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Our DESTINY is in the CHRIST 
(262-73 to 262-77) 

262-73  28th of October, 1934
262-74  23rd of December, 1934
262-75  6th of January, 1935
262-76  18th of January, 1935
262-77  20th of January, 1935

If YE HAVE CHOSEN that which is the FOUNDATION of those lessons,
in every TRIAL, in every BLESSING, in every SHADOW, in every LIGHT.

"A new commandment I give unto you,

For the destiny of the mind, of the body, of the soul, is with Him.
(262- 75)

Thy DESTINY is in HIM.
Are ye taking HIM with thee IN LOVE
into THY ASSOCIATIONS with thy fellow man

As to that which has been given,
that has been presented to others, to groups,
for serious consideration,
for application in their own experiences,
ye have found these lessons not merely tenets;
neither are they theories.

Rather, as ye have applied them
they have brought to each of you
in thine own particular,
peculiar sphere of activity,
an experience.

Hence, as ye seek to become that channel
through which there may come to others
those blessings, those experiences
that are THY very own, 
know that - if ye have chosen
that which is the foundation of those lessons,
the Christ, the consciousness of His Presence abiding in thee
- there is that strength, that grace sufficient for ye
in every trial, in every blessing, in every shadow, in every light.

For He is the way;
He is the life;
He is the vine
And ye are the branches.

Bear ye fruit, then, worthy of that thou hast chosen;
and He will keep that thou hast committed unto Him
against every experience
that may be required,
that may be needed,
that may come in thine attempts
to show forth the Lord's death till He come again;

Death meaning
that transition,
that decision,
that change
in every experience.

For if ye die not daily to the things of the world ye are none of His.

Then, lift up thine hearts, thine minds,
in praise to Him
who has given thee the opportunity
that ye may be as lights showing the way;
re-consecrating thyself,
thy service, thy joys, thy sorrows,
to His service,
that ye may have the greater joy,
the greater blessings in Him.

How readest thou as to what shall be thine own judgments
and the judgement before the Throne of grace, the Throne of might?

"As ye did it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye did it unto me."

So, let His ways be thy ways.
Let thy sorrows be His sorrows.
Let thy joys be His joys,
and He will abide with thee.

To those that seek to prepare the lessons:
How hast thou chosen?
Have ye rededicated thy lives?
Have ye chosen through what channel ye would seek?

The Master has called.
And His love will protect thee.
If thou wilt in thy daily life live that thou hast given thy brother, thy friend,
as a guide, as an example!

So, as ye choose, know that lesson thou hast been given becomes a part of thee - thy Destiny!

For ye as souls, as individuals, are building same.

What will the manner of the structure be?

Let thy prayer, thy meditation in preparation, then, be:

As ye choose, then, my children.
As ye know that ye are being given a work to do.
Know that His blessings will guide thee day by day.

Be ye not stiff-necked;
Be ye not seekers after vainglories.
For the day of the Lord is at hand,
And many of ye shall see His glory in the experiences of thy life here among thy fellowman.
Are ye willing to drink the cup even as He drank,
Or that thou may receive even the praise of thy brethren for a day?
Let His ways be thy ways.
Let there be that as He gave,
"Love ye one another and thus fulfil the law of God."

As ye seek in the name of Him
who came in due season,
that ye through His Name
might have the access to the Father,
then will ye not in His Name
strive to be the greater channels of blessings
to those that look to thee in His Name
for guidance, for direction, for sustainment
during those periods of anxiety, of doubt and of fear?

Then, acquit yourselves as the children of the Most High
[[1 Sam. 4:9 and 1 Cor. 16:13]
- and KNOW whereunto thou hast chosen
that which would be thy direction in this matter.

Some among you are fearful;
some are weak;
some are doubting;
some are seeking more and more.

What will ye do with that thou hast chosen?
Be strong in Him,
For His promises are sure
And ye may walk with Him
if ye will choose to be channels of blessings in His name.

Let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay in His name.
For thou hast chosen the better part
He has chosen thee as thou hast chosen Him.

Go ye, then, into the field that is ripe unto the harvest;
For His ways are those that lead to eternal life.

In the approach, then,
may they each hear in their own language
and apply that which has been given others in their own lives
to such measures that it, THEIR work,
may bring that as the loving Father
has destined that such labors, such efforts,
may bring to the experience of each soul.

Then, in the approach to the lesson that has been assigned or given,
let's first approach in the manner which has been indicated;
that a cycle has been reached, a turn has come
- in informative information,
or that which will be found by many
to be at variance to much that has been presented by men, or man, here and there.

First, then, to define Destiny - that is in accord with truth:

Destiny is of the next three lessons that would be given through here.
Then, Destiny is of what?
The next three lessons. Mind, body, soul.

Destiny is, then, a law - an immutable law,
that is as lasting as that which brought all into being
that is manifested in all the varied spheres of materialization, or manifestation;
and that of which man has seen the signs here, there,
written in those experiences of the travelers along the varied spheres of experience.
Man in the interpretation of those signs has often mistaken the sign for the law.

Hence to those that hold to this or that theory, then,
this group would present - in reference to the destiny of mind, of body, of soul
- that which may become as a light to many who have stumbled
upon those signs in their activities, in their efforts here and there.
[See 262-77]

Then, in giving that from which and upon which ye as individuals have applied
and may apply as a group in giving an aid to others, in making their paths straight,
look ye to the LAW that is destiny - destined - in the Word of Him.

For He gave that though the heavens and the earth pass away,
His Word shall NOT pass away.

What is the gospel?
What is the truth?
What is the judgment?
What is the law?

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"? ye ask.

"As ye do it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me"? another asks.

"As ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so to them" says another.

What gave He as the last command?
"A new commandment I give unto you, Love one another."

What is thy lesson on Love?
How many live same in their daily experience?

But ye ask again, What of Destiny?
He hath not willed that any soul should perish
but that every soul shall know the will of God to do it!

Then, ye wonder - can such be possible in threescore and ten years in the earth?

Also ye wonder - doth the time of birth, the place of the environment,
make or have a part in destiny?

Do the days or the years, or the numbers, all have their part?
Yea, more than that!

Yet, as has been given,
all these are but signs along the way;
they are but omens;
they are but the marks that have indicated

For, as given, He has set His mark, and these are signs, not the destinies!
For the destiny of the mind, of the body, of the soul, is with Him.

For naught that man may do maketh for the righteousness,
but the mercy of the Father as exemplified in the Son
makes for the destinies of that trinity of the mind, the body, the soul,
in its effort, in its endeavor, in any environ, in any experience,
to mark the way; yea, even so clearly that there may not be longer
the stumbling, the wandering - for the day of the Lord draweth nigh for many.

While ye wander, search thine own heart and KNOW as of old that faith
is counted as righteousness to those that love the Lord.

Those of ye study that ye show yourselves approved unto Him that giveth life;
that would direct the mind,
that manifests in the body,
that would have thy soul as a COMPANION with Him
- thy elder brother!

Who hath OPENED the gates of heaven,
Who hath closed - to you that manifest love - the gates of hell!
For He hath given.
And he that confesseth that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God,
hath LIFE eternal - and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against him!

What, then, is thy Destiny?
It is made in that thou pervertest not that thou KNOWEST to do in thine heart respecting thy fellow man!
For ye look to Him who is the author and the finisher of faith.
He is Faith, and Truth, and Light - and in no other is there comeliness at all.
For He is the rock of salvation;
the bright, the morning star;
the rose of Sharon;
the wonderful counsellor.
In Him is thy Destiny.
Turn ye not away from Him. 

As to those things that are marks, signs, omens along the way
- UNDERSTAND them for what they ARE!
Put NOT thy trust in THEM!
For He has given (and remember He gave,
"Heavens and the earth may pass, but my Word shall not!");
he that seeks shall find;
he that knocketh, to HIM shall be opened.
For He hath spoken, and His word is that
"Though ye wander far afield,
though ye become beset by the doubts and the fears,
though ye even turn thy back upon ME,
if ye will remember the promises and TURN, I WILL HEAR - SPEEDILY
- and will forgive thy trespasses,
even as YOU forgive those that trespass against you."

Let love be without dissimulation.
Look not upon that which may bring only joy to thee,
yet even peace to thee; for He is thy light and thy guide.
Put rather thy life, thy EXPERIENCES, thy associations,
even thine own self, into His keeping;
knowing He is able to keep that thou hast committed unto Him
- and may save thee, for He alone hath the words of life.
And no matter what ye make or mark, or mar,
He is STILL with thee, ready to harken when ye call.

Let thine heart be raised, then, in praise that thou hast NAMED the Name
above every other name;
For He alone can save
And He alone can FORGIVE
He alone can answer prayer;
to the same measure that THOU, IN thine own experience,
ANSWERETH the prayer of thy fellow man.

In considering further, then, that which has been given from that promise set:
That the destiny of those that have named the name of the Christ is set in Him:
That individuals may of their own volition choose the exaltation of self,
or the aggrandizement of self's own ego, is apparent.

This makes for what many have termed and do term their karmic conditions,
that may then be seen.

Those who are in that way or attitude of
"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of the heart be acceptable in Thy sight,"
are in the way of truth.

Those that kick against the pricks - even as thine own teacher, thine own writer, Paul,
saw the error and turned therein.
Was it destiny that he was to be called?
Or that the gift of the Son set a way, a vine, a water, living water,
and that he chose to meditate and thus give that destined to work upon?

For, as given, this material life is of those energies that make for the adherence to the laws
that pertain to this material plane.

And the spiritual laws are inter- penetrable with those activities that make for the will of the Father
that no soul should perish but that there may be the burning of the dross that it may be sifted as wheat,
that it may be purified even as He through suffering in the material things that ARE for the soul's edification.

Then, in this may each be enabled to look only to Him, knowing that He IS the light, He IS the way;
those things which come to bear in the experience are that there may be known those things necessary
for those who seek, for only those who seek may find.

For, as has been given, there be nothing in earth, in hell, in heaven,
that may separate the soul from God save the individual soul.

Then, what is destiny?

That the soul who seeks shall the sooner find;

That the soul who puts into practice day by day
that which is known may the sooner enjoin itself to that which IS
hope and peace and happiness and love and joy in the earth.

That there should be those who should know heaven on earth or in the earth, or in flesh,
is the destiny of those that are willing, who have had their minds, their bodies, their souls
cleansed in the blood of the Lamb.
By being as He, a living example of that He, the Christ, professed to be.

Then, that which hinders most - this group, any group, the world - is speaking one thing and living in the inner self another.
This destines to bring confusion and turmoil and strife and want, and a reckoning with that which makes for tears, sorrow,
and that is of the earth earthy.

And ye are, as He gave, servants of - workers with - THAT force whom ye serve.

In presenting self, then, as has been given, come to the altar of truth within thine own self.
There He through His promise, IN His promise, will meet thee,
and it shall be shown thee that which is the way, the manner.

Individuals in their understanding falter here and there,
For they have been told and have listened from their own observation,
rather than experience, that this way, that way, the prayer at this period
or at that period, the stars at this period have meant or do indicate
or do mean that this number from the name, this day means this or that,
and in the application comes confusion.

These - as has been given - are signs, are omens; but how gavest He?
"The heavens and the earth will pass away, but my word shall not pass away."

The signs, the omens then, are to be used as stepping-stones for an UNDERSTANDING;
Not to be confused with nor given - through that gift in thee of constructive forces
from the Father-God Himself - other power than they contain within themselves.

For each soul that meets and encounters and accredits receives the same in return.
How gave He on this?
"He that receiveth a prophet [Halaliel?] in the name of a prophet hath a prophet's reward."
This does not indicate that the prophet received is of God, an angel of heaven or of hell;
but in the name, in the manner, in the way as received so cometh the reward.
THAT is destined!
Why? In the seed of thought, whether of body, mind or soul, IS the seed thereof;
and it bears fruit which is of its own kind and nature.

Said He,
"Ye do not gather grapes from thistles; neither may ye expect to do evil looking for good."
For the destiny is in that which has set the world, yea, the earth and all that is therein, in motion.
And ye in thy blindness, thy foolishness, thy DESIRE for self, look for some EASY way;
when all the ease, all the hope, all the life there is IS in Him!
Then, HIS way is the easy way.
What is His way?
"He that would force thee to go one mile, go with him twain;
he that would sue thee and take away thy coat, give him thy cloak also."

Did He say whether justly or unjustly?
Who did He say is the judge?
"Judge not that ye be not judged."
For, "As ye do it unto the least in the earth, ye do it unto me."

Then, when ye seek to do His biddings and do otherwise than thou would have Him do unto thee,
thou alone maketh the way harder for thyself.

For the will of the Father is LIFE!
It is life eternal to as many as will accept, as many as will view
that which they hear from the still small voice as they meet Him within.

For ye are made up of mind, body, soul.

The soul is the God-part in thee, the LIVING God.

The manifestations that ye make in thy mind make for that growth
which is manifested in the body in the earth and in thy soul in the everlasting.

So, know ye the way; point it out.
For, as He has given, though ye come to the altar or to thine church or to thine group or to thine neighbor
pleading not for self but for others, and it is that ye may be exalted, that ye may be honored,
that ye may be spoken well of, for others; He cannot hear thy petition.
Because there has another entered with thee into thy chamber, thy closet, and He thy God
- that answers prayer, that forgives through His Son - is shut out.

In His name, then, only; for, as He gave,
"They that climb up some other way are thieves and robbers."

Then, today, will ye not rededicate thyself, thy body, thy soul, to the service of thy God?
And He that came has promised,
"When ye ask in my name, THAT will be given thee in the earth."

Then, do not become impatient that ye are counted in this day as a servant, as an humble worker,
as one that is troubled as to food, shelter, or those things that would make thy temporal surroundings the better.

For ye grow weary in waiting, but the Lord will not tarry;
eternity is LONG, and in that ye may spend it in those things that are joy and peace and harmony,
make thy self sure in Him.
"As ye do it unto these, my brethren, ye do it unto me."

Just being kind!
Thy destiny is in HIM.
Are ye taking Him with thee in love into thy associations with thy fellow man,
or art thou seeking thy OWN glorification, exaltation, or thine own fame,
or that ye may even be well-spoken of?
When ye do, ye shut Him away.

ENTER thou into thy chamber not made with hands, but eternal; for there He has promised to meet thee.
There alone may ye meet Him and be guided to those things that will make this life, now, happiness, joy and understanding.

As ye have received, love ye one another even as He has loved you, who gave up heaven and all its power, all its glory,
that thine mind can conceive, and came into the earth in flesh that ye through Him might have the access to the Father, God.

In Him there is no variableness or shadow made by turning.
Then, neither must thy thoughts or thy acts cause a frown or a shadow upon thy brother - even as He.
For He gave,
"Be ye perfect, even as thy heavenly Father is perfect."
Ye say, "This cannot be done in this house of clay!" Did He?
Ye say, "This is too hard for me!"
Did he grumble, did He falter?
To be sure, He cried,
"Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass."
Yea, oft will ye cry aloud, even as He.
Ye cannot bear the burden alone, but He has promised and He is faithful,
"If ye put thy yoke upon me, I will guide you."

Then, when we come in our sorrows alone and there comes the peace, the quiet,
and then those periods of joy and gladnes when we forget - we carry the thought of others,
of those that would make merry, and wonder why the joy has passed. It is because we have left Him outside.
Take Him, then, in thy joys, in thy sorrows, in ALL of thyself; for He alone hath the words of life.

Many there be among you for whom changes will shortly come to pass.
Be ye strong.
Be ye steadfast.

(Q) Is it well for Group #1 to invite members from other groups
to join them in the preparations of the future lessons?
(A) When others of other groups, of any group, feel called to service, ask
And then they may be chosen;
For, "Whosoever will, let him come and partake of the water of LIFE."
For when ye take His yoke upon thee thy burdens become light.
Be ye messengers,
Be ye light bearers, then,
For the Christ-child.

(Q) Any other advice or guidance at this time?
(A) Much might be given thee.
This: Keep, preserve ye in thine inmost self:

(Q) Please explain so that we may all understand just -
(A) (Interrupting) All understand much better than they will acknowledge in themselves!
Acquit ye thyselves like ye believe that thou hast given to thy brother for the directions.

(Q) [303]: Please give me a message that will help me?
(A) It HAS been given, but - in thine heart - let not your heart be troubled, and be not afraid.
Fear rather him who may destroy thy soul, thine mind.
Keep the faith.
Look only upon that which brings peace, harmony, joy,
in the lives of those that thou may serve from day to day.
Think not upon those fearful things about thine self,
For HE (in faith) will care for these.
"As ye do it unto these, ye do it unto me."
Art thou, then, mindful of what the Master would say,
as He would walk with thee?
Listen to the voice within;
For He is nearer even than thine own body!

(Q) [307]: Please give me a message of help at this time.
(A) Thou hast had it, but - Know, let the love of God and not of man constrain thee at ALL times.
LOVE the Lord, eschew evil.
Think not of the glories other than that thou may create
in the hearts and minds and bodies of thy fellow man.
For thus may thine own soul learn the lessons that thou hast given.

(Q) [560]: May the dream I had this morning -
(A) No dreams.
Rather, this: Glory and peace and honor is thine, in that thou - as He has given
- looketh on those things that bestir the soul to activity towards thy fellow man.
Let not the things of the earth disturb thee.
Let not that which would make thee afraid come NIGH UNTO thee!
For HE IS thy guide, thy guard, and will defend thee against all that would make thee fearful.

(Q) [295]: Please give me a message on "Destiny"
and tell me if I have made the correct decisions? [See notation on 262-75]
(A) Let HIM be thy decisions.
For thy destiny is in HIM.
Let HIS hand, his love, his strength, GUIDE thee day by day.
Thine own heart, thine own mind, will direct thee as to thy choice,
as it is made in accord with - AND DIRECTED BY - Him.

(Q) In accepting the teacher [Halaliel] or help promised,
is there any reason to believe we shall not receive the highest
and be guided by the Spirit of Truth as manifested through the Christ?

(A) It has been given.

(Q) Is this an opportunity for expanding spiritually, the acceptance of the help promised?
(A) An opportunity for experiencing the presence of the Christ in thine own life is EVER before thee.
An opportunity rather that ye guide thyself first, then counsel others;
but he that would IMPEL shall indeed be impelled!

(Q) [993]: Please give me a personal message.
(A) Given.
Ye that love the Lord know He is nigh unto thee, even in the pulsation of thine own heart that is the life flow of thine own body.
Let each heartbeat, then, be as a greater love for thy fellow man.
Let the glory of the Father be thine watchword,
that He may use thee as He seeth fit;
NOT as thou wouldst go but rather:
"Let Thou me know,
though the day may grow dark and the night stormy
yet in Thee, O Lord, I put my trust.
Thou ART the haven of rest.
Thou art the good shepherd.
Thou hast the words of life.
Thou art the living water.
Let me drink deep, then, that my life, my body, my soul,
may SHINE as a light for those along the pathway."

(Q) [585]: Is there a message for me?
(A) Keep the faith that there may be more and more awareness in thine daily life;
not disregards to those things that are not understood.
Take TIME to be patient with those that are in wonderment,
yet harken to the voice that calls from within that ye make thine own paths straight
that He may come and abide with thee.
Know ONLY true light may shine down the STRAIGHT path.

(Q) [341]: Is there a message for me?
(A) Given.
But: Know the truth and the truth shall make you free IN the Lord;
For he that is the law is no longer subject to the law;
For being the law he hath put away fear, doubt,
and those things that would hinder or make afraid.
The Lord is in His holy temple; yea, in the temple
where He has promised to meet thee
- if ye will enter in and sup with Him.

(Q) [413]: Is there a message for me?
(A) Given; but know, he that endureth unto the end shall wear the crown of life;
he that letteth little hindrances become stumblingblocks is not worthy of those things
that are glories in His name - yet He heareth, ever.
ABIDE ye in Him.
Let the GLORY of thy love guide thee;
For righteous is he that believeth and doeth as he believes.

(Q) [379]: Is there a message for me?
(A) As the Father hath loved Him, as His love hast guided thee,
let THAT be the love ye show to thy fellow man.
Let grace, mercy and peace be with those that ye bless;
For many are blessed by thy very presence when ye call on the Lord.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Given; but know the promises that He has given in Him are ever nigh unto thee,
and in and through thee; if ye will keep thy paths straight, many may be blessed.

(Q) [288]:
(A) Given.
Glory in the SON and His promises, as He gave
"Ask in my name, believing, and ye SHALL receive."
Let the love of GOD, not of self, constrain thee ever.

(Q) [538]: May I have a message that will help me?
(A) As thou hast chosen in thine heart so be it unto thee.
For the power, the glory of the Son that He sheds upon the sons and daughters of men is as He gave:
"I, not of myself but the Father that worketh IN me, so I in you and you in me and I in the Father,
may bring that peace, harmony, joy, that maketh for those activities in EVERY experience that become the light to others."

Let thy love for one another, thy love for truth for Truth's sake, in Him, GUIDE you - ever.
His peace, His mercy, His glory, overshadow you day by day!
Study that ye may give as He gives unto you; not of yourselves
but as thy Master, thy brother, giveth thee, through the measure that ye mete unto thy fellow man.

(Q) Please explain, "may become as a light to many who have stumbled upon those signs in their activities,
in their efforts here and there." [262-75] What signs are referred to here?
(A) It has just been explained.
Those who may not read this are blind indeed!

(Q) Please give a message on destiny for [404]:
(A) Study to show thyself approved in all things, if ye would know peace and harmony and joy now.
For He IS thy destiny;
He hath not willed that any should perish.
Why will ye make thy will, then, in opposition to His?
Keep the LITTLE things, and there will grow and grow the greater joys in thy service to thy fellow man.

(Q) [462]:
(A) Let thy going in, thy coming out, be acceptable in the best that is in thee.
For as thou hast seen and heard, as thou hast meted to others so may it be meted to thee.
How readest thou?
Are ye to be judged by the manner, the purpose, the aim, the desire toward thy fellow man?
Then, be sure these in word, in act, in thy meditation, are as He gave.

(Q) [341]: Please explain the relation of heredity and the destiny of the physical body within man's control.
(A) This would rather come in body as related to DESTINY.
Let's don't get ahead; we've got to have MIND yet!
Mind builds for the body; both physical and the soul, and the body is of the hereditary influences
through the relativity of activity of soul and mind. Comprehend?

(Q) [993]: Please explain the following passage from a recent reading:
"That no one mention Who, though the name and the activities of any desire may be given thee,
but when thou speakest outside thine own group, thou hast cut thyself aloof." [262-71]
(A) Ye have not chosen!
Then, remember Lot's wife! Ye chose not for a dweller among thee, save in the spirit of the Christ!
It is as He gave when He brought that which separated the physical body
from the possession of that which brought ill, or dissension.
What was His command?
"See that thou tellest NO MAN!"
Tell God, from within.
Live it from without!

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