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(262-95 to 262-99) 

262-95   10th of May, 1936
262-96   24th of May, 1936
262-97   7th of June, 1936
262-98   19th of July, 1936
262-99   16th of August, 1936



"I am determined to know nothing save CHRIST and HIM CRUCIFIED."
WE - too - MUST PUT AWAY SELF that we may indeed KNOW GOD.



of the KNOWLEDGE and POWER of GOD.


as pertaining to the LAWS OF A UNIVERSAL NATURE


in whom YE may indeed TRUST.

THIS is Knowledge,
that ye show THYSELF approved
unto that which is set in Him
that hath shown thee the pattern,
that hath made the way straight;
that those who seek Him may not be confused therein,
that they who love His coming will just act as those
that are in close communion with Him from day to day.

That ye show forth
in thy dealings with thy fellow man
day by day that
thou carest,
thou understandest,
thou art willing to take a portion of the burden of those
that are so heavily burdened with
the cares of life,
the cares of the world,
the deceitfulness of riches
That thou art willing to aid those in distress,
Thou art willing to feed those that are hungry - not just materially.

Forgive, if ye would be forgiven.
THAT is Knowledge.
Be friendly, if ye would have friends.
THAT is Knowledge.

If ye would have the LOVE
even of thy Father.
For HE is LOVE.

This indeed be Knowledge.


As has been intimated in the outline,
there will come the experiences to each (who seeks, in truth),
during the study as in the preparation of the lesson, unusual experiences;

To each according to your own attunement.

To each has been given.

Ponder these well within thine own heart
before giving expression even of same to others.

Meet with thy Master as respecting same.

He has promised to guide, to guard, to direct thee
in thine uprisings, in thine downsittings.

For to each many experiences will come.

In the study of data as respecting Knowledge,
this question in the present presents a threefold manner;

Secular knowledge;
Worldly knowledge;
Individual application
- the interpretation of self of
the knowledge of the body,
the knowledge of the mind,
the knowledge of the spiritual forces.

May to each it come, then, as was given by him
who would reason, would help, would direct you
through these experiences;

Not instead of thy Master, the Christ,
but as the beloved of Him in the earth;
that ye may be one in mind, in purpose,
that the day of the Lord may draw nigh unto each,
and that ye may have the greater love,
the greater patience one with the other.

For His mercy, HIS patience, endureth forever,
and ye would be like Him if ye would know Him, if ye would be His.

As I gave, then, that we have received, that we give,
God is a God of Knowledge.
For He judgeth man by his activities.
He IS light and in Him is no darkness at all.

Dwell ye then in the light
as ye study to show thyselves, each, approved unto God;

A workman not ashamed of those things that bespeak thy sincerity, thy earnestness,
in the study of the knowledge of thy God.

Remembering this:
The first DON'T was,
"Thou shalt not eat of the tree of the knowledge concerning good and evil,
for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt SURELY die."

In this beginning, then, must we undertake to give that concept that man has so long, it seems,
appeared to make become as ridiculous in the eyes of the Maker;

Flaunting his knowledge of things that be, that always have been.

Yet man in his greed, in his own selfishness, has set himself so oft at naught
by the very foolishness of his own wisdom.

For the soul had understanding before he partook of the flesh in which the choice was to be made.
[See also 262-99] [Gen. 11:4]

The choice, or the road, or the path, once taken,
then the end thereof was (and is) tribulation, toil, misunderstanding.

And this expression came into such measures that there arose the periods when man came as ONE
and said, "We will BUILD, we will go to now and make those conditions that will prevent
any such confusion again among men."

And then came the diversity of tongues and confusion arose.

For the very selfishness of man had brought this confusion,
this defiance to a God of love, of mercy, of patience,

in such a measure that He gave that expression,
"There is nothing beyond the scope of man's ability
unless he misinterpret his brother's words."

Then come ye now, beloved of Him,
and know that - as before ye entered into materiality
- ye were at-one with Him;

But ye have made thy choice,

Ye ARE aware of those experiences brought about
in the confusions of thy dealings with thy fellow man.

Know that true knowledge is God,

And as ye judge thy fellow man,
As ye judge thy brother,
Ye are ASSUMING the offices of the Lord Himself.

Did thy Master (and mine) judge any man?

Rather did He give,
"Peace be with thee, peace I give unto thee."

Even when His brethren sought that He might condemn the activities of those
that gathered not with His group, what said He?
As given by the prophets even of old,
"Who hath taught the Lord judgment?"
With whom did He counsel?
Yea, as is written there, as I gave to you,

"Without Him there was nothing made that was made.
The WORD WAS Knowledge, and the Word was made flesh,
and the Word dwelt among men," that they, too,
might know that in the HUMBLENESS, in the HUMBLING,
in the SUBDUING of self they (ye) might know their (thy) God.

For God IS Knowledge, and as He gave, "Judge them not,"
for they that be for us are above those with their own WORLDLY wisdom.

They SHALL excel for the moment, but dost thou grudge their excellence
even for naming the name?
Dost thou make to thyself such a condemning that ye become rather worse than they?

These, then, be the SPIRIT, be the manner, be the purposes
within thy heart, thy mind, beloved.

EMPTY thy minds,
EMPTY thy hearts of all that thou hast held that is of a secular nature,
if ye would know the TRUE Knowledge of thy God.

For as ye hold to those things, to those conditions, to those experiences,
yea to those ideas that have formed concepts that
ye should not do this,
ye SHOULD do that,
ye should make this,
ye should lend that,
these are but barriers if ye would know the true knowledge of
WHY, of HOW thy Brother, thy Lord, thy Master, came into the earth;

And what He would have thee do with that which may be poured out to thee in thy seeking.

For as has been said of old,
if the Lord be with ONE He shall put ten THOUSAND to flight.
What, then, will YE twelve do?
Ye ARE as lights unto many.
What is THY choice?

The tree that is of knowledge is before thee.

Thy choice in the heart of each is to be made.

Remembering His mercy, remembering His prayer as He gave,
"Yea, Father, that they may be one, even as I and Thou art one,
that the world may know that Thou didst SEND me."

Wilt thou choose then,
Wilt thou not come as He has chosen each of you,
to be a light to those that sit in darkness?

Thus He may through thy feeble efforts
(as they appear to thee,
though in the power of His might they may)
move mountains of doubt and fear

in the hearts of those that are crying
- crying that they may know the Lord,
that they may understand the knowledge of God.

For the way is open, even to thee, my beloved.
Faint not for doubts that arise.
For He, thy Savior, is thy strength, is thy power, yea THY KNOWLEDGE,
if ye will but EMPTY thyselves of those secular forces that have made
and do make for differences between ye even in thine own meetings.

Let the love that He has shown,
that He would pour out to thee,
be sufficient unto thee.
Not in the trust of self,
Not in the awareness that thou art naked before thy God,

But rather in the promises that He hath given:
Love the Lord;
ESCHEW evil;
Be kind to thy fellow man.
Not some great deed!

For art thou able to stand the disappointments even of thy secular life
without doubting thy brother, thy loved one, thy neighbor?

Let the strength of His might make thee strong in purpose, in desire;
that the knowledge of the Father in the Christ, thy Brother,
may be known to thee, to thy neighbor, to thy brethren EVERYWHERE!

Keep the faith that sustains thee in the love of God.

In continuing with what has been given,
first let each examine themselves as to whether they as individuals
have pondered that which has been presented,
and answer within themselves
- Has the choice been made within self that ye have as an individual emptied self of
those petty malices,
those set ideas as to this or that,
and are ready to open thy mind, thy heart,
to the true Knowledge?

For Knowledge is power;
and all force, all power, emanates from the one source.

Has thy mind been able, then, to be empty and ready for that which may be given each?
Thus ye as individuals may be awakened to the influence of the love of the Master
that CLEANSES, that makes pure, that brings within thine own experience
the Knowledge of the Father as thy God, thy stay, in whom ye may indeed trust.

For His promises are sure, and the Knowledge of these promises being thine
- not someone else's - may indeed be experienced.

Not that thou art the judge of thy brother, of thy neighbor, of any purpose;
but that ye as true sons and daughters of the Father
are willing, are ready to receive Him as thy guide, thy understanding.

For thou art His.
Hath He not said, 'Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?'
Doth He not give to those that ask?
And yet ye in thine little understanding, in the weakness
of thy Knowledge of man, of thy brother, of the worldly conditions about thee,
trust rather in circumstance, in favors, in this or that in thine experience
rather than in the Knowledge that "I am Thine, and Thy Son's promise has been
that what I ask in His name, that will be done in my experience;
that experience necessary that I be one with Him."

This then is TRUE Knowledge.
Not that the understanding of what the world terms Knowledge
is that cause and effect exist, that there is this or that law in effect,
this or that experience that comes into the affairs of individuals
that brings this or that effect into the experiences of others.

Are not the interpretations of these laws in essence
a comprehending of the true Knowledge
of the LOVE the Father hath for His children?

Those that accredit same to other forces, or of nature, or of this or that influence
in the experiences of man and say that these are natural because they follow
as the day follows the night, and that these have existed from time immemorial
and consequently remain, are becoming much as he whom the Master gave
as an example, that he was the simple one, the fool, for "This night thy soul will be required of thee."

What then cometh of thy barns, of thy store of riches,
of thy power, of thy money, of thy position, of thy exalted place;
yea, even of thy good name, lest it be that having been in the true Knowledge
thou hast been indeed a channel that hath opened the eyes of those
that had been dimmed by the vicissitudes of life that brought fear and distrust;
lest thou hast brought to others a Knowledge, an understanding in thy daily life,
in thy daily dealings with thy fellow man, that
"First seek the Lord while He may be found,
and all these things will be added unto thee in their order, in THEIR place, in THEIR time."

Because of the worldly knowledge, then, many have become faint, many have fallen away.
What saith He to you
who have emptied yourselves of traditions,
who have emptied yourselves of malice,
who have emptied yourselves of hate?

Encourage those that are weak,
strengthen the fainthearted;
in THESE be the true knowledge;
in these be the perfect understanding
that HIS ways, thy God's ways are not past finding out
- if ye will but seek him while He may be found.

In the knowledge of the mental life, that this or that experience
through thy association or activity has come to thee,
does this bring thee peace - or confusion?
Doth this bring harmony, or does it bring strife?
By its fruit ye shall know whether it be the true Knowledge of God or not.

For ye gather not figs from thistles;
neither doth there spring living waters from those that are dried or dead
within themselves to the true Knowledge of the living water.

These be the influences that true Knowledge is that those correct interpretations of experiences,
other than thine own, are what hath it wrought in the experience of those that apply same
in their dealings with their fellow man day by day?

Not whether it has brought riches or fame, or those things that are even well-spoken of
by those of the world, but has it made in the experience of the individual a better neighbor,
a kindlier friend, a more long suffering one with those that would hinder?
Doth it bring patience?
Doth it bring love in any manifested form?
THIS shows as to whether the true Knowledge is manifested in the experience of any individual.

So in applying this in self, if that ye have heard, that ye have seen,
that ye have experienced, that ye have pondered in thine heart
makes of thee a better father, a better mother, a better friend, a better neighbor,
more gentle with those that are cross, more loving to those that are dishonest,
more patient with those that storm here or there,
then ye are experiencing the true Knowledge of the Father.

If it has brought not this, if it brings not in thine own experience the fruits of the Spirit,
then it is not of God;
neither is it countenanced by thy Brother, thy Savior,
who prayed that He might, that ye might, that all men everywhere
might be of the one mind IN GOD!

What was the confusion?
That there was the misinterpreting, the selfish motive, the lack of understanding.
These brought confusion, but the true Knowledge is "not of myself but the Father that worketh in me and through me."

It is the knowledge that maketh alive, that maketh not afraid, that meeteth each day
with the love of the greater opportunities, that maketh for the meeting of each ache, each pain
within thine own body with that fortitude that makes for the removal of same through the Knowledge
that He is God of the weak, of the great, of the lowly, of those that are in power,
of those that are oppressed.

And He heareth the voice of those that cry unto Him.
What art thou doing about removing the oppressions, about giving an understanding
to those that are in power as to the source from whence they obtained same?
and as to what is in store for those that forsake His ways day by day?

THIS is Knowledge,
that ye show THYSELF approved
unto that which is set in Him
that hath shown thee the pattern,
that hath made the way straight;
that those who seek Him may not be confused therein,
that they who love His coming will just act as those
that are in close communion with Him from day to day.

THIS is Knowledge,
that ye love one another,
that ye show forth in thy dealings with thy fellow man day by day
that thou carest, thou understandest,
thou art willing to take a portion of the burden of those
that are so heavily burdened with the cares of life,
the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches;
that thou art willing to aid those in distress,
thou art willing to feed those that are hungry
- not just materially.

For the world is crying for that Knowledge.
It is opened to thee that have made the choice that ye will empty thyselves
of those little differences that breed hate, contempt; and those things
that HURT and HURT in thy dealings with thy fellow man.

Forgive, if ye would be forgiven.
THAT is Knowledge.
Be friendly, if ye would have friends.
THAT is Knowledge.

Be lovely, if ye would have the love even of thy Father; for He is love.
This indeed be Knowledge.

That which has been given and as gathered here is very good,
needing those correlations of ideals, experiences, purpose, intent,
and then the application of same in the experience of those
that would make Knowledge as a part of themselves,
in their search, in their way, in their application of that
as may be manifested in their experience
IN the application of that as has been given.

For this, as you each will find, do find, should be in your experience
a real turning point in your INDIVIDUAL, personal experience;
as you each have emptied yourselves,
as you each have laid the ground work
as it were of that indeed as was given to man, "SUBDUE the earth."

For all therein has been given
for man's purpose,
for man's convenience,
for man's understanding,
for man's interpreting of God's relationship to man.

And when man makes same only a gratifying, a satisfying of self,
whether in appetite, in desire, in selfish motives
for self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, these become
- as from old - stumblingblocks.

But he that hath put off the old and put on the new is regenerated in the new Adam,
in the last Adam, in the Christ.

And as many as have done so may find in themselves that Knowledge of His presence
abiding with them; so that things, conditions, circumstances, environs,
no longer become stumblingblocks - rather have they become stepping-stones
for the greater view wherein they each may gain at least in part first,
gradually growing in grace, in the understanding to know those glories, those beauties
God hath prepared for them that know the way of the Cross WITH the Christ
as the good shepherd.

For He will call each by name,
for He knoweth His sheep and He is the good shepherd
to those that put their trust, their lives, their troubles,
their joys, their sorrows, their understandings, in Him.

For He hath taken the burden of the world.
Will ye then join with Him in this acceptable year of the Lord
and know that to do good is Knowledge?

(Q) What should be our approach for the preparation of this lesson [Knowledge]?

(A) That each may be conscious of that stated and implied in the affirmation.
Knowledge is power,
yet power may become as an influence that brings the evil ways.
For the expression of self is that which hinders man in the knowledge of the more perfect way.
Hence becoming more and more aware of that desire, that purpose within self,
that as was given of old,
"I am determined to know nothing save Christ and him crucified."
As He in His death in the earth exemplified that HIS BODY was broken,
we - too - must put away SELF that we may indeed KNOW God.
For knowledge is being - BEING - the channel through which God,
that influence, that force, manifests in - and motivates the earth.
For as the heaven is His throne, the earth is His footstool,
so may we at His feet learn, know, become aware of, the knowledge of His ways.
For He is not past finding out.
For is God, the Father, so far away that He answers our pleas, our prayers, as from afar?
Rather is His presence felt when we become aware of His force, His power, His love;
the knowledge of His presence in our lives, our experiences, our undertakings in His name.

(Q) What should be the basic principles in our thought on this lesson?
(A) Knowledge as of God;
Knowledge as a workable experience in the affairs of individuals, of groups, of nations;
that may ARISE from the motivative forces of the knowledge and power of God.
Knowledge as a material experience, and how that knowledge as pertaining to the laws of a universal nature
adds to the conditions in the experiences of man,
even as to the conveniences of man; and how that the misappplication, the misinterpretation of such knowledge
brings into the experiences of individuals, of groups, of nations,
that which exalteth man's power and he forgets God.
The correct evaluation then of knowledge in all its phases of man's experience
and the application of that knowledge in his relationships and dealings with his fellow man.
Study these.
Make thyself more practical in the application of that thou hast attained.
Know that each step, each lesson as a step, has opened and does open the way
for each student, each individual, to apply the next lesson, to make the next step.
These, with all those experiences that will be in the life of each as you study
are worthy of acceptation; and most of all keep them in thine own heart and ponder them well.
(Q) [307]:
(A) Let the emptying of self make thee indeed ready
for the receiving of the Knowledge of the law of the Lord.
For His ways are not past finding out to those
that seek to know His face through the Christ.
Let love be without preference.
Let thy yeas be yea, thy nays be nay.
KNOW the Lord in ALL things.
For He will keep thee,
if ye will be guided in EVERY THOUGHT,
in every act, by the Knowledge of the Lord.

(Q) [303]:
(A) The ways of the Lord are only hard to those who have set themselves in ideas.
Let the IDEAL of the Christ guide thee.
For He hath given His promise,
"Take my yoke upon you, and LEARN of me."
In THIS Knowledge of Him, thy Savior, as thy companion,
the way becomes easy, the burden becomes light.
For as He hath given, take not thought or fret thyself not concerning tomorrow,
looking not back but ever upward, onward, into the face, into the love of the Christ.
And ye will find His presence giving thee strength for the daily conditions, the daily disturbances.
And He will keep thee as in the hollow of His hand.
For as He hath given, He hath given His angels charge concerning thee,
but the Christ has given, "I - even I - will be WITH thee."
Then trust in Him, for this is indeed Knowledge.

(Q) [379]:
(A) The Lord is thy strength and thy redeemer.
Then let not the cares of the world or the turmoils of those about thee upset thee,
nor cause thee to be afraid.
For the earth IS the Lord's, and those that love the Knowledge of the Lord keep His ways.
And they that keep His ways need not fear.
For harm of a DESTRUCTIVE nature CANNOT come nigh to those that love Him.
Though the ways of the earth may appear dark,
though anxiety may make thee fretful, the patience and the Knowledge
that patience maketh for the awareness of thy unity with Him will keep thee ever.

(Q) [404]:
(A) Let mercy, grace and peace abide in thee, through the Knowledge thou hast of His promises.
For as He hath given, though the heavens and the earth pass away, His promises remain.
Then BELIEVE, then be guided, then hold fast to that thou hast seen, thou hast known.
Doubt not the love of the Father.
Fear not those that may make for disturbing influences in the material life.
But know the Knowledge of the Father through the Christ sustaineth those that trust ONLY in Him.

(Q) [560]:
(A) The beauty of service is the understanding of the Knowledge of God.
And as God is Knowledge, let that service, let that love that hath been shown thee
be given IN love, in mercy, in justice, even to those that are doubters,
that are fearful, that even say unkind things.
For to love those only that love thee, what profit hath thou in the Knowledge of the law of love in the Christ?
For He loved those that hated Him.
He died for those that would take His life - in the earth.
Then, in thy Knowledge and in thy love for Him,
let nothing make thee afraid.
For the love of the Christ sustaineth those that put their trust in Him.
And as He hath given, ye shall know, ye shall have Knowledge of the truth
and it shall make thee free indeed in Him.
Then keep the faith, for Knowledge maketh faith easy.

(Q) [993]:
(A) The Knowledge in Christ of the love to the world, as a universal love,
maketh the hearts of men glad - if they do not become hedged about
by cisms [schism] or those forces that cut short the fruits of the spirit.
Then let the love in the Christ be thy mantle, thy cloak;
yea, let it shod thy feet - that maketh for the pathway before men;
glorious in the Knowledge that ye walk with the Christ!
For He keepeth those that love their brethren.
He abideth with those that have the Knowledge that the love of God constraineth all at all times.
Then, IN the Knowledge that He is thine, thou art in Him - and in Him in the Father,
be thou sustained and strengthened day by day.
For the night is spent and the day of the Lord is nigh to those that KNOW His ways
and keep them before their brethren. [See also 262-99]

(Q) [413]:
(A) The cares of the world, the bickerings of those that are fearful, cause thee to wonder.
But let these not shake thy FAITH.
Let them not make or cause in thy answers other than LOVE that casteth out fear;
that heapeth upon the heads of those that are fearful that ointment
as of the Lord that bringeth healing to those to whom it may be given.
And they that in their weakness are strong in the Lord
are ministers of mercy in the Father through the Son.
For He hath shown the way, and He will keep thee and sustain thee
- if ye will hold fast to that Knowledge of Him
that ye have heard, that ye have seen,
that ye have experienced in thine own daily life.
For to love the Lord is indeed Knowledge.
And in the ministering of those things, those influences
that He hath given thee is indeed Knowledge
- and will bring to thee, to thy house, to thy hands,
to thy mind, to thy heart, peace and harmony
that passeth understanding.

(Q) [585]:
(A) Mercy and justice and faith and patience are in the hearts and minds of those
that deal with their fellow man in the KNOWLEDGE of the Father through the Christ.
They that seek for self, for self-satisfaction, for self-gratification, are unwise;
but they that judge their brother, they that find fault with the things of life LACK
the Knowledge and UNDERSTANDING of the mercies of God.
Then if ye would find mercy before the Father, be merciful to those that even smite thee,
that even use thee, that even abuse thee.
For in being merciful thou doth indeed obtain mercy before the throne of grace.
If ye would know the love of God, if ye would know the abiding presence of the Savior,
show in thy dealings to thy fellow man the love even as He.
Oft thou findeth in thy experience that there appears to be lack of appreciation of thy efforts.
Forget not how that those whom He healed even forgot to say even "Thank You."
Give thanks then for the pattern, for the Knowledge of Him that thou hast in thine experience.
And HOLD FAST to that Knowledge.
For in giving it out ye obtain the greater understanding; yea, the greater Knowledge.

(Q) [288]:
(A) The cares of the world, the thoughts of others in their indifference to that thou holdest
as thy ideal should not WORRY THEE;
for thou may not add one whit or one tittle to the POWER of God or of Knowledge.
Do THY duty, do thy love, day by day.
LEAVE the fruits, the increase, the change, in the hands of the Father.
For HE knoweth thy worries.
Then LOVE the Lord, LOVE the opportunities for expression;
but give ONLY the love of CHRIST,
give ONLY the ideals as He set.
They are NOT of the earth, though they may manifest in same.
For ye see them in the face of nature, in the beauty of a rose, in the smile of a baby.
Then fret not thyself that it will not find expression.
Do that thou KNOWEST to do and find not fault with thy neighbor.
For he that doeth such is not wise, neither is it of wisdom.
For He sendeth His blessings on the just and the unjust, hoping
- hoping that thou in thy Knowledge of Him will aid thy fellow man
and leave the BLESSINGS to God.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Let mercy and peace abide with thee in thy Knowledge of the Lord.
Boast not of thyself.
Rather know that only in Him, through Him, may help come to thy brethren, to His children.
For he that would be the greatest is the servant of the meekest, the lowliest of His children.
Then the Knowledge of God constrain thee in that the DOING, the being of a channel,
is thy opportunity for the SHOWING of thy appreciation, of thy love, for His blessings to thee.

(Q) [341]:
(A) Let thy understanding make thee strong in being more humble, more patient, more long-suffering
with those that fear neither earth nor the powers in same, that regard not God nor His love for man's estate.
In the Knowledge of Him GUIDE those that are weak, comfort those that are fearful, direct those that are doubtful.
And keep thine own conscience, thine own mind, thine own body, as one with Him.
Thou hast seen His might in the earth.
Thou hast seen the mighty fallen.
Thou hast seen the wicked arise to places of position,
yet these in the Knowledge of the Father have been brought as naught or as one.
For only in doing the fruits of the spirit may ye ATTAIN to the use of the Knowledge
and the fruit thereof.
To have love, give it;
to have patience, show it;
to have long-suffering, be it;
to have the love of God, live close to His ways.

(Q) [538]:
(A) Empty thou thine heart and thine mind of those things, those experiences, those ideas,
that would separate thee from the true Knowledge of Christ, of God, in Him.
For though He were in the world and subject to and saw ALL the little petty malices, strifes,
and wept over them all, He gave - and GAVE - and GAVE until the blood flowed even from His body.
These be opportunities, then, in thine experience;
that ye may indeed be clean in thy living, thy words, thy life before thy brother, thy Christ.
For He WILL give thee Knowledge.
He will give thee understanding,
if ye will embrace Him now
- while the light of thy life is in the making,
while the blessings of His love are roundabout.
For the Knowledge of the Lord is doing even as He.
Though the world may mock, though the world may sneer,
thou KNOWEST in WHOM thou hast believed,
and know He is able to keep thee against ANY experience
if ye will hold fast to His hand.

(Q) [462]:
(A) Unto him that hath the Knowledge of the Lord is given greater Knowledge
in the ways to meet those influences of the earth that would make men afraid.
To him that beareth with his neighbor,
to him that overcometh those things that are fearful,
is given the greater Knowledge of the Father in those ways
and those manners that bring harmony in the life,
that bring peace and bring ACTIVITY of the kind, of the nature that He did.
For the life of the Master in the earth in ANY EXPERIENCE was a life of ACTIVITY, a life of service.
So in thine experience be ye up and DOING with a heart that is set in Him
as the light to thy feet, the lamp to thy ways;
as a city that the buildings and makers of same are of God.
For thou hath much work to do.

(Q) [295]:
(A) Fear and the uses of same in thine experience maketh thee afraid.
Let the Knowledge of the Lord constrain thee day by day.
Fear not those things of the flesh, of the body, that would hinder in thine understanding, thine Knowledge of thy God.
Though ye be in the midst of tempestuous forces of the earth, if the Knowledge,
if the love of the Christ be thy guide, ye will be strong, ye will be steadfast, ye will be patient

(Q) [69]:
(A) The Knowledge of the Lord is only the BEGINNING of wisdom.
The application of Knowledge in thy experience is to do GOOD to - those of the household of faith?
Yea, to those that berate thee, to those that speak unkind of Him,
to those that fear not man nor regardeth not God.
Let love and patience and mercy be WITH thee.
For in doing these ye have that Knowledge that surpasseth all the wisdom of the earth.
For who is wise?
He that loveth the Lord and doeth His ways.

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole?
(A) As ye have received, as ye are moved, as ye apply that ye receive, give to those that seek.
Be patient, be kind.
Speak not unkindly of anyone.
Let not gossip nor unkind things, either in thought or deed, be in thine experience.
And ye will find the true Knowledge of the Christ in the Father being close to thee.
(Q) Are the outlines for the lesson correctly made out?
(A) Just as has been given.
Follow those; correlating the various groupings as has been indicated,
coordinating the activities and
those that are as tenets,
those that are as visions,
those that are experiences,
and then make for that manner in which there may be a practical application.

For unless each lesson, each comprehending of that as intended to be
presented through same is a WORKABLE thing,
something that may be experienced,
something that may be applied by ANY,
in ANY environ, in ANY walk of life, it is as nothing!

For as given, the way the Master has shown is so simple
that he who runs may read.
It is so mighty that the powers that be in the earth
become subservient to same.
It maketh the weak strong;
it maketh the strong humble.

(Q) Please explain the following from Reading 262-96:
"For the soul had understanding before he partook of the flesh in which the choice was to be made."
Why (if the soul had understanding) the necessity to take flesh in order to make the choice?
(A) Considereth thou that Spirit hath its manifestations,
or does it USE manifestations for its activity?
The Spirit of God is aware through activity, and we see it in those things
celestial, terrestrial, of the air, of all forms.
And ALL of these are merely manifestations!
The Knowledge, the understanding, the comprehending,
then necessitated the entering in because it partook
of that which WAS in manifestation;
and thus the PERFECT body, the celestial body,
became an earthly body and thus put on flesh.
(The explanation to some becomes worse than the first! This, then:)
(This has nothing to do with Knowledge,
or it is too much knowledge for some of you,
for you'll stumble over it; but you asked for it and here it is!)
When the earth became a dwelling place for matter,
when gases formed into those things that man sees in nature
and in activity about him, then matter began its ascent
in the various forms of physical evolution
- in the MIND of God!
The spirit chose to enter (celestial, not an earth spirit - he hadn't come into the earth yet!),
chose to put on, to become a part of that which was as a command not to be done!
Then those so entering MUST continue through the earth until the body-mind
is made perfect for the soul, or the body- celestial again.

(Q) Please explain, from same Reading 262-96, what is meant by
"any such confusions" referred to when it was said,
"We will build, we will go to now and make those conditions
that will prevent ANY SUCH CONFUSIONS AGAIN among men."
Why did they think a tower would help?
(A) The tower was after the flood.
This is very simple - to reach above.
Why do you build houses?
Why do you build boats, those things that become "above the flood"?
It was just the same!
Same concept that it might reach even to that
which would NOT be destroyed by flood again.

(Q) Please interpret from the Reading 262-98,
"For the night is spent and the day of the Lord is nigh to those
that know His ways and keep them before their brethren."
(A) It is a fact, as God Is, as good Is, as virtue hath its own reward,
as the seed sown IS - has within same the fruit thereof - it is the law, see?
For when those that seek have begun, the seed is sown, do they keep same
as the Master gave in the parable in good ground, in stony ground?
Do they allow the things of the world, as the fowls of the air,
to gather same and carry same away?
The day is spent.
The evening is nigh for those that SEEK, for those that DO as has just been given.
Unless each of you in this group are regenerated by the very lesson learned
and applied, ye are slipping - ye are slipping!

(Q) Please comment on,
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." [Proverbs 1:7]
(A) Of wisdom, not knowledge.
Wisdom is our next lesson!

(Q) Please explain this excerpt from Group Reading 262-88:
"That force, that power, which manifests itself in separating
- or as separate forces and influences in the earth,
continue to enter; and then change; continuing to pour in and out.
From whence came it?
Whither does it go, when it returns?"
(A) Just as has been explained in how spirit sought projecting;
chose to enter that as had been the creation of the Father as manifestations,
that still is as manifestations; and thus enters, leaves, enters, leaves,
or incarnates through the lessons gained in each experience.
For each experience in the earth is as a schooling,
is as an experience for the soul.
For how gave He?
He is the vine and ye are the branches,
or He IS the source and ye are the trees.
As the tree falls so does it lie.
THERE it begins when it has assimilated,
when it has applied in SPIRITUAL reaction that it has gained.

(Q) Any message for the group?
(A) Stand ye steadfast in Him,
knowing - knowing - believing,
acting what ye profess!

Updated: 13 May 2014