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(262-78 to 262-81) 

262-78   3rd of March, 1935
262-79  10th of March, 1935
262-80  28th of April, 1935
262-81  12th of May, 1935

MIND in itself, then, is both MATERIAL(PHYSICAL) and SPIRITUAL.

That which finds itself expressed or manifested in material things
is of the PHYSICAL.

to such a degree as to give the expressions in materiality.

That which is expressed or manifested in SPIRIT,
without taking body or form,
yet may be MANIFESTED in THE EXPERIENCE of an individual.


Where is thy DESTINY?
It is in what one does about that one knows that one becomes in oneself.
For it is oneself from one's portion or activity of that FIRST MOVEMENT OF MIND
from the SPIRITUAL aspect or from the MATERIAL aspect.

MIND is, as has been given, both PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL;
IS AMENDABLE (correctable) TO LAWS that GOVERN same

as to THE GROWTH in which the INWARD SELF would make
for ITS EXPRESSIONS in materiality or in matter.

There is the MIND OF THE SOUL.
There is ever that battle between the FLESH (PHYSICAL) and THE SPIRIT.

As the MIND dwells upon that in materiality
(or in the flesh or of the earth-earthy)
to satisfy, to make for growth within the flesh,
this - as the Master has given
- does not find itself in that of growth.
But rather as He gave:
Then all of these things may be added unto you."

where we find EXPRESSIONS
of the PHYSICAL and of the SPIRITUAL,
we find MIND.

Yet what is known as the GROUP MIND
- or that of the PLANT KINGDOM,
- returns (as its Destiny) to the CREATIVE FORCE

Yea, MIND is that which makes
for THE DESTINY in the EXPERIENCE of all.
Not by denial alone but rather
and we then are ONE WITH HIM.

In gaining that which may be helpful in preparation of those tenets that may be applied
in the study and the experiences of selves and of others,
as respecting the lesson DESTINY,
study first well that which has been given in reference to same
in the varied approaches that have come from time to time.

As to that portion of same respecting Mind and Destiny,
this - to be sure - will be as a portion or a lesson in itself,
including Mind in relation to the varied attributes of the physical,
the mental and the spiritual bodies.

Mind in itself, then, is both material and spiritual.

That which finds itself expressed or manifested in material things
is of the physical, for matter is an expression of spirit in motion
to such a degree as to give the expressions in materiality.

That which is expressed or manifested in spirit, without taking body or form,
is of the spirit; yet may be manifested in the experience of an individual.
As may be seen by the reference to those here, to those that are students,
to "What Is My Ideal?"
Here we find it expressly given that it, the ideal, must have its inception in, from
and with that which is an unseen force, or in that we may worship as a God.
Mind, then, may function without a form or body.

Hence we will give, at this particular portion of this,
that as an outline of those conditions, experiences or manifestations
that may be had by the mind irrespective of the body:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. How?
The MIND of God MOVED, and matter, form, came into being.

Mind, then, in God, the Father, is the builder.
How much more, then, would or should Mind be the builder in the experience of those
that have put on Christ or God, in Him, in His coming into the earth?

For as He has given,
"Let that mind be in you which was in the Christ, who thought it not robbery
to make Himself equal with God," but living in materiality in the earth, in matter,
as a body; but with the Mind, with the thought, with the manifestations of a Creative Force all together.

Then, Destiny as related to that Mind:
Mind as related to Destiny must conform, must confine, must be amenable to,
must be as one of the immutable laws that has been set by that MIND
calling into being worlds, the universe, the earth, man, giving man a portion of Himself,
and furnishing man - as it were - a channel, an access, to that Throne of grace, mercy, truth,
that Mind of God itself; the soul, the ultimate, the only portion that may be in accord with
or in the presence of Him.

For, as has been given, flesh and blood does not inherit eternal life.
Flesh and blood is merely an expression, and in all its attributes carries with same
those portions, those movements, those urges;
just as each atom is made up of urges according to the movement of and with what?
That which in its final analysis is the Mind of that Creative Energy
which has called into being the mind that is a portion of self.

And what is its Destiny?
Is it that as the man thinketh in his heart so is he?
or as ye sow, so shall ye reap?

That ye think, that ye put your Mind
to work upon, to live upon, to feed upon,
to live with, to abide with, to associate with in the mind,
THAT your soul-body becomes!
That is the law.
That is the Destiny.
That is as from the beginning,
that each thought of the Creator bore within itself
its own fruit as from the beginning.

How does matter, how does the seed of the oak
or of the grass or of the flower or of the tree
or of the animal or of the man,
find within itself that which impels, propagates the specie?
the activative force that moves on in its realm of activity
in whatsoever sphere it may find itself,
giving expressions of that first thought of the Creative Forces?
That is its Destiny,
which the easterners say was set in the first.

But, as ye see, this is only half a truth.
For if the Mind dwells upon the spiritual things,
then it follows that it becomes what it has dwelt upon,
what it has lived upon,
what it has made itself a portion of.

But if the Mind dwells upon self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation,
selfishness in any of its forms, in any of its variations,
then it has set itself at variance to that First Cause;
and we have that entered in as from the beginning,
that of making the will through the Mind
- at variance to Creative Forces before it has come into matter,
into the movements in matter that we know as physical, material,
as those things that are of the earth-earthy.

Yet we find the law, the same law, applying throughout the universe.
For what was that which enabled man, or a mind, to first comprehend?
"Know, O ye people, the Lord thy God is ONE!"
ONE from the beginning to the ending, to those that use,
to those that become constructive in their thinking, that are ever constructive in their Minds,
in their indwellings, in their resting upon, in their thoughts, in their meditations,
and ACT IN THE SAME MANNER, to build towards that which does make,
that creates in the experience of each and every soul that knowledge.

How easily, then, must it have been said, that it hath not yet entered the mind of man
as to the unspeakable glories of him who has washed his raiment in the blood of the Lamb,
who has made himself one in thought, in deed, in body, one with that thought,
that purpose, that mind, of God.

So as ye comtemplate, as ye meditate, as ye look upon the Mind,
know the Mind hath many windows.

And as ye look out of thine inner self, know whereunto thou art looking, thou art seeking.
What is thy ideal?
What would you have your mind-body to become?
For that upon which it feeds it becomes, that either by thought, by assimilation, by activity, by radial force,
by atomic influence, by the very influence of its activity in WHATEVER SPHERE that activity may be within.

And in the material mind it is the same.

Hence, as turning then to the physical Mind:
This becomes necessary, as is set by some, for the application of the Mind,
for the preparations for its activity in the material world.

Yet these become so intermingled, so much a portion in the body and out of the body,
that oft one becomes confused as to what is of spiritual import
and what is of the material or the necessities of same.

Yet ye are seeking in this to know what is the Destiny of the Mind.
What has been set?
Where is thy Destiny?
It is in what one does about that one knows that one becomes in oneself.
For it is oneself from one's portion or activity of that first movement of Mind
from the spiritual aspect or from the material aspect.

Many questions, to be sure, will arise in the minds of many as respecting spiritual healing,
materialization, and all phases of such activities.

But if ye are well-grounded in those tenets, in that truth which has been presented here
for thine own consideration, for thine own application in thine individual experience,
then ye may set many a mind aright; and let, and have, and see their lives
becoming more and more constructive in their daily experience,
with their fellow man and in relationships with those they meet day by day.

For what is applicable to one is in the same relationship to self.
For when those activities become such that the Mind of the individual,
of the soul, finds itself expressing itself in the physical, in the mental,
the body will take on what?
In the earth?
Yes; reflecting same that it may bring what is as the tree of life in the garden,
that its leaves are for the healings of the nations;
that are the leaves that may fall from thy lips,
from thy activities to thy fellow man,
in whatever sphere or realm of activity.
Because of thine own self, because thou art grounded in the water of life itself,
as ye grow upon those inflowings and outflowings of the spirit of Him that gave,
"Let that mind be in you which is in me, that as I abide in the Father
and ye abide in me, we may be one with Him,"
which is the Destiny of those that love His coming.

In considering that portion of same that has been given concerning Destiny as related to the Mind,
there may be added - as has been given - that if there is the concept gained here,
ye may through these lessons set many aright as respecting same. [See 262-80]

Consider these phases or portions of same in the present:
"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he," and
"Thou canst not by taking thought turn one hair white or black, nor add one cubit to thy stature."

These in their various manners present the correct interpretation, then, of the Destiny of the Mind.

Mind is, as has been given, both physical and spiritual;
is amenable to laws that govern same in its phase of manifestation.

Mind is the motivative influence in expression as to the growth in which the inward self would make
for its expressions in materiality or in matter.

What meaneth, then, those that spoke as given,
"As a man thinketh so is he"?
So does the growth become.

For in the material things, as we shall find as respecting the Destiny of the Body,
as a man eateth so is he also - the physical man.

As a man thinketh so is he also;
destined that that which is the growth of those influences
in the experience of the individual for its accomplishing,
its fulfilling that purpose for which it came into being.

Then the question, naturally, is asked:
Is the Destiny of a Mind set at the time of its birth into materiality?
As to what it will think?
As to what its environs will be?
As to the length of its period of expression in the earth?

Is it destined to lose a tooth on a certain day,
a hair on a certain day, an arm,
or this or that experience?

These are in those signs that have been indicated, that as ye are, as ye were,
so will ye be by or through that which has been accomplished in the experience of the body, of the mind, of the soul;
that it, the soul (the only living portion of same), might be one.

It is destined that it will pass through that experience necessary to give it, the soul,
the greater opportunity for its becoming one with that purpose for which it came into being.
For God hath not willed that any soul should perish but with each temptation hath prepared a way, a means of escape.

This, then, would indicate that as the soul, or as the man, or as the mind works at in its thinking it becomes.

Then does this belie that the Master gave,
"Ye cannot by taking thought add one whit or one cubit to thy stature, nor turn one white hair black"?
This then rather indicates, rather assures those that accept what He has given,
that it - the thought - is a growth by that which is
(and will be seen the more in that which may be expressed
or given as concerning) the Destiny of the Body.

But for that which may illustrate to each of you in your own experience as to the Destiny,
or what thought or what Mind may do as determining the SOUL'S Destiny:

There is the Mind of the soul.
There is the Mind of the physical being.
There is ever that battle between the flesh and the spirit,
which has been from those periods when man projected himself into flesh
through the power given him and partook of flesh in such a manner as that flesh,
as all matter, dieth in the matter or physical plane.
Yet the spirit or the soul-man dieth not, for it is the gift of God.

Then as the Mind dwells upon that in materiality or in the flesh or of the earth-earthy,
to satisfy, to make for growth within the flesh, this - as the Master has given
- does not find itself in that of growth but rather as He gave,
"Seek first the kingdom of God within you;
THEN all of these things may be added UNTO you."
Not as thou seest fit, not for thine own indulgences, but that ye may indeed and in truth
be one in Him with the Father, and thus fulfill in each experience that which is
the fulfillment of that destined for thee.

Hast thou then aught to do with thy days in the earth?
How readest thou?
"Honor thy Father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the earth which the Lord,
thy God, giveth thee."

Honor, then, to whom honor is due destines that greater opportunities for an individual soul
in an individual experience will be the result of such activity.

How doth honor come?
First by the THINKING, the meditating upon; so that in the acts, in the words,
these bring honor, bring that which is honor to such in a material manifestation.

How, then, dost thou read as respecting that the fulfilling of the law as concerning
that thou wouldest do in thine experience day by day will bring into the mental,
the material, the spiritual, the soul experience of each that which may, which will,
which DOES fulfil that for which THAT entity, that individuality, is destined?
By whom?
Is it within self?
Is it within the gift of the Father?

For if ye labor one with another, ye cannot serve two masters; for ye will love one and hate the other.
If ye live for thyself thou fulfillest the Destiny for self-love, self-glorification.

If thou thinkest and livest the life of love in Him that IS Life, IS Love,
thou fulfillest that Destiny for which He has given thee.
Thou must be purged so as by fire, for eventually ye must pass under the rod.

In the portion of this study as pertains to Destiny as related to the Mind, then,
does there come the real import - or where there are the divisions of same
by some as respecting that presented by Him, the Master, the Christ.

Mind is, as has been given, both spiritual and physical.

In the material world, where we find expressions of the physical and of the spiritual, we find Mind.

Yet what is known as the Group Mind
- or that of the plant kingdom,
the mineral kingdom
and the animal kingdom or group
- returns (as its Destiny)
to the Creative Force
which is its author, its maker.

MAN - the free will agent;
man made to become a companion to the Creator
through the purification, by manifestation of the love of God
as may be manifested in the earth
- makes his Destiny as to whether his Mind
(that accompanies his soul)
is one with or in opposition to the Creative Forces.

For he, for weal or woe, gives expression of same in his activity.

And his Destiny - his Mind's Destiny - is in Him if he, man,
will but make the Mind one with that which is creative
in its essence, in its activity, in its flow.

For Mind is the dividing line between that which is human, that which is man,
and that which is animal - or of that division of a group soul or consciousness.

Hence the variation in that He taught as He gave to Nicodemus,
"Know ye not ye must be born again?"

Born of water and of blood; that is, of the spirit
- yet the spirit making manifest in the flesh the last command,
the whole command as He gave,
"A new commandment I give, that ye love one another"
- that ye be of one mind, of one purpose, of one aim, of one desire.

That each must approach from his or her own vision,
his or her own status of development,
does not alter that as has been spoken,
"As the man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

So does the Mind bring health, wealth, happiness;
in that it is made ONE WITH Constructive Force,
one with the Creator; and thus fulfill its Destiny
- to become One in Him, One with the Father.

Not by other than that "abiding in me, as I in the Father, ye in me."

And what ye ask, what ye seek, what ye live, what ye are will be one with that force.

Thus is the Destiny of Mind.

Thus is the variation that lies between East and West;
that of the old tenet yet ever new, presented in MIND IS THE BUILDER.

Yea, Mind is that which makes for the Destiny in the experience of all;
not by denial alone but rather by an active, positive assurance
of the Mind's activity being One in Him.
As He abides in the Father,
ye may abide in the Father also.
For as He is the Way,
He is the Light,
He is the bread of Life,
He is the water of Life,
He is the Vine,
we abide in that Mind,
that Flow of Life as of Him,
and we then are One with Him.

It has been indicated from the first portion of that which has been given
that there would be set forth rather the preamble,
as to how this lesson is to be considered in its various phases;
Mind, Body, Soul; the mental, the physical, the spiritual man.

Also what pertains to that portion or relation of the mind as to the body,
and how it bears relationships to that dealing with the physical forces,
the physical aspects and the physical relationships in the individual's activity;
and a creative force making the correlations of the various portions of the data respecting same.

Then there is the Mind as the spiritual aspect or consciousness, in the material, in the soul or mental body;
and the Mind that is the portion of the awareness within, that is made for its constructive forces
in the individual aspects of the soul.

Here again we come to those mooted questions as to the portion that becomes the personality and individuality of the mind
in its relationships to what becomes a constructive influence in the activity of the individual or the entity in its entirety.

So we have or meet those various aspects in the experience of each individual;
For where there has been the constructive or destructive aspects in the experience of each individual,
they must be met in that same sphere or plane of activity in which they have been in action in the experience of the entity
- and met according to that which is to be meted.

For what saith the law?
As ye mete, so shall it be meted to thee in thine OWN experience, in thine own activity.
So, as individuals in their material or mental experience in the material world find
that they are in the activity of being mistreated, as from their angle,
from their own angle have they mistreated.

If harshness has come to thine own experience, so has there been in thine own activity
that which makes for same; and so is the experience in each phase.

Some may ask, some may say, how or when does one become aware of that mercy, grace?
As the individual in the Christ is under the law of grace and mercy and not of sacrifice.
Then indeed does each soul, each individual, in same become aware of the saving grace
- or the purpose for which the Holy One gave within self that sacrifice such that all through Him
may become aware, in the SPIRITUAL plane, through the grace of the Christ,
of the manner in which the individual has met in the material.

For He hath forgiven thee already.
Only in thine brother - as ye are to be judged before Him by the deeds done in the body-PHYSICAL.
For once for all has He entered in that ye are forgiven by Him already.

Then, in the preparation, prepare same in the present manner as has been indicated and outlined for the various phases.
And then as there is the undertaking in the Destiny of the Mind, the Destiny of the Soul
- as these are given and their tenets and truths correlated,
they need only those changes that make them as ONE.
For the Lord thy God is One.
One Lord, one Christ, one faith, one hope, one baptism - in the Christ; putting on Christ.

(Q) How should we define the following in this lesson: First, what is gospel?
(A) News, tidings, understandings; that which bespeaks the sounding of warning, knowledge, awakening
- if there will be the considering in the mind of the hearer. Gospel. Glad tidings.

(Q) Second, what is truth?
(A) That which makes aware of the divine within each and every activity;
that is of the mental, the material, the spiritual self - and is a growth in each and every soul.

(Q) What is judgment?
(A) With what judgment shall ye be judged?
Law is love;
Love is law.
Judgment is weighing love, law, according to the intent,
the purpose of the activity in its relationships to thyself
and to the force that impelled same.
A weighing of evidence in an activity;
as Law is that through which, by which, in which all are judged.

(Q) [993]: May I have a message from my Elder Brother, the Christ?
(A) Abide thou in the way that has been chosen by thee.
Meet oft in thine inner self, in judgment upon thyself in Him.
For ye keep the way open for many.

(Q) Is there a message for the group as a whole?
(A) Let that thou doest in thine application of that being presented thee, for the edification of thy brethren,
be done in humbleness of heart, in singleness of purpose, in service THROUGH thy Lord's meeting oft with thee.
And as ye do it in this manner will He abide closer, closer - Lord, to thee.
Let thy prayer and thy meditation be,

(Q) Please explain that given in reading of March 10, 1935 [262-79],
"If there is the concept gained here, ye may through these lessons set many aright as respecting same." 
(A) As has just been given; that those thoughts, those expressions of creation, those expressions of manifestivity in materiality
- in flesh, in matter, in activity - are the variations.
Not that which entereth into the man defileth, but that which cometh out of the man
- IN thought, in act, in word. As He gave, then, set others aright.

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