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262-81  12th of May, 1935
262-82  26th of May, 1935
262-83  9th of June, 1935
262-84  23rd of June, 1935
262-85  21st of July, 1935
262-86  11th of August, 1935
262-87  25th of August, 1935

Upon thy lesson as related to the DESTINY OF THE BODY
- it has been indicated in thine outline as to how there are
THE MANIFESTATIONS of those things in the earth
BRINGING INTO BEING that which is MATTER in its various EXPRESSIONS.


In all the universe, the celestial, the terrestrial forces,
in summer, in fall, in winter, in spring, in EVERY MANIFESTATION
- the GLORY of those.

without thought or concept of what may be the result of its activity.

Hence MAN IN HIS DESTINY makes for, in THE BODY,
must meet in personality or in the flesh - or in THE MANIFESTATIONS of same,
with THE AWARENESS of that as may be builded in and through those various activities
through which the body in its varied environments, its varied activities,
may find itself.

And what makes for the change?

For the WILL may be made one WITH HIM, or FOR SELF ALONE.
of a MATERIAL EXPERIENCE how he shall make

So, in the DESTINY OF THY BODY, make the WILL
knowing in thine self that what has been set, what is IS - as God.


Hast thou PUT ON THE CHRIST, then,
in thine ACTIVITY with thy NEIGHBOUR, with thy BROTHER,
with those of THINE OWN HOUSE?

Hast thou MET WITH HIM
of thine OWN TEMPLE?
Ye believe that YOUR BODY

making PRACTICAL APPLICATION of that thou hast gained,
leaving the results with thy God.

which ye as individuals, AS SOULS,
Who put on flesh, put on a body,
that ye might have the greater knowledge,
the greater understanding?
What is knowledge, what is understanding,
if ye apply it not in thy daily life?

Who, then, will separate you from the knowledge, the application,
the understanding of thy relationship to thy God?
None save thyself.

Hast thou in thine meditation,
in thine prayers and thy supplication
kept the faith that thou art His?
that in Him ye live and move and have your being?
This ye say; This ye may do.
How, ye ask?
Love one another.

that THY BODY may AGAIN and AGAIN be brought into such relationships



Continuing, then, upon thy lesson as related to the Destiny of the Body
- it has been indicated in thine outline as to how there are
the manifestations of those things in the earth
that become the expressions of the movement of the spirit
bringing into being that which is matter in its various expressions.

Also it has been indicated how that matter in its group form,
or in its various forms, appears, disappears, dissipates
into that from which it came.

Yet in man, as we find, the soul, the individuality of the soul,
becomes more and more apparent through the manner of life
- or manner of its expressions in its activity,
in its awareness within whatever sphere of activity
in which it may find itself.

Hence, as we find, of man - upon whom much has been bestowed
- much is required.

In all the universe, the celestial, the terrestrial forces, in summer, in fall, in winter, in spring,
in EVERY manifestation we find the beauty of the Lord, of the Christ - the GLORY of those.

Only in man may we see - through his relationships to his brother - selfishness, uncomeliness,
the desire for self-aggrandizement or for self's own gratification without thought
or concept of what may be the result of its activity.

Hence man in his destiny makes for, in the body, that which he as an individual,
as a personality, must meet in personality or in the flesh - or in the manifestations of same,
with the awareness of that as may be builded in and through those various activities
through which the body in its varied environments, its varied activities,
may find itself.

And what makes for the change?
What, then, is WILL?
That which makes for the dividing line between the finite and the infinite,
the divine and the wholly human, the carnal and the spiritual.

For the WILL may be made one WITH HIM, or for self alone.

With the Will, then, does man destine in the activities of a material experience
how he shall make for the relationships with Truth.
What is Truth?
That which makes aware to the inmost self or the soul the Divine and its purposes with that soul.

So does the body - whether it is sown in this or that environ, this or that plane of activity
- become one with His purposes, through the making of the will one with the spiritual import or activity;
or it makes for the separations - that are to be met only in the material experience.

Hence the necessity; hence the judgment; hence the mercy, the justice
shown by the All-Wise Creative Force - that is so beautifully illustrated
in the spring, the summer, the fall, the winter - the returning again and again
of the body of man for it purification.

Has not man demonstrated how that the elements in the earth are purged of the dross
by the fires of the furnace for their purification?

Have not the weaklings in the flock or the unhealthy plants been made sturdy
in their relationships of beauty in nature, by purging, pruning,
and making for those advancements again and again?

And yet some deny that the All-Wise, the All-Merciful Father
would be so gracious to the sons of men who have erred in this a little thing!

What hath the Maker of the heavens and the earth said?
They that are guilty of the least are guilty of them all!

So, in the Destiny of thy Body, make the WILL (How? Through the Mind of the Body!)
at-one with Him; knowing in thine self that what has been set, what is IS - as God.

Yet in Christ may ye meet EVERY trial, every temptation.
For how hath He spoken?
That though offenses must come (and woe be to those by whom they come!),
He hath not allowed those to be tempted beyond that (in the body),
above that which they are ABLE to bear.

How GREAT, then, is the trust that He hath put in thee,
that THOU should bear the glad tidings of a RISEN Lord,
an ALIVE God in thine own experience!

YE that have chosen Him, as He hath chosen you, to be lights unto the sons of men.
Quit ye yourselves, then, as He hath trusted in thee; trust YE in Him!

In continuing with what has been given,
it would be well that they each put into practice or application in their own experience
that which has been outlined.

For, as given, thus will their expression find that which will answer in the experience of others
in their various phases of development.

For, as outlined in that portion of the lesson relative to the Destiny of the Body,
their individual activity is destined much from the varied experiences in the earth.

Have ye not read as He gave,
that he who is guilty of one jot or tittle is guilty of it all?

Have ye not read that
ye shall pay to the uttermost farthing?

Yet it is not the same as considered by some,
that ye have builded thine own karma
- and that the blood, the debt, the law of grace is of none effect.

But as He has given,
if thine activity is made that ye may be seen of men, or if thine purpose, thine aim,
thine desire is for self-glorification, then ye are none of His.

Then, the meeting of the deeds done in the body is by relying upon, the faith in, Him;
the activity that makes for an exemplification in the flesh of that faith, of that mercy.

If ye would have mercy, be ye merciful.
If ye would be faithful, show thyself by thy acts that ye trust in Him.

How readest thou?
"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin;
and yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

Hast thou put on the Christ, then,
in thine activity with thy neighbor, with thy brother,
with those of thine own house?

Know ye within thyself.
Hast thou met with Him in thine inner chamber of thine own temple?
Ye believe that your body is the temple of the living God.
Do ye act like that?

Then begin to put same into practice,
making practical application of that thou hast gained,
leaving the results with thy God.

Thou believest He is able to keep that thou committest unto Him.
Dost thou live like that?
Dost thou cherish the thought,

Speakest thou evil of thy friend, thy foe;
or as thou wouldst speak if thou wert in the presence of thy God?
Ye are continually in that presence, within thine self.
He with the Father, He in thee.

Will ye keep the faith that is accounted to thee for righteousness,
that thy body in its purging through the varied experiences in the earth
- may ever be a channel that points to the LIVING GOD?
What will ye do about same?

In considering further what has been given relative to the destiny of the body,
much of this for the individual needs clarification.

But unless effort is made with the mental application of same by the individuals,
little clarification may come.

As has been indicated, that each may make the lessons living truths,
make personal application of same.

For the body being of the earth earthy, true indeed is the destiny as is set;
that as in Adam ye all die, so in Christ are all made alive.

In this statement does it appear as to whether this has reference to the natural body
or to the superficial body.

With what manner of body hath man appeared, and doth man appear?
BODY is form.
FORM is pattern.
By what hast thou patterned thy body?
What dost thou use as thy measurements?

But if ye count time, ye know not the manner of that ye build.
For in Him hath He said that ye shall become aware of all
that hath been from the foundations of the earth.

As in Him ye all live, as in the first Adam ye all die,
so in the last Adam are all made alive.

Keep that pattern which is set before thee in what are and are to be the effects, the results,
the essentials, the elements, the mode and manner of thy divinations.

What are the attributes of that body which ye as individuals, as souls, would present to thy Maker?
Who put on flesh, put on a body, that ye might have the greater knowledge, the greater understanding?
What is knowledge, what IS understanding, if ye apply it not in thy daily life?

In commenting upon that as compiled here, well that in the prelude or a prelude
- there be presented rather more of that as was the BEGINNING of the lesson,
or more of that as was presented in the first discourse on same.

Then compile rather in the order as was then indicated;
as to how that the Mind in its different or the various phases
- which at times make for confusion to many - is ever the Builder,
and that the key should be making, compelling, inducing,
having the Mind one with that which is the Ideal.

So few there be who have a singleness of purpose,
having a Mind with an eye single to service that the Destiny of the Mind, of the Body, of the Soul,
may be in keeping with that which was purposed from the beginning.

What saith He? "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

Again what hath He said respecting the individuals who would come to abuse,
to make a show of that they would do with their lot?

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?
and in thy name have cast out devils?
and in thy name done many wonderful works?
And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

What meaneth then these as respecting or in application respecting the Destiny in the Mind?

Lest those err that would make for a show, lest those come into disrepute,
KNOW what thou hast believed and be ye consistent in that ye say, that ye do.
For that ye think, that the mind dwells upon, that ye do become.

In gathering the data which have been given, know that much is here.

To those that have failed to contribute their portion, what think ye - that ye would amiss be in thy service to thy fellow man?

For as has been given here and there, the need has been and is that you each present your own experiences.
For the experiences of all are worth while.

Compile these, then.

In giving further that as respecting the Destiny of the Body, begin - in thy compilations
- with questionings respecting same.

For ALL have not understood that as He gave;
as to how ye should consider what manner of man ye are;

For many are likened unto whitened sepulchres,
BEAUTIFUL to behold from their walks before men,
but within the mind harboreth those things that are vile, unkindly,
and will make for that as must be met in themselves.

For He hath not willed that any soul should perish,
but hath prepared a way of escape.

Who, then, will separate you from the knowledge, the application,
the understanding of thy relationship to thy God?
None save thyself.

For, as has been given oft, nothing in heaven or in hell may separate man
from the knowledge of the Father save himself.

What, then, may separate thy body?
What then is the Destiny of thy Body?

Ye read, ye have heard it said,
"I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
I believe in the resurrection of the body; the communion of saints."
What meanest thou?

Hast thou set aught in thine own experience against these words that He hath given?
"Who IS my mother, or my brethren?
Whosoever shall do the will of the Father, the same is my mother, my brother, my sister."

These bespeak the activities of the Body before thy fellow man.
Hast thou in thine meditation, in thine prayers and thy supplication kept the faith that thou art His?
that in Him ye live and move and have your being?
THIS ye say; THIS ye may do. How, ye ask?
Love one another.
In the approach upon the subject, let's make a little different approach;
that much of that which has been intimated that should be asked
as questions by individuals of this group may have, perhaps,
(with thought) the wherewithal to approach same.

First there is the Destiny, as we have indicated, of the Mind;
that is both material and spiritual.

Then there is the Destiny of the Body, as we have indicated.
And it is held by some that, the body being of the earth-earthy it is born into the earth,
dies and returns to earth.

This has been set by the sages of old, and would indicate that the body
- being of that phase of experience or existence - remains in its sphere;
that while changes come about, it remaineth.

Yet the pattern has been shown by Him who entered into the earth
that we through Him might know Life, and in having life have life more abundant.

As the question has been asked, when ye say
"I believe in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit;
I believe in the holy church, in the resurrection of the body,"
what meanest thou?
The spiritual body or the material body?
What meanest thou also (as will be approached, for it must be all a portion of the one)
as to the communion of the saints?
With what body?
With whose spirit; their own or God!

In the Body, then, we have the body, the mind, the soul;
each representing a phase of man's experience or consciousness.

The Destiny that is spoken of in these, then, is of the Body-Physical;
that which is manifested in the earth in materiality, in matter;
that has taken form, represented by an individual that has been given a name
to designate its body from other bodies of similar nature.
What of it?

As the Body (this body spoken of) is the temple of the living soul, the temple of God
- What of it?

Is it to become dust again and again; yet being associated with the soul,
the spirit of the individual that had been lent such, or had used such in creation
as the abode of their existences, their experiences?

Is it to see corruption?
Is it to be lost entirely?
Is it to be glorified, spiritualized?
How was His Body?

As the Body is a portion of the structure in which the manifestations of the individual,
as a portion of the Whole, are carried on, it, that body
- is then in the keeping of its KEEPER.
So what wilt thou do with same?

God hath not ORDAINED that any SOUL should perish!
What of thy Body?
Hast thou ordained, hast thou so lived, hast thou so made thy Temple
that being untenable thou dost not care for its glorifying?

Ye attempt, rightly, to adorn thy Body for thy fellow man.
Dost thou care less for thy God than thy fellow man?
Dost thou purge the Body, as He hath given, that it may be made whole for thine soul?

What is to come depends upon what thou hast done,
what thou wilt do with the opportunity which is,
has been and will be THINE for the glorifying of same.

If ye would be like Him, then so live, so conduct thyself,
that THY BODY may again and AGAIN be brought into such relationships
that it may be raised; a glorified body to be known as thine very own!

That thou mayest have been called, this, that and the other name
may make for confusion to many.

But when ye say Creative Force, God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Abba, what meanest thou?
One and the same thing, carrying through in the various phases of thine own consciousness;
or of those who in their activities seek, as thou (if thou seekest aright),
to be one with Him yet to KNOW self to BE self, I AM, in and with the GREAT I AM.

The Destiny of the Body, then, lieth with the individual.
Following those suggestions that have been made,
you each should present yourselves as channels of blessings to others;
in that others may receive a better concept of the necessity
of presenting their bodies as a living sacrifice, as a living example.

Each should understand that sacrifice does not necessarily mean a giving up;
rather a glorifying of the body for a definite purpose, for an intermediary, for an ideal, for a love.

Along this line should the idea be, rather than that there should be a refraining from this or that.

The choice must be made as to the purposefulness for which the activity is to be;
and in keeping with what has been presented,
that the bodies ARE the temples of the living God.

So, the activity should be such that the self, the ego, the I AM would present same
to the God, the Father, the Universal Influence, the Creative Energy, the I AM THAT I AM,
in such measures and manners as to be a glorifying of that the body, the entity, the soul
would present as its portion of the whole.

Thus may you each of this group, in presenting your experiences through the application
of that which has been given, make for those ways, means and manners in which others,
seeing, knowing, hearing, may take the initiative necessary for the awakening
of THEIR own purposefulness in any given experience;
that may make for the turning of hate to love,
the turning from strife to a purposefulness towards peacefulness that may bring to all mankind
- at THIS time - that necessary in the influence of all.

For thoughts as they run have their activity in the experiences of all,
and thus create the environ, the atmosphere of thought upon which those
who are active in their various spheres of experience and of expression
must draw for that which will be a portion of the motivative influence in their experience.

Thus may you each here contribute of yourselves through your expressions
in those thoughts presented in this lesson, the Destiny of the Body;
and that which has been presented should be sufficient at this time
for not only the completing but for the presenting of that which has been the experience.

For as given, seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.

For the spirit is willing, flesh IS weak.
But if ye glorify that flesh, that body, in the service of the Spirit of Truth,
that Truth may indeed quicken same; and may it not be glorified
before thy brethren?

(Q) [993]: Explain, "He hath not allowed those to be tempted beyond that (in the body)
they are able to bear." [262-81]
(A) As an illustration:
When the earth came to be the dwelling place of sin, there came the Son
- that the earth and all therein might see, might know, might experience, that the Son,
the love of the Father, the glory of the Son might be manifested in flesh.

This is an illustration of how that ye are not tempted beyond that ye are able to bear.
It hath been said again, "GOD hath at no time tempted man."

But again as the Master hath said,
"Had I not come ye would not have known sin."

Hence man in his awareness of sin, of the Christ Spirit,
of that which makes him in all the phases of his experience awakened to that,
may become aware of God's destiny for the soul.

Shall it return empty-handed or bearing thy name?
As it has already been given,
the Destiny of the Soul is to return to the Giver, the Maker.

To man, in the body, does there remain the destiny of whether it, that soul,
shall return (as of the creation) empty, or bearing the name.

For hath He not said, "I have called ye by name"?

If GOD hath called thee, and thou hast harkened, then thou knowest Him.

He that hath not heard, he that hath preferred what man terms being tempted,
has given in to same and preferred the filth of the carnal experience
to that glorious association and oneness with the Way, the Life, the Light,
the Water of Life.

Hence, as given, He hath prepared the Way.

The WILL of man is either to become one with that Way or cast from it.

But ye would come, bearing WHAT name?

In the name of Him that hath given Himself in the world as a ransom for the world,
that we in that name may stand justified before the throne of mercy or peace and light.

Then how precious should be that Cross, that Name, to every soul;
that it should stand instead of thy shortcomings,
that it shall stand instead of thine own selfish ways!
But ye must make the attempt.
The attempt is righteousness.
He will bear thee up;
For as He has given,
He hath given his angels charge concerning thee.
And He, thy brother, standeth before the face of God to make intercession.
How great is the mercy!
How great is that,
"He hath not allowed me to be tempted beyond that I am able to bear!" in that Name.

(Q) [379]: Please explain what is meant by Jesus being tempted in all points like we, yet without sin.
Does this refer to more than one incarnation?
(A) That as the Son entered into the earth throughout the ages, as man counts time, there was the growth;
the growth that made for that purposefulness that the world,
the earth and the fullness thereof might be a living example of the GLORY of the Son.

And as man counteth shortcomings many there were, yet tempted in all
- even in that experience when "yet without sin"

He presented His body before the Throne of grace and mercy
(as is the promise of every man) and offered it up
- without question; offered up the blood of that body, in same becoming pure.

So does every soul that offers its body, its mind for a cleansing, become pure in that thing.

He, through all, grew to where, "This is my beloved son; hear ye him," for He hath the words of life.

(Q) [341]: Please explain heredity in relation to the Destiny of the Body.
Do we draw to our bodies the same atomic structures used in other bodies?
(A) This is rather confusing in its questioning.
There is a compliance with those things, ever, set as immutable laws.
Heredity, then, is the association of that within the minds, the bodies, the atomical structural forces of a union
which hath drawn for its OWN development as well as for that which comes AS an activity of a unison of purpose.
Hence we have a choice, yet the CHOICE of that as we have built; for as the tree falleth so shall it lie.
If the blind lead the blind BOTH shall fall into the ditch.
But He, the Lord, the Master, the Maker, maketh the paths straight to those,
for those, that seek to have HIM lead the way.

(Q) [303]: Is there a message for me?
(A) Let His strength sustain thee.
Thou hath grown in grace and in knowledge and in understanding.
Be not overcome by those things that rise that would make thee afraid;
for He will bear thee up as He hath promised.
Put thy trust WHOLLY in Him.
KNOW that He will do thee good.

Let thy daily associations,
the words of thy mouth,
the activities of thy hands and of thy bodies,
be in accord with that thou wouldst give thy brother to live by.

(Q) [993]: Please explain what was meant as given in an early reading,
that anyone taking up this work would have to give up the world for a season?
Does this mean a preparation?
(A) Take that illustrated by Him; that if ye are OF the world and in the world then ye are the world's,
but that if ye are in the world and of the Lord ye ARE the Lord's.
Then as may be said, in making the personal, practical application of the tenets, the truths, the life, the light,
the understanding that may be presented to thee through these sources, these channels,
if ye would abide in them ye are NOT OF the world - only in the world.
Hence that given, ye that would take up this as a PRACTICAL thing,
or ye that would become channels of blessings to thy fellow man, give up the world.
Not that there is not to be the use OF things material.
Even thy Master paid His tribute to Caesar.

(Q) [288]: Please explain how physical conditions may come to pass
as dreamed of at times regarding individuals.

Are such conditions set at the time dreamed of?
Why would one dream of any given condition?
[See detailed dream 262-83 Reports]
(A) The law of cause and effect is immutable, by choice in individual experience.
Or choice is the factor that alters or changes the effect produced by that which is the builder
for every experience of associations of man, in even material experience.
Hence as thought and purpose and aim and desire are set in motion by minds,
their EFFECT is as a condition that IS.
For its end, then, has been set in that He, the Giver of the heavens and the earth and those things therein,
has set the END thereof. DREAM is but ATTUNING an individual mind to those individual storehouses of experience
that has been set in motion. Hence at times there may be the perfect connection, at others there may be
the static of interference by inability of coordinating the own thought to the experience or actuality or fact set in motion.
Hence those experiences that are visioned are not only as has been given to some, to be interpreters of the unseen,
but to others dreams or as dreamer of dreams, to others as prophecy, to others healing, to others exhortation,
to this and that and the other; yet all are of the same spirit.
Hence this is the manner as may be seen.
This has little reference to BODY-DESTINY, but much with the MIND.

(Q) [585]: Would the conflict between spirit and flesh cause one to be affected physically, to become tired or even ill?
(A) RELATIVELY so. As He gave,
"For whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise and walk?"
Or again when confronted by that which had become as a disease, as a temperament of the body,
as the wantonness of the flesh, He said to the woman, "Where are those thine accusers?
- No man, Lord - Neither do I accuse thee; but SIN NO MORE."
What took place then in the experience of those individuals spoken to by LIFE, Light and Immortality?
These were concentrated and centralized upon the activity of what?
What has ever been the builder, body, mind and spirit?
As given, the expressions are in the physical, the motivative force is the spirit, the mind is the builder.
What was builded?
Those bodies had dwelt as individuals do (as may be illustrated in habit) with the interconsciousness
of the necessity of the expression of something within self which brought dis-ease, the natural result of what?
An at-variance to the divine law! Hence it may truly be said that to be at-variance may bring
sickness, dis-ease, disruption, distress in a physical body.
It is true then that the mind may heal entirely by the spoken word, by the laying on of hands,
dependent upon the CONSCIOUSNESS of the motivative forces in the individual body.
Yet those requiring material expression to create a balance may necessitate drug, knife, water, heat, electricity,
or ANY of those forces that are yet what?
What is the spirit?
The CREATIVE Force working in, with and upon what?
The awareness, the interconsciousness of the BODY, the mind, the spirit,
as separated in individuals!
O that all would gain JUST that! and not feel,
"Yes, I understand - but my desires and my body and my weaknesses
and this or that - and I didn't do it." Who else did?
This may be a hard statement for many, but you will eventually come to know it is true:
No fault, no hurt comes to self save that thou hast created in thine consciousness,
in thine inner self, the cause. For only those that ye love may hurt you.

(Q) [307]: Any message for her at this time?
(A) Keep inviolate that thou knowest.
Love the Lord and His ways.
Put thy trust wholly in Him.
He is able to bear thee up and to present in thine inner self that awareness which will make thee anew.
Those that look only to the god within become idol worshippers;
For the expression that is of thy concept is what one does ABOUT that concept!

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole?
(A) Be ye joyous in thy service to thy fellow man, in the NAME of Him who is able to keep thy ways.
Count thy hardships, thy troubles, even thy disappointments,
rather as stepping-stones to know His way better.
Be ye joyous; be ye happy in HIS LOVE.
For He hath loved us, even when afar.
How much more when we try, though we may stumble and fail!
For the trial, the test, the DETERMINATION creates that which will rise as faithful, true,
and as righteousness before the throne of grace.
For thou art under a dispensation of mercy.
Be ye merciful.
Be ye unhurt by hard words.
For THY hurts are His!
Bear them, then, with Him in thy dealings with thy fellow man.
If ye would have love, show thyself lovely;
not only to those that speak kindly to thee - for what profit have ye?
Are ye seeking the easy way?
Did He? Come!
Be joyous in thy love for thy friend, thy foe, thy loved ones, thy enemies.
For ALL are His; and as ye do it unto the least ye do it unto Him.

(Q) Any special message for the group at this time?
(A) Ye have work of love, of joy, of peace before thee.
Keep the faith, by LIVING same.
They that set themselves as knowing become stumbling blocks;
For he that would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.
Serve ye one another, in love - as becomes the children of faith.
Let thy words and thy meditation be, as ye present thy bodies, thy lives, thy activities before others:
(Q) Please explain, given in reading of May 10, 1935, "Try the spirits." [922-1]
(A) As indicated, or in making the interpretation, reason from thine conscious mind
from the first premise which is the basis of all the lessons:
All force, all power, is of the ONE source, even as was given by the Master when questioned by Pilate,
"No power is given over me save from the Father."
So in the experiences, as indicated oft, there are those activities from the outside of the physical body,
through the mental, through the spirit of those as disincarnate influences or forces.
THESE try! as to whether there is the force or power of that constructive nature as given.
They that deny that the Christ has come in the body are not of Him.

(Q) Please explain, "Try the aspects." [See 922-1]
(A) The same may be applied in THEIR phases of the same expressions.
These may lead to the questionings in the own mind;
hence TRY the aspects, from whence do they arise?
What are the promptings and what is the seat thereof?
For, as has been given by Him, there is the way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death.
This is the aspect of an individual, or collective experience.
Yet oft may there be sufficient of truth to keep alive, yet feedeth only on the egotism of the individual.
For each spirit that may make manifest must be as the complement of the Creative Forces or God,
or of that which would lead to destruction.
And how spake He?
In the mouth, in the experience of two or three witnesses is the fact established.

(Q) Please give examples and explain,
"a mental-physical experience and a spiritual-mental force."

(A) Very well in just those conditions that have been used as the phase of experience,
and of the spirit as may be tried in the experiences of individuals.
But that these may be more specific, we may use that which is the common error in and among men:
There may be the biological urge of a body for the gratifying of that which is of the ego or of self.
And the one or body so urged may use same as the justification that it, or the force, is of the Creative Energy.
Sure, but the end thereof - unless of a unison of purpose with the spiritual attributes of the body or bodies
- must bring eventual destructive forces.
Yet that urge that may arise from the oneness of purpose with the Spirit of Truth, of Life,
in being a help to an individual or body in loss of hope,
in the disturbing factors even of the biological influences, is of the Creative Forces.
The other may be only material.

(Q) Explain the "superficial body."
(A) That which is of the earth-earthy; that channel, that house, that piece of clay that is motivated
in material forces as the dwelling place of the spirit or the soul.
That is the superficial body.
The soul body is the motivative power within, that has either grown in the constructive forces
in its associations or activities, or to the gratifying, satisfying of the superficial emotions or urges.

(Q) Is it possible for our bodies to be rejuvenated in this incarnation?
(A) Possible.
For, as the body is an atomic structure, the units of energy around which there are the movements
 of the atomic forces that - as given - are ever the sentiment or pattern of a universe, as these atoms,
as these structural forces are made to conform or to rely upon or to be one with the spiritual import,
the spiritual activity, they revivify, they make for constructive forces.
How is the way shown by the Master?
What is the promise in Him?
The last to be overcome is death. Death of what?
The SOUL cannot die; for it is of God.
The body may be revivified, rejuvenated.
And it is to that end it may, the body, TRANSCEND the earth and its influence.
But not those standing here may reach it yet!

(Q) Is it true that "destiny is the result of Will's activity on karma?"
(A) It is and it isn't. Depends upon the approach or the phase of same.
What has been thy lesson? The BODY-destiny depends upon the will,
by the use of the mind, that is of the spirit.
If the mind is to gratify the body without the consideration of the spirit, that destiny is made, see?
For to say the body of an individual, or an entity, is soul and then to say
God hath not WILLED that any SOUL should perish, is not conformity.
For will the WILL of man override God, or will man be GROUND to that NECESSARY for his own awakening?
Ye that worry and are troubled, ye that are doubtful and fearful,
who hath brought this upon you? God?
GOD hath not at any time tempted man,
but if ye will but accept it He hath prepared with every temptation,
with every fault in man, a way of escape.
And the will of man is JUST combative.
But the end of the soul MUST be back to its Maker.
But what manner of body ye will carry depends upon thy will, yes.

(Q) Explain, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."
 [Matt. 6:22, 23.] [Given as "moral perception" in Bible notes.]
(A) It explains itself.
The I AM, the I Self, the I Consciousness, the eye as in those things James has given;
the eye that hath looked on, the eye that hath observed,
the eye that hath desired in the heart.
If thine eye be single thine whole body is then full of light.
Just as indicated in that given, as the Master gave to him that became the teacher to many peoples,
 how hard it is to kick against the pricks.
Or in other words, how hard it is to make thine eye single,
or thyself to say, "Lord, have THY way with me."

(Q) [585]: Please explain the experience I had on the morning of July 17th,
in which I saw a pyramid of smoke over my head and then a burning bush within.
What do these symbols mean?
(A) The awakening to that as must be a portion of the experience necessary
for the full cleansing, the full awakening to the possibilities that lie within.
How hath He given that ye shall be purged?
Even as by fire.
This, to be sure, then, is emblematical; that thy service may rise as sweet incense
from the altar of service in thyself.
So long as ye look upon a service done, a good deed, as a lesson, as a duty,
as a service, so long are ye subject to same.
When to do good is the joy, when to deny self is a pleasure,
THEN thou wilt know the I AM is awakened within.

(Q) Please give a discourse on Destiny as related to the Body.
(A) Much has been given.
Apply THAT first; then seek ye as has been given.
For ye have sufficient material that unless ye apply same ye must indeed live it.

(Q) [404]: Please give me a message at this time.
(A) Let the light of His countenance, as it comes before thee in thy service with thy fellow man,
keep that hope burning in thine heart for the joy of the privilege of serving in HIS vineyard.
In this then be joyous that thou art counted as worthy to be a channel of blessing to many,
to bring before the face of those that opportunity of the knowledge that may purge their minds, their bodies,
for a greater channel of service, of blessings to others - those ye contact day by day.

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole?
(A) Hold ye one to another in thy prayer, thy meditation, thy service;
for in union is strength, even in Him.

(Q) Should we study to present with this lesson an understanding of the Book of Revelation? If so, how?
(A) Not necessarily;
For one is as the spiritual body,
that is given in symbolic activity for the learned,
while we are beginning with babes!

(Q) At the change called death is the entity free of a physical or material body?
(A) Free of the material body but not free of matter; only changed in the form as to matter;
and is just as acute to the realms of consciousness as in the physical or material or carnal body, or more so.

(Q) What is meant by the resurrection of the body? What body?
(A) That Body thou hast taken in thine individuality to draw upon,
from matter itself, to give it shadow or form, see?
As may be seen by a study of the information which has been given through these sources
as to the various appearances of an individual soul-entity in the earth,
sometimes the body is six foot two, again four foot five; sometimes fair of hair,
sometimes of very dark complexion.
What has the Book written on same?
MAN looketh on the outward appearance; GOD looketh on the heart.
This is the same, but why the change?
In entering into materiality, that thou hast used of spirituality or Creative Force
makes for the development that has been in the experience of thy entity or soul-body, see?
Then as it appeareth in the earth, what has been the builder ever?
MIND! Mind of what?
Of the entity! as associated with Creative Forces drawn by those environs
into which it has come in its various experiences.
The matter is drawn, as it were, of the soul and of the soul-entity.
Hence with what Body shall ye be raised?
The same Body ye had from the beginning!
or the same Body that has been thine throughout the ages!
else how could it be individual?
The PHYSICAL, the dust, dissolves; yes.
But when it is condensed again, what is it? The SAME Body! It doesn't beget a different Body!

(Q) Is the body aware of the destiny of the physical body at birth?
(A) God Himself knows not what man will destine to do with himself,
else would He have repented that He had made man? [Gen.6:6]
He has given man free-will.
MAN destines the body!

(Q) Moses taught the laws of health to the children of Israel.
If we should strictly follow these or similar laws,
would it make for a perfect body, a better mind and more soul development?
(A) It may make for a better Body, a better Mind.
As to the Soul development, this depends upon the use of the same in thy experience.
Did the high office of priesthood make Nadab or Abihu better, or have more soul development?
They used that they had for their own destruction!
Did the office of being chosen by God Himself to be the king over his brethren make Saul a better man?
Was he better as the prophet, as the king, or as the dead king?

(Q) Is the destiny of woman's body to return to the rib of man, out of which it was created?
If so, how; and what is meant by "the rib?"
(A) With this ye touch upon delicate subjects, upon which MUCH might be said respecting the necessity
of that UNION of influences or forces that are divided in the earth in sex,
in which all must become what?
As He gave in answer to the question, "Whose wife will she be?"
In the heavenly kingdom ye are neither married nor given in marriage;
neither is there any such thing as sex; ye become as ONE
- in the union of that from which, OF which, ye have been the portion from the beginning!

(Q) [585]: Do the dreams I had last night and night before bear on the Destiny of the Body?
(A) Bear on the destiny of thy OWN Body!

(Q) As I call each name, you will give each a personal message on the Destiny of the Body.
(A) Of their OWN Body!

(Q) [288]:
(A) Keep thy Mind, thy Body, more in accord with thy own ideal, if thou wilt know that thou ART One with Him.

(Q) [585]:
(A) As thou hast been shown the necessity of the purges within thine Mind, thine Body,
that thou may know the glory of Him who took His own body that ye might have a pattern, so keep ye the way.

(Q) [307]:
(A) Let the Lord and His ways EVER be thy guide.
Let NOT the word of man, in any form, turn thee aside from that thou hast been shown in thy heart.

(Q) [560]:
(A) Let the ways which lie before thee be kept ever open that ye may know more
and more the glory of the risen Lord, that THY body may be one with Him.

(Q) [379]:
(A) Unto him that hath shall be given.
Keep the ways of the Lord before thee.
Bind them upon thy forehead, that ye may see and hear and know only that which is good.

(Q) [303]:
(A) Let the law of the Lord be as a lamp unto thy feet,
that ye err not in thy walks before thy fellow man.
Thus shall ye keep the way and walk therein.

(Q) [993]:
(A) The light of the Lord is precious in thy sight.
Let NOTHING deter thee nor make thee afraid.
For ye shall see Him as He IS.

(Q) [341]:
(A) THOU hast seen the way; thou hast known that which maketh men afraid; thou hast known
that which easily besets the ways of those that would harken to the vicissitudes of life.
KEEP the faith thou HAST had!

(Q) [404]:
(A) The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the ways that seemeth awry,
making straight the paths of those that love His coming.
Keep in those paths as thou art shown from day to day.

(Q) [462]:
(A) In the Lord's house are many mansions, and they that keep His ways shall dwell therein;
in those Bodies that they BUILD with their fellow man day by day!
Know the Lord, that He is good.

(Q) [413]:
(A) In the way of the Lord the earth seems afar off. In the way of the earth the Lord seemeth far off.
Keep, thou, close to the ways of the Lord.

(Q) [295]:
(A) The Lord's ways are not past finding out, if ye will seek them.
They that seek for the satisfying, for the gratifying of the MATERIAL forces, know NOT the Lord.
Let HIM have His way with thee.

(Q) [294]:
(A) The Lord keep thee; the Lord bless thee,
and cause His face to shine upon thee and bring thee peace!

(Q) [538]:
(A) Unto those that trust in the Lord, He MAKETH the paths straight.
Unto those that trust in the might of their own counsel,
or their own strength, it cometh to naught.
Trust ye in the Lord!

(Q) [264]:
(A) Present in this room:
The Lord's ways thou KNOWEST.
Keep them, if ye would know HIM the better.
Let not the cares of thy Body, of thy Mind, of thy life in the earth, deter thee.
For the Lord loveth those that are JUST KIND to His children.

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole?
(A) As has been given, study that thou hast had presented to thee;
lest thou experience much that would show thy shortcomings.

(Q) Was the Apostles' Creed man-made or inspired?
(A) What is inspiration?
From the standpoint of the seeker (for all haven't sought this), it was man-made.
From the standpoint of many another present, it was the interpretation
prompted by the inspiration to make a united effort in the purposefulness of one line of thought.
To be sure, this answers to some and to others does not.
The Apostles' Creed as presented, to be sure, as would be judged by those who are orthodox,
is inspirational; and comes from those sources that to many a man are considered authoritative.
As to the experiences of the apostles themselves, this - to be sure - was created or put together
some ninety-seven, yes a hundred and sixteen years later than the last of their activities;
yet it was the expression that came from the activities.
The belief of all the twelve apostles?
No, not as written; but the experience in the minds and hearts and souls of many who sought
as best they understood to present a solid front, with each naming that for which he stood in his own life.
Most of these expressions presented in the Creed may be the experience of each and every soul.
And to no soul does any expression become a portion of self until experienced;
EXPERIENCED by the soul!
Many may find here and there a word, a phrase, a sentence,
a line that answers to something because it has been the experience or is the answer to a longing that has not yet been satisfied wholly.
For until there is an answer that to the soul is the JUSTIFICATION of that which is THOUGHT, it is not even a good axiom to the soul!

(Q) With whose spirit, mentioned in the Apostles' Creed, would we commune; with ourselves or God's?
(A) Within ourselves to God.
For, as intimated elsewhere, "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit."
Whose spirit?
There is only ONE Spirit - of Truth.
There may be divisions, as there may be many drops of water in the ocean yet they are all of the ocean.
Separated, they are named for those activities in various spheres of experiences
that are sought to be expressed here.
The communion of the spirit of the divine within self may be with the source of divinity.
This is what is meant by the communion of saints, of those that are of one thought,
for [because] all thought for activity emanates from the same source,
and there is the natural communion of those who are in that thought.
This may be be expressed by that indicated oft, that unless a helpful experience may be presented
in an individual's activity as a parallel, as a complement, as a positive and negative force
that may be united in one effort, it does not run true.
For OPPOSITES create disturbance, dissensions, disruptions, devilment.
A union of force makes for strength and power.
Thus, the communion of saints means that all who have one purpose,
whose thoughts and motivative forces are one, may communicate;
whether those in the material plane, in the borderland,
or those that may be upon the shores of the other side of life.
What meaneth the interpreters of the experiences in that,
"Ye as standing here shall see glory; and after six days he taketh with him Peter, James and John
and goeth apart into the mountain and there was transfigured before them"?
What saw they?
A glorified body?
The glory of the body brought what?
Communion of saints?
For who appeared WITH Him?
Moses; that to those present meant a definite undertaking which set them apart from other peoples,
which has made for the first association or communication direct with a creative force or God
through the activative forces in their experience.
And Elijah (or John the Baptist); representing that they, too, would become as messengers to a waiting world,
ready, ripe unto the harvest as he had told them.
Then this INDEED was the communion of saints.
It is the natural state that the intent and purpose of activity in whatever environ or sphere ye may find self,
is attuned with that sought by the soul.
When may such a communication be given?
Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you - that attunement to which thou hast brought thine self!
Hence more and more is the admonition given that if ye would know God ye must be godlike to some poor soul.
If ye would have friends, be a friend to a friendless one.
If ye would know peace and harmony, BRING peace and harmony to the experience of another soul.
Yes, be even as He; who showed His glory to His disciples in the mount; facing death,
facing even the denial by one to whom He was showing himself that he had any part in that which He would give to others.
Let it be so in thine ministry, in thine activity; in the preparations of thy body, thy mind, thy knowledge
concerning that which may bring to thine self those awarenesses of the Spirit of Truth,
those things that make for the experiences of each and every soul.
Seek not the experience until - and unless
- ye know from whence and how and to whom it is given!

(Q) What is the Holy Church?
(A) That which makes for the awareness in the heart of the individual.
It is as He that was set as the head of the Church is the church.
The Church is never a body, never an assembly.
An INDIVIDUAL soul becomes aware that it has taken that Head, that Son, that Man even,
to be the intermediator.
THAT is the Church; that is what is spoken of as the Holy Church.
What readest thou? "Upon this I will build my church."
What church?
The Holy Church?
Who is the head?
That One upon whom the conditions had been set by that question asked.
For here ye may find the answer again to many of those questions sought concerning
the Spirit, the Church, the Holy Force that manifests by the attuning of the individual;
though it may be for a moment.
He asked, "Whom say men that I am?"
Then Peter answered, "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God!"
Then, "Upon this I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
He said to Peter, "Flesh and blood - FLESH and blood - hath not revealed this unto thee,
but my Father which is in heaven."
Within the hearts, the minds; the place where Truth is made manifest!
Wherever Truth is made manifest it gives place to that which is heaven
FOR THOSE THAT SEEK and love truth!
but a mighty hell for those that seek gratification of their own selves!
And these are those things which become stumblingblocks to many an individual
that becomes more and more material-minded.
For there must be seen; yet they heed not what HAS been seen and heard and given of old.
Who communicated, ye want to know, to Peter when he gave this confession?
Whom did He say is thy father, thy mother, thy sister, thy brother?
He that doeth the will of the Father in heaven, the same is thy EARTHLY father,
thy EARTHLY mother, thy earthly brother and thy sister.
They that love TRUTH rather than the satisfying, the gratifying of FLESHLY desires.
This does not indicate that no beauty, no joy, no happiness is to be in the experience
of those who claim to seek to be the channel of blessings, or the source of inspiration to others!
Who is the father of Joy?
Who is the father of Happiness?
Who is the father of Peace?
The same that thou would serve in showing forth the Lord's death till He come again.
For he that is long-faced, he that is sorry for the world is sorry most for himself;
and of such has He said, "Though in my name ye cast out demons,
though ye heal the sick, I will say Depart from me, I never knew you."
For ye have your own glory when such is done that it may be seen and known
and heard among men alone.
But love thy neighbor.
Love thine enemy.
Love those that despitefully use you.
For what profit hath thou if ye love only those that love you?

(Q) Should the outlines of this portion of the lesson on Destiny,
the Physical Body, be in the form of questions?
(A) In the form of questions and answers, as indicated.

(Q) Please explain how the physical body may be cleansed?
(A) Read rather that presented in Meditation.
Here it is given.
What may be cleansing for one will only partly be found so by another.
WHAT is thy standard?

(Q) Why did Jesus say, "Touch me not," when He first appeared to Mary after the resurrection?
(A) For the vibrations to which the glorified body was raised would have been the same
as a physical body touching a high power current.
Why do you say not touch the wire?
If ye are in accord, or not in touch with the earth, it doesn't harm; otherwise, it's too bad!

(Q) Please explain Romans 8:23,
"And not only they but ourselves also which have the just fruits of the spirit,
even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption;
to wit, the redemption of our body."
(A) Just as given, as to the manner in which the glorified body, though still of clay,
was shown before those witnesses that were to bear the evidences within themselves
and their activities.
Read this within the light of that given, and ye will understand.

(Q) Please explain I Cor. 15:51. Is the reference here to body?
"Behold, I show you a mystery.
We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."
(A) Referring to the body; though the individual here speaking
(Paul) LOOKED for this to happen in his own day, see?
For what is the stumblingblock to us today?
If we do a good deed we want God to repay us tomorrow!
So did Paul! Did he not groan continually that the mark, that scar in him, was not removed?
Did he not bring those things as said by Peter concerning same?
That, "He speaketh many things hard to be understood, that many wrest with to their own destruction."
To what did he refer?
That their idea (of many who spoke) of time and space was limited;
for they had even less conception of same than the weakest among you here!

(Q) Any message to the group as a whole?
(A) Let this be in thy minds, thy hearts and thy lives, as ye go about preparing that
as will be thy contribution to this lesson which will go to many.
For, as given, the time will come when these things written here ye many may study again;
and will be as Bibles are to many in the present.
But let thy light so shine among thine own associates day by day that ye are indeed
NOT ASHAMED to speak that thou hast heard in the manner of thy living,
in the same breath with that ye do and say to thy fellow man.

Updated: 2 May 2014