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"In His Presence Readings
(262-31 to 262-33 Combined)" 

Combined Readings of
262-31 30th of October, 1932
262-32 13th of November, 1932
262-33  4th of December, 1932

After applying all the previous lessons,
and if done honestly through prayer, meditation
and applying in every day life spiritual truths
we will come to the realization of being IN HIS PRESENCE.

HIS PRESENCE abides with those that seek TO DO HIS BIDDINGS.

The driving forces in life are made up of the activities of the spirit of life;
hence, as individuals first, we recognize that each activity,
each expression of self in our relationships to that from without and that from within,
is the expression of what we have done about/with the knowledge
and the consciousness of HIS PRESENCE abiding with each.

We must reflect what is well-pleasing in HIS PRESENCE,
knowing that all power, all force, emanates from Him.

In building the thoughts upon which the mind of each individual should center,
in preparing self for the realization of practical application of lessons,
and the lesson IN HIS PRESENCE,
taking all that has been presented in the manner in which each individual has put to use
that gained by the meditation upon the thought and application of each lesson,
one comes to the realization of now BEING IN HIS PRESENCE.

For each has gained (that have applied the lessons) that innate expression of BEING IN HIS PRESENCE.

The motivative forces in life itself are the composition or composite activity of the spirit of life;
hence, as individuals first, we recognize that each activity, each expression of self
in its relationships to that from without and that from within,
is the expression of that we have done about - or with
- the knowledge and the consciousness of His presence abiding with each.

As we look upon our fellow man we find his activities,
in whatever sphere of activity they may be,
but an expression motivated by that same concept
of what THAT individual has done about that he worships,
or would present as that force the individual would use
to manifest the spirit that abides in life.

Then, the central thought is:
Would we be forgiven, we must forgive;
would we see good in our fellow man,
we must reflect that which is well-pleasing in His presence,
knowing that all power, all force, emanates from Him.
He, the Lord thy God, is ONE!
All power emanates, then, from Him.
What would YOU, as an activating force for manifesting that power in the earth, do respecting same?

As each contribute to the lesson there should be that continued thought of self being one in His presence,
one that would have self and that as expressed in keeping with that He would have each one be,
knowing that as others view the expressions of self in the lessons there is gained by them
a concept of what His presence means to those that would walk with Him day by day.

Let each in the light of their understanding so live that they bespeak that they profess with their lips to believe,
that others may know that that individual is keeping that presence they hold as their ideal
in such a direct consciousness as to be a living example of that they profess.

In such ways and manners do the truths gained in meditation and thought
become living truths and acceptable truths in His sight.

So do we show forth that we would crucify the flesh,
that the spirit of Him may be made manifest in this material world.

Each recognize that the world, the country, the nation, the people
are passing through a period of seeking, a period of adjustments
in the spiritual thought, the spiritual intent.

The mental world is looking to the spiritual-minded for hope,
to those who are in their material walks representatives of the spiritual forces in the thinking people,
for that thought that will guide all men closer to His presence.

So may this group as a group, so may each individual as their contribution to the work of the group,
so may each individual as their contribution to their Maker and their Elder Brother in the Christ,
bring soon that day when all may know they stand in His presence.

If the country, the nation, the land, is to be lifted up as a light to the world,
they must be lifted in Him and His presence abiding in them day by day.

With that which has been given each for their own individual interpretation there is seen, as in general,
few have applied same in their everyday experience;

For each keeps His presence as a thing apart, something to be experienced,
something only made aware of when one is disturbed in some manner or form,
when it should be the experience, knowledge and understanding of all that His presence
abides with those AS they seek to do His biddings.

Not with that outward show which may be experienced by attempting to solve some problem
that there may be the enjoying of the reward for same,
but rather that there may be the experiencing of the joy, the happiness, the harmony, the love,
that fruit which comes from recognizing and using the privileges that are for those who
- in their simplicity of manner recognize, know, experience His presence;
which abides with thee, wilt thou but recognize, understand its own closeness to thee in thine daily experiences.

In this manner, then:
In putting into practice that thou knowest to do, in the LITTLE things,
being led by that which has been GIVEN to each,
thy contributions may be such from this as to aid others
who may seek to know His presence, the joy of His presence,
the harmony, the peace that comes with abiding in Him.

(Q) Please expand on how we may come into the REALIZATION OF HIS PRESENCE.
(A) As we have given above, the greater fault from the realization
is that it - His presence - is kept as a thing apart.

HE wills that all should come to the knowledge of His presence abiding with all.

We come to this knowledge and consciousness
by doing those things that are conducive to bringing into every atom of our being
that which gives the attributes OF His presence in the earth;
and in DOING this do we come to know His presence.

(Q) Please expand on how we may PREPARE OURSELVES that we may ABIDE IN HIS PRESENCE.
(A) This would refer rather to the individual experience;

For in the preparations of self there are varied consciousnesses,
and what to one might be necessary to another would be secondary,
and to that which may be the attribute of good judgement, clean living,
without thought of same being a command or a law of universal nature;
yet as we, as individuals, become more and more conscious
- through meditation and prayer, and APPLICATION of that we seek in the way of preparation
- of that which keeps or holds, or preserves us as individuals in the consciousness of His presence,
we become more conscious of His presence abiding with us, as we let that mind
- through meditation and prayer - be in us during and at ALL periods.

Whether in joy, in sorrow, in trouble or in pain, let that mind be in you as was in He that gave,
"I am with you ALWAYS, even unto the end of the world."

Will that consciousness of the Christ love make our joys the more joyous,
our sorrows the more in accord with the manner in which He met sorrow,
or disturbances in the material affairs more in accord with the manner
in which HE met the material conditions?

As individuals we oft find that that as He gave, in the "thought of the morrow,"
or "wherewithal shall ye be clothed" was meant for someone else; NOT us.

That consciousness as He gave, "In patience possess ye your souls";
WHAT becomes aware of His presence, the physical-carnal body
or the spirit of life that impels the soul in its development?

Then, as His love is shed on us, as we muse and meditate and pray to
that we hold as our door to His presence, do we become aware of,
do we enter in, do we find ourselves abiding in His presence.

As we may experience by that abiding presence,
what are the fruits of same?
WORRIES pass away, joys take their place;

For as He looked upon Peter in the hour of trial and of denial by him,
who had been declared to be - that spoken by him
- as the foundations of that He was to leave in the earth,
did He frown or did He smile?
What broke the heart of the man, the frown or the smile?

Then, when ye abide in His presence, though there may come the trials of every kind,
though the tears may flow from the breaking up of the carnal forces within self,
the spirit is made glad; even as He in the hour of trial, the hour of denial,
SMILED upon him and brought to remembrance
- even as He has said to each that has named the Name,
"I will bring to remembrance the promises I have made, if ye will abide in my presence."
The promises, then, are sure; and not a thing apart from those that abide in His presence,
but are ever remembered in the hour not only of sorrow; not only is He the resurrection,
not only is He to come in the hour of trial, but He supped also in the hours of joy with those in Cana,
He enjoyed even the feast with Zaccheus, laughed and joked.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - thou art with me;
though I fly to the utmost parts of the heavens thou art with me."

Will we, as individuals, then, know His presence? How?
"If ye love me, keep my commandments."
Are they then so burdensome, those commandments?
What are His commandments?
How may we abide - how may we show the love?
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me."

(Q) What might one who reaches the point of REALIZATION OF HIS PRESENCE
expect as a result in their daily life and activity?
(A) As given, the consciousness that He often walks and talks with thee,
that His promises are ever present; not retro-active,
but VERY active in the causes of the actions in the daily life;
that there is the abiding hope, and not the doubts nor the fears that make men afraid;
not that that makes for faltering steps, but rather the joys, the PLEASURES in service,
even though it require that there be yet greater and greater sacrifices
of the carnal forces within our own experiences - rather, the all,
"that I may know more and more of the joys of His service."
The service may not be rendered to self, only to another;
and he that serves - either in the kindly word, the kindly thought, the kindly deed
- is lending to the Lord, is giving of himself even as He.

(Q) [413]: Have I applied the past lessons sufficiently to entitle me to a place IN HIS PRESENCE?
(A) Each should recognize that heritage that all are entitled to a place in His presence.

For He wills that none should perish but that all should come to the acceptable understanding of
His Spirit bearing witness with thy spirit.

As to the application of that gained, or that may be gained from the study of those things given,
each must answer for themselves; for as given,
"My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit whether ye be acceptable in His presence or not;"
remembering, then, as He gave,
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones ye have done it unto me."

Have the activities of thine heart and mind led thee to act towards thy neighbor, thy brother, thine enemy,
in the manners that have been presented in approaching this thought, those understandings
that come from being conscious of His presence abiding with those that would seek His face?

Then know He, the Father, is ever ready to hear;

For He wills not that any should fall short of that grace which comes with the acknowledging of,
the thoughtfulness of, the living of, the communion with Him.

(Q) Is there a message to help me to help others find a place IN HIS PRESENCE?
(A) Study to show thyself approved unto Him day by day.
So does the light of His presence shine unto others in precept and example.
Not by faith alone, but by "my word, by my works," show ye forth the love of keeping in His understanding
and in the consciousness of being in His presence.

With the LIVING OF that given all will come to the knowledge, to the understanding of,
we are all IN His presence whether we acknowledge it in the present or not;

For, as has been given, it is in Him we live and move and have our being;
hence to induce, to persuade, to give that which will bring others, take their positions, their place,
SEE as by the light of HIS presence the needs of the inner man,
and so present that He gives thee day by day.

Thus, as He has given,
May we find ourselves happily in His presence
[Acts 17:27];
For, "I will not leave thee comfortless but will come to thee,
and bring to remembrance that necessary of my strength
to meet the needs of the hour, of the day."

(Q) [303]: I would appreciate a message that will help me to more fully realize IN HIS PRESENCE.
(A) As self is less and less put forth, and more and more faith, hope, reliance sought in His word,
each as individuals may become aware of His presence abiding with each;

For those that would know Him must believe that He is, and IF He IS He abides ever with those that seek His face.

(Q) Are there any suggestions which may be given at this time
that will aid the various members and the group as a whole
in carrying on the work which it has set out to perform?
(A) This answer would depend upon whether this is in reference
to preparation for the lessons to be given out, or in disseminating that gained.

In preparation, let each individual - in his own imaginative self
- set himself as in that position of giving forth FROM His presence
that which would make known to those he meets or contacts day by day
the more awareness of that presence, first in their OWN lives;

And how gently one (or self) would look upon the shortcomings of his brother!
Judge not that ye be not judged, for with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to YOU again;

For He hath made man a little lower than the angels,
with that ability through his (man's) will to make himself equal with the Father,
that MAN may even judge angels!

(Q) Any advice in disseminating the lessons already given?
(A) There has been given oft,
First must it come to the individual consciousness
that there is that worthy and acceptable to be given to others.

Then, with that same might and power that comes from that one source will it be given,
through the study of that GIVEN, as to how such goes to the groups, the classes, the masses.

How has it been set that COOPERATION is to be sought in self, in the group, in association?
How has it been given ye shall KNOW SELF, how ye shall know even as ye are known?
How hast there been set that FAITH must come
by the hearing of that which is building in the lives and experiences of others?
How judgest thou thy neighbor (IDEALS)?
How hast thine PATIENCE made known thy UNDERSTANDING
and thy activity in opening THE DOOR for those that seek HIS PRESENCE?
Apply that thou hast in thine own experience,
For the activities of life are practical, in the material, the mental, the spiritual life;
For it MUST be one, even as He is one.

(Q) [462]: Please explain more fully to me the statement given in the reading Oct. 16th
"In that thou hast seen a light, be not dismayed."
(A) This as given, seen in thine own experiences that there is a way opened before thee.
With fear and with trembling hast thou put forth efforts in uncertain manners at times;
hence the injunction "Be not dismayed;" remembering that He hath given His angels charge concerning thee,
that thine guide, thine guard, is ever in His presence,
Even as He gave
"And I, IF I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.
I will NOT leave thee comfortless, I will COME and abide with thee."
Then be not afraid to declare thyself at any and ALL experiences.

(Q) Please explain how we may distinguish between the terms, especially pronouns,
referring to the personality Jesus and God as used in this information,
and how we may clarify this in terms we use in our lessons.

(A) As their activities and personalities are one,
in the activities of men often the pronoun used becomes confusing.
Follow rather closely in that which has been given.
It is used the same as HE gave.
Him refers to the Father, He to the Son.
In the preparation of the lessons these may in the general be referred to in that manner;
For, as it is generally understood by the critics - or those that would prefer good English,
Him is rather inclusive while He is definite or the one Son.

(Q) The group feels the need of strength and power.
May we have instructions as were given to the Disciples,
as to what we should do that we may receive this power?

(A) It is in Him.
Do not allow self to become cold, even as the church,
but rather let the simplicity of the service be done day by day
through the knowledge that His love, His promises abide;

For there is power in the Name, there is strength and glory to those that are faithful,
There is the abiding hope to all that come in HUMBLENESS seeking even as He,
"Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in me."
There is no power, no strength, save in Him.

That puny strength man may assert in the power of his own manhood is but the SHADOW
of that shown by Him, in the ways that lead to the thoughts of everyday action.

Then, the POWER as needed by all is the realization of abiding in His presence;
even as may be seen in the next lesson - which is to be, THE CROSS AND THE CROWN,
but gain that strength in the cross ye bear day by day;

For He is WILLING, the flesh IS weak.
Humble thyself, that the glory and the power may come from Him, from the Father, from the Son,
in the consciousness of "We love Him, He loves us. We abide in Him, He abides in us."

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: What is the meaning of my experience during meditation?
(A) That the strength of the Spirit arouses every atom of the physical and mental body,
even as the experience is the shadow of the fire and the strength to do that as is KNOWN to be in HIS way.

(Q) Is there a message for the group at this time as a whole?

Be STRONG in His might!
Falter not at thine own weak self!
Know that thy redeemer liveth
Root from thine body, thine consciousness, aught that would hinder His entering in;
For HE would sup with thee!
Wilt thou, then, O MAN, make known thine own decisions?
Will ye be one with Him?
The way which I guard leads to that of glory in the might of the Lord.
I, Michael, would guide thee.
Do not disobey.
Do not falter.
Thou knowest the way. 

(Q) [2124]: Please give the significance of the dream I had the morning of Nov. 3rd,
in which I saw an incline, 3 houses tied together, a man drowning, bubbles, etc.

(A) As the varied stages of developments in the consciousness of the soul forces
find in the various planes that which to the body-consciousness
represents the various stages of activity and development,
so that experienced in the vision represents to the self the necessary understanding
of the various planes or stages of the mental visions of that which represents
either the sliding into the consciousness of the material things
or that as in the bubbles, which represents the life even in the spheres
that to man's own understanding is incapable of being the dwelling place of man alone,
that in these spheres come the various stages of development
as to meet that NECESSARY for the gaining of the presence of that power
from which all spiritual force emanates.

(Q) What is the significance of the dream immediately following,
in which I was discerning the spirits, getting messages and giving them to people?

(A) The continuation of that just given, that in the various planes of development
there ARE those abilities to reach only that to which that influence,
that entity, that represented in the presentation of the spirit TO give out - see?

(Q) What is the connection between the first and second dream?
(A) A continuation, just as the house, the water, the rope, the manner in which the tying of one.
It is one.
O, that all men would know, "Know, O ye children of men, the Lord thy God is ONE!"
Each spirit, each manifestation of LIFE is ONE,
and a manifestation either in this, that or the other sphere, or scope, or space of development
TOWARDS the knowledge, the understanding, the conception of that ONE - HIM - I AM - God - Jehovah - Yah [?] - ALL ONE!

(Q) You will give an individual message on the lesson to each of the following as I call their names: [404]:
(A) In Him is the light; hence in His presence does light shed abroad that which prevents stumbling feet from faltering.

(Q) [462]:
(A) In His presence all stand, and as that we see reflected in the mirror of life
shows what manner of shadows are cast,
so does keeping in the consciousness of the indwelling of the Spirit of the Master
keep all in the way of truth and light.

(Q) [993]:
(A) As the reflections of self come through the awareness of His presence
through the activities, whether in fact, in thought or in deed,
so does the consciousness make aware the presence of His forces
in a manifested manner in the lives of others, as well as to self;

For as in water the face answereth to face, so in His presence must our deeds, our thoughts,
be reflections of Him.

Not in that of long-faced or in mourning, or in sorrow,
but in gladness of purpose, of service, worshipfulness in Him.

(Q) [560]:
(A) In the activities of the body so reflect the strength of the physical man;

So in the activities of the mind reflect the strength of the mental body
as directed by the presence of His Spirit as may be sought,
as may be found, as is ever present with each that seeks to abide in Him.

(Q) [69]:
(A) Keep that patience of faith, that oneness of purpose in His presence,
that as many bless thee in their thoughts so may self hold that glorious oneness of purpose in Him;

For all are witnesses unto the effect of His presence in our lives.
So do the expressions in word, in thought, in deed,
reflect whether we are conscious of His presence abiding in us.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]:
(A) Keep in the way of understanding,
so that there may be more and more that glorious consciousness of His presence abiding in us;

For as one conquers in self that which makes for hindrances,
the souls of men pass from glory to glory until the glorious knowledge of His abiding presence is ever before us.

(Q) [307]:
(A) Unto him that hath shall be given; unto him that seeketh shall he find;

And as we grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding,
we come into the presence with that desire of the mind, of the heart,
that opens the way for the greater understanding in Him.

(Q) [538]:
(A) Keep in the way that leads to the higher planes of light,

For though the way may be heavy and His presence as of shadows,
yet the shadows are only of thine own misunderstandings,
and His glory will make for the glorifying of self in a service
that brings more and more the knowledge of entering into the joys of thy Lord;

For His presence abides with those that love Him.
"If ye love me keep my commandments.

Learn of me, for my yoke is easy, my burden is light"
to those who come to the knowledge that His presence abides with those that seek His face.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Know in whom thou hast believed, that He may call thee by name as ye enter into His presence day by day.

Even in laying aside those things that so easily beset may the consciousness of His abiding peace be in thee,
bringing harmony to the mental, the physical body, that ye may go on in that way that leads to the closer walk with Him.

Minister to those who seek, but minister in HIS name.

(Q) [379]:
(A) Glory in the Lord, not in self; not in the wisdom of the earth, knowing that those things that partake of the earth are earthy,
those that partake alone of the mental may easily become stumbling stones in the way of many.

Let the spirit of truth separate the chaff from the wheat, and enter in with the full knowledge of His presence,
shutteth out all those things that would beset to him that believes and acts in that manner.

(Q) [341]:
(A) Keep in the knowledge, in the understanding that His ways are to many past finding out;

For to those that are called does He give the power to become the Sons of God
by dwelling in the consciousness of His presence abiding in the steps of self day by day.

Study to show self approved rather unto God than man, rightly dividing the words of truth,
that thy ways, thy thoughts, thy deeds, may bear witness of HIS glory being manifest in the earth;

For "Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the earth."
Day by day show forth that thou hast seen, hast known,
the glory of His presence in thine OWN understanding.

(Q) [295]:
(A) As self has been chosen, as self may make self a channel of blessings to many
that He may speak face to face with His own, so let thy yeas and thy nays be such
that His presence abides with thee in thy daily walks of life;

For His strength, His power may cleanse the world of sin through the glorifying of Him
in the life of those that seek to do His biddings.
Keep the faith.
Keep in His presence day by day.

(Q) [585]:
(A) As self finds the spirit of truth keeping the way open for a more perfect understanding in Him,
so may we pass step by step into the consciousness of His presence abiding with us.

In the light of His presence do we measure our own shortcomings,
leaving those things behind that are not in accord with HIS ways,
and taking on more and more that love that He showed forth in His walks among men.

So do we become conscious of that abiding faith that may make for the consciousness of His presence
abiding with us through every trial, every temptation that arises in our experience.

GIVE the GLORY when glory arises.
Give the praise when the praise is near.
Seek at all times to be conscious of HIS being near.

(Q) [288]:
(A) As self finds the mirrors of life showing forth those lights of the thoughts of the inner man,
whether directed to His ways or to the shadows of life,
so may we in reflecting upon the glory of His presence in our lives
come to measure those steps that we must take in our journeys of meditation and prayer.

Seek, then, to show self approved unto Him; for in Him is the light.
The light may be reflected in us through those mirrorings in our own selves of His glory,
for that as was given Him of the Father abides in those that seek through His name
to know the Father's presence in their own life.

Updated: 10 April 2014