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"Day and Night Readings
(262-54 to 262-56 Combined)" 

Combined Readings of
262-54  17th of Sept., 1933
262-55  1st of October, 1933
262-56  15th of October, 1933

Is the DAY significant
when an ENTITY, a SOUL, becomes CONSCIOUS
of THAT ACTIVITY in or about self,
or self's own associations


Or, as manifested in the material world,
is NIGHT only

As in the material life there is THE DAY,
And - as shown - SUCH MATERIALS
ADD to the ABILITIES of the BODY

So it is seen
that THE NIGHT becomes the PERIOD
through the ACTIVITIES of THE DAY,
which are THE GIFT not of self, not of self's abilities,
but from THE SOURCE
from which mercies, truth, love,
knowledge, understanding, arise.

that THE CONCEPTS of that presented
in Day and Night, Night and Day,
may BE BUILDED IN SELF in such a manner
as to make for THE GLORIFYING IN the activities of self


Then, in the study of the thoughts, of the ideas, and along the ideals
that have been presented in the lessons that have gone before,
and in presenting this lesson, this thought
- that there may be grounded in the heart and soul of each
that which may offer for every soul, ever, the answer within self for that it believes:
Knowest thou what thou believest?

Dost thou present in thine own life day by day that thou professest to believe
concerning the manifestation of God's activities in a material world?
As recorded in the beginning, "the evening and the morning were the first day."

What transpired in the first day?

What transpired in the first night?

When began the morning stars to sing together?

When gathered first the sons of God to produce, or to bring about,
the manifestations that man calls day?

Is the Day significant of the life that is a span experience
or existence in a sphere of activity when an entity, a soul,
becomes conscious of that activity in or about self,
or self's own associations during such an experience?

Is Night the rest from such an activity?
Or, as manifested in the material world,
is Night only a change from one realm of a source of consciousness to another?

Such questions have been sought since the foundations of the world.
Or, does Day and Night present that experience sought in every soul
that is given expression to as in days of yore, when it was said,
"If a man die, shall he live again?"
Live, or give expression, or manifest?

From whence came man into the consciousness of Day and Night?

What makes for the awareness, in the experience of each soul, of a change?

Are such questions merely answered in the heart of each,
as "the sun goes up, the sun goes down, and "there will be a big night tonight"?

These are questions.
These are basic truths.

What thinkest thou?

What wilt YE do with presenting these and all phases of that through which man,
and the soul of man, passes in his experience of a consciousness in a material world?

As to the study of that being considered by the group at this time,
it is the time or period - as given - when there should be a self-analysis
of that each holds not only as an individual ideal and as a group ideal,
but as to what is the belief upon the varied subjects
that may be now presented from time to time.

And when this decision is reached,
how does each react to that each professes to believe?

For, as presented, what one believes alone is not sufficient;
but what one does about that one believes
either makes for advancement or growth, or retardment.

For, in acting in the material plane may one do in all good conscience
that one may develop in the line of thought set in motion by activities.

The first questions or subjects presented begin with the Beginning,
as recorded in the accepted text or word of faith in the accepted Christian world.

Then, the subject is Night and Day, or Day and Night.

In or from the material standpoint, night and day in the material world are only relative.

For, were one to view the earth from an outer sphere there would be only varied shades;
or RELATIVELY there would be night and day,
from the position of the earth in its journey about the source of light.

And, as given, these conditions that exist in the material plane
are but shadows of the truths in the mental and spiritual plane.

Hence we find, as given, that first there was for matter,
that gathered in a directed plane of activity called the earth,
the separation of light and darkness.

Hence these, then, are figures of that from the spiritual plane termed in the mental world
as the good and evil; or in the spiritual as facing the light and the dark,
or facing the source of light - which, to the mind of those that seek to know His biddings,
is the voice, the word, the life, the light, that comes in the hearts, minds, souls,
of each to awaken them, as individuals, to their relationships with the source of light.

Again, in the figurative sense, we find that light and darkness, day and night,
are represented by that termed as periods of growth and the periods of rest or recuperation,
through the activities of other influences in those forces or sources of activity
condensed in form to be called matter, no matter what plane this may be acting from or upon.

This would be the line of thought then, with each individual in the group answering to self
that presented for consideration in this study.

As considered by many, in the meditation and the study on the subject,
in the preparation, each should get fixed in self - as it were
- as to what is the first cause as related to bringing
that into existence by the Creator of all;
and as to how there is the necessary material preparation
through the activity of mind in and on that each individual sees manifested in a world today.

Know that all is of a one source in its power, and that changed or altered
from the purpose is only the change in activity of that force that may be manifested in man.

Yet, with the setting of those alterations there came good and that opposite from good
(to know good) into the material manifestations.

And man, through the will, makes for his development or retardment
through what he does about that he sees manifested in the material world.

This is a law that is applicable, whether we are speaking of purely material, mental or spiritual things.

Consider the conveniences in man's activity today.

The laws that govern them have existed from the beginning.
Only the mind and the application of self respecting the laws
has brought such conveniences into the experience of the individual,
then groups, then masses, then the populace.

It is this same thought, then, that must be the activity in the study of that presented.

Then each in preparing that which may be helpful in the experience of those to whom
self would pass it on, makes that presentation of self's own experience in the spiritual,
the mental and the material plane; thus showing to self what one believes concerning
the developing of the consciousness which in the beginning made the awareness
of that about the individual activity.

Each then asks the question:
How is this to be paralleled with that which has been given respecting the influences
in the experience of each individual?
What IS Day in the spiritual light?
What IS Night in the spiritual darkness?
What is darkness and its relations to the light which brought into being
that the individual sees about self in the present?

The ability for the spiritual to manifest in that today called matter,
and brings with same both good and evil.

Then, in the mental plane, what becomes Day and Night?
That which separates the one from the other.
Or, as illustrated, the Day becomes the first day of the consciousness of separation
from the forces which the power, or the activity, is in action.
And there is set then in the materiality, or in the plane in which the physical activity begins,
those that represent time or space.
So we have the RULERS of the light, or Day, and the rulers of the Night.

Hence we have that basis from which each is to present that which may be given out.

(Q) [585]: Was it the Master's touch, the Master's voice, which I felt and heard one afternoon two winters ago?
(A) As has been given.

(Q) [288]: Is Night the shadow of the original sin, or significant of man's seeking after knowledge
which separated him from the light? and is that why children instinctively fear the dark?
(A) It is both! Now this is leaving self to study some! For, it IS both; but figure it out!

(Q) [993]: Please explain why during the study of Day and Night,
Eve has stood out so plainly and also Mark 14, Daniel 12?
(A) Each here in their respective sphere of activity, Eve in hers.
Daniel in recording the vision, or with the viewing of the wrestling
between the forces of darkness and the forces of light.
And that referred to in Mark as the source of light, the source of night.
Each in his respective sphere presenting to a seeking mind a phase of the study.
Hence each may be used as their shadow,
or as their contribution to the study of the thought or lesson being presented.

(Q) [560]: Was Jesus, the Christ, ever Job in the physical body?
May this information be given?
(A) No. Not ever in the physical body the Jesus.
For, as the sons of God came together to reason, as recorded by Job, WHO recorded same?
The Son of man! Melchizedek wrote Job!

(Q) Was the experience I had in meditation in connection with the study of Night and Day?
The words, "Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. Thus saith the Lord." Please explain.
(A) Compare this with that written in Isaiah, as to how the Lord, the God, is the Beginning and the end
of that brought into material manifestation, or into that known by man as the plane or dimension
from which man reasons in the finite.
Then there will be to the body the correct conception of that meant.
"I am Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end."
That God, the Father, the Spirit, the Ohm, is the influencing force of every activity
is not wholly sufficient unto man's salvation, in that he is a free-will being.
As intimated that Alpha beginning, Omega ending.
For, the confirmation, the segregation, the separation, the building, the adding to it, is necessary
- in relation to those activities that lie between - for man's building to the beginning and the end.

(Q) [303]: Please explain to me the affirmation given in this lesson,
that I may be able to apply it in my activities better.

(A) As in the material life there is the day, in which the activities of the body are put in motion
to supply the material things of the earth, and - as shown - such materials add to the abilities of the body
to carry on in its daily activities, through the sustenance gained by the attitudes of self in the daily activity;
so it is seen in the same association and connection that the night becomes
the period of meditation, rest, associations of those ideas through the activities of the day;
which are the gift not of self, not of self's abilities, but from the source from which
mercies, truth, love, knowledge, understanding, arise.
So is given, "May Thy mercies guide" in the understanding,
that the concepts of that presented in Day and Night, Night and Day,
may be builded in self in such a manner as to make for the glorifying
IN the activities of self Day AND Night to the glory of Him
that IS the Maker, the Giver, the Father of light.

(Q) [413]: Please give me the significance of the dream I had the night of Sept. 26th at which time I saw the Master.
(A) As there has been in self that seeking more and more for the material confirmation of the thought,
the intent and the purpose of self's activities, so in that given, that seen,
is a confirmation of that purpose, that thought, that activity.
Hence, rather than bring fears on the part of self, or anxiety as respecting those visioned in same,
rather know that self is being led by Him who IS the Guide, the Giver, the Promise to all mankind.

(Q) COMPILERS: Please give some suggestions for outlines.
(A) In the beginning, as presented, first the approach will be in the introduction from the MATERIAL basis of presentation.
Then, in the latter portion of introduction, both the mental and spiritual presentation.
Then, that which may be given under each heading as the contribution from those that study this as given.

(Q) Please explain the part of the affirmation,
"Day unto day uttereth speech, night unto night sheweth knowledge."

(A) THIS is to be applied in each INDIVIDUAL experience.
For, day unto day uttereth speech, whether from the material, the mental or the spiritual aspect;
as does night show forth in the varied applications the same as given of life;
For it IS Alpha and Omega.
For, this must be determined, as to the basis of the hope that is within each:
Did, is, was, God, the Father, worshipped by each, honored by those that love His name;
dishonored by those who seek their own rather than His biddings?
Is He, was He, the Creator of all things?
Or came it, the earth, the heavens, the day, the night, into being by chance?

(Q) [993]: Please interpret fully my experience of about 10 days ago
regarding the Master walking with someone in the garden.

(A) In the meditation were the experiences of the awareness of that which separated itself
(This, to be sure, is given in light of the lesson here, you see).
The separation of light from the source of light, that manifested itself
in the material, the mental and the spiritual world.
The walking in the garden represents the figure of the oneness of light, the oneness of purpose,
the closeness of that source of light to those that seek to know the way as He would have each one go.
Hence more and more there may come to those that seek the experiences
that to them represent or give the better interpretation and understanding
of that they seek in the study of the way He, the Master, would have them go.

(Q) [69]: What is the best time of day for me to seek greater attunement
with the Infinite in obtaining something for the lesson?

(A) It is the material experience of the entity that this is changeable.
At some periods it may be in the quietness even of the nighttime,
and at others even when the hands are the busiest
- or the mind there comes the awareness of the activity
in the direction of the mental being, to the studies of this lesson or this thought.
Hence, as He has given, be constant in prayer, be watchful, and be mindful
of that which may be obtained when the self is in attune,
when there is felt, seen, heard the expressions of that
which may come over, in, or through the mental being.

(Q) [288]: Is it true that day and night are condensed or miniature copies
of incarnations into the earth and into planetary or spiritual sojourns;
they in turn being miniature copies of what took place in the Beginning?

(A) Very good, if you understood just what all this means!
It's a very good illustration of that which has just been given;
as to how there is the evolution of the soul, evolution of the mind,
but not evolution of matter - save through mind, and that which builds same.

(Q) [585]: Please explain what was meant by a passing shadow of the Christ,
as given in one of our readings in answer to a question on one of my experiences.

(A) This has been explained.
Then, let's interpret it from another angle.
As one is passing there may be a flash of a shadow from a plane, a cloud, a bird,
or that which makes one more aware of the light; though one may itself be wholly in the light.
Hence, as given, the thought, the intent of the mental mind of self at the experience
was made aware of the Master's passing by the shadow - as explained, see?
One becomes aware by comparison in the material plane.
One may be in the brightness of the noonday sun and scarce aware that this is true,
save by that which makes the awareness of same in the material-mental consciousness.

(Q) [307]: Please give me the significance of my dreaming so often
of being in strange places, with strange people.

(A) The body is going into strange places, among strange people, in presenting the ideas,
expressions and experiences of those that are making themselves channels
that others may become more aware of the usefulness of that obtained
in and through that being presented; and thus gain development through that channel for themselves.

(Q) Are we to understand that evil existed before the creation of the world,
and that it (the devil) was sent into the world?

(A) How readest thou?
As given from the beginning, by becoming aware in a material world IS - or was
- the only manner or way through which spiritual forces might become aware
of their separation from the spiritual atmosphere, the spiritual surroundings, of the Maker.
What has been given as the truest of all that has ever been written in Scripture?
"God does not will that any soul should perish!"
But man, in his headstrongness, harkens oft to that which would separate him from his maker!

(Q) [295]: May I have a message on Day and Night that will help me in my contribution to the lesson?
(A) THINK on the experiences of self, as self has passed from darkness unto light, from day unto night,
in the MENTAL associations of that which makes the awareness of that which
would make of thee a channel of blessings to many.
And then there may be seen in self's experience the meaning of what is Day, and what is Night.
The ability to become aware; or, to put into other words, to become CONSCIOUS is Day and Night.

(Q) [560]: May I have a message that will help me in my contribution to the lesson?
(A) Again may the experiences of self be given, as to how self has become aware step by step
- in a portion of life in this experience of how one may be used in His service,
in aiding others to become aware of their obligation, their duty, yea - above all - their privilege,
their birthright, to become the sons and daughters of the Creator.

For, with this awareness in self has there grown the ability, the opportunity the privilege for self
to become the more often such a channel.

And as we know, as we believe, He made Himself a channel by taking on mortality,
that He would experience Day and Night in the material world, in the MENTAL world,
and hence become the lord of all in the spiritual world!
Who, having named the name of the Christ,
has become conscious of that He represented or presented in the world?
As the records have been handed down that
Abraham represents the faithful, Moses meekness, David the warrior yet humility,
so the Christ represents Love; that all may know that He hath paid the price for all.

(Q) [379]: May I have a message that will help me in contributing to the lesson?
(A) In self's own physical self there may be the illustration of Day and Night.
Each element, each corpuscle of the body is a universe in itself,
or a universe on the beginning of power and force.
When there is that called dis-ease, there becomes the unawareness or the darkness
- of the light that may become Life in its manifested form.
So, from Day and Night gain this lesson:
Only in the experiencing of that which is the awareness of same
may we know WHAT is Day and Night.

(Q) (General question) Please explain the existence of darkness before the existence of light.
(A) This has just been explained, to those who will read that given!
That man, or war, or sin, or separation in glory of those that were heedless.
Then, that there might be the way for those
- What has been given as the most meaning of all that written?
He has not willed that any soul should perish, but from the beginning has prepared a way of escape!
What, then, is the meaning of the separation?
Bringing into being the various phases that the soul may find in its manifested forms
the consciousness and awareness of its separation, and itself,
by that through which it passes in all the various spheres of its awareness.
Hence the separation, and light and darkness.
Darkness, that it had separated - that a soul had separated itself from the light.
Hence He called into being Light, that the awareness began.
Hence we look out and see the heavens, the stars; and, as the psalmist has said:
"The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork,
as day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night sheweth knowledge."

(Q) Comment upon the following. Is it worthy of expansion;
that is, does it carry any light of truth?

The Creator, in seeking to find or create a being worthy of companionship,
realized that such a being would result only from a free will exercising its divine inheritance
and through its own efforts find its Maker.
Thus, to make the choice really a Divine one caused the existence of states of consciousness,
that would indeed tax the free will of a soul; thus light and darkness.
Truly, only those tried so as by fire can enter in.

(A) The only variation that we would make is that all souls in the beginning were one with the Father.
The separation, or turning away, brought evil.
Then there became the necessity of the awareness of self's being out of accord with,
or out of the realm of blessedness; and, as given of the Son,
"yet learned he obedience through the things which he suffered."
COME, my children!
Ye no doubt have gained from the comment this day
a new initiate has spoken in or through this channel;
Halaliel [?], that was with those in the beginning
who warred with those that separated themselves
and became as naught.

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