [585]:
(A) As those conditions arise that make for the testing of self's own hold upon the promise,
know these are efficient and sufficient unto thee;
that these will guide in those periods when there is the need of same.
Faint not, for the Crown is ahead.

(Q) [538]:
(A) Keep self close to that mental and spiritual awakening that comes
with the communion with Him in thine inner self, for He is able to guide through all shadows that may arise.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Keep the faith, for he that endures will wear the Crown of Life.

(Q) [341]:
(A) As the way is opened for the giving out of that gained
through the activities of the mental AND material
in the spiritual relationships, be ever ready - as He gave, "Go call thy brother."

(Q) [288]:
(A) As the awakenings come in the varied experiences,
through the study of those hardships that come to self or to others,
so may the cheering hand bring that of peace and harmony to thy fellow man.

(Q) [295]:
(A) In the promise that in thee may come the blessings to many,
make thyself - then - as a perfect channel,
that the glory may come to those that seek His face.

(Q) [413]:
(A) Keep the way open and the heart attuned to those calls from within,
that His glory - through the activities in the mental self
- may gain the more of the peace and harmony from contentment in His service.

(Q) [303]:
(A) In keeping thy face to the light the shadows fall far behind.
His strength will sustain, His love is sufficient, His power does not abate
- to those who are faithful in His service.
Spend SELF in the love for His ways.

(Q) [462]:
(A) Keep the way that brings for gladness in the strength of the power of HIS might in thy life.

(Q) [404]:
(A) The door is open, the way is before thee.
Let that as makes for a closer walk with Him guide thy every footstep
in the choosing of the way before thee.

(Q) [379]:
(A) In the way of the Cross is light.
Though it may have its crown of thorns, it has also its glory that passeth understanding in the finite mind.
Yet, as the infinite opens the way the thorns become less and the way the brighter.

(Q) [307]:
(A) The glory of the Lord is in the service of self day by day,
in HIS ways being made known unto others through the life that self shows in the experiences
that may be given to others as signposts along the way.
For, he that endures will bear the cross and the crown.

(Q) [243]:
(A) The way before thee is in His keeping. Trust ye in Him.

(Q) Is there any message for the group as a whole?
(A) Be joyous in thy service day by day.
Let not trouble bar thee from knowing the peace, the happiness, the joy in the Lord.

(Q) Any other message at this time?
(A) Keep the heart singing. Keep the glory of Him before thee. Amen!
That is all.
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