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"God and His Manifestations Readings
(262-57 to 262-60 Combined)" 

Combined Readings of
262-57  7th of January, 1934
262-58  11th of February, 1934
262-59  8th of April, 1934
262-60  22nd of April, 1934

GOD is an all-wise, all-inclusive, all-manifesting force in the experience of man.
THE FATHER is that LOVING INFLUENCE in the experience of those that seek Him.

GOD is a fact.
THE FATHER - those that seek may know.

What, then, are the manifestations of the Father in the earth?
That ye do good unto all peoples.
And that the fruits of the spirit are manifested in thy thoughts,
in thy acts day by day as ye meet thy fellow men in their own conditions
where troubles, doubts, fears, distresses arise.

How and What are the manifestations of the Father?"
The fruits of the spirit.
Gentleness, kindness, the loving word, patience, hope, persistence,
and - above all - consistency in thy acts and in thy speech.
Be ye glorious in thine activity.
Be ye joyous in thy words.
For, HAPPY is the man that knoweth that his life bespeaks
that the Son and the Spirit of Truth directs the words and the activities of his body!



It will appear to some that the fundamentals back of the next lesson
have been expressed in words in the present lesson.

That the manifestations in the earth that are good (and there are some that call ALL good)
are of God, and the variations in the manifestations, and the ability to discern
that which will lead to the light or to God and that away from the knowledge of the Father,
are the fundamentals in the next lesson.

Hence an outline would be first on the questionings that may be by all, in the varied studies.

God is an all-wise, all-inclusive, all-manifesting force in the experience of man.

The Father is that loving INFLUENCE in the experience of those that seek Him.

God is a fact.
The Father - those that seek may know.
The manifestations - how and what they are.

It has been given respecting how the individuals should in themselves,
in their meditation, in their study, in their observation
of that being presented in the lesson God and His Manifestations in the Earth,
each make the application of that which is conscious in their individual experience.

For, as He has given, ye may call "Lord, Lord," even may heal the sick, cast out demons
even in His name, and yet not be accepted in His sight;

For by the fruits ye shall know them that are called of the Lord,
in the ways and manners that His manifestations
are through the lives of the individuals that make profession in their life
OF their associations; but if their life and the fruits of their lives
bring not forth greater manifestations, and those things that are of the spirit,
the fruits of the spirit, then they are none of His.

Not everyone that saith "Lord, Lord," but he that doeth the will of the Father,
the same is acceptable in His sight.

What, then, are the manifestations of the Father in the earth?
That ye do good unto all peoples, and that the fruits of the spirit are manifested in thy thoughts,
in thy acts day by day as ye meet thy fellow men in their own conditions where troubles,
doubts, fears, distresses arise.

And as there is given those things into their experience from thine own desire to be the channel
through which the manifestations of the spirit of the Christ, of the Christ Consciousness,
may be in the experience of such individuals, thy words and thy acts are in keeping with
that He, the Father, makes manifest in the earth through the Son
- as He in His life made manifest in His walks in the earth, doing good to those
whether they were of His fold or those that even rejected that He had done
rather as an experience in their lives.

Then, as they each may manifest in the thought, in the application of those truths as He gave,
they may come to those experiences wherein they oft may be as a lamp to the feet of the wayward,
as an aid to those who seek, as a light to those that have gone astray,
as a guiding hand to those that would know more and more of the love of the Father
as it manifests in the acts, the thoughts, the lives of His followers.

If there is applied in the experience of each that which has been given respecting the present subject,
you each will find there may be given by each of you that which will be your contribution to that as is helpful to others.

For, unless we use that we know, we may not comprehend or use that which may lead for the next step.

For, as has been shown, it should be line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.
We each must apply ourselves in that which we know to be a manifestation of the love of the Father to the sons,
the children of men, in our daily experience.

In the compilation of that which has been presented,
much has been given as to how this should be set forth.

All have not contributed to the lesson, and much that has been presented
is rather in a disconnected state at present.

Then, much clarification may be necessary before that which is presented should be presented.

For, all should contribute.

Each that fails, fails in its portion of a service,
a calling that has been assumed by each individual in the group.

For, as given, the cooperation of each gives that impetus to the work of the compilers,
of the thought, of the spirit of that which is sent forth with the power
and the blessings of those influences that direct each soul in its labors.

Then, how may this be clarified?
First, let each contribute a word, an act, an expression of its experience,
with the thought, the purpose, the message that has been received through the study,
the preparation of itself for being a contributor to this message.

Then, as given, compile as to that thought, that line first given as to how the outline should be;
the stating of the purpose, the contributions and those that coordinate one with another,
the experience and the application of that which may be the experience of all
that would be a channel through which there may be a manifestation of the Father's love,
the Father's mercy, the Father's long-suffering, the Father's patience with a stiff-necked people.

These should be the manners in which this preparation should be for this lesson.
What is the purpose of this particular lesson?
Has it not been pointed out to those as they have followed that presented,
that in this there may be seen or known to each as to how, when
and in what manner they as individuals may be conscious
of the spirit manifesting through them in material things?

(Q) Please explain the statement given in Genesis,
"In six days God made the heaven and the earth and RESTED THE SEVENTH DAY."

(A) That each may interpret this to his own comprehension is rather that
each becomes aware of the power of the Father in His manifestations in the earth.
When it is considered (as was later given, or WRITTEN even before this was written)
that "a thousand years is as but a day and a day as but a thousand years in the sight of the Lord,"
then it may be comprehended that this was colored by the writer
in his desire to express to the people the power of the living God
- rather than a statement of six days as man comprehends days in the present.
Not that it was an impossibility - but rather that men under the environ
should be impressed by the omnipotence of that they were called on to worship as God.

(Q) Who is Halaliel, the one who gave us a message on Oct. 15th? [In 262-56]
(A) One in and with whose courts Ariel fought when there was the rebellion in heaven.
Now, where is heaven?
Where is Ariel, and who was he?
A companion of Lucifer or Satan, and one that made for the disputing of the influences
in the experiences of Adam in the Garden. [See 443-3 mentioning Halaliel.]

(Q) Does the truth, "By becoming aware in a material world was the only manner
through which spiritual forces might become aware of their separation from spiritual surroundings"
show that the reincarnation of those who die in childhood is necessary?

(A) As the awareness comes by separation (which is being manifested in materiality
as we know it in the present), there is the necessity of the sojourning
in EACH experience for the developments of the influences necessary
in each soul's environ, each soul's attributes, to become again aware
of being in the PRESENCE of the Father.
Hence the reincarnation into this or that influence, and those that are only aware of material
or carnal influences for a moment may be as GREATLY impressed
as were a finite mind for a moment in the presence of Infinity.
How long was the experience of Saul in the way to Damascus?
How long was the experience of Stephen as he saw the Master standing - not sitting, STANDING?
How long was the experience of those that saw the vision that beckoned to them, or any such experience?
When one considers the birth of a soul into the earth, the more often is the body
and the body-mind considered than the soul - that is full-grown in a breath.
For, did the Father (or Infinity) bring the earth, the worlds into existence,
how much greater is a day in the house of the Lord - or a moment in His presence
- than a thousand years in carnal forces?
Hence a soul even for a flash, or for a breath, has perhaps experienced even as much as Saul in the way.

(Q) What is the explanation of, "The Lamb slain BEFORE the foundation of the world"?
(A) If this is taken in conjunction with many another expression of the Master,
it may be the more easily comprehended in the intellectual activities
of those who would seek to experience same.
As the Master gave, "Before Abraham was I AM before the worlds were I AM."
Hence, when there came the necessity in the realm of the spiritual home
for the coming of the Lamb into the earth for its redemption, the Truth, the light,
the offering was made. Hence the expression as given.
For, as has been given, the thought, the mind, is the builder.
Then, as each soul builds for that it as a soul is to act,
whether in spirit, in mind or in body, the SOUL-mind
is already in the throes of the influences necessary.
Then, when we comprehend we realize there is no time, no space,
and that the divinity of the man Jesus was perfect in his OWN activity in the earth.
For, it was offered even from the first.
So, as ye gathered here - ye each have your duties, your obligations, in materiality.
Ye each have your promises in your material things, if ye will but follow in the way
that has been opened - that has been shown thee - that each in your own experience
may be the channel for the greater blessing to thy fellow man.
And, as has been given you, ye have been chosen; each one that CHOOSES to DO His biddings.
Then, pray ye the Father that through His Son, the Christ, ye may be shown more of the light,
that ye may in THIS day, in THIS opportunity He has given thee in thy experience
in the material world NOW, fulfill that whereunto ye have been called.
For, as the Master gave, "Think ye not that ye have a promise through Abraham?
or that ye are children of promise through him? for I say He may raise unto Himself
of these stones children unto Abraham."
Ye are children of the promise, in Christ. Ye have - of all people - the greater right
for glorying in that promise; but if ye allow selfishness, unkindness, evil thoughts, evil communications,
or little worries of the day to separate you, then ye have rejected being His children
- and must one day, one time, suffer that of being offered on the altar.
Then, make much of this opportunity. This, as He gave: "Love ye one another
- prefer one another instead of self." KNOW the Truth, for only truth is of God.
Your next lesson will be DESIRE.

(Q) [560]: May there be expanded upon the protection of the Father
and His goodness in manifestation in the earth?

(A) As He has given from the beginning, "If ye will be my children, I will be your God."
So, as individuals, in the application of that known in their experience
as to what the will of the Father is, go about THINKING - and THINKING it in such a manner
that the words of the mouth and the activity of the hand bespeak the will of the Father;
then this activity, this thought, makes the individual the channel through
which the manifestations are in the earth.
For, who may know in the earth the heart of the mother save a mother?
Who may know the will of the Father, God, save those that put into the acts of their hands,
in the thoughts of their minds, those things that He has given and as He shows forth
in the experience of all men from day to day?
So simple, then, is it to know the Father that all stumble in that they THINK of themselves
more highly than they ought to think. Be rather as a channel through which the Father
may make His love, His glory, manifest in the earth.
LISTEN to the voice from within.
For, He is very nigh unto each of you, if ye will but look WITHIN.
And that thou experienceth with the desire that thy self be nothing,
that the Father, the Christ, may be glorified in the earth,
brings to the experience of all the consciousness
of being a manifestation of the love of the Father to the sons of man.

(Q) [993]: For some time I have been thinking continually about
the coming of the Kingdom on earth and His coming.
Has it any bearing upon the lesson?
Please give me more light upon the Kingdom and His coming.

(A) How long has been the cry of those that have manifested in the earth
the glory of the Father through the Son,
"Hasten, O Lord, the day of thy kingdom in the earth!"
How have the promises read that the Son has given?
"I go to prepare a place that where I am there ye may be also.
I will come again and receive you unto myself."
Then, as the individual heart attunes its mind and its body-activity into that consciousness
of the desire for the hastening of that day.
Yet the merciful kindness of the Father has, in the eyes of many, delayed the coming,
and many have cried even as the parable He gave,
"We know not what has become of this man. Show us other gods that may lead us in this day."
Yet the cry in the heart and the soul of those that seek His way is to hasten that day.
Yet, as He has given, in patience, in listening, in being still, may ye know that the Lord doeth all things well.
Be not weary that He apparently prolongs His time, for - as the Master has given,
"As to the day, no man knoweth, not even the son, but the Father and they to whom
the Father may reveal the Son prepareth the way that all men may know the love of the Father."
And as ye would be the channel to hasten that glorious day of the coming of the Lord,
then do with a might that thy hands find to do to make for the greater manifestations
of the love of the Father in the earth.
For, into thy keeping, and to His children and to His sons,
has He committed the keeping of the saving of the world,
of the souls of men; for, as He has given,
"Who is my mother?
Who is my brother?
Who is my sister?"
They that do the will of my Father who is in heaven, the same is my mother, my brother, my sister."
So, as He gave, "I leave thee, but I will come again and receive as many as ye have quickened
through the manifesting in thy life the will of the Father in the earth."
Hence know that, as thine mind, thine activities, long more and more for the glorifying of the Son
in the earth, for the coming of the day of the Lord, He draws very nigh unto thee.

(Q) Please discuss, "How and What are the manifestations of the Father?"
(A) The fruits of the spirit. Gentleness, kindness, the loving word, patience, hope, persistence,
and - above all - consistency in thy acts and in thy speech.
Be ye glorious in thine activity.
Be ye joyous in thy words.
For, HAPPY is the man that knoweth that his life bespeaks
that the Son and the Spirit of Truth directs the words and the activities of his body!

(Q) You will give a personal message on this lesson for each individual as I call the names:

(A) Let that that is in thine heart be manifest in the acts of thine hands
and in the speech of thy mouth day by day.
For [from] the ABUNDANCE of the heart the mouth speaketh,
and in the acts of the body they show forth the meditations of the heart.

(Q) [303]:
(A) Keep in the glory of that thou hast purposed in thine heart.
For, in the gentleness of the speech, in the kindness of the activity,
thou showest forth the love of the Father.
Be not overcome of those things that would hinder,
but overcome the evil with the good,
and give the glory - ALWAYS - to the Father.

(Q) [307]:
(A) Keep thine heart and thine mind SINGING in the glory of the manifestations,
of the beauty and of the glory of the Father in the earth,
as thou hast seen manifest among men.
Look not on those things that appear as stumbling blocks in the lives of others,
for - as he has given of old - "I am persuaded that there is nothing in heaven nor in earth,
nor in hell, that may separate man from the love of the Father and the manifestations
of that love save man's own self." [262-60]

(Q) [379]:
(A) In the glory of the Lord and His manifestations in the earth,
be thou the channel through which some blessings may come day by day.
For in so doing may thou come to know more and more
how GREAT is the glory of the Father, through the Son.
For, as He has given,
"What ye ask in my name, BELIEVING, that I will give unto thee,
that the FATHER may be GLORIFIED in me and in thee."

(Q) [69]:
(A) Keep in the way thou hast set before thee,
in the love of the consciousness of the Christ in thine activities day by day.
Doubt not.
Faint not in thine activities, for - as He has given -
"If ye will draw night unto me, I will draw nigh unto thee."
And through THEE may there be the manifestations of God's love in the earth,
through the Father, through the hope, through the activity of the fruits of the spirit in the earth.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]:
(A) Let thy going in and thy coming out be acceptable in the sight of Him
who has promised to come and abide with those that love His coming,
love His glorifying in the earth through those promises
He has given into the keeping of the sons of men; that ye be kind, ye be gentle,
ye be in keeping with those things that thou knowest
in thine heart are well pleasing in the sight of the Father.
For, thus may the manifestations of that promised from the beginning be in THINE experience.
For, those that seek God and to know Him must believe that He is,
and He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

(Q) [560]:
(A) Let thine heart be glad in the things thou hast seen in thine experience
of the glories of the Father, through the Son, in the lives of those that thou hast contacted day by day.
For, these are but naught, wilt thou keep thine heart singing, keep thine life pure, keep thy ways as His ways.
For, He loveth and protecteth, and guideth and directeth those that call on Him in faith
- and NOT for themselves alone, but rather that self shall be effaced that the face of the Christ
may shine more and more in the lives of others.

(Q) [993]:
(A) Keep the heart singing for the glories of the Christ child, in the lives of the children,
in the lives of the grown-ups, that thou meetest day by day.
For, in His ways are the ways of the Father.
For, as He gave, no man may do anything of himself, save as the Father in His mercy
has granted that through the love and through the manifestations of His love in the earth
may that increase of His manifestations come into the experience
and in the lives of those that seek to do his biddings.

(Q) [585]:
(A) Let thine life, in mind, in body, in soul, cry unto the Lord in weakness, and in strength
He will raise thee up.
For, as He has given, "They that seek in my name shall in no wise be cast out,
and he that giveth a cup of cold water in my name shall in no wise lose his reward."
Be not impatient that some glorious mighty thing has not been in thine experience,
for the experiences that thou has been awakened to the abilities
that may be made manifest through the love of the Father, through the Christ,
WITHOUT the thought of self, without the desire for self-exaltation,
only in such ways and manners may His glory be wholly shown in thee.

(Q) [288]:
(A) Keep in the way that thou knowest to do,
for He requires not other than that ye be true to that thou knowest in thine heart to do.
For, He calleth those by name that have named the name of the Christ and that keep His ways,
and through such may the love of the Father through the Son be manifest in the earth.

(Q) [295]:
(A) In thine understanding and in thine closeness in the love of the Master,
as He has called unto all that would know His ways,
there may come in thine experience those manifestations that make known unto thine soul
that thou hast been called to be a channel of blessing to many.
For, as the love of the Father is manifested in the earth through the Son,
so may self - becoming selfless in thy associations with those
that would bespeak of self-exaltation or self-glorification, for of such is it said,
"Though ye may do wonders in the earth in my name, self may be abased."
But those that glory in the love of the Father through the Son,
in SELFLESSNESS, may be exalted in the manifestations in the earth.

(Q) [341]:
(A) Let the words of thy mouth and the meditation of thine heart be acceptable in the sight of Him
that thou hast heard give,
"Though I go away, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye may be also."
And the greater love as was shown,
"and Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the world."
What greater manifestations could there be in the inner soul of anyone in a material plane
than bespeak those things of the Son of the Father in such a way and manner that those that hear may know
that thou hast indwelling in thine inmost soul the knowledge of the Father, in the Son,
and the LOVE of the Father to the sons of men!

(Q) [294]:
(A) Keep the heart true to those things thou hast declared in thine life.
For, as there is seen in thine walks in and before man,
so are the judgments of what thou thinkest of the promises of the Son.
For, as the Son would be glorified in thee, as the Son would glorify the Father
in the love as He has shown in the earth, abuse not those gifts that are showered upon thee
through the love of Him who has said,
"If ye will keep my commandments I will come and abide with thee,
and will guide thy footsteps lest thou stumblest."

(Q) [538]:
(A) Let the love of the Father in the Son guide thee.
Be not impatient, nor be thou longing for those things that are other than the love of the Father in the Son
that may be manifested in the glories that thou hast had in knowing that thou hast been a channel,
thou art a channel, through which many approach the Throne of grace.
And they, as He has promised, that have saved a soul from sin, from perdition,
have covered a multitude of sins, and their robes are washed in the blood of the Lamb;
and He knoweth thee by name, and He calleth thee that thou wouldst keep the way
that many may know that the Father through the Son will come to those that seek to know His face.

Love God. Eschew evil. Love thy neighbor as thyself.
For, as He gave, "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another,"
even as the FATHER hath loved you in giving His Son that ye through faith,
that ye through the love that He has shown, may know the love of the Father
and thus be the greater channel of blessings to those ye meet day by day.
For ye have been called unto a purpose, as into the service of the Son of man.
Make known to Him thy desire, in HIS will, and - thy will one with His
- there will come to thee many blessings, physically, mentally, spiritually.

(Q) Please explain, "Be glorious in thine activity, be joyous in thy words."
(A) Be glorious in thy activity. If the activities of a soul-mind are in that direction
of manifesting the love of the Father to others,
then it - the activity - must be glorious in the essence of that causing, producing
or making for such an activity.
So, in such an activity there will indeed be that joy which comes with every soul doing
that it knows or has been shown is the acceptable service unto a living God.
Hence, be glorious in thine activity - joyous in thy service.

(Q) What is meant by "The soul must feed upon dead patience that it may grow into an abundant life"?
(A) For, as given by Him that is the Light, the Life, we become aware of our souls through patience.
Then, patience that is crucified of self in service to another is as dead in the sense of the earth's activity,
and alive in the knowledge of the Father dwelling IN thine service or thine activity through such experience.
So, if these be put into practice in the experience of each, they each know well what it means:
Be angry and sin not. Be patient. Seven times forgive; yea, seventy times seven.
And, being dead, being crucified to the things that pertain to the earth,
looking for that ACCEPTABLE day of the Lord.
This makes a question in the minds of some, as to when is the acceptable day of the Lord.
When ye love God better than yourself!
Then is it the day, the hour, of the awakening in thine self! to do His service, to do His biddings,
to be - as it were - a SACRIFICE in all those things that make for BURNINGS, for LONGINGS
for those things that make for the weakening of the flesh; that ye may know
that He will have His way with thee.
Becoming selfless, becoming conscious of His Spirit, His love, moving in and through thee,
prompting thee in thy words, thy activities, thy service.

(Q) Please explain Luke 1:35.
(A) (In undertone: "The Holy Ghost shall make that within thee alive.")
This is the body of the mother becoming aware of the spirit of truth being made manifest into materiality,
or the spirit of the Father making aware through conscious forces active in material body
that the BODY is then moved or acted upon by the Spirit of the Father
- or the Holy Spirit active in material force.

(Q) Please explain the statement given in II Cor. 5:21,
"For he hath made Him to be made sin who knew no sin", etc. Was his sin of His own choosing?

(A) This may be given in that which follows near, that though He were WITHOUT sin
yet He thought it not robbery to make Himself equal with God in MAKING Himself manifest through the power of God;
for, as He gave, "I do NOTHING of myself save that GIVEN me by the Father."
But, as given respecting this same reference, when the spirit brought IN spirit that of condemnation
or sin in manifested form in the earth, then the Son came IN manifested form - or in sin
- that through Him the earth, or the spirit of man, might have the advocate with the Father and through Him
once for all be made free from sin through that activity of the Christ-Spirit in the earth. Hence that given,
He became sin - or IN sin, rather should be the translation - that those in sin, or in the earth, or in materiality,
might know the Light and have Life, and having Life have it more abundantly - or more often - in Him.

(Q) [462]: Please give me a message that will help me at this time.
(A) Be not overcome of thine self, nor of those things that would make thee weak in those
that are the besetting influences in thy experience.
Know that the strength to overcome is in Him.
Conform thine mind and thine body to the things of the spirit,
rather than to the things of the flesh.
While in flesh we may make manifested those forces in spirit.
But abide in His time.
Listen to the voice within thee.
For, His spirit will bear witness with thy spirit and guide thee
in the way that thou shouldst go.

(Q) [404]: I would appreciate a message that will enable me to better understand
my relationship to the work and my family.

(A) Study to show thyself approved unto GOD, rather than to any work, any family, ANY relationships.
For, oft do personalities and those things that partake of same become stumbling-blocks.
But know that thy Redeemer has made the way clear, that if ye will follow in not only His precepts
but His example thy LIFE will become as joyous as He has promised in the service for Him
and His activities in the earth.
For, though the heavens may pass away, though the earth may fail, His promises shall NOT fail.
For, all that was made, all that is active in the influences in the earth, are His.
What wilt thou do with thine abilities in the present?

(Q) Please explain Matthew 24:34,
"Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

(A) Those individuals that were in hearing and in keeping of those things presented by the Master
in that experience would be in the manifested form in the earth during the periods of fulfillments in the earth
of the prophecies spoken of. Not in what is termed as generation of four score and ten years,
but the experiences of those souls in the earth during those periods when there must shortly come
the completing or fulfilling of those things spoken of.

(Q) [303]: Please give me a message that will give me some consolation at this time.
(A) That which has been given should be worked upon.
In this: Thou hast found in thine experience that, though the burdens of material things
may weigh heavily upon thee in the present, that thou hast manifested
in the gentleness, in the kindliness, in the patience thou hast shown with thine self,
with thine neighbor, with thine household, has brought and does bring those contentments
that make for the greater peace and harmony that may be had in the experience of a soul in the earth's environs.
Then, be thou ready to be used as He sees fit. Let thy supplication be from day to day:
"LEAD ME, O FATHER, just for today, that I may be used as a channel of blessing,
that I may today manifest Thy love through my association with those I contact;
for as I show forth Thy love in the earth to my fellow man, the promise comes to me
that thou wilt guide, guard, protect and comfort me in the ways that I go."
These will bring to thine consciousness that presence of the Christ Spirit abiding with thee.
No greater consolation can be in the experience of any than,
"He walks and talks with me day by day."

(Q) [307]: In reading of Feb. 11th [262-58, Par. 10-A.] I was told,
"Look not on the things that appear to be stumbling blocks in the lives of others."
How may I so conduct myself in this particular instance as to be of help
and bring into the lives of others a more perfect understanding of the love of the Father,
through the Son?

(A) Condemn not in word, in thought or activity, that ye be not condemned.
See in every expression of activity the attempt of that soul to express or manifest that soul's concept of divine reality.
For, each soul, as it gives expression in thought, in act, shows by the fruits of that done
as to what is the impelling influence in that soul's experience.
Then, not as a judge, not as a faultfinder, but rather as He gave, be merciful to those that err,
for they know not what they do - unless they be guided by the spirit of truth that cleanseth all from that of selfishness
and makes of them as one with the influence of the Christ Consciousness in their lives.
Seeing such, sending forth the same prayer as He in those words over Jerusalem -
"thou that stonest the prophets, how oft would I - and ye would not!"
Yet those very things, those very souls are today seeking to know the meaning of those words of His
in their own experiences in the present.
Let thy light so shine among those that they may take thought of those things as He gave,
in those blessings He gave even to those that crucified;
who gave Himself that others might know the way, the light, the truth.

(Q) [585]: Please explain the Master's statement to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born again."
(A) In its whole setting, rather, should this word be understood. Nicodemus was among those of the Sanhedrin,
those of the teachers, those of the elders, with that privilege of being in access to all that had been given
from the time there was delivered to Moses on the mount the ordinances, the relationships of individuals to individuals,
 the relationship of the individual soul to its Maker.
Much had come now to be rather as hearsay, as omens, rather than the ordinances of old.
And when Nicodemus asked, "How can such things be?" the rebuke came in His answer,
"Art thou a teacher in Israel and knoweth not these things?"
Ye must be born of water and of blood.
Or, of the spirit and through the flesh.
Or, that ALL must pass under the rod, even as was given by those teachers
that as Moses and the children passed through the sea
they were baptized in the cloud and in the sea; as an example, as an omen,
as a physical activity of a spiritual, a physical separation
from that which had been builded in their experience as the sojourn in Egypt.
As the Master gave to Nicodemus,
ye must be born of the spirit where ye may make manifest the fruits of the spirit.
Where? In the earth!
Not that these come in their order as indicated in the question by Nicodemus,
but in their relative position as to THEIR development, their necessities, their needs
for their soul growth, their soul understanding.
O that all would gather more of that understanding that the soul is a body
and the physical is the mere temple, the mere shell, the mere material manifestation
of that which may not be touched by hands!
For, it appears that we must be born again that we may dwell in those mansions not made with hands
- but are prepared for those that have washed their robes, their bodies, their souls in the blood.
For, ye are ones that may know the truth, if ye will but manifest in thine own experiences
that ye have learned in thine meditations with thine God.
Ye must be born in flesh, in spirit again,
that ye may make manifest that ye have experienced in thine own soul!

(Q) Please explain II Corinthians 5:1,
"For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved,
we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

(A) Just given. Would that each soul might grasp that truth that, though the soul may not be seen,
that it doeth, that growth it makes, that body, must dwell in that house not made with hands, eternal with the Father.
For the life IS the spirit of the soul, it is God eternal, however it may manifest itself in that we know as materiality or matter.
Why, why, has not the man, the scientist, been able to find in the brain words?
or be able to tell what has made for a DEVELOPED brain and an UNDEVELOPED brain,
when he says it is the seat from which emotions and activities emanate?
For, was it not given, would ye have life ye must give life?
Would ye be that as would be one with Him, then live it!
For those things are not made with hands, rather by the deeds done,
that expended; and it, the deed, as the light itself, shineth on and on
- and though the source from which it may visibly emanate may be destroyed or extinguished,
the light shines on - that has passed into what?
The realm through which, of which, are those mansions where the body that is indestructible is to preside.
What is thy light?
What IS thy guide?
That thou mayest see how it operates, or that in the experience of thine neighbor, thine brother, thou hast just been kind?
For, as has been said, the smile raised hope in that one upon which it was given;
that hope made possible activity; that activity made possible a haven for some discouraged,
some disheartened soul!
Be thou, each of you, one that may smile though the heavens fall; though thou may be ground to dust
upon the altars of thine own selfishness thou may SHINE even in HIS light that
He has set before you for thine own redemption! Let Him, the Christ, be the guide.
Let Him build for thee the mansion, rather than with thine own puny hands where moth
and rust doth corrupt and where those that unconsciously in their stumbling manners
oft make the road rough for thee. Forgive them, if ye would be forgiven.
Hold not a grudge, for that which is thine may not be taken from thee
lest THOU alone cast it aside by envy, strife, unkind thoughts, unkind acts,
and thus destroy that thou lovest most - LIFE!

(Q) In canonizing the Bible, why was the life of Zan [Zend] left out? [993-3; 364-9]
(A) Called in other names.
For, much might be given respecting that ye have that ye call the Bible.
This has passed through many hands.
Many that would turn that which was written into the meanings that would suit their own purposes,
as ye yourselves often do.
But if ye will get the spirit of that written there ye may find it will lead thee to the gates of heaven.
For, it tells of God, of your home, of His dealings with His peoples in many environs, in many lands.
Read it to be wise.
Study it to understand. LIVE it to know that the Christ walks through same with thee.
For, as He gave, in righteousness may ye know those things that have been preserved
from the foundations of the worlds in thine own experience.
For, these are told there in the manners of those that recorded same in their own environ.
What wilt THOU write today that will be as the words of life to thy brothers in the ages to come?
For, He has given, ye have been called - and ye have a work to do.
Then, in the next lesson ye shall have, shall much be given concerning how that which is carnal
and that which is mental and that which is spiritual may be found - in DESIRE.
For, it builds - and is that which is the basis of evolution, and of life, and of truth.
It also takes hold on hell and paves the way for many that find themselves oft therein. In spirit, in body, in mind.
The message, then, that ye would study in this, should be:


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