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262-62  6th of May, 1934
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262-72  23rd of September, 1934
(Q) Where does DESIRE originate?

that may SEPARATE

And IT BUILDS in that THE SPIRIT moves

May each become more and more AWARE
of THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH working in and through them,
AS THEY APPLY in their daily experiences
MAY BE SPIRITUALIZED in those things that may make for

(Q) Each soul is a free-will agent in a material world,
with the choice before it in its own experience.
Are there not times when the will is overruled by higher forces?
May this information be given?

(A) Yes. It is overruled.
Through the DESTINY, that ye must learn
- but take the first steps first.
Learn that thou hast to learn,
then it may be given.

Let that DESIRE, that thought, that purpose, be in each of you
that was in the MAN Jesus that,
though He were in the world yet not of the world,
neither was He strange nor curious,
neither did He refrain from partaking of those things
that were about Him in the social, in the home life of His fellow man.
Yet HIS DESIRE ever,
"Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done in me."
As He has given ye,
ye have all been called unto a service in Him;
some to sacrifice here, others to toil and to disappointments there,
yet He has promised and is able to keep that He has committed
unto thy keeping against any obstacle,
whether of the earth or of the unseen activities,
against THOU fulfilling that whereunto thou hast been called,



In the preparation for the lesson on Desire, as has been given,
there should be the outline as to
the nature of physical desire, mental desire,
and how these may be spiritualized.

As to that which may be helpful at this time
for those that have (in a way) drawn some questions,
consider these and see how they rate.

First, we would give this:
In creation we find a difference in that recorded in the Word
and that which is nature and that which is the experience of all that have given thought;

For when man was brought into being there was a variation in the creation.

For it was to him, it is to him, it will be in him, that the changes are wrought
as to the manifestations of the Father, the Creator, in material plane. How?

Consider that in the beginning of the earth, that has been shown in information given
that may be illustrated in the experiences of those that study any phase
of the biological or pathological aspects of nature.

Man has either drawn away from the first creation or has been endowed with that which is
of a different stage or condition, the ability to react in more than one plane. Through what?

As given in the Scripture, there was breathed into man the soul.

Biologically, man makes himself as an animal of the physical; with the desires that are as the instinct in animal
for the preservation of life, for the development of species, and for food.

These three are those forces that are instinct in the animal and in man.

If by that force of will man uses these within self for the aggrandizement of such elements in his nature,
these then become the material desires - or are the basis of carnal influences,
and belittle the spiritual or soul body of such an individual.

So, the basis of physical desire is adding to, contributing to, or gathering together in forces
that which makes for the abilities for such a soul, such an individual, to rebel in those forces
that are of the animal nature of that individual.

Hence he becomes, through carnal or physical desire,
one who has no recourse through other than spirit;
though he is given the soul
that it may be everlasting, that it may be a companion with the Creator,
that it may be aware of itself yet one with those influences
that make for the spiritualizing of that force which is creative in itself
that makes for god-likeness in the individual soul or activity.

Then, what is the basis of mental desire?
The mental as an attribute is also of the animal, yet in man - with his intellect
- the ability to make comparisons, to reason, to have the reactions through the senses;
that are raised to the forces of activity such that they create for man the environs about him
and make for change in hereditary influences in the experience of such a soul.

These are the gifts with that free-will agent, or attributes of same;
or mind is a development of the application of will respecting desire that has become - in its essence
- used as a grace, the gift to give praise for that which it has applied in its experience.

Then, the mental desire that is to laud self, to appraise self above its fellows,
or to use that gift in its application to the various activities in the experiences of self or others,
makes for that channel through which the carnal desires only become the stumbling blocks
 in the experiences of those who dwell on same.

For, as has been given as one of the immutable laws, that which the mind of a SOUL - a SOUL
- dwells upon it becomes; for mind is the builder.

And if the mind is in attune with the law of the force that brought the soul into being,
it becomes spiritualized in its activity. If the mind is dwelling upon or directed
in that desire towards the activities of the carnal influences, then it becomes destructive in such a force.

Hence, as it has been given,
"Let Thy will, O God, be my desire!
Let the desire of my heart, my body, my mind, be Thy will, O Father,
in the experiences that I may have in the earth!"

When there is the consideration within self, through the self-analysis of self
in the light TRULY of that which has been given,
how oft must thine own acts condemn thee!

And, as the Master has given,
"I do not condemn, for thou art condemned already"
in the manner thou hast applied thyself, thy abilities, thy birthrights,
in the light of that thou knowest, that thou seest manifested in thy life day by day!

And when ye consider what disappointments ye have had in individual associations,
think how thy God must have been disappointed in thee
when thou hast spoken lightly of thy brother,
when thou hast condemned him in thine own conscience,
when thou has questioned as to the purpose of those hearts
that sought in the light of the best that THEY understood
- or that even used their abilities for the aggrandizing of their own selfish motives.

Hast thou prayed with them?
Hast thou spoken kindly with them?
Might not their path have been shown in THINE life that desire as He manifested
when He thought it not robbery to be equal with God and to offer Himself,
His life, His body, His desires, as a sacrifice for thee that thou in thine own self-glory,
in thine own understanding, might come to a knowledge that the desires of the heart
- if they are spiritualized in that thou livest the life He has shown thee
- thou may have in thine experience that He has promised,
"What ye ask in my name, believing, that may the Father give thee?"
Why art thou impatient?
For the carnal forces are soon given over to the lusts thereof, but the spirit is alive
through eternity! Be not impatient, but love ye the Lord!


In continuing that given respecting the principles or basic factors
in the activity of Desire in human experience,
those of the group that desire to assist others in their study
by the application of the truths that have been presented,
should apply same in their daily life and thus - as given
- make known that which has been and is found that applies in their OWN experience.

For, Desire - as has been given - is of the earth earthy and also of the spirit spiritually,
but is activative in the realm in which it is directed by that which is the motivating force
through the will and the mental abilities and faculties of the individual.

Hence it is a growth, as knowledge, to know in material things what to desire.

For, thou hast been given that thine heavenly Father knoweth what ye have need of before ye ask.
Then the weak or the pessimist may say, "Why do I have need to ask, if it is known?"
The very act shows what the desire is. The very expression shows
- if the self will analyze same in the light of that given
- as to what is the motivative force in the experience of such a mind, soul or body.

But seek ye, for he that seeketh findeth.
To him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Apply, then, that thou hast received.
Know ye within yourselves as to how, in what manner
and as to what fruit it will bring in thine own experience.

For, as has been given,
"We believed for the word of the woman, but now we believe for we have seen and heard ourselves."

Apply ye that ye know, for in the application comes understanding.
For, as the Master gave,
"Ye ARE gods,"
if ye will use His force of desire
and will in His kingdom,
but NOT thine own.

In giving that which will aid those studying, contemplating or meditating
upon the meanings of desire and the spiritualizing of same,
there may be an illustration of same as drawn from that the Master gave
in the sermon on the mount.
"He that would smite thee on the one cheek, turn the other also."

To another it has been said,
"Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."

To those whose desire has ever been in that of being and doing the will of the Master,
THIS would be sufficient.

To him who has felt antagonistic to those that have spoken unkindly,
or have made accusations that would hurt the inner self,
then that as He gave,
"He that would smite thee, turn the other cheek,"
is spiritualizing the desire for vengeance.

"He that would sue thee and take away thy coat, give him thy cloak also."
Because others would use thee, or take advantage of thee,
if thy desire is in the Lord, in the Creative Forces,
should not cause thee to speak harshly nor to desire that calamitous things or conditions
come upon others for their unkindness.

For they, as He gave, who would even destroy thy body are nothing.
Think rather on him that may destroy thy soul also.
Who may separate you from the love of the Father?
Only thyself.
For, an injury that may be done thee - or done thy body
- is as being done unto the Maker, and the LORD is the avenger of those that love Him.

THUS may you spiritualize desire, whether for those things that bring the comforts
or the necessities or the activities in thine experience in the earth.

What is spiritualizing desire?
Desire that the Lord may use thee as a channel of blessings
to all whom ye may contact day by day;
that there may come in thine experience whatever is necessary
that thou be cleansed every whit.

For, when the soul shines forth in thine daily walks,
in thine conversation, in thine thoughts, in thine meditation,
and it is in that realm where the spirit of truth and life
may commune with same day by day,
THEN indeed do ye spiritualize desire in the earth.

For, as He has given,
"It must indeed be that offenses COME, but woe unto him by whom they come."

Let the desire ever be, then, that thou may never sin against thy fellow man;
For God is the avenger.
And from Him we may in mercy find mercy,
as we show mercy, patience, truth, justice, loving-kindness, to our fellow man.

For, "As ye do it unto these, my brethren, ye do it unto me."
Preferring one above another?
No. Preferring OTHERS above thyself! that thou may be the arm, the shoulder,
the one upon whom someone may lean in coming to know
the knowledge of the love of the Christ in their experience.

In that which has been given may they each become more and more aware
of the spirit of truth working in and through them,
as they apply in their daily experiences
that which has been pointed out;
as to how the desires of the body, of the mind,
may be spiritualized in those things that may make
for the oneness of purpose in self to the will of the Father.

As seen from that given again and again,
if ye will apply that KNOWN of self
then there may be given the next step
in thine self making application of that thou knowest to do.

Yet, if there is held doubt, fear, trembling, these only make for confusion in thine own experience.

For it has been given that the desires of the heart
that are of the spiritual forces  in application are spiritual desires;

while those that are for the comforts, or ease, or gratification of self's own interest,
are born of the earth and do bring confusion to those that seek even the clarification
in their own minds when meeting, contemplating those things that pertain to the spirit.

For man looketh on the outward appearance, God looketh on the heart.
What IS thy desire towards thy brethren?
Let each of you gathered here meditate before Him,
opening thy mind, thy heart, to the influences from without,
surrounding thyself with the thought, the purpose of the Christ life, the Christ spirit
as manifested in the earth among His brethren; and ask self:
"What do I desire?
What are the motivating purposes that prompt me to speak thus and so respecting my brother,
respecting the activities in the life of the individual?"
And then,
"What is the desire of my heart as to the manner of life that I would live,
as a channel of blessing, as one who has been called to a purpose?"

In giving to thy brother those things that bespeak of the glories of a Christ-like life,
who thought it not robbery to make Himself equal with God.

Think it not robbery of thyself to make thyself equal to a god among thy brethren,
but look upon the heart of self. Is it for the satisfying of the ego in self?

Is it that self may be lauded, praised?
Is it that self has been taken advantage of,
and there is the desire that there be a reckoning in thine own heart and conscience and purposes?
Or hast thou put on the whole armor of Christ?
Hast thou looked into the face of the Christ,
that thou surroundest thyself with, and said - as it has been given -
"Here am I, Lord, use me, send me!"
For the day of the Lord draweth nigh, and eternity is long with the soul! [See 262-70]
If ye will purpose in your hearts and seek out THESE things, my children,
ye may know the truth that sets men free indeed!
Ye may know how ye may live that which has been given thee!
Ye may know to give to others that thou hast experienced;
for His promises are sure,
"If ye will keep my commandments, if ye will love one another,
if ye will prefer thy neighbor, thy brother, thy friend before thyself,
then ye may indeed know the Lord liveth and WILL guide, guard and keep thee!"

In the applications, as has so oft been given,
does the individual find that which to it, as an individual, is the experience.

In this present dilemma in which they each find themselves
it would be well that ye harken to that which has been given,
that ye counsel one with another in the experiences and applications
of that thou - as an individual - hast gained from the experience in Desire,
and ye may analyze what is desire in thine own experience.

Many have condemned that in their own consciousness
that has been given, without insight into the purposes and desires of their own inner self.

Where is the meeting place with thy Maker?
In the holy of holies in thine own self!
Raise the Christ Consciousness within self to thine own judgments,
that there may be shown thee as He has given:
"Take no thought, for - if thou art in accord - it will be given thee in the selfsame hour."

Laud not thyself, but rather let the purposes, the desires of thy heart be,
"Thy will be done in and through me, and Lord be Thou the guide in the time of temptation."

For it must needs be that those come in thine experience,
but not of self nor in the exercising of thine strength that thou wilt meet same
- rather in thy weakness may He strengthen thee in thy desires, in thy purposes.
EMPTY thyself of physical desires, that the spiritual aptitude of self
may be glorified through thee in thy walks before thy fellow man.

Condemn not others; condemn not self.
Let thy yeas be yea and thy nays nay, lest ye enter into temptation without His being near.

In giving that as may be helpful to those that would correlate those experiences
and those thoughts and lessons as presented by others, this would be the most helpful:

Consider, first, that as was given as to how the outline should be divided,
for, the dealings are with that as partakes of the spiritual in its highest sense
and of material in its most destructive or degrading sense.

For, as is presented, the presentation to an active force of DESIRE
is to set in motion those things that become miracles or crimes in the experiences of individuals.

As to the data itself, then: Separate same into such, and in making those separations,
make the headings under these varied presentations of that as is
the experience of the individual presenting same.

The thought or the truths as presented there are EVOLUTIONARY
and REVOLUTIONARY in the minds of some,
yet are basic truths in the experience of individuals
that have lived or experienced or visioned them, and will bear fruit.

Be patient.
That part thou hast chosen in such a work is born of truth.
Let it come in and be a part of thy daily life.
Look in upon the experiences,
For, as will be seen, my children,
there has been appointed one that may aid thee in thy future lessons,
and he will be thy teacher, thy guide, [Halaliel?]
one sent through the power of thine own desires.
Thine own selves, then, may present his being, meeting, living, dwelling, with thee.
Not the Christ, but His messenger, with the Christ from the beginning,
and is to other worlds what the Christ is to this earth.

As many of you ask now,
"Why should the realm of spirit be mindful of this group, of the work of these gathered here?"
The sincerity of thy purpose has merited, has destined, that such can be thy experience.
"What, then," ye ask, "is the way, the manner?"

That no one mention WHO, though the name and the activities of any desire may be given thee,
but when thou speakest outside thine own group, thou hast cut thyself aloof
[See 262-77].
Art thou willing to accept such a charge?
[Pause, of about a minute's duration.]
The answers are slow.
Some accepted; some know not.
Some ask themselves,
"What is this?"
"In what manner am I approached?"
Ye would enter the Garden with Him and watch while He, as thy Savior,
makes intercession for thee.
Wilt thou watch?
Ye must answer in thine own heart.
Accept, then, that presented here, and arrange same;
For thine presentations must, from here, take a turn,
for thou that hast made thy purposes, thy desires, thy aims thy Lord's,
are to be honored with His guest, with His Presence.
Accept ye? [See 262-73 & 74 re the choice made & also 262-56]

(Q) Where does desire originate?
(A) Will.

(Q) Why should one develop organic trouble while praying for his fellow man?
(A) A natural consequence of being in organic matter.
There are laws in organic influences that are seen through the natural chemical reaction,
and those that pertain to the natural forces or environs;
For under whatever environ an individual is it is subject to the laws of that!

(Q) Will you help [560] overcome this physical inharmony?
(A) In Him is strength, if the self will be made in accord with that which will produce
harmonious coordination in the physical, the mental well-being of this body.

(Q) Is Mary, the mother of Jesus, on the earth plane?
(A) No.

(Q) Please give the group a spiritual message at this time.
(A) Let that mind be in each of you that was in Him,
who went about doing good to those that were seeking to know
the manifestations and whose desires were that His will be manifested in the earth.
For, as you each make your lives a channel of blessing to some one,
so may those promises, those influences of the spiritual life affect and produce
that in our material world that will make for the glorifying of Him ye would name as thine ideal.

(Q) [379]: Please interpret the dream I had the night of May 1st or 2nd
in which a member of Group #1 and I were climbing a mountain
and later I was separated from her and could not find her.

(A) As there has been given, dreams are of different natures,
and have their inception from influences either in the body, in the mind,
or from the realm of ACTIVITY without the body through the desires and purposes of the soul itself.

Hence there are the various applications of such experiences in the individuals,
as visions, dreams or nightmares may affect the body.

In this it arises from seeking and, as is understood, it is an emblematical experience
in the mental development or application of experiences in the body-mind.

Through that vision it may be seen that the mountain represents the reaching higher and higher
in the mental development of self and those associated with self,
that in climbing these heights of mental or spiritual experience there come separations;
which is not to be wondered at, but rather as experienced.

For the body will find that in the studies there will come at times separations
as to the purpose or application of that found.

Then, in making use of same, know in what ye have believed;
for there has been set a standard through Him, and IN Him,
that ye may measure thine self without condemning thy brother.

(Q) [379]: How can we discriminate between selfish and unselfish desires?
(A) As to what has motivated and does motivate the desire.
If it is for the self, or for the glorification of the Christ Consciousness in thine experience.

That this or that may appear to self as being well,
if such and such an experience were thine own.

But, as has been given, each soul may find in self an answer to that it seeks or desires
to KNOW from what source it (the desire) HAS originated, or is in its impelling force.

First ask self in the physical consciousness, and answer - and find an answer - yes or no.

Then enter into the inner self through meditation and prayer, and seek the answer there;
for "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit as to whether thou art the sons of God or not,"
in thine activity, thine desire, thine purposes, thine aims.

(Q) [303]: What should I do in order to bring into material manifestation my desires?
Are not physical needs in life spiritual in essence?

(A) If the desires for the physical things in life are SPIRITUALIZED,
they are indeed then as necessary as the higher motivative force in spiritual things.
But who is the judge?
He that is the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.
Even as He prayed,
"Father, let this cup pass from me, but THY will - not mine - be done."

Again and again do we see in this the manifestation of the flesh warring with the spiritual life itself.
And we are to be in that position in our desires that His pattern,
His life, is the pattern for our lives.
Seek ye ever, but

(Q) [585]: I saw the Christ again - early in the morning of May 24th.
This time it was a radiant Christ and the morning
seemed to be breaking just above His head. What does this mean?

(A) What indeed should it mean to each soul, to any soul, to thy soul,
that thou hast been through thine experience granted a privilege of such a vision!
It should make thee the more humble, the more self-sacrificing,
the more glorious in the praises that thou art even in the way of being shown MANY things
- if ye will but live the life.
What did He give as thy standard?
"Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me."
Then, see rather in that thou wouldst give in word of mouth, in deed, in act of body,
that thou art ministering unto thy Lord.
For of such He said, "I will come again to you, and comfort you - I will receive you unto myself
- I WILL abide with you."
Art thou living in such an atmosphere?
It is being opened before thee.
Turn it not aside.

(Q) Please explain Haggai 2:7,
"And I will shake all nations and the desire of all nations shall come;
and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of host [hosts]."

(A) In the interpretation of that spoken by Haggai or any of the prophets,
take into consideration first to whom the message was being given.

Yet know that any message that bespeaks of God's dwelling in the heart or in the temple of man
is to the individual a lesson now, today.

Here we find, however, from the literal interpretation,
that a wayward people had forsaken their temple worship,
where they had been appointed to meet with the living God.

For there alone they had heard the words, and there alone they had received the instruction as of old.
And the interpretation was that these should be turned again, as they were only a few years later,
in how that even those that were called the heathen were shaken to the core
and GRANTED the peoples again to establish the desire of their heart in rebuilding the temple.

As ye have received from Him,
"The day cometh when neither in Jerusalem nor in this mountain shall ye seek or desire to know the Lord,
for ye will find Him in thine own heart, in thine own conscience";
and if the desire of thy heart will be that the temple of thy soul
(the image of thy Maker; the soul, not the body, the image of thy Maker)
shall be renewed in Him, thou shalt be able in self to know that - and the WAY that thou shouldst go.

(Q) What is the difference between the desire of the heart and the desire of the will?
And is it not possible for harmonious coordination of these?
How may it be attained?

(A) Only in Him. In speaking of the heart and of the will, analyze for the moment
as to what they represent in thine own experience.

The heart is ordinarily considered the seat of life in the physical,
while the will as a motivative factor in the mental and spiritual realm.

To be sure, these may be made one.
But how?

In that the will of self and the desire of the heart are selfless in the Christ Consciousness.

Even as He gave in the shadow of the day when the Cross loomed before Him on Calvary,
when the desire of the heart and the will of self were made one.

Indeed, as He gave, the flesh is weak, the spirit is willing - if the spirit and the will of the inner self
will be made in accord with the spirit of truth, in the desire of the heart to be one in and with and through Him.

For, the soul is in Him; yet, as the promise in the Christ is, the soul shall be free in Him through that love,
through that manner of making the desire and the will one in the Father as did He in Gethsemane.

(Q) What is desire? How does it build physically?
(A) This has been given. And how does it build physically?
Desire, as first given, was in the motivating force
that may separate or make the soul one with or separate from the Whole,
through the manifestations in the will.
And it builds in that the spirit moves in the direction in which it is motivated by will and desire.

(Q) Is it necessary to give up physical desires for spiritual development?
(A) Rather spiritualize the physical desires as He did in the Garden.
What there is shown thee as to how the physical, the spiritual, fought - as it were - one with another?
"Father, let this cup pass from me."
This is as every experience in the physical man when there is the fear of the loss in this or that direction.
There is the constant, "Father, save me from this - from this."
Yet, even as He, if there has been builded in thine experience as was in His experience
- offering Himself for the world - then thou must pass through same,
in making the physical desire and the will of the Father as one,
that there may be the cleansing in the soul of those things
that may bring the consciousness of the oneness with the Father in whatever realm.

(Q) What should we hold in mind when we hold the affirmation in the present lesson,
"Let thy desire be my desire," etc.?

(A) What to hold in mind?
Hold the Christ before thee, ever.
For, He has promised to take His own self and to take thy burden upon Himself,
as he bore same.
Rather would thy prayer be:
And such a cry has never, no never, been denied - the believing and ACTING heart.

(Q) As I call each name you will give that which will be applicable in the individual life in relation to this lesson:
(A) (Interrupting) Well, first, that you each make that move necessary to give expression of your OWN experience
as in reference to that which has brought to you a knowledge of desire towards the Christ Consciousness
moving in and through the efforts of the body in your own experience.

Then may there be TRULY given that which may aid you in UNDERSTANDING your approach the better.

For, each soul is a free-will agent in a material world, with the choice before it in its own experience.

This you each will recognize as you meditate upon putting it into ACTIVITY.
To KNOW to do good and to do it not, is what?
He that had experienced same gave that it is sin.
Listen to that which convicts you that ACTIVITY is necessary in your experience,
in order to come to the knowledge and understanding of what an approach should be
- through such an activity.
Why, say ye, activity?

For the Lord thy God is a LIVING God; not of stone, but a LIVING God.
And the Christ, thy mediator, thy brother, is a LIVING Christ,
that may be known of all that would seek to have His Consciousness.
For He has come to those among you;

He will guide and protect you.
He is in sorrow when ye speak unkindly; when ye forsake even for the moment
that thou hast purposed - thou HAST purposed - in thy heart to do.

Make thy purpose, thy desire, one with Him. "Here am I, Lord, use me - send me."

(Q) [413]:
(A) Let thy purposes, thy aims, thy desires, ever be in the light of that which has been given,
"Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me,"
whether in desire, in the purposes of the heart, or in the aims of the activities of the body.

(Q) [307]:

(A) Glory in those things that bespeak of the activities of the spirit of truth
as it convicts the hearts, the minds, the desires of those that seek to know His ways;
For he that would know the Father, that would know His will, His desire
as toward him, must believe that He is.
That, then, which moves in the hearts and minds of those who seek to know Him,
is OF Him. GLORY thou in same.

(Q) [379]:
(A) As the purposes and desires of the body, the mind, are made more and more in accord
with that thou seest to praise in thy fellow man, more and more
will the consciousness of the Christ Spirit working in and through men be manifest in thine own heart.

(Q) [993]:
(A) Keep the way as thou has purposed in thine heart, for His ways are not past finding out
to those that seek to know Him.
And they that walk in the light shall have no darkness at all in their heart.
For He giveth life, light, hope and eternal life to those that seek His ways.

(Q) [560]:

(A) Let praise and honor ever be in thine purposes, in thine desires towards those things
that make thee aware of His presence abiding with thee.
For His promises are sure that they who walk with Him shall KNOW Him even as He is.
Let thy light so shine that others may know thou walkest, thou talkest with Him,
and that thy desire is towards those that seek His way.

(Q) [303]:
(A) In the Father's house are many mansions.
As thine desires are towards the knowledge of the Father's ways,
of the Father's purposes with thee as concerning thine fellow man,
put INTO PRACTICE that thou knowest and give praise and honor
and be joyous in the service that thou renderest to thy neighbor.
For they that do good unto their neighbor lendeth to the Lord,
and HE will repay in those ways that bring peace, harmony and understanding
in thine conscience;
For ye know that ye are His, for He calleth His own by name.

(Q) [69]:
(A) That thou purposeth has brought - and purpose in thine inner self
- that consciousness of the purposefulness in being one with that spirit of truth
that maketh every soul alive in Him.
Let thine praises be, then, to the Father of light in whom there is no variableness,
and He will walk with thee as thou goest about doing good.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]:
(A) Let thine inner self, thine consciousness of the desires and purposes of thine heart,
be more and more one with Him; leaving with Him - that is within self
- that knowledge that He will be thy guide, wilt thou but let the Christ have his way with thee.
Let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay in the purposes of the Lord.

(Q) [295]:
(A) Keep that which has been purposed in thine self and the desire of thine heart towards Him
shall be made manifest in thine life.
Let the Father have His way with thee.
For His word has gone out to those that seek to make
the desires of their hearts, of their minds, one with Him,
and it shall not return to Him void.
Let thy light, then, shine in praise, in glory to Him.

(Q) [585]:
(A) The ways of the Father maketh known His praises, His glory unto the sons and daughters of men,
are through the purposes and desires that are builded by the sons and daughters of men
towards the LORD'S way in the earth.
THOU knowest the way.
Walk therein, and His light and His ways shall guide thee as thou goest;
For His promises are sure and may be thine as ye fulfil that ye have purposed in thine heart
to DO towards those things thou knowest to be the Lord's way with man.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Let thine desires, of the mind, of the body, be one with Him;
For He will guide thee and direct thee, if ye will but put thy trust WHOLLY in Him.
And He will walk and talk with thee, even as He has promised to those
that let the inner desire be one with thy Lord, thy God.

(Q) [538]:
(A) As the ways are opening before thee, as to how the desires of the heart, of the mind,
may make for the pathway being bright or dim, so let the light of truth in the promises
in the Christ BE in thine life, that thy words, thine acts, may be in keeping
with that thou desirest toward thy Lord.
For, as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto thy God.
For He is in the life, He IS the life, of thy brethren.

(Q) [288]:
(A) Walk in the light, even as He is in the light. Let less and less of self enter
into the desires of thy mind, of thy body, but that thy desire may be,
"Have Thy way with me, O Lord. Be THOU the guide.
Let that Thou WOULD have me do be the purpose of my life, the DESIRE of my heart,
and let me give the praise to Him that leads the way."

(Q) [341]:
(A) Glory in the Lord.
As thou hast seen, as thou hast heard from within how the desires of the self make
for the opening or the closing of the door to the heart of God, so let thy purposes, thy desires in self,
be more and more aware of the fact that the Lord is in His holy temple in thine self,
if ye will but let HIM be the guide.
For thine body is the temple of thy soul, the image of thy God.
Let Him have His way with thee.
Be up and doing with that thou art given to do day by day.

(Q) [404]:
(A) Faint not in trial nor tribulation.
Let thy purposes and thy desires be in Him.
Let the ways of the Lord be known in thine inner self,
"Not my will but THINE, O Lord, be done IN me, through me.
Let me be a channel of blessing to someone day by day,
that Thou has purposed in the inner man, that which is needed
for my soul awakening in Thee to its greatest abilities be
in the desire of my heart towards the will of the Father in me."

(Q) [462]:
(A) Glory and praise to him who purposes in his heart to seek the Lord
while He may be found in thine own self.
For He is not far away, but even in thine inner self.
Open the door of desire towards Him in such measures, in such manners,
as to bring in thine own experience the ways of the Lord being manifest in thine daily life.
For His promise has been, ye that seek in the name of the Lord thy God, thy Christ, thy Savior,
SHALL receive according to the desire of the heart unto the Christ HAVING His way with thee.
What has thou purposed?
That ye may know the way in the light of thine own desire, or that the Lord would have thee do?

(Q) [288]: What is meant by,
"the desire remaining in the One, for which the Oneness was created"? [See 288-6]

(A) The desire remaining in the purposes of the Creative Force, or God, in thee,
as to those things necessary to purge the soul that it may be a companion with the first purposes,
the first desires, in the ONE, in God.
For flesh is weak, the spirit is willing.
Let the SPIRIT be the motivating force in thy desire, rather than the exaltation of the flesh
in any individual experience.
For God giveth the increase, whether in the flesh or in the mental forces,
AS thou hast purposed or desired from within.
For thou ART gods in the making.
What wilt thou be to thy fellow man if the desire is for exaltation of self?
For thus sin entered in the flesh.

(Q) Is it possible to be selfless while seeking fulfilment in the flesh of the heart's desire?
(A) If the heart's desire is one with the purposes of the spirit force in self,
and not of the fulfilment of flesh desire alone.
Let Him have His way with thee.
As thou meetest those things of the flesh, of the body, as related to the spirit of truth,
so does the desire come to be one with, one of, those forces that makes for UNIFYING of self
in body, in mind, in soul, to the purposes of thine indwelling in the flesh.

(Q) Explain, "He desires truth in the inward parts."
(A) He that giveth his soul to the purposes of the Lord, he that loveth his enemies,
he that loveth those that speak harshly to thine inner self,
DESIRES the Lord in the inner self.
Thus the answers for all come in the love that He gave, that He left His glory with the Father
that He might know the desires of the flesh as related to all those things pertaining
to the waywardness of man; yet the desire that arose from the inner self that life was given by Him,
life must be maintained in the DESIRE OF Him towards those to whom He had given the power
to become the sons of God through THEIR experience in the earth.
So is the inner desire one with the Father-God.
So is the soul made one with the soul of thy Savior.
For, "if ye love me ye will keep my commandments, and a new commandment I give,
Love ye one another, even as I have loved you."

(Q) [413]: Please give interpretation of foreign [apparently Greek] letters I saw in meditation on July 5th.
(A) As these were as mysteries to thine consciousness, yet knowing that they bear a message to those that are aware of their meaning, so have the purposes, the desires in thine heart been such that ye might know that that man has made a mystery of God's purposes with man, and they - those mysteries, as those letters - may be known to thee, if ye will but put into practice, into active service in thine inner self, that thou knowest to do step by step. For all the words that may be said are combined in the twenty-six letters in thine own language, yet there is the necessity of thine using thine own self and the faculties of thine mind to combine them in such manners and measures as to make known that thou desirest to give to thine fellow man as to that thou purposeth in thine inner self. So with the characters as seen. This may be as foreign to thine consciousness as those characters, lest ye put them to WORK in thine own experience.

(Q) [993]: Please interpret and enlarge on the dream I had in July, regarding the marriage ceremony in which a big red apple was outstanding and had to be placed on the altar.
(A) As fruit is emblematical, as the marriage is emblematical in the experience, then the vision is rather the change that will come to pass in the sacrifice that is to be made in much of those judgements, feelings prompted in the inner self, respecting individuals and groups and associations. So may there come through same the greater vision, as the purifying of the offering brings to the hearts, the souls of those that seek to make their calling and election sure in Him.

(Q) [585]: Please explain the vision I saw early Friday morning, July 20th, when I saw the sky open and the figures treading earthward, bowing as if before a king.
(A) A vision whereunto there will be again opened to thee thine own interpretation through the experiences that thou wilt have in thine own self. For as the heavens, to the heart, the mind of man, declare the glory of the Infinite, and as the heart of man has been trained in and throughout the ages to look UP and OUT to those sources for the aid, for the strength, for the power, and for the unseen forces that may move in and through the hearts and minds and bodies of individuals, so - as the heavens open before thee, through thine own meditation and thine seeking - it is as that thine prayers have been heard, thine supplications have come before the Throne. Be not weary in thy turmoil or thy strife, for He has heard and will answer speedily.

(Q) [303]: Give me a message that will help me at this time.
(A) As has been given thee, be not wary in thine doing; for THOU has purposed in thine heart to know thy Savior, and He draws near to thee oft in thine walks with thy fellow man. Be not unmindful, be not boastful, yet know, "As ye have done unto the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Just being kind, just being patient, is the whole duty of man. Let God have HIS way with thee. Rail not on circumstance, that seems to make body and soul even shiver in those things that tread upon thine conscience at times, for God is not mocked - and whatsoever a man soweth, that must he also reap. But ye have been called. Keep ye faithful
In patience will ye know that ye possess the soul that may be given, in the hours of trial, in the periods of testing, that He thy Savior would have thee do. Open the door of thy heart to Him. In thy prayer, in thy meditation, call on Him; for He is near. Hath He not chosen thy body for one of His companions in the earth? Then know that He will not leave thee comfortless, but will come to thee.

(Q) Is there a message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) Come! Sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord, thy King; for thy elder brother, even Jesus the Christ, HAS a mission for each of you in the earth. Fulfill that THOU KNOWEST to do in thine mind, in thine heart, in thine body; for the LORD loveth whom He testeth, and will purge every one - that you may be His companions with Him. What IS a day of joy in the earth compared to an eternity of glory with thy brother, the Christ? For by Him all things were made, and even as He has loved you, so may ye love Him - if ye will do His biddings.

(Q) [560]: May this be explained, in reading of Aug. 12, 1934: "For the day of the Lord draweth nigh, and eternity is long with thy soul!" [See 262-69, Par. 3.]
(A) The day of the Lord draweth nigh. Each soul has been called in this group for a service unto the Lord. Hence the day draweth nigh, for the night cometh when no man labors. Eternity is long with thy soul. As eternity to the finite mind indicates that without beginning, without end, so is the soul of man that has made his desire as one with the Lord. For as eternity so the soul, and it is LONG with thy soul. So, keep the paths straight. Walk in the light, even as He is in the light. Be joyous in thy service in that thou hast to meet day by day, for the day of the Lord draweth nigh when YE who have been called must give an account unto the keeper of thy Lord's vineyard. EACH soul IS writing His gospel day by day, and others read whether it is faithless or true. What is the gospel of thy Lord, according to you?

(Q) Each soul is a free-will agent in a material world, with the choice before it in its own experience. Are there not times when the will is overruled by higher forces? May this information be given?
(A) Yes. It is overruled. Through the destiny, that ye must learn - but take the first steps first. Learn that thou hast to learn, then it may be given.

(Q) [295]: Will you give me a message that will help me to apply the lesson and contribute something toward the lesson?
(A) As thou hast known, and DO know in thine experience as to how desire in the material may be spiritualized by making the desire as "Thy will, Thy purpose, Thy way be done in and through me; as the Father seeth fit, use me," so give expression of same in such a manner that it may be helpful to thy fellow man. "Not my will, not my desire, save that desire be in accord with Thy purpose of the God that manifests itself in and through me as TO my attitude, my purpose, my desire, towards my fellow man." So may the application of thy experience aid others in knowing this.

(Q) Is there a message for the group as a whole?
(A) Let that desire, that thought, that purpose, be in each of you that was in the MAN Jesus that, though He were in the world yet not of the world, neither was He strange nor curious, neither did He fain [refrain?] from partaking of those things that were about Him in the social, in the home life of His fellow man. Yet His desire ever, "Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done in me." As He has given ye, ye have all been called unto a service in Him; some to sacrifice here, others to toil and to disappointments there, yet He has promised and is able to keep that He has committed unto thy keeping against any obstacle, whether of the earth or of the unseen activities, against THOU fulfilling that whereunto thou hast been called, if - IF - thy DESIRE is in Him.

(Q) Is the definition of mind on page 2, paragraph 3, "Mind is a development of the application of will respecting desire used as a grace" correct?
(A) Correct. As ye analyze grace, which is a gift of the Creator to the creature that (aside, "Pay attention to what you are doing here!") [Later in discussing this in the group, several said they thought EC was talking to them, as did GC as Conductor] the mind is acted upon by the grace, through the grace, and not of self alone, but the gift of the Creator that THAT mind, THAT soul, may be the companion with, one with, that mind of the Maker.

(Q) Should any further explanation be made of "the pattern in the mount" as mentioned on Page 5, paragraph 2?
(A) This sufficient, that it is seen that this must be an individual experience, calling even as He to those that would vision same, even as those came as messengers to those shown the pattern. So may there come to thee a messenger to show thee the way.

(Q) Will it be necessary to present this lesson again, paragraph by paragraph, or simply correct and fit in the contributions not yet in?
(A) This would be, then, in accord, much as many of those that were altered or outlined according to those where changes were suggested. Not necessary, then.

(Q) [585]: Is the experience which I had about a year ago in which I felt that I spiritualized certain desires about those who had been in my home, the proper material for my contribution to this lesson?
(A) Proper contribution, PROVIDED it is presented in the experiences that it, the desire and the activity on the part of self, has brought into thine own self life's activity or work.

(Q) [307]: Please give me a message of promise and consolation at this time.
(A) As He has promised thee to meet thee in thine inner self, trust in that as is shown thee, as ye turn within, for thou hast been given charge concerning those things that become as living water in the minds and the hearts of many erring children, even, that seek the light, and as He has given, "He that turns an erring one from the way of darkness has saved a soul and covered a multitude of weaknesses in self."
Be not overcome in thy anxiety or thy over-zealousness, for, the harvest is in the hands of those that give the increase, and this is under the law of mercy. Hence, ever may thy prayer be, "Mercy, Lord - not sacrifice," [262-72, Par. 8-A], and it will break a light in thine heart and mind that will bring peace, harmony and joy in the service that thou art rendering thyself and thy fellow man.
Though the body be weak, though the way may be rough and fraught with those things that would distract and destroy thee from thine own purpose, even, His mercy is sufficient, His strength will sustain thee, His arm will be about thee, His voice will speak to thee; for the light breaketh, and the day is at hand for the fruits of thy labors in His mercies to His children.

(Q) [993]: Please interpret the vision that I had on Sept. 2, 1934, which I have in my hand.
(A) As the pattern thou hast seen in thine visions of the realms of the faithful are builded as in those of the materials that in the earth or physical, are precious, so do the lives of the saints become precious in His sight as they take their place, even as thou visioned in the part - are - by looking upon same. For, as He has given by His prophets, "The days when these shall be so simple, he that runs may read." So is it given thee as thou heard the teacher give that thy prayers, thy deeds, thy acts, thy thoughts, even, are ever a memorial before His throne.
So should ye all live, so should ye all think; for, what would be thy thought, O ye children of men, to see the statue, the figure, of that thou hast thought of thy brother, of thy neighbor, of thy sister, even MAKER, for, what are ye building, or are ye giving thy Maker to build for thee? What are thy thoughts? What are thy deeds? What are thy prayers? These be that which thy Maker, thy Savior, may place in the balance for thee. Vision thou that someone has spoken evil or chooses rather to call thee by an uncomely name - what does this look like in thy soul's vision?
NOW, ye come to that change that must be wrought in thine experiences, would ye give to this seeking, this waiting world that as thou hast, as a group, been prepared for. What is thy destiny, then? What wilt thou give to thy friend, thy neighbor, thy brother, everywhere? Think not that because THAT thou hast given has not received praise and promise and glory from the life, that it has not been heralded abroad as yet, is thine own completing in this lesson that ye must learn. Who of the whole peoples of that city that His Temple of Jehovah had been sat in, looked upon the King on the cross and thought or felt that there would come the day when His words, even, "My peace I give unto you," would change the whole world, and that TIME, even, would be counted from that death, that birth?
So we give, though in [the year] 2034, thy lessons, if they are given in His name, will still be living in the hearts and the souls, even, of those that before the throne of grace will be calling thee by name.
Think ye well, then, on that which has been given thee and choose ye!

(Q) Please explain, so that we may all understand, just what was meant in the last reading, as to the help to be given on the lessons, what we should do, what our approach should be. [Also see 12/06/75 HLC's memo as 262-56, Reports in re Halaliel. See 262-71 in re Halaliel.]
(A) Whether that which has been given as lessons to others is to be lived and exemplified in the lives of the members of the group or not, individually, is a choice in the individual - not as a group. This first, as given, must be determined to the best of THEIR ability. They, as individuals, as members of the group seeking to be a channel of blessing to someone else, will - with the help of those sources through which they have received inspiration, help, aid - live their own lives in that way and manner as they have asked others to do. Not of themselves; for, as given of old, no soul can say that Christ is come of God SAVE the Holy Spirit convict him of that statement. And should one say such and not live the LIFE that would exemplify that, then such an one is condemning self already.
So, in the experiences that have been given by the varied members of such a study group, have given that they as individuals WILL accord their fellow members and their fellow man day by day.
This chosen, this desired, as has been manifested on the part of those - some, to be sure, have been shirkers, some have been jerkers; yet all have manifested that which is their own state, phase or period of development. And now, as the lessons may change to a more informative nature, the help may be that - with the living of that they as individuals have given or have accepted. Say not, "I didn't contribute that, so I don't have to live it!" Thou art a portion of the whole, and what is thy first lesson? What is thine last lesson? Do these not work one with another? Has not a full cycle been completed? Be not as those that seek farther as curious, or as wantonly. Remember Er [?], Uzzah and Malchus [?], how their curiosity brought to them that period of night when that they had builded must be accounted for.
Then, when ye are ready, SAY so!

(Q) [307]: Please explain more fully what was meant in the last reading by "and this is under the law of mercy; hence ever may thy prayer be, Mercy, Lord, not sacrifice." [See 262-71, Par. 16-A.]
(A) This is plain to thee. For as the law of sacrifice as committed unto men bespoke the coming of the law of mercy that was and is demonstrated in the life of the man Jesus, thy Christ, who offered Himself as the sacrifice once for all, entering into the Holy of Holies where He may meet thee day by day, thou art then indeed - as many as have named the Name - come under the law of mercy, NOT of sacrifice. That is not in the term that no man offers sacrifice, for the life of every soul that seeks in the material world to demonstrate the spiritual life is a life of sacrifice FROM the material angle; but to such that have passed from death unto life, in that law of mercy in naming Him as thine God, thine brother, thine Savior, who has paid, who has offered Himself, thou art passed from death unto life - and the sacrifice is as MERCY from thy God to thy brother. Hence he that would despitefully use thee, a kind word is as mercy. As ye would have mercy, show mercy. THOU knowest in thine heart.

(Q) [560]: May I have a message from the highest forces that I can reach that will help me at this time?
(A) Let thine mind, thine heart and thine purposes be as upon the altar of love to Him whom ye would serve, thy Master, thy God. For He is mindful ever of those that seek to know His ways; for His ways are not past finding out. For to those that have put on Christ, who have named the Name of Him that promised, "If ye love me, keep my commandments, and I will come and abide with thee; my yoke is easy, my burden is LIGHT to THOSE that LOVE the Lord." Let not those things that would trouble thee interfere; for yet a little while and thou should see face to face - even as thou hast been called unto a service to thy fellow man, even as He; for He will not leave thee comfortless, but will come and abide with thee, and thou shalt KNOW Him as He is.

(Q) Do we understand correctly that we, each member of the group, must decide that we as individuals will live the lessons already completed before going on to the next lesson?
(A) They must decide within themselves. Promise themselves - not thy brother, not thy neighbor, not thine friend, but promise the God within thee that with His help, with His mercy, with His aid, "I will do my best." Then say so.
Then may ye go on, as individuals, as a group.

(Q) As individuals, we have tried. Tell us how to do this better.
(A) Meet thy Maker face to face, in the Holy of Holies - and make thy promise there.

(Q) May we have the affirmation for our next meditation?
(A) Let's choose first; but pray ye as this, when ye meet thy Maker and thyself face to face, as ye choose the way:

(Q) [295]: What about the teacher as promised in the last reading?
(A) Be not overanxious; for he that is overanxious, even, is as Uzzah.

(Q) [993]: Desires a message:
(A) Grace, mercy and truth be with thee as ye seek to bring the glad tidings of truth to others in His name. For there be no other name under heaven whereby MEN in the earth may be saved. Let His love, His grace, His mercy be sufficient unto thee. Be not anxious of the morrow, for HE, thy Lord, thy God, doth provide. KNOW thy Redeemer liveth, and is in and with thee. Amen.

(Q) [585]: Desires a message:
(A) What seekest thou HERE? Ye know the way, and in whom ye have believed; for He is ever with thee as ye seek to bring a message of cheer and comfort and hope to others. "In as much as ye do it unto the least of my brethren, ye do it unto me."
What MERCY, what graciousness ye wilt find if ye will but KNOW that as ye do in His name ye lend unto thy Maker - and HE WILL repay! Be not impatient. Be slow in thy judgment; for as ye would have mercy shown, so be merciful.

(Q) [303]: May I have a message that will strengthen me at this time?
(A) Come! Sing a joyful song unto thy Lord and thy Redeemer, who hath STRENGTHENED thee in the hours of trial, of test, of tribulation; for they that meet their troubles, their sorrows, with JOY in the Name of the Lord shall not be troubled again. They that kick against the pricks find that they but entangle their own mental minds, their own consciousnesses in the turmoils of the flesh. Ye LIVE in the flesh, yet be as He - in the world yet not OF the world; for all strength, all power, all glory, all joy is given unto Him - for HE has overcome, and ye may in Him overcome also. Count it rather as a blessing, rather as that thou art CHOSEN that ye may in the name of thy Lord speak a kind word to those that are abrupt or cross with thee, and in so doing ye will heap the coals of judgment upon their consciousnesses; for ye are His and He is thine, if ye will hold to that thou hast chosen.

(Q) Are the other groups excluded from this one in the readings, last given?
(A) How readest thou, in thine own conscience?

(Q) [379]: Desires a message:
(A) As others look to thee for strength, for guidance in Him, in thine home, in thine life, in thine meetings day by day, so be ye strong in Him. For to him whom much is given, from him is much required; yet him that hath, to him it SHALL be given - and thou hast known His ways. Keep thine way perfect, then, in thine walks, in thine talks with those that trust in thee. For as thou dost represent the home, the way, the light to many, so will HE give His strength, His power, His grace, that YE may bear those burdens in the flesh in the way that He would have ye go. For He will
not leave thee comfortless, for He will guide thee as ye walk day by day.

(Q) [538]: May I have a message that will help me at this time?
(A) Keep thy ways in the light of Him that has promised to guide, guard and direct. Be not impatient. Be not other than that thou wouldst have thy fellow man be unto thee. For as ye speak of another, as ye speak TO another, so will ye be spoken to; for the seed ye sow will be GIVEN the increase by the power of His Word. So, sow the seed of joy, of love, of life, in the minds, in the hearts of those thou meetest day by day. Let thy love for thy Maker constrain thee in thy daily activities, for to thee hast been entrusted that which may wreck, may make, thine own understanding.

(Q) [404]:
(A) Let the law of love, of mercy, of justice, that is shown in the law of love and mercy, be thy guide day by day. For the Lord is not slack in counting His mercy as men count slackness. And be patient and be trustworthy, even to thine own soul. For the brighter day dawns, and the star of hope to thee rises in those that ye show the way and the light. MERCY, MERCY, for those that err; even as ye would have mercy shown to thee!

(Q) [462]:
(A) Up to the Throne of grace hath gone thy words of commendation and of love, yet ye trust in the power of those things that are within thine own self. HE is able through thee to make thee strong in the ways that thou shouldst go! Eschew evil, LOVE justice and mercy, and put those things FROM thy heart that would cause thee to doubt.

(Q) [295]: Desires a message:
(A) Let those things that would cause thee to fear, to doubt, become the stepping-stones for those things that have been promised in and through thee if thou wilt keep His ways. Let justice and mercy, let JOY and harmony, let thine self be the way; for "He that would be the greatest among you, he is servant of all." Grace, mercy, peace, the love of the Father through the Son abide with those that love His coming. Be patient, be KIND, be JUST in thine commentations, in thine activities to thy fellow man; for only in such will ye find peace and harmony. For some cry Peace when they themselves become, through the condemnation of self in others, that which is the stumbling-block to many. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord for the mercies, the promises, the glories that may be thine in the earth through the love thou may show unto thy fellow man.

(Q) [413]: Is there a special message for me?
(A) As thou hast been strong in thine weakness, strength and grace and power is given thee. For many are they (and the number grows) who seek through thee to know more of the light and the way. Be thou strong, then, in His power, that the blessings that He has prepared for those that love His ways may be thy very own. Let not doubt nor fear turn thee aside, for in HIS ways are the peace and harmony and love that will bring this to come in thine own EXPERIENCE. They that love the Lord shall PROSPER in the earth.

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