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Fellowship Readings
(262-21 to 262-23) 

262-21 12th June, 1932
262-22 26th June, 1932
262-23 10th July, 1932

Fellowship with God is Fellowship with All.
So how do we have Fellowship with God?
Be kind to others.
Be gentle to others.
Be compassionate to others.
Be loving to others.
Be sincere in purpose.
Be pure in mind.
Be reasonable to others and oneself.
Be merciful
If you have anything at all against someone present it to God and leave it with Him.
Ask God to forgive the same way you forgive others.
Rely on His promises.  [Click here for His Promises]

As each will find when searching their own hearts,
is making ever a balance in the activities of self towards thy fellow man.

For would we seek grace, mercy, understanding, would we have faith, knowledge.
there must be the exercising of grace,mercy,understanding in our fellow man.

As we have dealt with those attributes (cooperation,know thyself,faith, virtue and understanding)
necessary in the preparing of self to deal with,or know the heart of self,
so must the acts, the judgments as would be builded in ourselves,
be found in our fellow man, and that is if we seek to be
in the position of communion with the spirit within;
And THE FELLOWSHIP is the promise of the Father through the Son,
then be kind and gentle,compassionate and loving, to thy fellow man.

In this manner, then, let each purge their own minds and hearts,
and he that has anything at all against any
then present it to the throne of grace,
and His mercy is sufficient unto all.

"As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them."
"Forgive me, Father, even as I forgive my brother"
should be that lesson, that exercising of the position each would take,
if they want to know the Face of Him who seeks FELLOWSHIP with His creatures;

For as the Father pitieth His children, so in that manner may the Father gather those close
that would seek fellowship with Him.

KNOW that as ye forgive, ye will be forgiven;

For "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me."

As we deal, then, with our fellow man, may there be expected and may we expect
- those blessings to come to us.

In the way and manner as we deal, so must it come again to all.

In the preparations, then, let each set their minds, their hearts, their souls, at peace with Him;

And there will come that light that will shine in the darkest hour,
in those periods when needed most.

Approach the throne of mercy with mercy to all.

In carrying on, it would be well that THE SPIRIT OF FELLOWSHIP among the members of the group
be in accord with that which has been and may be given.

Well that this be in unison of purpose, as well as said outwardly.

In all things fellowship as the lesson that begins, as has been given,

that their relationships between their fellow man and the Creative Forces be such
that makes A CEMENTING OF THE PURPOSES for which the lessons are given to others.

Then, let their meditation be as this:

In this manner may these truly become the living lessons.

Not one dependent upon another,
but all conscious that they have been called,
and unless they answer in person they may not have
that is promised to those who have vowed and bowed unto Him.

In consideration of FELLOWSHIP,
this should mean a great deal to each and every member of this or such a group;

For with THE APPLICATION in their own experience
there may be EXPECTED, and there may be RECEIVED,
that TRUE FELLOWSHIP in the experience of the individual.

And when such is not one's experience,
then such ones may know THEY ARE LACKING IN THEIR EFFORTS
in being what they should in their relationships to themselves, their Maker, the group.

Then, make for that which is sincere in purpose, pure in mind, reasonable even to self,
walking in the way that brings a more close union with Him, that
"Will ye be my people, I will be your God."

He seeks to find that expression even in all who are called in the I AM THAT I AM,
and is an ever active force that through all ages, all peoples,
may be a memorial that one has fellowship with Him,
that brought the Pleiades into being,
that set the bands of Orion,
or the waters in the deep that are cast upon the land,
or brings breath into the life of all creatures,
and supplies the union with those creative forces
that makes for the SONGS of the spheres
- the Lord is His Name!

(Q) Please give each member of the group, as I call their names,
an individual message on true fellowship.
(A) Let each examine themselves first,
that must be purged, that there may be true fellowship with Him.

(Q) [993]: In what way am I best adapted to express fellowship?
(A) As has been given, the talents are in the expressions of bringing to others that consciousness
which leaves in the spiritual and mental body those things that bring for the reliefs
in that reflected in the physical being.

Then, through these channels may there be the greater fellowship with Him,
brotherhood with thy fellow creatures.
[See experience which [993] had during this reading 262-22, interpreted in reading 262-23]

(Q) [115]: Please describe the difference in fellowship and brotherhood.
(A) One to God, the other to man.

(Q) [307]: Can brotherhood exist among men without true fellowship?
(A) Fellowship is first brotherhood, a pattern of - or a shadow of - what fellowship is;

For, as has been given, all one sees manifest in a material world is but a reflection or a shadow
of the real or the spiritual life.

Brotherhood, then, is an expression of the fellowship that exists in the SPIRITUAL life.

(Q) [69]: What is the extreme test of fellowship?
(A) Doing unto others as ye would have them do unto you is the extreme test of fellowship.
Without same ye may not wholly please God.

(Q) [341]: How should we explain to others how to interpret their experiences
as signs of development towards a true realization of fellowship?
(A) This has been given in how ones may answer their experiences,
have an answer to their experiences, in the way of TRAINING the child
(for we all are children) in its development.

Or, as this:
When an experience of self is in question, then ask self in the mental being
so that the answer may be yes or no, and with sincerity.

Then, whether the answer is yes or no, as to any question with spiritual forces,
then ACCEPT that.

Then in meditation and prayer ASK the Spirit whether THAT answer RECEIVED in the mental is yes or no,
and KNOW the Spirit answers!
Doubt not!
For he that looks back, or doubts, is worse than the infidel.
Remember Lot's wife!

(Q) [404]: Ofttimes when one gives of his service, either materially, morally or spiritually, unselfishly to others,
those served seem to use it for purely selfish purposes. Please advise.
(A) Who has judged?

Judge ye not that ye be not judged!

For with what judgment ye judge it shall be meted to you again!
The ABILITIES oft of individuals to express or manifest appreciation, and their trust,
is not capable of being manifested in such a manner as to be interpreted in the material sense
by those in a different vibration or environs from those ministering or ministered to.

Hence understandings often produce those conditions in the hearts, the minds of individuals,
and thus warped conditions arise.

Rather let that mind be in you as was in Him.
"Were there not ten healed?
Where are the other nine?"
But the healing was just as true for the nine as the one.
They that are whole need not the physician, but who having a herd of sheep and loses one
does not leave the ninety and nine and seek for that one lost?
So, in thy ministering be rather in that of daring to do even for those that would not understand,
but doing rather for Him, in that
"As ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me."
Reserve then, that the thanks will come from Him who knows!

(Q) Is there any message to me [404] as secretary?
(A) Be thou faithful unto those that thou ministereth to in every manner,
For he that serveth with the might receives the reward from and through the giver of all good and perfect gifts.

(Q) Compilers: Is there any message to the compilers in regard to the lesson on FELLOWSHIP?
(A) Let there be unison of purpose from those ministered unto and those ministering,
to those that the group as a group and as individuals minister to the needs of,
those who are and who will be seeking through these channels.
That the way is being opened is evidenced by all of the group.
Be not afraid, for He will guide, direct.
Trust in His graciousness, in His support, in His understanding.

(Q) Please explain to the group what made possible the attunement
when the information was given on the Lord's Supper, June 14, 1932,
and why was this given at that time? [5749-1]
(A) The attunement of those present, and the conditions that surrounded same
as respecting the test through which many were passing at the period,
as compared to those in the room at that supper.
(Q) [585]: Please explain to me what is meant by the awakening. Have I fully realized it?
(A) The awakening is the consciousness of a relationship that exists in animate or inanimate, finite or infinite.
Becoming conscious of, aware of, the existence of conditions, relations, and such, is an awakening.

As to self's being awakened, or aware of, that depends upon what is referred to.

As to the ABILITIES of self to become conscious of, or aware of, all are endowed with that,
will they but be awakened or aroused to the necessity of becoming aware of.

(Q) Interpret the meaning of the drops of blood which I saw in meditation last week.
(A) As there has been builded in self that consciousness that WITHOUT the shedding of blood
there is no remission, or without the shedding of blood there is no purification,
then this is rather the using of symbols within self's own consciousness
to bring about that awareness of self's position.

This rather confuses the body!

In making self aware of that that is a portion of self's own development,
as in the drops of blood brought with same the idea of the purifying of the mental and spiritual self
that there might be the more awareness of, in the conscious or material self,
of that awareness received in the mental and spiritual self; so,
as we would speak of omens, know that self is aroused!

Then don't let yourself go back to sleep!

(Q) [993]: Please interpret the meaning of the lights which I saw about Mr. Cayce's head
during the last reading on FELLOWSHIP. [262-22]
(A) This, too, may be as a symbol of the awareness of, the closeness of, relationships of the entity
and the subject through which these were being brought to the consciousness of individuals during such a period;

For, as there has oft been seen by the entity, those manifestations in the material plane of the spiritual essences
as manifested through the activities of the entity seen, then those expressions as seen at the period
are a reflection of the spiritual.

Remember those laws as just given!

That made manifest in a third dimensional plane, or materialization, is a shadow or reflection of that
from which it has its emanation!

Then, there is seen in this that it is a harkening to those experiences of the entity in the various periods
of its existence in association with those conditions being considered in that particular moment or period
as is called time.

An attunement of self to the presence of that being manifest.
All are wading in rather deep water!
But learn what you are doing! [See also 281-8]

(Q) [2124]: Is the present method of healing I am using the best
for the fullest development of my abilities in this field of work?
(A) Provided they are kept wholly upon the spiritual plane,
and because they CAN become mechanical are not allowed to partake of the carnal influences
that oft are aroused at the same time or periods.

This is a development.
This is an ability of self, that is harkened from the experiences of self through the sojourn in the earth's experience,
and may be made to become a manner and way of manifesting that love that is and was shed upon self.
Be true to that as is given thee!

(Q) [560]: Please interpret the following which I received during meditation:
"That I may touch the hearts, the souls, the minds of others."
(A) A message of the Infinite to the infinite of self, seeking to use self as a channel of expression to others. A call.

Then, be true TO that, even as the opportunity and the abilities are increased by the power of the might
that would touch the hearts, the souls, the minds of those that self may contact in the various experiences
in the preparation of truths, that may go in lessons or in thought that may be carried in unison
for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness in the lives and hearts of others.

(Q) [2112]: Is the handwork referred to in the Egyptian period of my Life reading [2112]
located in the same tomb as the records of Christ?
(A) They are!

(Q) Was I associated with Mr. Edgar Cayce during the Egyptian period, and if so what was the relation?
(A) This has been given.

(Q) Is there any message of encouragement or advice to the group as a whole at this time?
(A) Keep that which has been committed into the care and keeping of each, as individuals,
as related to one another, as a group,
in a service to that ideal which has been set before the group, as a group, as the individuals;

For he that has been promised, he that has vowed and vowed, must keep the same - or else it becomes sin!

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